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Quote of the day...

"Always do the right thing. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest" -Mark Twain, humorist and author.

Rob Nen was a gamer.

They played "Smoke on the Water" when Robbie walked out from the bullpen to close out a game. I hate the Giants..always have. But I loved Rob Nen. His unorthodox delivery..that little toe tap thing he did with his foot when he hurled the ball, it threw batters off their timing. He won a World Series ring with the Florida Marlins and was on his way to winnning one with the Giants. But fate and a totally blown out shoulder kept that second ring off his finger. There is a fantastic article on Robbie that tells the story of how he not only played in pain that final season, but KNEW he was probably risking his entire career. The World Series where the Giants looked like winners finally but the Angels came out on top. Robbie blew his career to play in that World Series..he knew it, the team knew it and the front office knew it. He shredded that shoulder, tore it to hell so bad that four surgeries couldnt fix him. After my last post about the nimrods that play and cheat, I wanted something positive and this story about Robbie is the other side of the coin. I dont know if anyone will click the link but here it is. If you enjoy a good story about a real baseball player, a gamer as they are called, read won't be disappointed.

5 days 9 hours 59 min 16 sec

till the Baseball playoffs sports fans..and all but two divisions have been decided..the AL Central and AL East are still up in the air. The Sawx are really falling apart, and the Yank$ are peaking at exactly the right time..dammit..

The Chicago Whitesox magic number is 2. The Yanks number is 4. In the two Wildcard races the Astros magic number is 2 and the Sawx and the Indians are both tied..both lost their respective games tonite so neither team is playing worth a shit. The third place A's are 6 games out of the AL Wildcard so they are toast for all intents and purposes.

The Yank$ need to win all of their remaining games to win their least thats the way I read it. They got four games remaing..three are with the Sawx..this is going down to the wire unless the boyz from beantown totally tank in the next two games, then the yank$ got it hands down..jesus my brain hurts from all this friggin numbers..

My beloved but totally crappy Padres clinched the NL West tonite..and I got to watch it!!! Made me happy since I am out of market for their games living in Bakersfrigginfield. Barroid Bonds will now hang em up for the season..evidently he figured he was going to be the difference for the Giants..but he wasn't..insert a big old smile here :) was sad watching him limp around the field tonite.. ESPN even made a point to show how bad he was hobbling around between batters and when he was on his way to first base.I have no sympathy for him..did you know that one of the results of steroid use is your knee's breakdown..thats whats been his problem the last couple years..I used to respect him but after the "Balco" debacle and him admitting he took roids but not on 'purpose' I can not stomach him any longer. His record should have an asterisk next to it in the books..sorry its my story and I am sticking to it.. for a good read on Barroid, ESPN's Tim Keown talks up Barroids bullshit press conference last week where he had the nads to bitch about people bringing up steroids whilst hurricane victims were still one has what to do w/the other dude? OH...and remember how Mark McQwire swore he was going to redirect his efforts to keeping kids off steroids? Well, theres a REALLY good article about THAT bullshit on ESPN's website as here.

We will go over who is playing whom in the playoffs next time..stay tuned :)
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Tom Delay resigns after being indicted.

Remember this face, its the face of an indicted US House Majority Leader.

Tommy boy got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he is now an indicted co-conspirator. He along with a couple of other Repub cronies were laundering Corporate campaign money with the intent to distribute it among other Repubs running for office in the great state of Texas. I do not need to post a link, its all over the news. BUT..I would like to post a link to a Slate article, it lists all the bullshit that Tommy boy has been nailed for recently and grades them on a scale: the Stench factor and the Trouble factor..His wife and daughter are on the TRMPAC payroll to the tune of: 500K..thats half a mil folks! Just remember his face..justice happens even to the rich,connected Republicans! He only needs to resign his Majority Leader role..the crook can keep his elected seat until the trial is finished. Tommy still thinks he is above the law..evidently it finally caught up with the Slate article if you dont have a clue on what he has done..

Baseball Steroids and Senator John McCain

This dude is bucking for the oval office..its as plain as the nose on his face..he keeps his mug in front of the press by holding STUPID hearings on something which congress has no business attempting to regulate. Yes, the league should have harsher, its not up to the government to waste MY and YOUR tax dollars on this issue..McCain sponsored the Clean Sports Act, a companion to the House bill introduced by Government Reform Chairman Tom Davis, R-Va. Sen. Jim Bunning, a Kentucky Republican and former pitcher elected to baseball's Hall of Fame in 1996, sponsored the Professional Sports and Integrity Act. Both Senate bills call for a two-year suspension the first time an athlete fails a drug test and a lifetime ban after a second failed test. The four leagues whose officials appeared Wednesday have less strict penalties, though all have toughened or proposed toughening their programs in recent months - in some cases, right before or after congressional hearings on the subject.

I just do not see the point of badgering the commish's of all Pro sports. Teams are owned privately AND do NOT recieve ANY government funds or subsidies. The government has enough to do and spend money on without pulling sports into the mix. I will never vote for John McCain based on his bullshit on this subject. The man is a drama queen of the highest order and evidently doesn't get enough press to warrant a run at the he holds worthless hearings to get his 15 minutes of fame..fucking jackass extraordinaire.
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Commander in Chief..the TV show..

I saw a commercial for this new show..Geena Davis plays the first female Prez..the premise of the premier is that she was window dressing as the first female Vice Prez..then low and behold..the Prez has an aneurism..beep..hes gone..but before he dies..he tells her to resign..he wants the house speaker..a become Prez..the speaker is played by that lovely nemisis..Donald Sutherland..she is ready to resign until Donald opens his yap and inserts his entire foot up to his kneecap..she says kiss my ass pal, I am staying put..some of her cabinet resign..some of the dead Prez's staff resign..some folks seem to have a case of the ass against this woman since she has refused to keep her promise to resign.

She kicks some ass and takes some names in the second half hour of the show..alll the time Donald the Dick is plotting her downfall. It was a quick hour for me..i thought it was good. Her the thinks he is going to be her chief of staff..nope..she blows him off as well..looks like it will be an interesting show based on this premier. some decent writing and good actors in the roles..its on ABC on Tuesday nights..right before one of my favorite shows..Boston Legal :)
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Baseball news..some fluff after my last post..

