Wednesday, March 30, 2005 | By: Unknown

I would make a deal with the devil to get them back..

I commented on another blog earlier..and it made me remember one of my favorite times in my life..when I quit my high paying job and took a job waitressing at a sports bar. It was the best of times for me. I love sports like nothing else and i love the laughter of good friends so working in a sports bar seemed like the best of all worlds..and it was! I was somewhat of a "know it all" when it came to baseball, and I would be slaving away, slinging god knows what meal when..someone would yell from the bar area.."dusty, who's leading in homers in the AL right now?" or some such stupid nonsense..I took pride in giving the correct answer and settling some little score between friends.

When i got off work around 10pm, all i had to do was pull up a stool and sit with my friends..god i loved that job. I didnt have to be to work till 6pm the next night, so i of course closed the bar most nights i worked. I had either friday or saturday night off, which i would the bar..on sundays i worked a double shift..started for breakfast and didn't get off until 4pm..when i would once again..pull up a bar stool and watch what ever was in or football..with my friends..

I would still be working that lowly job..if the owner hadn't sold the damn place to someone that turned it into a sushi bar!! now i like sushi..but jesus..what sacrilege! I ended up going back to a real job..the 9 to 5 kinda know..the kind of job that stresses you out, shortens your life, and sometimes turns people into alcoholics..i miss that simple life..i miss having a job you left at work, a job where the only stress was when someone was pissed about their food order or their drink.I miss the comraderie.. we even opened the bar on thanksgiving and christmas so the friends without families had somewhere to go for the holidays..everyone making part of the holiday meal, the owner charging only cost for the booze drank that day. Funny thing is..MY family lived in town, but i spent it at the bar with my friends. That was an idylic two years..I would trade my soul to get them back..but we can never go back..we can only remember and cherish those i am doing tonight..they make me smile those days..god how i miss them..but at least I HAD THEM..some people never have a job they love..ever.
Tuesday, March 29, 2005 | By: Unknown

Working like a dog..just not pissing on the furniture like one..

I have been way too busy to write lately, but I will try and push out a few thoughts..its late and the ball and chain is snoring his ass off..the dogs and cats are fighting for position on the bed and I am somehow odd man screw it..lets jot down a few things..

My yuppie sister from hell called today..she only calls when she wants something mind you..She is going to Texas to see her daughter graduate from Sam Houston St. next month and she needs a dogsitter for the two yorkies from hell..actually one is a bonafide psycho,the other is quite a sweet dog. Since I have a soft spot for animals and insipid men I said I would drive the three hours down and take care of the dogs for a nice three day weekend. All the Grey Goose I can drink and close proximity to the ocean are nice perks. I can take in a Padre game too...wait..the padres have doubled their ticket prices since moving to PetFood Park, I mean Petco..even nosebleed seats cost an arm and a fucking leg..and to think I used to sit on the third base line for a mere 35 bucks..the same seat now goes for 60..nice..I might end up catching a buzz and watching them on TV..back to the dogs..the psycho is of course male, albeit nuetered. His idea of fun is pissing on anything that doesnt move. It amazes me that the yuppie sista keeps the inbred bastard, her with the half million dollar condo and furnishings that cost a bloody fortune....did I mention she makes us sit on we dont get body oils on the furniture? yes folks..its true..and we take our shoes off when we enter so we dont mar that lovely white carpet..who in the fuck gets white carpet w/dogs and kids? Course I wont remove my shoes that weekend, nor will I put a friggin towel on the couch before I sit my ass on it..did I say sit? Hell, i am gonna lounge all over the damn thing..the ball and chain is making noises like he wants to go..NO FUCKING WAY JOSE! can you read my lips jackass? You are NOT going..its my down time, I wont have to cook for you, I will not have to fight you for the remote, I will not have to fight the dogs and cats for a spot on MY bed..its a nice little vacation for mamacita..I usually line up a few jobs while I am down there..not this time folks!! its gonna be all play for moi...I cant wait to watch the sunset in Ocean Beach..see a few old friends at the local watering hole hopefully and wonder why I ever left..

Baseball starts sunday..Boston and the Yank$..the waiting is driving me nuts..I am like a junkie that needs his fix..eyes buggin out of my head, palms sweating, chewing a hole in the side of my mouth..COME ON...LETS PLAY BALL...
Saturday, March 26, 2005 | By: Unknown

Its that time of year..

