Tuesday, May 26, 2009 | By: Unknown

Lakers lose...again.

It's been interesting in that the Lakers and Nuggets keep switching back and forth. No one team has won two in a row yet during the Western Conf finals.

As for the Cav's...dunno 'bout them guys..They can't expect Lebron to win all the games for them.

So, are the Cav's that bad or is Orlando that good? We find out tonight.
Friday, May 22, 2009 | By: Unknown

Long live the King! Lebron saves the game.

Lebron James showed why he is The King tonight. His only 3-pointer that went in was at the final buzzer.

Cav's actually didn't lead in any category for most of the game. Cleveland scored more points in the first quarter and never led in that category for the rest of the game.

Orlando is a better 'team' as far as spreading the points around. Cav's depend on Lebron. Both games were decided by a point..that's freaking it..

You can't win a series if only one guy is the go-to guy in fucking roundball. It's a team sport for a fucking reason.

Orlando got more points out of their bench than Cleveland even dreamed of. 26 vs 14 for the Cav's. Boxscore here.

It isn't going to be a slam dunk for the Cav's. I think this might go seven..but I could be wrong. ;)

But remember this..only two players have scored more points in the first two games of the division championship than Lebron's 84..Jerry West and Rick Barry. And it was a helluva long time ago. Tonite he had 35 points. (I think..long evening folks)

Lakers lose..

Warms the cockles of my lil' black heart don't cha know? ;)

Tonight is game two of the Eastern Conference finals..YAY! Hopefully the Cav's will be consistent the whole game, not just one half.

Padres have actually won more than two games in a row. Praise Jeebus!

Jack Peavy told the Pads to fuck off on the trade to the ChiSox. heh..
Saturday, May 16, 2009 | By: Unknown

Today's interesting sports happenings..

Holy fuckamoly..what was Lackey thinking when his first pitch blew past the batter's back and the second pitch hit the batter? The ump thinks he knows..

The umpire tossed his ass after the second pitch.

On the horseracing front..the filly Rachel Alexandra beats all the boys by a length. Last filly to beat the boys in the Preakness was in...wait for it..1924.

Her jockey was none other than Calvin Borel, which is a trip unto itself as he won the Kentucky Derby two weeks ago riding Mine that Bird, who btw came in second today after coming from last place. Calvin is the first jockey to ever do that. So he could win the triple crown..but there will not be a horse that can do it this year..strange eh?

Tomorrow is D-day for four basketball teams- Houston/Lakers and Orlando/Boston. I am rooting for Boston and against the Lakers tomorrow.

My hope is the Cav's will be the reining champs of the NBA. Long live King James!
Saturday, May 09, 2009 | By: Unknown

Good bye Chuck Daly.

It is sad to know 'Daddy Rich' is gone from this world. His Pistons beat the shit out of the Lakers in the '89 playoffs. He coached some of the greatest players in the game.

Whatever team he coached, they always made the playoffs. First American team to win Olympic gold was coached by Daddy Rich.

He dressed for success but was down to earth.
Say hello to Red Auerbach Chuck, I feel quite sure you will see him soon.
Thursday, May 07, 2009 | By: Unknown

Y tu Manny*?

I have raged a lot about cheating, aka roid use and the idiots that try to go down that road.

But Manny, he just took a hormone that is usually prescribed to women. Keith Olbermann, former ESPN talking head and now a political talking head has a great piece on Manny Ramirez today. The video isn't available yet..when it is..I will put it up here.

As for Manny and his use of cheating materials..here is AP's take:

Whats wrong with this picture? He fucking lied for Christ's sake. Yes, he passed 15 drug tests..so fucking what?

We all remember the one you failed..and so will the sports writers that elect you fuckwits into the Hall of Fame. SI's article, which I will filch part of below:
Mannywood was rocked Thursday when the All-Star outfielder was suspended for 50 games for using a banned drug.

"Do I still think we can win without him? I think he makes us a better team when he's with us, but without him we still have a good team and we're still capable of winning us some ballgames,'' Martin said before Thursday night's game against Washington.

"He's one of the best hitters of all time, so it's definitely going to be tough. But what can you do? You've just got to move on and keep plugging away. You have to take it either as a challenge, and that's what we're going to do,'' he said.

Even before the first pitch of the game, Ramirez's penalty had a noticeable effect. The Manny-style dreadlock hats that had been on sale at the concession stands at Dodger Stadium on Wednesday night had been pulled off at least one shelf. Other Manny-related memorabilia was missing, too.

The Dodgers said there may have been a misunderstanding with the Ramirez merchandise, but that it still was for sale.

Los Angeles manager Joe Torre said he called Ramirez and that the 36-year-old star called him back.

"He feels very badly. Right now he's trying to gather his thoughts,'' Torre said.

He feels badly? I bet he feels real bad about losing a third of his $25 mil salary..

What do you think? The asterisk..*..it will follow you all the days of your career dude..bet on it you fucking douchebag.
Wednesday, May 06, 2009 | By: Unknown

Long live The King!!!!

King James was absolutely awesome last night. This kid is only 24, but he is a veteran of round ball as anyone that follows Basketball knows.

34 points he scored. I think he showed us why he is the leagues MVP this year. From the Guardian link:
Leading 49-44 at halftime, Cleveland turned up the pressure, outscoring the Hawks 50-28. The visitors scored 11 points in the fourth quarter.
Mo Williams added 21 points and Delonte West had 13 for the Cavaliers, who host Game Two on Thursday.

Josh Smith had 22 points for Atlanta and Mike Bibby contributed 19.
"We competed for a half, but that wasn't good enough," said Hawks coach Mike Woodson.

Cleveland had not played since April 26 after sweeping the Detroit Pistons 4-0 in the opening round of the playoffs.
Atlanta was taken to a deciding Game Seven by the Miami Heat before winning the series 4-3 on Sunday.
I do love watching the playoffs which are also known as the second season..they last forevah! Lebron James gets better every year. His maturity surpasses many of the players that are a decade older than he is.

Now, being a Celtics fan..its gonna be interesting for me this year. No KG, but the Celt's did win their series.
Saturday, May 02, 2009 | By: Unknown

A Saturday Sports Extravaganza!

A 50-1 longshot won the Kentucky Derby. Ain't that a trip? And he kicked their asses royally, winning by over 6 freaking lengths, coming from outta nowhere. It was a wonder to behold.

Mets and Phillies game really didn't interest me, but it was sports.

Celts on tonight..and win the series without KG. I really didn't think they could do it without the big man.

NASCAR put on a good show as well. Kurt Bush went backwards in the end, which hosed my fantasy team. And I hate his brother Kyle Busch, who was the winner. (Yes, I know they pollute the planet..give me a break, its once a week.)

Pacquiao knocks the shit outta Hatton in second round. Hatton doesn't get up. Game, set and match.

Dodgers playing my Padres. This isn't a good thing lately as the Padre's suck pond scum off the bottom. Fuck they suck.

Bring on King James and the Cav's. Should be worth watching. ;)