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deviantART and Baseball and kittens with attitude.

deviantART: Animator vs. Animation by *alanbecker

I know, strange match-up..but I love to wander around the deviantArt site. Its a cool-ass site with all kinds of different art works by people that are very good at what they do..the art I am linking in the title is stick figure animation..its funny so I wanted to share w/you my dear reader. We can all use a laugh..right?

I finally got approved by the asshats in the Utilization Review Board for an MRI. I go to the Doc's tomorrow so I will hopefully get some medication and Physical Therapy too...say a prayer for me..I have an 8am appt with the hopefully things will get back on track with my back. I am finally dealing with Baby's demise, I can think about her without breaking down into a sobbing mess. Having the rest of the herd of cats and dogs helps I think, they are always playing and getting into trouble, so they keep me busy and make me smile alot..I love the lil bastards :p I will have to post a pic or two of the kitten I rescued a month ago..She was half dead and she is running around make life miserable for the older cats..and she has turned into a very pretty orange tabby full of life and always getting into trouble for being somewhere she doesn't belong or dragging my bras around the house..seriously..what is the fun of playing with a bra I ask you..its rhetorical..nevermind :p

My Padres lost today, but it took 14 innings for Seattle to beat them..did I tell you how much I hate Interleague play? The Pads are still in first, but only by one game..there is a three-way tie for second in our NL West..the hated Dodgers, Colorado and the Giants with AZ bringin up the ass. It was a mere two weeks ago that AZ was in first..our division might suck ass, but baby..its the tightest division in all of baseball.. the team in last place is only 4 and a half games out of first..which explains why there is a different team in first every two weeks..streaks are such a bitch..unless they are winning streaks of course! The BoSox are in first by 4 games over the Yank$,which does make me quite happy as well. The half-way point in the season is right around the that means its only....a week or two till the All-Star game..that useless exercise where fans vote guys onto their respective League team that have no business being there..its a personality contest..I hate those.Most of the guys that belong on the All Star team won't be on it because the average fan has no clue who they are..but they know who A-rod is..and is dumb ass will be there I am sure even though his batting average is in the fucking toilet..I know this because I have him on a couple of fantasy teams and he's killing me each week. fucker.

On the Barroid Bonds front..his trainer refused to testify today in front of the Grand Jury investigating Bonds for perjury. Greg Anderson, the freakazoid that gave Barroid the steroids, and only did 3 months in the slammer for providing performance-enhancing drugs to Bonds and several other sports figures says he wont talk..the judge said yes you will jackass or your going back in the slammer..I say stick him in the general population with a jar of KY for a couple of days and I bet he talks then. He has already been wiretapped saying he provided Barroid with the goods..and his attorney is whining about it being illegal or some shit..I just want the truth out in the open about Bonds.. The grand jury heard testimony Thursday from Dr. Larry Bowers, medical director of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, the Chronicle reported. Bowers accompanied federal agents on the September 2003 raid on BALCO and is familiar with documents seized in the raid that described athletes' drug use. Barroid won't be breaking Hank Aaron's record this year I don't think..he sucks ass to put it bluntly, and only plays like every other day.

I will leave you with this fine photoshop of disgraced Texas congressman "Hot-tub" Tommy Delay..its kinda gross but I must do my part to discredit this piece of slime.sorry Demi Moore lol for using your body on this have a good friday my dear,sweet reader :)

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Axl popped again, Boston beating the bejeezuz out of Pedro

I have been uploading music to the new laptop from my CD collection..christ what a pain in the ass...but todays news from around the world is far more interesting than my day so here we go...

Axl fucking Rose has been arrested again, this time in Sweden on the European leg of their tour.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- Axl Rose was arrested early Tuesday after allegedly biting a security guard in the leg in a hotel scuffle, police said.The Guns N' Roses frontman was held on suspicion of attacking and threatening the guard and causing damage to the Berns Hotel, said police spokeswoman Towe Hagg.It was unclear what caused the fight, but Swedish tabloids said the guard tried to intervene when the 44-year-old rocker started arguing with a woman in the hotel lobby."He was deemed too intoxicated to be questioned right away," Hagg told The Associated Press. She said a prosecutor will decide whether to press charges.
Axl, Axl, Axl...grow the fuck up dude.

As I type this..the BoSox are on ESPN2 at home playing against the Mets and the pitcher is none other than....

Pedro "the crybaby" Martinez

After 3.5 innings..the Boston's favor is.... 10-1....thats not a typo sportsfans..they are kicking pedro's whiny ass all over the place..ya gotta love it..unless your a mets fan..then my condolences dear heart :P

My beloved lil losers, the Padres won yesterday..I drank an entire bottle of wine in their honor. Tonights game starts wine, but other modes of "enrichment" abound here..I will update both games later..if I can see my laptop by then.

