Tuesday, June 13, 2006 | By: Unknown

Orange Tabby trees black bear..twice even!

There is a picture of this event that accompanys the article..its so damn cute! A fucking orange tabby cat has a huge black bear treed. It made my day, I shat you not.

I am sitting here..oh so friggin patiently...waiting for my new laptop. I have a baseball bat against the wall behind me. I promised the ball and chain that I wouldn't use it on this PC that I am currently posting on.
I lied.
If I have to attempt one more download, one more large busy page-loading nightmare..I am gonna bust loose on this PC.
Go check the pic of the cat and the writeup...gives me hope that the lil guy can win ya know?

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Peter Matthes said...

It is a great picture.

Jack reminds me of a cat I had when I was ten years old.

Unknown said...

I have 8 cats, of which 7 were feral rescues..and two are orange tabbys. They are the most ballsy of the herd.

Kurt said...

good that you can look at it as a triumph for the little guy.
i think there are those with offices in washington that will use it as inspiration that a small, intense, loud minority can hijack a free society and keep them at bay as long as they hiss and look mean.
both the bear and the populace need to come down from the trees and eat the little fuckers....

p.s. cool to hear about the laptop