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deviantART and Baseball and kittens with attitude.

deviantART: Animator vs. Animation by *alanbecker

I know, strange match-up..but I love to wander around the deviantArt site. Its a cool-ass site with all kinds of different art works by people that are very good at what they do..the art I am linking in the title is stick figure animation..its funny so I wanted to share w/you my dear reader. We can all use a laugh..right?

I finally got approved by the asshats in the Utilization Review Board for an MRI. I go to the Doc's tomorrow so I will hopefully get some medication and Physical Therapy too...say a prayer for me..I have an 8am appt with the hopefully things will get back on track with my back. I am finally dealing with Baby's demise, I can think about her without breaking down into a sobbing mess. Having the rest of the herd of cats and dogs helps I think, they are always playing and getting into trouble, so they keep me busy and make me smile alot..I love the lil bastards :p I will have to post a pic or two of the kitten I rescued a month ago..She was half dead and she is running around make life miserable for the older cats..and she has turned into a very pretty orange tabby full of life and always getting into trouble for being somewhere she doesn't belong or dragging my bras around the house..seriously..what is the fun of playing with a bra I ask you..its rhetorical..nevermind :p

My Padres lost today, but it took 14 innings for Seattle to beat them..did I tell you how much I hate Interleague play? The Pads are still in first, but only by one game..there is a three-way tie for second in our NL West..the hated Dodgers, Colorado and the Giants with AZ bringin up the ass. It was a mere two weeks ago that AZ was in first..our division might suck ass, but baby..its the tightest division in all of baseball.. the team in last place is only 4 and a half games out of first..which explains why there is a different team in first every two weeks..streaks are such a bitch..unless they are winning streaks of course! The BoSox are in first by 4 games over the Yank$,which does make me quite happy as well. The half-way point in the season is right around the that means its only....a week or two till the All-Star game..that useless exercise where fans vote guys onto their respective League team that have no business being there..its a personality contest..I hate those.Most of the guys that belong on the All Star team won't be on it because the average fan has no clue who they are..but they know who A-rod is..and is dumb ass will be there I am sure even though his batting average is in the fucking toilet..I know this because I have him on a couple of fantasy teams and he's killing me each week. fucker.

On the Barroid Bonds front..his trainer refused to testify today in front of the Grand Jury investigating Bonds for perjury. Greg Anderson, the freakazoid that gave Barroid the steroids, and only did 3 months in the slammer for providing performance-enhancing drugs to Bonds and several other sports figures says he wont talk..the judge said yes you will jackass or your going back in the slammer..I say stick him in the general population with a jar of KY for a couple of days and I bet he talks then. He has already been wiretapped saying he provided Barroid with the goods..and his attorney is whining about it being illegal or some shit..I just want the truth out in the open about Bonds.. The grand jury heard testimony Thursday from Dr. Larry Bowers, medical director of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, the Chronicle reported. Bowers accompanied federal agents on the September 2003 raid on BALCO and is familiar with documents seized in the raid that described athletes' drug use. Barroid won't be breaking Hank Aaron's record this year I don't think..he sucks ass to put it bluntly, and only plays like every other day.

I will leave you with this fine photoshop of disgraced Texas congressman "Hot-tub" Tommy Delay..its kinda gross but I must do my part to discredit this piece of slime.sorry Demi Moore lol for using your body on this have a good friday my dear,sweet reader :)

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Anonymous said...

That picture is disturbing to say the least. : P

BoSox really are kicking ass. Interleague play sucks b/c the NL gets its ass kicked during it. Anyway, my blogger friend Al pointed out how the boSox take a lot of pitches and grind down opposing starting pitchers. I'd have to agree with him. What say you?

Unknown said...

I agree, they are a patient bunch and wait for their pitch, or draw the walk..I got to watch them beat the shit out of Pedro martinez the other night..and yes..interleague always kills the NL..I don't get it.

Yes it is a disturbing pic..I love it though :p

lecram sinun said...

Glad the other critters are making you smile. :) Hoppe the whole back thing goes well.

pissed off patricia said...

I don't keep up with any baseball, but I do have a giant heart for dogs and cats and animals. Your words about your pets tell me I'm going to like you a lot.

Unknown said...

marcel..they are making life livable again..I have been so down and out.

POP aka pissed off patricia..thanks I do lurk at your place on occasion :)