The NL and AL West will be figured out within the next four days..thats because the pathetic Padres are playing the Giants for a 4 gamer and the Angels are dueling with the A's. The Giants and A's are both 4 games behind their respective leaders..could get ugly in my house if the Padres tank..although being a realist I expect hurts less that way..

The Yank$ and the Red Sawx are still tied atop their division, although the Sawx are on the downward slope and the Yank$ have won 8 of their last 2. Whoever ends up in second won't be the wildcard its play this week or go home boys..they play each other for the last three games of the the mean time the yank$ draw those nimrods from Baltimore and the sawx get Toronto who sucks equally as much as the O's..could come down to the last three games of the year..I FUCKING LOVE IT..sorry for the caps..but i get so excited because afterall...its only: 7 days 17 hours 23 min and 41 seconds till the playoffs begin...

Cindy Sheehan arrested..and so it begins..

Being a member of the left wing nut jobs since I was a teenager, I have been waiting for this to begin..I knew it would, I hoped Cindy would be a part of it, and it makes me sad that I can not take part in these demonstrations of free speech..I am too old and too physically screwed(two blown discs in my lower back)to take part in our right to protest this illegal war. The foreign press is covering her arrest more so than the talking heads from America..It was a dumb move on the part of Bushie to arrest her, gave her lots of media exposure..but I don't expect brains and intelligence out of this bunch of nimrods running our country. When I did a google search on the words "cindy sheehan arrested" I got one National write up by ABC news..the rest were foreign writeups..sadly I think this is so fucked up..but what can you expect when Kate Moss's coke habit gets more coverage than Frist's bullshit or Karl Rove's debacle or any of the other half a dozen things the Repub's are being busted for as of late..
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A blogger in the middle of the storm.

Friday Fishwrap is MJ's blog. She lives in Palm Springs but went to Louisanna as part of a Red Cross contingent. She got there prior to Rita and has so far been able to get one post out..Her spouse updates us on the blog and tells MJ what we post as far as words of encouragement. I have so much respect for what she did and is doing..If you would like to send a little "shout-out" to folks in the trenches helping the victims of these hurricanes first hand, you can go over to MJ's blog and leave a comment. MJ says they appreciate them all, and its truely an international group with Red Cross volunteers from all over the world, not just America at her location. The link to MJ's blog is here.
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For Teo

When I heard this song yesterday, it made me think about a blog friend named Teo..and the last relationship he had that ended so badly..i heart you Teo, be happy within yourself first. You might think its sappy and dumb but their good words and your a good person :)

I will not make the same mistakes that you did
I will not let myself cause my heart so much misery
I will not break, the way you did, you fell so hard
I ’ve learned the hard way to never let it get that far
Because of you I never strayed to far from the sidewalk
Because of you I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurt
Because of you I find it hard to find it hard to trust, not only me,but everyone around me,
Because of you, I am afraid

I lose my way, and its not too long before you point it out
I cannot cry, because I know that’s weakness in your eyes
I’m forced to fake a smile, a laugh, every day of my life
My heart can’t possibly break, when it wasn’t even whole to start with
I watched you die, I heard you cry, every night in your sleep.
I was so young, you should have known better than to lean on me.
You never thought of anyone else you just saw your pain.
And now I cry in the middle of the night, doin the same damn thing
(chorus, but slightly different)
Because of you I never strayed to far from the sidewalk
Because of you I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurt
Because of you I try my hardest just to forget everything
Because of you I don’t know how to let anyone else in
Because of you I’m ashamed of my life, because its empty
Because of you, I am afraid Because of you… Because of you…
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A Post Script to the blog on Pets in disasters.

Something tells me that some folks might comment and actually NOT read the article..but the one part of the article that really hit home for me was this:

Michael Mountain, co-founder of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah, said one solution for future rescue efforts is for human and animal teams to work hand-in-hand.
An animal rescue team from the sanctuary was allowed on one occasion to accompany the U.S. Army into devastated areas of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, the parish—or county—that includes New Orleans.
"The people got out quicker because we just took the animals and they were assured they'd be in safe keeping," Mountain said. "They were much more willing to go."
"And it was great for the soldiers," he added. "Because there's nothing more demoralizing than to go around telling people to leave Fido behind sitting out on the porch as the boat goes away with the family and everyone's in tears."

Pets and hurricanes..

I am a lover of all animals as anyone that comes here knows..i post my pets pictures all the time, they are my children. Some folks might think this frivolous and each his own..but I have cried over horror stories of pets left behind simply because there was no thought about them from the rescuer's standpoint..

To tell someone that they must leave behind a cherished animal is cruel and heartless in my mind. These folks possibly lost everything they owned even human loved ones..and then to say NO, you can not bring your cat or dog with you...this is horrible..sometimes the only thing that can provide me comfort when I have emotional or physical pain is the purr of a kitten or the kiss from a dog when I hurt or am sad..I am quite sure these pets provided the same comfort to victims of Katrina.

The National Geographic website has a nice article on pets during natural disasters and what the various government entities have "hopefully" learned about dealing with them during disasters..if you would like to peruse it, the link is here.
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Earthquake day in the San Joaquin Valley

I was laying on my bed playing with one of the kittens when I heard a strange noise, exactly the same time I felt the bed jolt..i looked to see that all the dogs were sleeping, no one was moving or scratching..hmm...must of been a quake..then another one less than an hour later..larger than the first, a I see we got a whole lot o shaking going on here..USGS(us geological survey)says we have had roughly half a dozen in the last hour..most getting smaller in intensity..woot! and I gotta go to work..if your an earthquake freak like I am(living in the land of quakes)the link to the USGS site with all the info is here. What does the bible say about such things? quakes and hurricanes..oh my..if the world is coming to an end i want to be I wont notice lol...

Lovely Rita....NOT!

The newest hurricane is bearing down on south Texas. People seem to be heeding the warnings to leave as witnessed by the massive traffic jams leaving the gulf area. I realized last night that quite a few of the blogs i read are by people in the state of Texas. I laid in bed thinking of them last night: Daisy, Mileah, Karen, Lirrah, Kitten, Amia and now Leslie, who just moved to Texas last week. MJ is from Palm Springs and she is in Slidell, LA as a Red Cross volunteer..I fell asleep worrying about my fellow bloggers and their safety, hoping they are all either leaving the area or not in the storms path. It seems I have to have something to worry about or I am just not happy..doesn't it? I have never met these people but I worry about them. They are all part of my daily life, sometimes I spend more time with them than my own family. I pray that god will protect my fellow bloggers who I care so much about and spare them any pain or anquish with regard to this new "fresh" hell bearing down on the Gulf Coast.
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This blog affected me as no other ever has..