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Sky Captain gets his IFR rating..

I know somewhat of the situation and shit that has prevented my dear Captain from attaining his dream. He is a good man, on occasion a wildman..but aren't we all? He has finally gotten his Instrument Flight Rating!

Please, go check his video he made on his maiden voyage. I guess his wife took the film, and it has great fucking music to go with it. Its kinda long, 8 minutes..but with the music it was uplifting for me..and god knows I need a little of that after what I went through monday..

If you want to spend some time soaring way up there in the sky with good tunes in the background..check my Sky Captain out..heres the link.
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Baby has left the building, she is riding w/Elvis in his convertable now.

So, we will show her in happier times with my son, who loved her as much as I did. I will reprint something I wrote on her for an HNT (half-hekked thursday) post below. I love you Baby, and you can run and play now ol' girl and it doesn't hurt and those damn cats won't fuck w/you now.

Hey, I didn't name her. Actually she's snoring...LOUD. But I love her. She's the sweetest girl around, I swear. She hates loud noises and shakes for hours when a car backfires. She has the biggest brown eyes you have ever seen and you have to just love a dog that smiles..Baby smiles. She gets along with every one and every animal.

Why someone would throw away a dog like Baby just blows my fucking mind. But...I am glad they did..cuz I got her. She was cowering underneath my house around my birthday four years ago. When we found her owners they said we could keep her, which we were gonna do anyway since they were crackheads. They wanted a full pit..Baby is half lab/pitt...they wanted something mean.

Shes old..and I only wish I had known her sooner...shes so sweet, my Baby. She is the lovingest dog I have ever had the pleasure to live with..the time was just too damn short.

Some Funnies..

This one comes from that bitch Michelle Malkin. Everyone on the right is pissed off that the NY Times is publishing our state secrets..I figure if he haven't found Osama by now..telling him how we are looking for him isn't hurting a thing..Does the term Keystone Cops ring a bell?

I have little to write about that isn't political or lets just look at something funny shall we? Here is how I am sure the Shrub sees himself when he looks in the mirror each morning.

And my favorite. A couple of weeks ago the story ran of an orange tabby that treed a bear in NJ...twice he ran it up a friggin tree. I have two I love this one. Its hard to see but at the bottom of the tree is a tabby looking upward at the bear..too cute!

Thats all I got today..have a good monday. Tomorrow Baby goes to the vet and something tells me I will be buying a rather large bottle of Skyy Vodka afterwards.

This is recurring dream I have...

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New species of creatures found at the bottom of the sea

Photo Gallery: Ocean Survey Reveals World of Deep-Sea Creatures

This is a beautiful new species of jellyfish. Its called a "Comb Jelly"..

It's shaped like a heart..btw..mine is breaking. I think my dog is on her last legs, and the vet is not helping by giving me two options..cancer and heart disease. I will find out Tuesday what is what..say a prayer for my Baby...thats her name..Baby.

The Rocket's red glare comes back to the mound.

Roger Clemens pitched for the 'Stro's Thursday night. It was his first game of the year,not counting the tune-up he had this week in triple-A. He only worked 5 innings,giving up 6 hits and two runs in the loss. The Rocket is getting long in the tooth,he's 43..

A pitcher going 5 at 43 years of age? WTF? Ol' Rog can't give it up, he threw 100 pitches, 59 for strikes. He's like an old junk yard dog. Still has the bark, some bite left..but he has to use it wisely. He's still a commanding figure on the pitchers mound, one of the greatest pitchers to ever play the game.

He got a standing-O each time he ended an inning and walked toward the dugout...and deservedly so. It was a home game at Orange Juice Park..aka Minute Maid. even Babs Bush was know..the Shrub's mommy.

The 'Stro's are still in the hunt for a playoff spot. I know, there is half a season left. This is the time of the year that you start watching the leaderboard for each division. Figuring out who's got it made in first, and who's contending for that all-hallowed "wild card" spot. The Cardinals always give the 'Stro's a run for their money in the NL Central and with Albert Pujols..aka the God of Baseball coming back from the DL soon, it doesn't bode well for the Stro's to get first place..that wild card looks inviting though.I always enjoy watching Clemens pitch, he is afterall, a power pitcher.

He's making 12 Million to pitch half a damn, thats lots of cash for half the effort of the rest of the league. Think he's worth it?

If he can pitch up and in..he will be worth every penny to the 'Stro's. And Roger Clemens will have kept father time at bay for one more season.

Thursday, June 22, 2006 | By: Unknown

Evidently this guy doesn't mind tiny testicles and baldness.

