Thursday, August 31, 2006 | By: Unknown

Breaking News: Wells is a Padre again.

For the love of god..when will this guy retire his fat ass? I mean really now..when do old, fat, broken-down, pompous lefties get shown the door? What can he contribute..

I am jaded yes...can you tell?

Pads play the Reds at home starting tonight..

YouTube Exclusive - CNN Anchor flushes during the Shrub's Katrina speech

YouTube - CNN Anchor Flubs Audio During Bush Katrina Speech

Its good..and she talks to some other chick in the bathroom about some guy or some shit..jeebus..its a WTF? moment..all the while, the video is the Shrub waxing poetic about the anniversary of Katrina.

It sucks to be her..a brief snip of one of many articles about the "big flush" and subsequent discussion:
"If there were red faces at CNN, no one would have been more embarrassed than Ms Phillips, who was first heard uttering "asshole", apparently in reference to a man. She then spoke of her own husband in entirely more flattering terms."

The art of the Huddle..a bunfest extravaganza

Well, I really didn't have enough football pics to pull this off, so there is one baseball pic on the cube..

Tuesday, August 29, 2006 | By: Unknown

This should make everyone's day..

Michael Jackson turns 48..physically. With all the nose-jobs and other shit he has done to his perverted self..its hard to tell how old most of the body parts are..

On the sports front..Joey Porter looks good, and hes a BakeTown boy..this pic is for beats a pic of Mikey Jackson any fucking day of the week.

And our quote of the day regarding the Donte Stallworth trade from a former team mate:
"I don't know what we got, but they got a hell of a deal."
-- Saints WR Joe Horn upon learing that New Orlelans traded wideout Donte' Stallworth to the Eagles

thats all I got..I am hurting bad..that cortisone shot yesterday really sucks so
Monday, August 28, 2006 | By: Unknown

Barroid Bonds trainer back in the slamma..

Good place for him. Barroid must be paying him well to keep his yap else do you explain it?

In other news..the Eagles got Donte Stallworth in a trade today. They gave up a linebacker and a bag of footballs..

In our WTF? Dept..Jeff "fuckwit" George..who has been out of football for 5 years signed with the Raiders..Sweet Jesus in a they just want him to clean up the locker room after games?..what other purpose could he serve? He sucked as a QB, even when he played every season..the man has a losing record and a 'tude to boot when he DID play..

I had my cortisone injection today..I am up taking some pain meds..caught up on my sports fix..and I am back to the sack..with the cats and the remote..lata
Sunday, August 27, 2006 | By: Unknown

TO finally fined for his shenanigans..

Terrell Owens, who has had three teams in three years, has been fined by the Cowboys. This is the man you love to hate. He seems to love that role, no matter where he goes. No one disputes his talent as a wide receiver. No one disputes his ego and ability to disrupt a team either..

So Jerry Jones, the asshat extrodinaire that signed this bozo full of talent and ego has finally fined him. The fine is a paltry 9,500 bucks. This is nothing to T.O. with the loot he is pulling in from Jones's wallet. Bear in mind that both MRI's have shown nothing wrong, although TO states he 'hurts" regardless of what the MRI's show. He hurts yet he is constantly late for medical rehab sessions. He has also missed a team meeting and arrived late to some. This is also the nimrod that wore a racing helmet when he was on stationary bike duty..All I can say is..WOTTA DICK! The linkage to the writeup is here.

Thanks to Fortress of Pillows for the link to the writeup.
Saturday, August 26, 2006 | By: Unknown

If the Dodgrs lose, it could get interesting here.

The Padres have..gasp..won another game. The Reds are tanking like large marge in the Boston marathon. Before tonights game the Dodgers have lost 4 in a row.

If you follow me..the hapless Pad's could very well be tied for first in the NL West and own first place in the wild card race. Of course this could all change tomorrow..thats the beauty of it all.

Look, this is a big deal to me, its either this or sleep alot..I am back in physical therapy and still don't get why I hurt so damn much when its supposed to help..perhaps I need to lay off the pain pills..or maybe not. I am taking so many meds I need an excel spreadsheet in order to keep from over-dosing my dumb ass.

I have been civil to the ball and more gloating..sometimes gloating can bite you in the ass..I hate when that happens, so I avoid it at all costs.

In other news..Koren Robinson got cut from the Vikes..see what happens when you drink and drive and try to evade the police? 12 Mill down the tubes..And some people call me a dipshit..

The Yank$ lost a slugfest to the California-Anaheim-LA-Orange County Angels today. I am sorry for their loss..well, not really but their fans must be busting a artery, that makes 4 in a row I think. I am pretty sure the Yank$ are going to the playoffs, the BoSox..I ain't so sure of..