The blogger is a woman my age, but thats about all we have in common for the most part...Her name is Amias and her blog is about her life. She goes by "liquid plastic" and I found her through a comment on ZS's latest rant on his blog. I urge every one that feels sorry for themselves or think life sucks to go read her will change your opinion..or i hope it will..if it doesn't there is something terribly wrong with you..she made me feel the gamut of emotions. She is a fantastic writer. the link to her blog is here.
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Padres lose..which is an understatement...

The final score was: 20-1...thats not a typo sportsfans..20 to fucking 1.

They were playing in the thin air of Coors Field. even thinner at night actually. It was 8-0 at the end of the first, 10-0 at the end of the second inning. This is so pathetic,it makes me physically ill. The Rockies looked like winners tonight considering their current record of 62-88, their fans must of pissed down both legs over this win. San Diego still leads the Giants by 5 games with a STELLAR 75-75 record.

Every Rockie except for two got a hit or two..or three..the only Rockies that didn't were two pitchers..their total hits for the evening..a ridiculous 23 hits out of 48 at bats..quick math shows this is one hit shy of FIFTY PERCENT of their at bat's were good to they left 19 guys on base..jesus christ in a thong, the score could of been far worse..i shudder at the thought.

The Padres on the other hand..managed six paltry hits and one stinking run. IN COORS FIELD,gods gift to the baseball hitters of the world.. Woody Williams, SD's pitcher of record never made it out of the second inning..his ERA at Coors this year...a lovely 29.10.....the average ERA for a pitcher this year is around 3.50 I dont even try to do THAT math...

They had won three straight close, dramatic games - and four in five nights - and their 8-7 victory over Colorado in the series opener Monday put them over .500 after leading the division at or below the break-even point for more than a week. Realistically they have led the division more times than naught with a losing record since the All Star break.

OK...i had to get this game out of my system..hopefully the freaking Padres have also..
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Tyco Exec's receive their sentences..

I don't know if many people followed this trial which showcased corporate greed..but let us review...

The CEO and the CFO of Tyco Int'l..Dennis Kolowski and Mark Swartz stole from Tyco..steal doesn't really cover what they did. They raped this company of : $180 million bucks.. thats U.S. dollars..not of them owned a shower curtain valued at 6 fucking thousand dollars and Denny threw a 2 million dollar birthday party for his wife on the island of Sardinia..flew his buddys there..which i guess isnt a big deal unless its NOT YOUR money..they made hundreds of millions more through manipulations of Tyco's stock.Tyco makes electronics and medical supplies and owns the ADT home security business. Didn't they used to make toys too? oh well i digress..

Denny pleaded with the judge for leniency..he cried and carried on saying the judge should look at all the good he has done in his life..give me a FUCKING break..Kozlowski and Swartz will be sent to one of New York's state prisons because they were convicted in state court, meaning the former executives will do considerably harder time than they would have at a federal facility. LMAO..I don't think they will bunk together..but i bet they are wishing they could..

They both got 25 years and will be eligible for parol in 8 years..The judge also ordered the defendants to pay a total of $134 million in restitution to Tyco International Ltd. In addition, the judge fined Kozlowski $70 million, and Swartz $35 million. I don't think Koz's trophy wife will be going on any spending spree's real soon..
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AL West...we are laid back out here.

Seems no one wants to win the AL West. The two leaders keep taking turns being the pivot man in a circle jerk. Currently the LA/Cali/Anaheim/Orange County Angels are in first by two games. Their current 2 win streak(oh boy!) makes them 6-4 in their last ten. The sorry ass A's are even with a 5-5 record but have lost the last brillant deductive reasoning tells me they could still take over first depending on strength of schedule..after all its only 16 days 9 hours 23 minutes and 22 seconds till the playoffs begin.

The A's play the Angels for a 4 game series at the end of the season. This could be a pivotal series if the division leader has a slim lead of oh say...two games. The Angels have a fairly easy schedule getting Tampa and Texas. The A's get Minny and Texas.

I think the Angels have the better team but this division could go down to the wire..which makes it interesting..we won't go into the Angels notorious habit of taking it in the bum and squandering any and all leads at the end of the season..its legendary. The A's have been up and down more than a hooker on a busy night this whole year. I ain't calling this one..we gotta wait and see :)

Joe Bonamassa Bluesman

Click here to listen

This is an excellent song by Joe and the band. Colour and Shape is the name of it..enjoy
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My beloved Dontrelle Willis pitched 8 count em 8 shutout innings today..god that man is awesome..only to watch his team LOSE the game in the 9th...Thanks Marlins inept bullpen and defense, the first 10 batters in the 9th reached base, and Philadelphia scored 10 times to win 10-2 Saturday afternoon. Did you really read that sports fans..first ten freaking batters in the inning reached base..i am dumbfounded..this is ludicrous..Todd Jones blew the save op giving up 4 earned runs and the team as a whole committed four friggin errors which accounted for an additional 4 unearned runs..a team record btw..Todd "the nimrod" Jones got his third blown save and faced five batters and gave up five runs..the 5th run was a gimme on his throwing error..I am speechless..well, no not really cuz I just blogged about it..I am in shock..yes, thats it..shocked and awed..
Friday, September 16, 2005 | By: Unknown

Yank$ win..Bosox lose..this ain't other sports stuff.

The wheels are coming off in beantown..maybe normal folks aren't panicky yet..but i fucking am! The Yank$ won again, that makes 4 friggin wins in a row..whilst the Red Sawx lost..the beantown boys are now a paltry 5-5 in the last ten and the Yank$ are 7-3 in the same period..if you do the math..well, it means your good at adding and subtracting PLUS it means Boston's lead is down to SQUAT..a lousy game and a half..dats it!!! The evil empire is on the upside, the world series champs are chumps..ok not chumps..but they are folding like a tent in a tornado. Pray for dem Sawx please..