ESPN,the Magazine has an article, in the first person, by a former pitcher for the BoSox. His name is Paxton Crawford. He of course refuses to name names..but he does bash the BoSox team and managment. I quote from an article on about the ESPN writeup:

"During minor league spring training with the Red Sox in 1999, some of the other guys saw I was hurting," he said. "They told me that if I took this stuff, it would make the pain go away and cut my recovery time in half. Shoot, why not? I'm just a country boy. I didn't even think twice.

"It seemed like everybody else was doing it, so it wasn't a big deal, right?"

As my Texan mother used to say: If your friends were all jumping off the roof would you do that too? And my personal favorite from mom: If you are felony dumb enough to take something someone gives you without asking what it does to your body, then you must of been switched a birth because your not my kids aren't that stupid. It should be noted that Crawford had a short and uneventful career. He is now out of Baseball, and working on the family farm. He also admits that all the steroids and HGH that he did probably contributed to the end of his career from various injuries. I would hasten a guess that he has a gnarly bald spot as well as teeny testicles..two of the other side effects of steroid use. Tim Wakefield is quoted as saying this about Crawford: "No one forced him to take anything," Wakefield said. "I remember him not being too bright. That's what I remember about him."

Personally, the "not being too bright" part fits right in there with an asshat that will cheat and take performance-inhancing drugs that will destroy your ligaments, give you cancer in some instances and a host of other physical ailments. He had to know the consequences one would think, no matter what his IQ was..after all..their illegal in every single professional and collegiate sport there is.

He got popped under the league's alcohol and drug abuse policy in 2004.

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Mark Cuban..I love you man!

Poor Mark got another fine from the NBA...for mouthing off after game 5 in Miami. Its $250 large.its not small potatotes..

But Mark is used to these type of things..he leads the NBA in fines..he holds the record for 4 out of the 5 top fines in the league I think. He speaks his mind and he loves his team. He lives and breathes it..its not just an investment for Cuban. He's at every game, right there..rooting his team on..taking the flack and being the biggest friggin cheerleader you have ever seen. He doesn't just write the checks..he exercises restraint in signing free-agents, he keeps the payroll within the stratosphere unlike some teams that are sitting at home watching the Finals.

Thats why he rocks...seriously. His team has lost 3 straight games in the finals to Pat Riley's Miami Heat. But as this article at SI says..the Mav's have to move past the three straight losses and play their ass's off tonight. They have some short comings and as anyone that loves round ball knows...Shaq is a fucking big-ass pain to defend and stop.

I love Riles..I have since the Lakers heydey when he was at the helm..I haven't cared for the Lakers since.But I have mixed feelings about who I want to win this year. Its not cut and dried with me.. I love Cuban's passion and I love Rileys history. I would also like to see Shaq's current team do what the Lakers haven't been able to since Kobe became "da man" in place of the Championship.

So, with nothing on the line..I want a great series..that goes all the way to game 7. Lets rock and roll. :)

Cabspotting in San Francisco.

I know this city,but not as well as a current resident. I lived there when I was very young..across the water from Kezar stadium in what was known as Hunter's Point..a military housing "slum" for lack of a better word. I partied there a lot when I was in my teens and living in San Jose..but I digress.

This site is the work of a science museum, a cab company, and a design firm in the Bay Area. A GPS tracking device is embedded on each cab and its tracked throughout its routine day. You can see a cabs complete movements for a five day period for example. Or you can watch a time-lapse project that reveals the circulation of cab speeds throughout the city's arteries in a four-hour period; and the uncommonly beautiful "Intersections," where the cars' trajectories, marked in crosses, glitter and ebb like a fast-forwarded record of the night sky.

Its a cool way to screw off a few hours..just saying :p
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Rick Sutcliffe sticks foot in mouth..on live TV.

Oh man...was Rick Sutcliffe drunk or what? Sutcliffe,the former pitcher rambled on live TV down in Padre Land a couple months ago. Rickie had spent the day golfing and drinking with Bill Murray. Rick and crazy Bill went to the Padres game with a MAJOR buzz..and they let Sutcliffe into the booth...what bonehead thought a drunk former padre announcer would be good to interview during the 7th inning stretch? This isn't a video file..its audio actually. The beginning of the tape is someone reading Sutcliffe's apology for sounding like a drunken boob, then the recording of his "visit" starts.

Rickie waxes poetic about his daughter being accepted into Harvard Medical School, George Clooney addressing congress about Darfur and what a friggin mess it is over there..but the best part was..

When he told Mark Grant that he was wasting away in Padre Land, and how every one including ESPN was after him. Matt Vasgersian attempted to deflect the drunk Sutcliffe onto another subject..didn't work..

