Monday, June 19, 2006 | By: Unknown

Rick Sutcliffe sticks foot in mouth..on live TV.

Oh man...was Rick Sutcliffe drunk or what? Sutcliffe,the former pitcher rambled on live TV down in Padre Land a couple months ago. Rickie had spent the day golfing and drinking with Bill Murray. Rick and crazy Bill went to the Padres game with a MAJOR buzz..and they let Sutcliffe into the booth...what bonehead thought a drunk former padre announcer would be good to interview during the 7th inning stretch? This isn't a video file..its audio actually. The beginning of the tape is someone reading Sutcliffe's apology for sounding like a drunken boob, then the recording of his "visit" starts.

Rickie waxes poetic about his daughter being accepted into Harvard Medical School, George Clooney addressing congress about Darfur and what a friggin mess it is over there..but the best part was..

When he told Mark Grant that he was wasting away in Padre Land, and how every one including ESPN was after him. Matt Vasgersian attempted to deflect the drunk Sutcliffe onto another subject..didn't work..

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UnHoly Diver said...

I heard that clip about a month or so ago, and it just reiterates what I've been saying for years; Sutcliffe is an idiot.

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Unknown said...

Sutcliffe isnt an idiot..he drinks alot. I think they should of had the intellgence to keep him off the was obvious he was lit up like a 4th of july firework.