The Chi Sox are pulling the same shit as of late..their comfy lead is dying as we speak..their record: 3-7 in the last ten whilst the Cleveland Indians are 9-1..using the same math principles we come to the same conclusion..the White Sox are sucking ass..

The Astros are in first in the wild card a freaking hair..half a game..Andy P pitched a good game for his sixth straight win..where was this fucker last year when i had him on like 10 fantasy teams..I'll tell ya..having surgury..but this year he rocks and so be it..the Marlins and Phillies are tied for second in the wc race..go stros!

The St. Louie Cards have clinched a spot in the playoffs..only team so far to do that..the hapless Padres beat Barroid Bonds and the Giants tonight..Praise Jesus..those losers needs all the help they can Pads not the Giants..

If any of you saw Monday Night Foosball..there was a bruhaha of sorts prior to the game..someone said something shitty to someone else and a pissing contest began..big fucking babies can't handle a little trash talk? any who..ten guys got fined and the asshole that put a big illegal hurt on McNabb, defensive tackle Chris Lavalais, got a $7500 slap on the wrist..big friggin deal..Donovan got his bell rung and a chest contusion..Lavalais used his helmet to spear my man McNabb..chicken shit sumbitch..can you tell who my favorite QB is??

Jackass extraordinaire Senator John McCain is starting up his bullshit again regarding steroids..he has requested the prescence of all the heads of the major sports to come before him again and talk about their policies..the jackass has also proposed a bill that would mandate drug-testing standards for major pro sports..doesnt this fucktard have something better to do than sweat which athlete is shooting up roids in his ass? I too think they are too lenient in testing and punishing these guys but its not an issue to be dealt with by our boys in the senate and can not legislate common just doesnt work..besides last time I checked we got a fucking war and a huge natural disaster than wiped out most of the Mississippi delta..somehow I think this shit should be at the top of everyone's list in Washington...not wasting my fucking tax money on hearings and grandstanding before the media about what a travesty it is and how horrible these guys are for cheating..McCain just wants to stay up front for his possible Presidential run..dipshit will never get my vote this way..thats a fact jack..

For the one hockey fan i know(insert Thom here :) )...All the NHL camps opened up and Ronnie Francis retired after 23 years in the NHL..I loved him when he was with the Pens..he won two Stanley Cups and ranked as one of the NHL's career leaders in games played, goals, assists and points. He is second to Wayne Gretzky(da Great One) with 1,249 assists, and ranks among the league's all-time leaders with 1,731 games (third), 549 goals (19th) and 1,798 points (fourth). He's a remarkable 42 years young but his body has finally told him no more hockey..he will be me at least..

On the Nascar circuit..Jeff the whiner Gordon DID NOT make the race to the chase..meaning he missed the cut-off for Nascar's 10 race playoff for the championship..makes me smile dont you know?? My man Tony Stewart is in and some folks think hes gonna get a second championship this year the way he's been racing the last six weeks..from their mouth to god's ear goes the saying..Dale Earnhardt aka Junior didnt make it into the chase either..wonder if his dad is cussing up a storm in heaven..I left husband number three the day Dale Sr. died..the only Daytona 500 I ever missed..and I am glad I wasn't watching in retrospect.

That's it sportsfans..your sports news in a nutshell..
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Happy Birthday BB King

I love him and his music, he has always been humble and his music has touched my life during times when I needed to hear something beautiful and uplifting or just plain awesome. His voice is still strong and his stage prescence is amazing for someone about to hit 80 years of age. The following quote is from BB himself regarding this wonderful music he plays with such love and devotion: "The Blues is the source. It has to do with people, places, and things. It's life, with all the emotion and passions. As long as we have them, we'll have Blues. The Blues contains all the basic feelings of human beings: pain, happiness, fear, courage, confusion, and desire, told in simple stories. That's the genius of the Blues." The story behind his initials "BB" is interesting since his given name is Riley and alot of folks aren't aware of it...

He learned the Blues in the cotton fields of Indianola, Mississippi, in the 1930s. He delved deeper into the Blues when he relocated to Beale Street in Memphis, where Riley B. King became "The Beale Street Blues Boy" before he shortened it to just "Blues Boy" and ultimately, to just B.B.

BB turns 80 tomorrow..he will be working of course, playing somewhere for people that adore him as I do.

Roger Clemens pitched tonight.

Roger Clemens' mom died today. He pitched tonight..I shit you not..he pitched over six innings..and boy did they win that game..the final score was: 10-2. Rocket said his mom was also his dad..I recognize that type of parent..I was one..still am actually..Bess Clemens was smiling down on her son tonight you can bet your sweet ass on that fact..The 'Stros are only half a game out of the wild card spot. Bess died of emphysema, she was 75. She loved her son and the game of baseball. What a broad...and broad is not negative to me..just so you excerpt from the cbs sportsline article about tonights game: Just after the final out, a tribute to Clemens' mother was shown on the giant video screen, and Astros players stood in the infield and watched, while Clemens saw it on a monitor in the clubhouse. The video included Clemens talking about his mother at previous news conferences, his mother talking about him and video of them together on a baseball field.
"It was great to see her look so pretty like I remember," he said with tears in his eyes.

Its only 19 days 18 hours 32 minutes and 53 seconds till the playoffs start..I figured you needed to know that..the universal you..My National League West division is still pathetic and fucking in the name of god can a team lead a division with less than half their games in the Win column..I really hope the astro's make it into the playoffs...and the Yank!$ dont :) the link to the sportsline article is here. It might make you cry..I came close...all mom's are special for the most part..but Bess was a great mom. In her final hours she was still talking baseball...
Wednesday, September 14, 2005 | By: Unknown

Our quote of the day courtesy of John Q Public

Quote for the Day:
Passive acceptance of the teacher's wisdom is easy to most boys and girls. It involves no effort of independent thought, and seems rational because the teacher knows more than his pupils; it is moreover the way to win the favour of the teacher unless he is a very exceptional man. Yet the habit of passive acceptance is a disastrous one in later life. It causes man to seek and to accept a leader, and to accept as a leader whoever is established in that position.
Bertrand Russell British author, mathematician, & philosopher (1872 - 1970)

Get your own MLB blog here..but its not gratis..