A Shameless plug for a damn good local writer.

I know a few..very few sadly,locals read my blog. I know one blogger from Fresno proper does..I see you guys in my stats..don't lie..speaking of lies..

Marcel Nunis an excellent local writer and performer will be doing his one-man play "Lies my father told me" this coming Thursday @ 8pm. The location is a brewery which makes the trip even that MORE eventful..have some good beer whilst watching Marcel and another Fresno talent, Blake Jones perform their shows from the Internationally acclaimed "Rogue Festival". The website with more information can be found here. I am going to try to make it, depending on how I feel (its a two hour drive for moi) so if anyone is going to be there..drop me a comment and we can toast Marcel and Blake!
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To my Father..

Hey dad..I will give you a call later but just wanted to think back to my life as a child under your tutelage..

I learned how to drink good liquor..and not to use alot of bullshit to spruce it up..If your gonna use good stuff, don't muck it up.

I learned how to play the ponies at the track..its not easy to handicap those large four legged mammals..but our trips to the track under the guise of going to a movie or a swapmeet were some of the best times as a young child. I remember your face when I picked that huge longshot to win on a muddy track. You asked why in the blue hell was I picking that response..he's got big feet, he will run the best on that muddy you put a couple of bucks on it for me..and the sucker WON! never gave me my winnings you dick.

I learned the fine art of story-telling. And we aren't talking the boring kind of stories that make the listeners eyes glaze over. I learned that in order to keep someone's attention you need to spice it up a bit..and then when you have them sucked in hook, line and really throw in the bullshit with a straight face and see if they buy it..usually they do.Once they are smirk..and they know they were taken for a ride..and they sometimes laugh and admit you sucked them in..or threaten to knock you on your ass for lying to them.

I learned to appreciate baseball and all sports. I learned how to cuss at the tv when my team is getting their ass beat..and the best to pull out a handgun and shoot the tv..whereby the bullet passes through the tv, the wall behind it and barely misses the gas line to the stove in the kitchen. DAMN those RAMS and Roman Gabriel anyway!

I learned the fine art of coming home drunk and waking the entire house when you bounce off the walls all the way down the hall to the bedroom. Then, 20 minutes later your "praying to the porcelain god" off and on for the next hour...and yet your bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 7 friggin AM the next morning. Its called still being drunk.

I learned the art of debating from you dad..and when your 17 year old kid is making you look like a fool you call her a fucking little commie and tell her to pack her bags and get the fuck out...NOW. Its the best way I know to end a discussion dad..

I learned how to hunt my own game..I learned a most valuable lesson as you watched me put the rifle too close to my face and got a gigantic black eye from the recoil..then you laughed like hell and said.."bet you never do THAT again".No, I never did it quite like that was a pain in the ass explaining for two weeks how I got that black eye.

I learned how dress out my game by hanging it in the garage and then having the house infested with fleas from the carcass. Nothing says loving like huge,nasty wild fleas..biting you incessantly until Mom called the damn exterminator. But I still love the flavor of venison, I just start scratching like crazy when I see deer skin.All those deer brains I took to class made the teacher happy as a clam and helped me pass biology in highschool..thanks Dad.

I also learned that you and I share something special..we are both severely allergic to poison ivy and tramping through miles of brush will usually mean theres some of that friggin stuff somewhere and we will always find it..and have to go to the doctor for shots and major medical treatment..and miss a week of work when the breakout covers our entire body.

I learned that your sick sense of humor serves a purpose...I am really not sure what that purpose is..but I know there is one...either that or your one sick sumbitch...but I love your humor..when its not addressed at me. I learned that a genuine New Delhi elephant horn blown five inches from your ear at 7am on a Sunday morning will get a person out of bed faster than mom yelling to "get up" from the doorway every five minutes.

So, even though you weren't around alot, and when you were, you behaved rather badly sometimes and would most certainly of failed a field sobriety test 9 times out of 10..I still love you Dad.

I have NEVER been this drunk..I swear to God.

Thanks to Two Can Anne for finding this video on YouTube..god bless her..There is no actual upchucking..but it is funny as hell..and yes, I think she might be a rookie else can you explain what happens in this video :p

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For Kurt..

Baseball is the ONLY thing I am conservative about. I think the old way is the only's an institution for gods sake. The whole idea of interleague play disgusts no friggin end.

And one might wonder how a woman that embraces the left side of the dial on everything else in the world could possibly go right on this..

Let me explain it to you have a minute?