When masochists like myself look forward to...FANTASY baseball season. Now, I used to love baseball just for itself..but now..its FANTASY season as well..I have twice as many reasons to watch every game televised and pour over the stats for pitchers and batters. The ball and chain doesn't appreciate this part of my persona, he plays along to a certain extent, he has two teams to my twelve..or is it wait..ITS FUCKING 14 TEAMS!!!!

Jesus christ, what in the blue hell was I thinking..I have been known to have 12 teams max in any given fantasy season..and usually I was commishing at least half of them..but 14? I am a sick bitch..plain and simple.

This year, I deceided to only commish one team..its alot of work and frankly i hate putting up w/peoples pissing and moaning. I want to tell them all to fuck off by mid season. shut up and play for gods sake ya fucking whiner. Anyways..just one league I am running..i was trying to cut down..then..the PAY leagues started up..and one friend pays for the whole league so..YOU can not turn down a pay league that SOMEONE else pays for..its downright unsportsmanlike to do i get all those neato nifty stat tracker thingys for gratis..i have never had them for a whole season..maybe my odds will increase..lord knows I have to win at least ONE friggin league with this many going....well, i better anyways..whats funny is that i am playing against mostly the same folks in all the leagues, with the exception of the couple of yahoo public leagues...those folks usually suck..back to my friends..the only difference in the leagues is the type (roto vs head to head) and the stats that are used...but basically its the same group of nimrods I play with every year..god love em..they keep me

I have to lobby each and every commissioner to use the "Holds" stat..i firmly believe that MLB is fucking up by not keeping track of this stat...i mean..the poor middle relievers have no stat of their own..its unamerican i say..anyways..i usually get my way and the stat is included..a couple guys dont just to piss me off..or because they dont use stats the MLB doesnt yet count...its my pet peeve(amoungst millions of pet peeves).

As the season will start any day now...(PRAISE JESUS!)...i am coming to the realization that i have a shitload of teams to take care of AGAIN. How do i get roped into so many teams..i know..i just cant say no to someone about baseball. i live for baseball..well that and music , the occasional well made cocktail and last but certainly not least....taking a great shot with my camera...i forgot what i was talking about..oh fantasy leagues..once again..i over did it with the teams..its gonna be a long season..sigh..
Thursday, March 24, 2005 | By: Unknown

The 3 Stooges. Posted by Hello

Tweedle dum and tweedle dee perhaps? Posted by Hello

Would you buy a used car from this man? Posted by Hello

Pittsburgh World Series Trophy being auctioned off.

this of course is tantamount to treason..a world series trophy should not go to the highest bidder..its sacralidge..or however the hell you spell it.. its 3 am give me a break ok? anyways..its like taking it to a pawn makes my blood pressure skyrocket just the mere mention of such an act...course my blood pressure goes up at the drop of a hat these days anway..i have a low tolerance for many things..its pathetic really..shit..where was i? o yeah..the pirates world series trophy..someone from MLB better get their ass on the phone and get this sucker back..for once buddy the right thing! you fucked up majorly on the roids issue dipshit..dont let this opportunity for ever so slight redemption get away you friggin moron.

OH SWEET barry bonds friggin nuts?

The man has the nads..albeit small ones(due to his steriod use) actually say to a reporter..its HIS fault barrys life currently sucks pond scum...Laughing my ever loving ass off on this one buddy!!! Barry bonds..the guy that tried to get his child support payments lowered during the first baseball strike on the grounds his income was currently non-existant by no fault of his own..Yes folks..THAT barry bonds..will this nimrod mutha fucka ever take responsibility for his actions and the results of those actions? If he hadn't been so damn friendly with the boys over at BALCO, he wouldn't have most of the problems he currently has going on in his life..oh yeah..and the girlfriend saying he took roids..guess ya didnt pay her off barry..seeing as how your a flagrant "tightass" money wise..i can totally understand...Course..i dont know if i believe the girl anyway..unless she saw his brown ass moon over the baybridge with a needle in it, i tend to dismiss her bullshit remarks..anyways..i digress..back to barry blaming the press for his miserable existance..o..and making his kid cry ..jeez..give me a break.what kind of kid are you raising there barry? a pansy? hes crying over what? that you fucked around or cheating your ever loving ass off getting the homerun record? I dont see as how any of its worth crying about..unless someone is kicking his ass around the playground at school over thats worth crying would be an absolute BITCH to go to school every day and some big fat kid whos dad drinks a 12 pack every nite whilst watching baseball, kicks your ass just so he can go home and tell his daddy he kicked barry bond's kids' ass for him..thats the kinda shit worth crying about..course if it was me, I would tell the kid to do one of two things..sign up for a self defense class..or make friends with some big bozos of your own so THEY can protect your ass...paying them off is a good idea..but since barry IS a tightass financially, the kid probably gets shit for an allowance..