Seems Major League Baseball has gotten into the blog business. They charge for the honor however..50 bucks a year..but you can read them for free though..Tom Terrific, aka Tom Seaver has a blog,one of the ChiSox executives has a blog, Tommy "fat ass: Lasorda has one, several team announcers have blogs and another hall of famer Brooks Robinson has a blog. Yo B, I think one of the Cards announcer's has a there are just plain fans blogs. Their love must run deep to pay for a blog dont ya know??

I haven't checked any of them out yet, its early for moi,but I will.The link to is here.

Google wins this round of the war with Microsoft.

Last week I mentioned the lawsuit by Microsoft in Seattle against a former employee who went over to Google. It's basically a pissing contest between the two companies over a upper echelon research department head. Microsoft is contending the man stole secrets and violated the noncompete clause in his employment contract. Both sides are claiming victory over the judges ruling that Dr. Lee a chinese specialist in language and speech recognition can begin working for Google next week. Google has filed a countersuit in Cali, and there are major differences between the two states employment laws. Washington gives corporations a broader leeway to enforce the non-compete clauses which are standard in many employment contracts. The link to the newest article regarding this case is here.
Tuesday, September 13, 2005 | By: Unknown

Attention Kmart shoppers another blog to add to your list..

The Queen of Ass..yes i know..strange name but the woman is a trip..and i just wanted to plug her blog a bit..she is very tongue in cheek or just outright outlandish..but she is a good read and therefore the plug for her blog. I think i found the link to her royal highness on mel's blog..oh yeah..our Mel is ranked numero UNO on the top blog thingy..way to go Mel :)
Monday, September 12, 2005 | By: Unknown

The Forgotten Victims of Katrina need your help as well.

Being a major animal lover I chose to support this relief service provider: United Animal Nations. T.Boone Pickens, a wealthy texas oilman has already been renting planes to move some of the distressed dogs and cats, and those rescued from the flood waters to other shelters within the U.S. My hometown of San Diego has received some of the casualties from this disaster. Please provide monetary support if your able. These little victims are the ones least able to save themselves. Horrifying pictures of them tied to bridges or covered in oil residue and left by the side of the road by no fault of the owners in most cases have been published and sicken me and other animal lovers. The state and federal officials are willing to rescue humans but not animals evidently since they refused to allow people to bring their pets on buses and into the safe areas. People willing to take in pets can also contact UAN through links provided on their website I believe. Every penny counts towards saving a life. Help them if you can. The link to the Organizations Home Page is here.

LA power outage revisited.

The news agencies from LA are surmising the same thing, hard to believe cutting through a cable will put 50% of the LA basin in the dark..and besides..would they really tell us if they suspected something..its food for thought at the very least..

Power outage hits Hell-A

a day after that jackass american turned al qaida convert runs his yap??? Coincidence??? i think not..nope, you can not convince me at this juncture..watching the LA newscasts they are trying to say an employee fucked up and cut through something..and that would make fifty percent of LA go dark? Horseshit..but its early, unless they parade some guy in front of the newscameras I ain't buying..all I am saying..
Sunday, September 11, 2005 | By: Unknown

Pigskin Post

I love football for many reasons..its a fall sport..fall is my favorite season of all..not too cold, not hot the days get shorter-I am a night person...but i digress..

There have been a minimal amount of movement by free agents this off season..the biggest being Randy Moss. Randy is a man with incredible talent..and a big fucking mouth. Its hard to love a player that exhibits such stupidity off the field.

Now, that being said..i have become by nature of my residence...a fan of the, this coming from a born and bred Charger fan is pure blasphemy. Here in central Cali, you either get the Niners or the Raiders..if there was an Hell-A team they would get it hands down..but there isn't..which is total bullshit btw..

so..i took the Raiders..they are AFC and afterall is said and done, I AM an AFC type of woman. I have loved the AFC since its enception..but again..i get offtrack..I haven't informed my friends in the San Diego area..until now that is..I managed to tell someone that told someone..and now my secret is out..I have become a Raider took three years of diligent resistance mind you, to become a Raider fan..I tried to keep this horrid event from transpiring..but to no avail.

So with regards to Randy Moss..I hate his fucktarded ass and yet..I pray to all that is holy that he lifts those sorry ass bunch of Al Davis employees to heights above and beyond the rest of the league. It would make it alot easier for moi since now I am the village idiot in the eyes of my compadres in the San Diego area..but I wouldn't get pissed if the Chargers made it to the playoffs by any stretch of the imagination. I follow many teams since I have lived on the east and left coasts and a few points in-between. Some folks can't understand this logic of mine but there it is anyway..a fan of many teams and lover of none...well, i do love the chargers but they usually drive me insane at some point in every season.

Here is hoping that the Raiders, Chargers, Falcons and the Redskins have good seasons and that I figure out a way to have sundays off for at least the next 16 weeks..its a bitch working on such a hallowed sports day..seems like heresy to me, the sports nut,having to work on this day....wait..i think i feel a screwed up back coming on..yes, yes it is...omg there it is..the infamous "I can't work today, my two blown discs are acting up again"... are you ready for some football? I know I am :)

Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown Dies

He escaped Katrina and went back to his hometown of Orange,Texas. He has been in ill health for over a year, suffering from lung cancer and heart disease. He was a fantastic musician and I loved to listen to him play. His family stated his home in Sidell, LA was destroyed by the hurricane and he was heart broken over it. Gatemouth was a helluva blues player but refused to be pigeon-holed into just the blues, he loved country,jazz, fusion and zydeco..the whole ball of wax. His biographer stated:"He never wanted to be called a bluesman, but I used to tell him that though he may not like the blues, he does the blues better than anyone," added Walters. "He inherited the legacy of great bluesmen like Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker, but he took what they did and made it better." Clarence was 81 when he passed this weekend at his brother's home. We lose another one sadly much too quick.
Saturday, September 10, 2005 | By: Unknown

In less than an hour it will be Sunday...

Sunday September 11th. Just saying it out loud gives me chills still. Its not going away any time soon. I can still see the conference room where we all stood around the table staring at the 19 inch tv with horrible reception. The visions we were seeing left us all speechless, some of us crying silently. The girl in the cubicle next to mine softly repeated the date: "9-11,9-11 they picked this day for a reason" she said."It's what you call when all hell breaks loose." "Yes, I said..hell has broken loose."