Its a grand old sport..that I grew up on..its one of the only things in life that gave me joy as a child. It made me stand above the crowd, I loved the stats, the knowledge being emparted unto moi. I loved being able to recite the current stats of any top player named. I never learned to read a fastball or a curve ball..but I retained the daily stats of players that were at the top of their game that year.I loved watching a great double play...or the soft,,gentle sail over the fence of a ball in the evening atmosphere..its always better at night you know..the homers.

I remember watching a single A team in San Jose, CA..trying to fetch a foul ball in the outfield stands..I remember.
And thats fucking why I hate interleague play..does it make sense..hell no..but it doesn't have's my blog dammit.

The Day at the Doc's..part deux

Its part Deux because its my second orthopedic surgeon in two months. The first one screwed up, and refused to fix it by appealing the insurance companies decision to deny his request for more physical therapy and any other type of treatment. He didn't follow the rules and then proceeded to tell me he "never files an appeal, its not his problem". No shit..the sumbitch's assistant told me that exactly.Oh..he also doesn't talk to Review boards for insurance companies...WOTTA DICK!

The new doc is awesome..he literally spent over two and a half hours with me. He had 8 different X-ray views of my back,pelvis and hips taken. He made me move in ways I didn't think were possible. He asked me literally over 75 questions about how I feel, how I sleep, what I can and can't do that is part of a normal was a trip.

He has prescribed 7 different medications, a TENS device, home exercise equipment, an MRI, more physical therapy and thats all I can remember at this point.

The old doc gave me one prescription, some PT and told me to call him when I felt I could go back to work.WOTTA DICK!

In other newsy things..the Padres took 2 of 3 from those bastards known as the Dodgers :p

Baseball starts the bullshit known as Interleague Play.. I HATE that shit...seriously. Its flys in the face of traditional baseball...and its FOR THE MONEY,its a marketing fucking tool sportsfans..they draw bigger crowds during this ridiculous time of the season. The AL and NL should never meet unless its in the World Series..thats the way its been and should stay..period.
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Hurricane season is here..don't let this happen again. Call your reps and tell the bastards to support the PETS act.

The U.S. Senate is considering the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards (PETS) Act, which would require that pets and service animals are included in disaster evacuation plans.

Please help us get this law passed today. Send one of our moving eCards to your friends and family and urge them to take action. Each card tells the touching story of a pet rescued by The Humane Society of the United States after Hurricane Katrina. At the very least, email or call your Senator or Representative and tell them to support the PETS act. I know this isn't a feel good pic..and I am sorry but I will not get off this soapbox anytime soon. The smallest,most helpless victims of disasters need our protection, the government will not do it without our pressure. CLICKING ON THE PIC WILL TAKE YOU TO THE HUMANE SOCIETY'S WEBSITE FOR THE PETS ACT. It will explain the bill and what is in it, plus for those lazy folks, it has a form that will automatically be sent to your Senator after you fill it out.

From our WTF? dept today..

Cops..they don't have to be the smartest guy on the block..but it helps. Some dickwad left a 9mil submachine gun in his unmarked patrol car..and...yes, was stolen.. Some asshat in Detroit is running around with a submachine gun courtesy of the stupidest cop in the lower 48 states..perhaps the dumbest in the U.S..the linkage to the story is here.
Then, we have this story. Its about that lovely PI named Anthony Pellicano..spy to the stars. He is in prison right down the road from Taft,CA. He is one rough and tough mutha ol' Anthony. He swears he won't be giving up his clients or the attorneys he has illegally spied for. If you thought our government was the only group doing illegal spying, think again sportsfans.. Pellicano specialized in spying on stars for stars...none of it was legally obtained. Money talks..or in this will keep your secrets.
Wednesday, June 14, 2006 | By: Unknown

So..37 Windows Updates later...

Not to mentiion the 17 critical updates for the Norton Anti-virus program. I only did those because I get it gratis for 60 days.

And this thing came loaded with XP SP2 for the love of god.Windows has issues..yes? Not to mention..again..all the bells and whistles that you need to download with Firefox. I mean, they have them, might as well use them right? Then there is my favorite 3-D aquarium screensaver,its so real the cats go nuts. Then there is ITunes and music cd's to upload into ITunes..also, locating all the buttons and gadgets on this thing required reading the manual..god, I hate reading manuals. I still have to backup the system..HP is weird like that..they don't give you the recovery discs.with the drivers and things..bastards.

I still can't find my CD of Microsoft Office..this sucks big time. Thats a huge download in itself.

My back is killing me, I see my new orthopeodic doc friday,we get to start all over since the first asshat blew it. I haven't been able to utilize the physical therapy option,thanks to asshat doc numero uno, and I am blaming the current pain on that.

