Tuesday, June 27, 2006 | By: Unknown

Sky Captain gets his IFR rating..

I know somewhat of the situation and shit that has prevented my dear Captain from attaining his dream. He is a good man, on occasion a wildman..but aren't we all? He has finally gotten his Instrument Flight Rating!

Please, go check his video he made on his maiden voyage. I guess his wife took the film, and it has great fucking music to go with it. Its kinda long, 8 minutes..but with the music it was uplifting for me..and god knows I need a little of that after what I went through monday..

If you want to spend some time soaring way up there in the sky with good tunes in the background..check my Sky Captain out..heres the link.

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Sky Captain said...

Dusty thanks for the post... I'm really sorry to hear about baby... Sky Captain

Unknown said...

Your welcome My Captain..your beautiful video made me feel good last night when I was at the one of the lowest points of my life. So thank you once again for it.

jagular said...

Congratulations to sky captain!!
And you hang in there, dusty. It just takes some time.