But now there is a fresh hell, and its on a larger scale. It is not however, man-made, which somehow makes it easier to swallow for me. Well, technically I believe global-warming has alot to do with all the weather anomalies of the last 5 years, but at least this fresh hell isn't something a group of religious nut case's did to us.
Friday, September 09, 2005 | By: Unknown

a blog tears at your heartstrings..

my girl daisy has a blog..i say my girl..but she is a blogger bud..i love her to death and thats another story..but her post today was so full of emotion, it ripped me apart and made me cry..I wish I could put my emotions and feelings on paper(or computer) like she did today..if you read through her archives she has been through a ton of shit in the last few months..and i mean tons..and she is a sweet soul that actually goes into the depths of hell to help the oppressed, she went to south america on her summer vacation to work with the poor FOR A MONTH!! who among us can say we have done or would do that?? Not me, I talk a good game, but you wont see me living without electricity for a month, or running water..hell my idea of camping is a fully stocked Winnebagowith a Dish or cable..

but go give my girl daisy some love..tell her that you too would cry like she did..tell her how good she is at putting her feelings down in words...just go...if your a hardass you wont go look..if you are self centered you will say she's a softie..but if you love honesty and people that think of others before will like daisy..or maybe love her as i do..we don't have enough daisy's in the world..and thats sad..damn fucking sad..but at least I can say i know someone like her..someone that is always looking for the positive angle..the good in all of us..

I hate sit com's..but this one is different..

Its on showtime and its called Weeds. .Its different only because it has a base in least its a reality that I recognize...that of yuppie land with all their bullshit trappings and their hidden agendas..they tell their kids to just say no but they enjoy a lil coke or pot on the weekends at a friends get-together. They rant and rail against second hand smoke but when they are sitting on their patio with a martini or cosmo they light up a cig...and then have the balls to tell me they are not a smoker..not really..yeah right..the theme song is rich, "Little Boxes" by Malvina was recorded over 20 years ago by someone who's name escapes me but it seems to have been taylor-made for this show. The creator is Jenji Kohan, who has written for many good shows such as Sex in the City, Tracey takes On and Boston Common. She won an Emmy for Tracey's show.

The premise is this: The primary character recently lost her husband who did not plan for the future and she turns to dealing marijuana to the other yuppies that smoke on the sly to make ends meet..including the city counselmen who happens to be her accountant. Do not tell me this doesn't happen cuz folks i know first hand it counsel folks smoke pot..doctors smoke would be amazed at who still smokes pot..but thats another rant..

The fifth installment was this past monday and its become a dramedy..its not all laughs it seems being a pot dealer in of the main characters has breast cancer..its ironic of course because she is the one that is all about looks..or how it looks to the outside world at least..I have a sista that closely resembles her and her outlook on life. I of course pray my dear sista never gets breast cancer..i love her and it might ruin the tummy tuck and liposuction she recently paid through the nose for..

But its a good show..for those of you that are against pot smoking in any form or reason, its still a good show because it shows the other side of "having it all"...the main character could be a stripper or telemarketer, some other type of frowned upon employment, the rest of the show would still hold it has some good actors..Kevin Nealon, Elizabeth Perkins and the main character played by Mary-Louise Parker. Its only a half hour of your it..and tell me what you airs a new episode on Monday and then repeats like a mutha on wed and fri..there is a marathon of all five episodes this weekend..

Michael Brown steps aside as head of FEMA hurricane relief.

Why am I NOT surprized by this action? The guy has enough bad press with his lying on his resume and all..Now if they could just dump Chertoff I would be very happy..but you cant always get what you want..Michael Brown will be spending alot of time walking his dog I think...and it seems Bush has found his scapegoat..I dont know if Brown was pushed or jumped from the bus..what do you think???
Wednesday, September 07, 2005 | By: Unknown

A little fluff for the world..Martin Schoeller - "Close Up"

This german photog believes in the "less is more" theory. His portraits of famous and infamous people are stark and no frills. The women have only a minimal amount of makeup on for the most part. He only does head shots and with a light colored,plain background. Cecil B. DeMille would be proud. He has Bill Clinton, Jack Nicholson, Brad's Angelina, Marilyn Manson even Lance Armstrong is in there. I like looking at them, its warts and all.. and they look ...human,for lack of a better word. Clinton looks...smug..yes,thats it..he looks smug or maybe its a look like the jokes on us, but whatever the look, it intrigue's me. The link to Schoeller's website is here.

Federal Government will give victims 2K each.

I think its unprecedented..for the government to give out this type of cashola without any strings attached..The estimate of $640 Million has been bandied about as what this giveaway will cost the taxpayers. I have mixed feelings about this endeavor. Yes, its good, people can buy clothes,shoes, baby formula etc. It will be in the form of a debit card, so hopefully that will cut down on illicit use. The victims need everything and will be able to prioritize their needs personally, no big brotha telling them what is excluded. Is it the pessimist in me that thinks this is going to get hosed up?

All the news that fits..

The Cali legislature today became the first in the country to legalize same-sex marriage, with the State Assembly narrowly approving a bill that defines marriage as between "two persons" instead of between a man and a woman. Massachusetts has allowed same sex marriage but only due to court rulings. Link to NY Times article is here.

Jack Kerouac was a real trip according to the Navy. He was unceremoniously discharged after 10,count em 10 days of active service..the link to the Smoking Gun article is here.

The Prez has promised to find a whipping boy for all the fuck-ups by the federal government after Katrina hit. He is sending...get this..Dick "Halliburton" Cheney to the gulf area to "cut through any bureaucratic obstacles slowing recovery efforts". Isn't that like putting the fox in charge of the hen house in a roundabout sort of way? The link to the latest bullshit spewing out of the White House and who is pointing a finger at whom now that congress is back from vacation, courtesy of the NY Times, is here.

And MY personal fave...a juicy little tell-all tale about Microsoft and its head nerd Billy Bob Gates. Seems Billy is fond of four letter words(who isn't?) and temper tantrums which drove one of his chief minions over to Google. Microsoft sued his ass and he counter sued. Its rich and I will follow this trial to its conclusion. The link to the newest wrinkle in this trial can be found here.
Tuesday, September 06, 2005 | By: Unknown

And now for something completely different..

My feral kitten update..they are now all domesticated and driving us up a wall. I buy them toys but the damn dogs chew them up,so they play with aluminum foil balls or old boxes. The top one is Leroy..he always enjoys a good perch, or box...