The Padres have taken the first two games against those hated Dodgers. That makes five straight,which I like to remind the ball n' chain every chance I got tonight. We actually watched the game in the same room, his team vs. my team. He did tell me to stfu twice towards the end of the game when I was silently dancing in my seat. The Padres are now one game out of first...again. I won't be counting my chickens before they win..believe me. But, I do so love beating the fucking Dodgers :)

OOHHHHH Ben fucked up dude. I mean, come on..the wind in your hair out in the country is nice dude..but in the city...a brain bucket is smart. In an Auto vs. motorcycle showdown..the auto ALWAYS wins. All those pesky, painful head injuries and missing teeth could of been avoided with the wearing of the helmet. I guess if you had gotten your motorcycle license you might of went through that part of the course..all that money and you still are a few brain cells shy of a full gourd. Sucks to be you dude.

The laptop has arrived!

Praise Jesus and pass me some software to install..god, I have been downloading shit for literally hours..I am tired. I think I have Firefox set up now..all 853 extensions and 25 themes..I can't find my friggin Microsoft Office CD dammit..I wonder if I sailed it last time the worthless Toshiba laptop from hell blew up? This 17-inch screen is great :) I have to get the extra memory stick installed tomorrow. Did I tell you I love this new laptop? It has a fullsized keyboard with the number pad.Nice speakers too.

later..back to the software installs..
Tuesday, June 13, 2006 | By: Unknown

Orange Tabby trees black bear..twice even!

There is a picture of this event that accompanys the article..its so damn cute! A fucking orange tabby cat has a huge black bear treed. It made my day, I shat you not.

I am sitting here..oh so friggin patiently...waiting for my new laptop. I have a baseball bat against the wall behind me. I promised the ball and chain that I wouldn't use it on this PC that I am currently posting on.
I lied.
If I have to attempt one more download, one more large busy page-loading nightmare..I am gonna bust loose on this PC.
Go check the pic of the cat and the me hope that the lil guy can win ya know?
Monday, June 12, 2006 | By: Unknown

Blues Master Howlin' of..Part 1

I love the blues. I love Howlin' Wolf aka Chester Burnett. He was born June 10, 1910. He left this world on January 10, 1976. I thank my lucky stars there are still video clips of this master around. There are a host of them that reside over on Its a TON of fantastic blues Master's for you to enjoy. The individual that is posting this blues series on YouTube is named jledbetter...does the name ledbetter ring a bell? it should..He has lots and lots of great blues artists videos posted ..go enjoy them whilst they last. The link to their location on YouTube is:
Sunday, June 11, 2006 | By: Unknown

Jason Grimsley,HGH and canaries...

Jason was singing like a bird when he stopped short of wearing a wire for the Feds. The feds then said all bets were off and proceeded to trash his life,house and career. He is a cheater who was going to rat out other cheaters.

I have mixed feelings on this whole subject. My first knee-jerk reaction was that Grimsley was a step above bat-shit and deserved what he got. The Dbacks released him and said they weren't going to pay him. This of course will be challenged by the Players Union. Donny Fehr and the MLB players union is probably the strongest union in the U.S. if not the world. I mean, how else do you explain getting fired from your job AND getting a full years pay for it? Grimsley will get paid..its in their contracts, courtesy of Fehr and his negotiating skills.

The managing general partner for the Dbacks, Ken Kendrick saidthis about Grimsley: "I'm just not in favor of rewarding somebody for the bad acts that they've committed, and this guy's had a career of cheating," Kendrick said. "He's a representative of the culture of cheating, and it's just not something that we're going to support at all." Excuse me Ken, that is a noble position and one vastly different than the one held by most owners and managers several years ago. The MLB has turned the other cheek when it suited their agenda in the past. The Padres no less, Kevin Towers has been quoted as basically admitting he and others knew of Ken Caminiti's steroid use during the Padres last great Championship run. Cammy also won the MVP that year. Leyritz was also on that Padre team. Cammy admitted his 'roid use shortly before he died from ...drug use.

Funny what a congressional inquiry and the Balco debacle will do to change an outlook. So, don't get all holy roller on me Kendrick. Your gonna pay the boy and you know shut the fuck up and write the check. Don't act all butt hurt about a cheater on your team. Sportsline has a writeup here about the Dbacks posturing and bitching. Its the dirty little secret everyone ignores until someone slips up and it gets public. Spare me Kendrick and the Dbacks organization,your outrage and indignation. The Dbacks have had their share of 'roid users, I could name some names but I wont.