EDIT: The Dodgers pulled it out of their the Pads are still on wild card watch..ok..I will shut up now.

The "Lets make fun of celebrities" post..

Over at one of the gossip rags I amuse myself with lately, there is a post up that has pictures of celebrity highschool or elementary school mug shots..ok, their not mug shots..but most are butt-fugly.. take George Clooney's pic..jeebus, thats nasty..

If your trying to avoid reality today, or its a slow sports day,which is my case.. go check out and make fun of how bad some folks that make alot of money looked when they were kids..
Thursday, August 24, 2006 | By: Unknown

Raccoons gone wild..

Good friggin lawd..this story is a freaking Olympia, WA, roving bands of racccoons are attacking people, killing cats and Its no joke it here.. thanks to the dudes at Deadspin for the link..

I thought Deadspin was a sports site/blog..apparently they wander off topic too on slow news days..

I figured the dumbass pic of coon humping dog was better than a coon ripping apart someone's family pet.
Wednesday, August 23, 2006 | By: Unknown

Dodgers least this series they do.

Allow me to..ahem..gloat. It doesn't happen often..and god knows it feels real FUCKING good to do it to the just allow me this tiny bit of "kiss my ass" to the ball and chain. The meltdown and subsequent tossing of Grady, Julio and I think Brad Penny, was icing on the cake. I swear to god, I thought the ball and chain was gonna blow open an was pure heaven to watch :)

Breaking News: Terrell Owens is a lying bag of shit

According to T.O..he reinjured his hammy..not playing a real game mind you..just during drills..nevermind that doctors can't find a fucking thing wrong with this bag of batshit..

How he keeps a straight face during his interviews is beyond me.
Tuesday, August 22, 2006 | By: Unknown

Padres win two in a row..

And the best part of all..its against the DODGERS..

Praise jesus...seriously..I needed something to cheer about tonight.

The ChiSox manager..Ozzie, got his ass tossed in the 2nd as the wheels continue to fall off the bus for the World Series winners.

Will the Mets be the team to beat in the playoffs NL-wise?

B..sorry bout your Cards..Pujols,7 rbi's and they still lose?

These are all rhetorical questions.. But this one isn' is up with Bryant "Fuckwit" Gamble, the man has lost least Robert Smith says so here.

The back is toast..gotta go.

Axl Rose must be desperate..

The man is bringing his "show" to BakeTown..yes to my humble burg Axl and his most recent lineup of Guns n' Roses is pulling into town on Sept. 29th..

I have mixed feelings about this..

I want to go, but I don't..I have read that his voice sucks and so does the show..

But I loved GnR..truely I did..

Tickets go onsale Saturday..where did I put that credit card? Perhaps the ball and chain hid the sucker after he read the same article I did in the newspaper. Axl hasn't played SoCal in 14 least not this neck of the woods.
Monday, August 21, 2006 | By: Unknown

13 yr old Little Leaguer is 6'8"

ok..and he's how old you say? He is an american kid playing for the Saudi team, and did so also last year. Its a good read if your into sports or just a good, heart-warming story. The kid is a gentle giant and it can't be easy living in the Middle East especially since your parents are Americans. The linkage to the SI story is here. I do not really watch the Little League World Series at this point..but I do check the scores for favored cities results..
Sunday, August 20, 2006 | By: Unknown

The weekend is almost over...

And no one is happier than the Boston Red one, trust me on this.. They even called up triple-a pitchers in the dead of night for the love of god..

They , meaning the Sawx, are leading the Sunday night game as I write this..I ain't taking nothing for granted, no winner to call at this point in the game. The whole series has been like a bad dream for the BoSox.
THIS JUST IN...The Boston Massacre continues..Yank$ won..and there's another game tomorrow between these two..oh joy.

Padres play the Dodgers starting Monday..they did win today to get back to .500, praise jesus for small miracles I guess..

Tiger won another major..good for him..I did at least play him in my Fantasy Golf league..

Fox sports has a decent free Fantasy Football League..I took part in a draft today..someone actually asked..Whats a Tight End? during the draft...and this person is playing FF why? I smell a setup in this league..

I hope I get to play that person a few times during the season..I could use a gimme,since my choosing players is the kiss of death for them every single fucking season.