I fail to see how bonds can blame the press for his problems..they just report the news they dont make it..if it was lies he could sue their asses off..we arent talking about some scumbag "national enquirer" type mag..we are talking major newspapers..that put their reputation on the line every time they publish..i really dont see as how their reporting could be blamed for bonds problems..i think his candy ass caused his own problems..he is now going to lay low for a year or so in hopes that like robert blake..peoples minds will somehow forget or gloss over what he has done and how he did it. I mean..really..blake just drug his shit out for years..people got numb to the trial and the cold blooded murder of his wife...barry is hoping for the same acquittal of all charges..what charges you ask? thats hes got the iq of a dandelion for taking roids and also pissing off a former girlfriend. you never piss off a former girlfriend..not one that can screw you blue brother..thats what my daddy used to call "Felony Dumb". btw..daddy was a correctional officer for the Feds..not that it matters..just explains the saying i guess..

barry is alot like my "ball and chain"...he blames everyone but himself for his misfortunes..dont ya just love guys like that?

Sunday, March 20, 2005 | By: Unknown

The Infamous Baseball Hearings..

Let me preface this by saying I WATCHED ALL 11 HOURS OF THIS SHIT.

Congress needs to either shit or get off the pot on the roids issue. Stop wasting our money on dog and pony shows. The press has kept this in the forefront for the last few years and I commend them for that. We are all very familiar with roids and cheating now as a result. Congress needs to give baseball a deadline to improve its testing policy and if that fails, inact a policy for them. ITs not rocket science. The anti-trust exemption makes baseball a target for this kind of legislation and thats too bad because i hate gov't being involved in private business matters. I would rather find Osama then sweat whether big mac got a shot in the ass in the A's shitter by canseco or if barry and jason played footsie w/the guys at balco. Thats all water under the bridge, time to concentrate on the present and future of the sport i love.

The whole friggin fiasco called the "Hearings" did nothing to further the cause of stronger testing. The senators did make selig and the boys look like major morons, which is a step in the right direction..PUBLIC HUMILATION of a bunch of rich guys always makes for great entertainment in my book. Bud Selig telling us over and over again about being in baseball for "40 years" does NOT improve my opinion of him or his tenure in office. Big Mac looking like he was either gonna puke or cry did not impress me one iota. Neither did he feeble attempt to take the fifth whenever he was asked a legitimate question. Canseco is a NON-ISSUE..the man is a complete idiot, he's been busted for more stupid shit than anyone I can think of at the moment. Schillling towing the company line showed he will have a great future in politics. Palmiero sounded like he was there to promote his own personal agenda by saying over and over he never did roids..The DONALD(Fehr) refusing to give anyone a straight answer which is what he's paid to do by the Players Association. The only one that was interesting was Sandy Alderson, and his give and take with several of the only intelligent sounding senators on the panel.
Saturday, March 19, 2005 | By: Unknown can be so time consuming..

it takes a remarkable amount of time to get thru the day..and at the end ...there is still so much shit to do for gods sake..i mean really..if you have planned your day i usually try to do..and you get maybe half of it accomplished...was your day a failure? is this question similar to the glass half empty vs. half full bullshit? it drives me up a friggin wall if i plan my work schedule for the day and then find there is no way in hell to accomplish it since the ball and chain throws his fat ass into the equation and totally screws me i shouldnt blame the ball and chain.afterall, its not his fault hes a dipshit extrodinaire..some men just are i guess..i had no idea he was a dipshit when i moved in with him and frankly, by the time i figured it out..i had left my job and my place in san it was too late to do anything about his dipshittyness..i had to learn to live with it or start over again..where was i?...oh yeah..getting everything done in a day..its impossible for me...i try very hard to stick to my schedule but its question is...should i freak out and stress over it..or just say screw it and learn to deal with the harsh reality that i will NEVER make a schedule that i will stick to. i am very lucky..i do NOT actually have to complete everything i set out to do..i have a job that gives me the freedom to do it when i feel like it..which is usually in the middle of the night when my nocturnal being kicks in..shit..i should be working now..not blogging for christs sake..lata folks :