The primary drug being discussed because of Grimsley's outing is HGH-Human Growth Hormone. Its not the same as anabolic steroids technically. Jim Leyritz, fomerly of the Yank$,Mets, Padres and a second-rate player by most standards has come out to say he used HGH to recover from a surgury faster. Most of the players being popped in the minor leagues the last two years are pitchers who use these drugs for the same reason that Leyritz did, not to hit the ball better (article on Leyritz can be read here). Grimsley,a pitcher, has admitted using steroids up until the League started testing for them. He then switched to HGH for which a definative test doesn't really exist yet.

The other drug is speed..good ol speed. The players called them "greenies",which only makes me think of a specific type of discharge from my nasal passages. We called speed by different names,that wasn't one of them, when I was young and dumb and trying anything I could get my hands on. Speed use by players was most likely more widespread than steroids or HGH.

Are they going to go on a witch-hunt for the speed users? I hope not. We got enough drama in baseball right now with Barroid Bonds and Jason Grimsley. The rumors are flying about the "Five Names" blacked out on the affidavit that is posted on the SmokingGun site. Grimsley played with 7 different teams, the biggest was the Yank$. The Record,out of Bergen County NJ has an article up where they toss out some names they think it could be and why. I love speculation in politics..but not my baseball. I want evidence and facts, I don't want to believe any baseball player is dirty and cheating. I must say that doing a little speed on gameday, although dumb, is not something I give a shit about. HGH and steroids, that is another matter indeed. And I don't give a rats ass if its pitchers like Grimsley or power-hitters like Bonds, they are cheating and they need to be taken out of the game and run out of town on a rail. Grimsley was willing to sell his soul and sell-out his team mates to save his ass..up to a point. I find it odd he had principles when they asked him to wear a wire...he didn't prior to that moment.
Saturday, June 10, 2006 | By: Unknown

Blogging journalism at its best folks!

I have recently discovered Two Can Anne. She's a baseball fan, and the Red Sox to boot. I lived in the Fens(Fenway park area for the uninformed) for five years and heard the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd many times. I loved it.

This means I hate the Yank$. Its not up for discussion, its a fact jack. This brings me to one of Anne's breaking sports reports on the Yank$. She gives us the or lack thereof, on some of Steinbrenners boyz in pinstripes. On shall we call it..packaging.

Anne has unimpeachable sources, unlike the Decider-in-chief. Her sources are also protected under one or more of those pesky constitutional amendment thingys...just a small taste of Anne's report is as follows: "Gary Sheffield: Steps on his dong if it's not strapped in correctly. I say, who cares-he's a trash-talking jerk, and a big dink isn't going to make him more attractive to me."
Friday, June 09, 2006 | By: Unknown

Cops raid "Animal House" fraternity

The Travesty!!!! IS NOTHING SACRED? I mean really now..that lovely frat house at Dartmouth College was torn asunder today by the local law enforcement types. They have been investigating the Alpha Delta fraternity for over two years it seems..although johnny law wouldn't say what they were looking for. One poor sod was popped for drugs whilst the cops were hauling off 10 boxes of stuff, a computer, video camera and various other items from the infamous fraternity house portrayed in the 1978 National Lampoon movie "Animal House" starring John Belushi. The linkage to the article is here. Bear in mind the college graduation is Sunday..nice timing johnny law. I mention this not only because its a slow news day for moi but possibly the religious right are once again are being total dickheads..I mean come on..what frat or sorority doesn't drink,smoke and party alot? Ok...there are some that are fine upstanding citizens of the community..then we have the party each his own as long as no one gets else to some folks learn about keggers and hookahs?
Thursday, June 08, 2006 | By: Unknown

The newest medication on the market..I will take a 30-day supply please.

After today, I need a double dose of this stuff. seriously. And if anyone owns a silencer that will fit my Glock, I will pay for you to ship it to me..I need to take out my Doctor...or should I say my former Doctor.

In good news..since tomorrow is Tom DeLay's last day in Congress there is a very nice site that has a Gift Registry up for him here. Send Tommy-boy a gift that shows how much you

A Can of Raid. Perhaps his next job will be his old one -- exterminator!
Unused Frequent Flyer Miles. Lobbyists and corporate donors don't have any more reasons to fly him around the world.
Glass of Dirty Water and Jar of Dirty Air. DeLay led fights to damage the environment to help out his polluting donors. Let's return the favor!
Enron Stock. Known as the Congressman from Enron, DeLay never donated contributions from Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling to charity.
Golden Handcuffs. He must already have the matching golden cufflinks.
$90,000 From William Jefferson's Freezer. Isn't that what he always wanted? Cold hard cash?
Wednesday, June 07, 2006 | By: Unknown

WTF is up bloggers ass, The weekend,the laptop and steroids..

I know..your wondering my dear reader what steroids could possibly have to do with my post..