The second is Patty..I love the green eye reflection. We swear she has a hidden stash of pot somewhere in the house..shes looney as hell. Yes, that is a plastic bowl she is lounging in.

This is Bobbie whom we believed was switched at birth. She sure has hell isn't feral,she loves people..and the inside of a house too much. She was trying to get in from the time she could walk.

Quote of the day

"There's alot of work to be done"-Prez. Bush visiting
hurricane victims in Baton Rouge LA.

Is this not THE most understated remark you have ever heard?
Couldn't the man think any quicker than that? Over state the obvious there W....
Monday, September 05, 2005 | By: Unknown

Fed's guilty of criminal neglect.

When there are people dying in the Superdome 6 days after Katrina hit there is something wrong with our heads of state. When an emergency management employee gets calls daily from his elderly mother trapped in her own home and he tells her daily that yes someone is coming to save her and they dont, and she drowns in her own home Friday nite, four days after the hurricane went through,there is something seriously flawed and fucked up about our heads of state. When our president can entertain the IDEA of going to a baseball game or sit and strum a guitar while people are dying in their own homes in our own country..there are seriously some screwed up and out of touch heads of state. When 200 of the 1500 police officers of New Orleans walk off their job and 2 of them commit suicide because they are over whelmed by the enormous pressure of trying to do their jobs in the face of hopelessness waiting for the federal assistance that took their sweet ass time getting there..we got some seriously apathetic and grossly negligent heads of state.The horror stories are mind numbing. There are some folks that believe this is blown out of proportion and that the residents of the Mississippi Delta got what they deserved for living in a flood plain or below sea level or not leaving when they were originally told to go prior to Katrina's arrival. These people do not take into consideration various factors. Factors such as 1. The levees have held up for more than a hundred years. Yes, they needed rehabbing, but W rerouted that money to the Iraq debacle. 2. The elderly and poor had very little at their disposal to get them out of harms way. If you do not own a car or you make minimum wage, its hard to get the fuck out of the way of a hurricane. I could go on and on but why??? The people that do not have a vested interest in the Mississippi Delta area and view it as "not their problem" can and will rationalize their view of this atrocity committed by our heads of state.I call it an atrocity because that is what I see the lack of reaction by the federal government..aka our heads of state, as. Its sickening to me to think about the hundreds of people that died days after the hurricane went through that did not have to perish. The people that died in their own houses waiting for someone to rescue them. The fishermen that tried valiently to save whole neighborhoods with nothing more than a dingy. Do I point a finger? Yes..I do..they mobilized faster for 9-11 and the Tsumani relief effort than they did for Katrina. New Orleans was home for over half a million humans. Whether they were fine upstanding people doesnt matter, they deserved better than they got from our government. In the words of Denise Bottcher, press secretary to Gov. Kathleen Blanco of Lousisana:"We wanted soldiers, helicopters, food and water. They wanted to negotiate an organizational chart." She was speaking of the assclowns at FEMA. These horror stories are just now coming to the surface, the ones where our heads of state play head games and ego trip at the cost of hundreds of lives. The officials from the Mississippi delta states are talking now on national TV and to big news agencies and sista its gonna get real ugly. I think its important to figure out who,why and how people in positions of authority in Washington screwed these people over so that it can never happen again. I want that jackass Mr. Chertoff and the FEMA director, Michael D. Brown to be publicly humiliated and never be allowed to hold any type of public position or office again. I think they should be charged with a crime of negligence, they are directly responsible for the deaths of many of the citizens of the Mississippi delta who died AFTER the hurricane went through the area. There is a good article in, what else, NY Times about what the Governors of three of the states affected have said so far about the bullshit they had to endure to get the feds to move their ass. One example is how FEMA kept water,diesel and food from being delivered from PRIVATE companies or individuals to the affected areas merely because they had not asked for fucking approval from FEMA to enter the oppressed areas. GIVE ME a FUCKING BREAK.... a direct quote from the article: "Far from deferring to state or local officials, FEMA asserted its authority and made things worse, Mr. Broussard stated on "Meet the Press."When Wal-Mart sent three trailer trucks loaded with water, FEMA officials turned them away, he said. Agency workers prevented the Coast Guard from delivering 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel, and on Saturday they cut the parish's emergency communications line, leading the sheriff to restore it and post armed guards to protect it from FEMA, Mr. Broussard said". dear god in heaven this just isn't right and those bastards should be made to pay. The link to the NY Times article is here.

Jerry Rice Retires

I hated the 49ers..always..but I loved to watch Jerry Rice. His work ethic was always outstanding and he never played the drama queen unlike some of the athletes from San Fran. His wife almost died during childbirth his last year with the niners but he managed to still play football, I dont know if that was a good thing or not but he loved the game..and we will miss him. His records and stats for his illustrious career:

A look at Jerry Rice's career in the NFL:
1985: Drafted 16th overall by 49ers; Won Rookie of the Year
1986: Led NFL in receiving yards (1,570) and receiving touchdowns (15)
1987: Set single-season record with 22 TDs
1989: Won Super Bowl XXIII MVP with record 215 receiving yards on 11 catches
1990: Super Bowl XXIV: Seven receptions, 148 yards and three touchdowns
1995: Super Bowl XXIX: 10 receptions, 149 yards and three touchdowns
2001: Released by 49ers, signed by Raiders
2002: Scored 200th career touchdown
2004: Traded to Seattle for seventh-round pick
2005: Signed one-year contract with Denver; retired before season opener
Some of Jerry Rice's 38 NFL Records:
Most career receptions: 1,549
Most receiving yards: 22,895
Most receiving touchdowns: 197
Most touchdowns scored: 208
Most career Super Bowl receptions: 33
Most career 100-yard receiving games: 76

Barroid Bonds is coming back from his vacation.

Barroid aka Barry Bonds has deceided that since the Giants are now in second place in the shitty division known as the National League West, he will now play this year. Gee Barroid, must be nice to take 95% of the season off and have fresh legs when your whole team has been struggling all season to get out of the friggin basement. They did it without Barroid and I wonder how they feel about him suddenly showing up and saying he is ready to play with less than a month left in the regular season. Barroid is a jackass with a big shiny smile now, all ready to talk to the media, whom he shunned for the last six months. I can not tell you how much this man offends me. I wont even try...
Sunday, September 04, 2005 | By: Unknown

Blues Innovator R.L. Burnside passes

The man, the myth and the legend was 78 when he finally succumbed to heart problems in a Memphis hospital this week. His last album was released in 2004 which I find incredible for someone that age and who hasn't been in the best of health for the last five years.

