Saturday, June 10, 2006 | By: Unknown

Blogging journalism at its best folks!

I have recently discovered Two Can Anne. She's a baseball fan, and the Red Sox to boot. I lived in the Fens(Fenway park area for the uninformed) for five years and heard the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd many times. I loved it.

This means I hate the Yank$. Its not up for discussion, its a fact jack. This brings me to one of Anne's breaking sports reports on the Yank$. She gives us the or lack thereof, on some of Steinbrenners boyz in pinstripes. On shall we call it..packaging.

Anne has unimpeachable sources, unlike the Decider-in-chief. Her sources are also protected under one or more of those pesky constitutional amendment thingys...just a small taste of Anne's report is as follows: "Gary Sheffield: Steps on his dong if it's not strapped in correctly. I say, who cares-he's a trash-talking jerk, and a big dink isn't going to make him more attractive to me."

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Ike said...

I'm a Tribe fan, and we were born to hate the Yanks. We actually had a promotional giveaway every year, "The Yankee Hankys", where we would twirl them around and use them for everything you could possibly imagine in the dreary old Cleveland Stadium. I found you through Anne. I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

A good title for the picture could be, "It only hurts the first time."

Anonymous said...

HA HA Dog!

Any assortment of baseball fans hate the Yankees: Red Sox fans, Atlanta Braves fans, Diamondback fans, Met fans.... I'm sure everyone who roots for the AL hates 'em.

Peter Matthes said...

Don't listen to Anne.


Unknown said...

Now, Peter...Two Can Anne isn't crazy..Anne Coulter is crazy dear..something tells me you are a Yank$ fan condolences, and I still love your site :p

anne altman said...

random text message from anne altman:

I'M AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for the props, dusty.

Chick said...

Oh...I love it...I feel the same way about Sheffeid...I hope his dick is huge...& they all (the yanks) get fucked by it.

They always bring out the worst in me.

Peter Matthes said...

I know Anne.

She's cute
She's funny
She has good taste in Mexican restaurants

However ... She is crazy ... and a Red Sox fan.