Nothing..but its baseballs newest drama. And, no post is complete without a little baseball..but lets get to the weekend first.

I went to San Diego,precisely Ocean Beach, CA and the beach inland shit for moi dear reader... Many rounds of alcohol were drank. Friends were seen,hugged,laughed with and even a family member welcomed me into their home,unlike my more recent post on the subject... My little sister with the broken jaw was her sweet,wonderful self...unlike the tart I talked about last week who's name will not pass my lips or fingertips. I got to hook up with a blogger bud who was in Tijuana to help build homes for the poor in that part of the world. Her blogger name is Daisy Duke,and yes she has a fine ass, gorgeous looks,long blonde locks and a beautiful dispostion to boot. Our trip to deliver her to the airport was made interesting by the annual Rock-N-Roll Marathon being held between us and the car rental dropoff point. I already told you about the friggin seatbelt ticket..lets not digress ok?

The laptop from hell is but a memory..PRAISE JESUS and pass me a brand new HP with an AMD Turion 64 processor,2Gigs of memory,17" screen,80 gigs of hard-drive and a host of other nice things.Its on order and should arrive at my house by next Tuesday. The store manager at Best Buy junked it out even though the asshats at the repair shop had the nads to fix it for the fifth time.

Now, about the steroids...its..gasp..a pitcher. A DiamondBack pitcher, Jason Grimsley has left the team after the FBI tore up his house,locker and god knows what else looking for evidence in a steroid investigation. Grimsley is a journeyman pitcher..lots of teams, not a real threat of a pitcher really...which probably explains why he used the roids. Honestly, more pitchers have been busted for steroids than big-time hitters..they use it to bounce back quicker after consecutive nights pitching it seems. Jason must not mind teeny-weeny nads and being bald..he also sung like a fucking someone's going down in this mess..a few's dirty little secret is seeing the light of day...and its not the Barroid Bonds type of player that does this drug and deals it sportsfans..
Tuesday, June 06, 2006 | By: Unknown

The family that deals together..gets busted together.

And by family..I mean the whole family..good god,even the in-laws were working it...seriously!

The George Gutierrez family finally got popped for all that high-living and drug dealing..poor pater-familias Georgie got a little over 24 years behind bars. The linkage is here.

In other news, my life sucks moose balls..I got a sick kitten, I got a ticket for not wearing a friggin seatbelt eventhough I wear the damn thing religiously. I took it off because I was choking to death whilst crossing six lanes of traffic to get to the side of the road for fear I would lose consciousnous and take out all those nasty LA drivers on Sunday afternoon. I forgot that I had friggin jury duty yesterday,so I had to call and give em a song and its postponed for two weeks. My doctor WILL be signing a "get out of jury duty" card for me Thursday,you can bet your sweet ass on that one. My poor little sister Laurie had her TOP jaw broken by her dentist..while removing a tooth no less..these things happen they say..I say where's the baseball bat you fucktard.

Speaking of do you like the picture?
Monday, June 05, 2006 | By: Unknown

Esquire:Drinking Database

According to Esquire Magazine, there are many Rules a person should know about consuming alcohol. Just a few that amused me:

4)Never order a frozen drink in a place that serves pickeled eggs.

7)For the sake of the children,leave the pistol at home.

13)At the holiday office party, consume one drink less than your boss.

18)Instead of ordering a shot of "After Shock" to cap off the evening, one could calmly walk out into the street,lie down and wait.

28)No one cares but the bouncer how tough you are, and he already knows your not that tough.

40)Even if you have ascertained the Bartenders name, behaving overtly familiar with him will be seen as a pathetic gambit for free drinks, or worse, proof that you have no body to go to for affection other than a random service-industry professional who in fact, does not know you and just wants your money.

43)Once you have fallen off the barstool, there is nothing you can say that will change the bartender 's mind that its time for you to leave.
Friday, June 02, 2006 | By: Unknown

Oh you poor sumbitch, your fucked now..

The 71-year old writer of that great ol ballad "Lucille" has been popped. I ain't talking a couple of joints here, I am saying 'shrooms and growing cannabis isn't popular with the Country Music set in Nashville. The breaking news story,which can be viewed here, states Mr. Hal Bynum and his lovely 48 year old wife Jan, were in possession of the following:

256 pot plants, 7.5 pounds of harvested marijuana, 14 grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms, growing lamps and other drug paraphernalia including scales, rolling papers, and tanks of CO-2.

Something tells me his wife took more of an active part in the cultivation and harvesting of the cannabis than Hal did..I'm just saying...she could get his ass off the hook here. Prison isn't a nice way to spend your golden years to a 71 year old man.