Born in Harmontown, Mississippi, on Nov. 21, 1926, Burnside grew up as a sharecropper and fisherman before learning the guitar from local musicians like Fred McDowell and Rainie Burnett. He eventually migrated to Chicago in the 1940s where he came under the influence of blues legends like Lightning Hopkins and Muddy Waters. He didn't stay there long, returning to his Mississippi roots after his father, uncle and brother were murdered there in the span of one month. He played with many people and by combining his gritty countrified sound with elements of indie rock, hip-hop and even electronica he found a new audience of people primarily defined as "youngsters",using his own word.

Burnside is survived by his wife, Alice Mae, 12 children and numerous grandchildren. One of his grandsons, drummer Cedric Burnside toured with R.L's band in the 90's. He will have some great company up in heaven..
Saturday, September 03, 2005 | By: Unknown

Chief Justice Rehnquist dies of cancer.

He worked up until a few days before his death so say his assistants. He refused to step down and let Bush name a successor prior to the new court session. Bush will now have the rare opportunity to replace two justices on the Supreme Court, the last time was 1971. Rehnquist, who championed states' rights and helped speed up executions, was the only member still on the court who voted on
Roe v. Wade in 1973(he opposed the pro abortion ruling). He was a true right wing jurist although when he joined the court it was controlled by liberals. His belief in states having more autonomy is about the ONLY thing I agreed with him on. He voted against giving more protection to female victims of violent crime and he supported prayer in public schools.

This will be an interesting summer and fall for the legal branch of our government and us as a nation since Bush will now leave a very large footprint on the court that will last for decades. FUCK!
Friday, September 02, 2005 | By: Unknown

Your never too old to cap the Ball and Chain

73 year old Mollie Hardbarger shot her 69 year old spouse in West Virginia this week. He was cheating on her, but the worst thing evidently was the woman he was bumping uglies with had a swell case of VD which really didn't sit well with she shot him with the family 22....the link to the story is here.

Baseball extravaganza!

"According to the Elias Sports Bureau, this is the first time in 10 years that an entire division has entered the last full month of the season so close to the playoffs. Five teams, separated by about 1,350 miles along the Eastern seaboard, are straining through the final days of summer to reach the first act of fall."<---this quote is from the article in the NY Times about the NL Wildcard race..a race so tight that only 3 count em 3 games separate the top five teams vying for the final spot in the playoffs..which by the way begin in 32 days 7 hours and 11 minutes from now..The teams are Philly, Houston, Marlins, Mets and Washinton DC's boyz the Gnats..All those teams with the exception of Houston are in the NL East division.. Its a good read if your a baseball nut like I am..the link to the article is here.

In other baseball news..Pitcher Sidney Ponson got his walking papers today from the Baltimore O's...seems they were none too happy with his second bust for Drunk Driving in 9 months..dude is 28, too bad he has the maturity level of a frat boy during homecoming..OH..he also clocked a judge in his home country of Aruba in the off season during a Christmas Day fight at a beach,for which he did 11 days in the slammer. The O's are trying to prove grounds for termination under the infamous morals clause, paragraph 3(a), that reads: "The Player agrees to perform his services hereunder diligently and faithfully, to keep himself in first-class physical condition and to obey the Club's training rules, and pledges himself to the American public and to the Club to conform to high standards of personal conduct, fair play and good sportsmanship." Thats a fucking vague ass clause if I ever saw one..but its standard in all O's contracts..all 40 guys have it. Sid is gonna fight it and i DONT blame him..but the man IS FELONY DUMB and a good candidate for FOTW..(fucktard of the week)
Thursday, September 01, 2005 | By: Unknown

I hate it when I can't sleep..

of course it gives me plenty of time to checkout the newspaper..I really wanted to see that the price of gas will be over 4 bucks soon..lord have mercy louise..this can not be happening..yes it can..and it in bakersfrigginfield, we not only pump oil out of the ground, we refine it into gas and diesel..yet, the price went over 3 bucks a gallon today..and it isnt jumping by a few cents daily..the shit went up by 12 fucking cents in one day..ONE DAY..if that isn't price gouging i dont know what is..

in other news, the mouth that roared aka David Wells shot off his yap again..and was promptly called on the carpet by Buddy Selig, aka the Commish..Wells, a poster child for open mouth and insert foot, bitched about Selig when he lost his bid to lower his 6 game suspension for making contact with an that was a pretty site...Wells retracted all his crap today..jeez what a surprize there eh? He mocked ol Buddy Selig for his handling of the steroid issue in baseball..evidently Wells forgot that his players union is the one holding up the whole process of making life hard on those that shoot up one ever said Wells was smart..just a lefty that can throw a baseball..lefties last forever in baseball cuz their so damn hard to find..doesnt matter if they suck..Wells is the dipshit that wrote a book stating he was drunk when he pitched his no hitter a few years back for the yanks..seems he pitches ALOT better drunk than sober cuz his numbers arent all that sportsfans.. Kerry Woods finally ended his season on a sour has been off and on the DL like it was a freaking contest all season..BARROID aka Barry Bonds, the wonderful, fun loving, steroid taking hitter for the San Fran Giants has resumed batting practice after taking the entire season to date off for what was supposed to be minor surgery..not that he will do the Giants any good...they are so far down the food chain they will never see the light of day this year...

In NFL news...the nimrod known as Maurice Clarett was dumped by the Denver Broncos this week..hopefully you remember Moreece..he was the college player that attempted to go pro after ONE year of college ball at Ohio State..the NFL won the court case tossing his ass out of the draft until he was at least three years removed from high Mo got popped for lying about alot of things that happened during his tenure at Ohio State..a stellar stand up guy Clarett is,right?..however he is currently unemployed and his agent is hawking his ass around the league..good luck Mo..your gonna need it..trying playing for the team instead of whining and getting "hurt" the entire preseason..when they draft you in the third round, they usually expect something other than the infamous "pulled groin" coach Mike Shannahan said..its hard to evaluate him as a player when he never shit mike?