I start Physical Therapy tomorrow..say a prayer for me please..its been over a month since I last went and I know its gonna hurt. Next week I get a cortisone shot in my back..can't wait for that sucker either..they actually put you out to give the shot..that can't be good.
Saturday, August 19, 2006 | By: Unknown


Padres tanked as usual...the wheels are falling off the bus for the BoSawx. But the good news is Pete Gammons is back at Fenway Park. Pete had a brain aneurysm in June and is 61 friggin years old. Like Vin Scully, I do appreciate the old guys still around, we have so many brain-dead younger guys talking shit on TV about sports now. Theres a football game on in an hour..Rams vs. Texans..hey its football, and I can get horizontal..

Football..Ryan 'fuckwit' Leaf is coaching..yes, that man with the personality of a junkyard dog is coaching in West Texas college..good place for him.

Friday, August 18, 2006 | By: Unknown

Weekend Mammal Blogging..

As some of you may or may not know..I do this shit to get out of thinking up something for the weekend..if something interesting happens I will blog about it..if not..this is all you friggin pets.

Top: Clyde kicking it..named after an old round ball player..for the Knicks..
Middle: Sasha the dog from hell and animals are quite close. off to the far right is Leroy..a female..don't ask.
Nicky the poodle..originally she resided alone here with the ball and chain..she now has 9 additional siblings..

Maurice had ties to an Israeli mob..WTF?

This story is getting stranger and stranger..harken back to when Maurice Clarett got his walking papers at Ohio State..According to ESPN he then received his funding from an Israeli Mob named...The Jerusalem Group.

Is Mr. Clarett trying to use this newest wrinkle as a defense for why he was packing when the cops finally got his dumbass pulled over a couple weeks ago after a high speed chase?

Mo, that name might sound like a financial organization, but don't want to mess with da or in Russia or Israel..those guys just don't like getting stiffed.

Try getting a job next time..if there is a next time.
Thursday, August 17, 2006 | By: Unknown

Peter King is hot for T.O..

How else to you explain that horseshit write-up he did at SI today? He was all up in T.O's far in fact, he should know what the dude had for breakfast. I hope T.O. has a simply wonderful year.on the friggin bench. I know if I draft him, he will tank just like last season..

Speaking of first fantasy draft went ok..I had second pick out of 12..I got Peyton..and already have a trade offer for Plaxico and Mcgahee..which sucked pond scum..the guy must think I am a dipshit since I did happen to draft an RB that retired last week..oops..hey, he had decent numbers last season..I can't know EVERY friggin player out there for the love of pete.

Barroid Bonds' trainer and best bud Greg Anderson is refusing to testify against him. Anderson was told to come back Aug 28th by the judge. Why the judge didn't jail the fuckwit is beyond me..someone needs to do time for this shit..and it shouldn't be the authors of the book.

Padres lost this is news right? Dodgers are still in first..this so sucks..seriously..Dodgers and Pads play each other starting monday..should be an interesting 3 days at MY house..Thank god we have two tvs, thats all I gotta say..

BoSox and Yanks play 4 at Boston starting tomorrow..Come on Sawx...give me something to cheer about.
Wednesday, August 16, 2006 | By: Unknown

The gNats put Soriano on waiver wire? And other sports stories of note..or not.

Not that I completely understand their reasoning but according to sportsline and SI the gNats have put Alfonso on waivers. Al has been a whiny punk about playing the outfield, then he didn't want to be traded, then he was surprized he wasn't..the dude must be a gigantic pain in the ass. I fail to see how they would get more for this yahoo now then at the trade deadline a couple weeks ago.

Al will become a Free Agent at the end of the season and he refuses to talk contract with the gNats saying they will get first dibbs on his nice Alfonso...yeah..they will really try to keep you dude..wanna buy a bridge?

Our dipshit of the day goes to former NBA player Lonny Baxter. He was arrested by the Secret Service around 2 am after a report of shots fired from a vehicle near the White House. Lonny's car had spent shell casings inside the vehicle. The NBA has-been recently signed a contract to play round ball in Italy, but this might hold him up just a tad..his lawyer had this to say: "Hopefully this doesn't become a life-altering event."

In our WTF? dept..there is this story stolen from Deadspin. Its about a former male, now a female who keeps winning some cycling race somewhere.. oh, and the story is about how the runner-up was a tad butt-hurt about losing to the former male so she put a shirt on which says "100 percent pure Woman Champ" when it was picture taking time on the podium. Sour grapes anyone? Transsexuals have rights and feelings too, but I do think its a tad unfair for this huge amazonian bitch to be riding against normal sized woman, especially since she wasn't born a woman..thats my story and I am sticking to it. Click on the pic for a larger image to read the T-shirt..its quite clear it was a last minute job, and crappy at that...the chick wearing it got herself a nice three month suspension from cycling..dumb ass.
Tuesday, August 15, 2006 | By: Unknown

Game of Shadows authors won't give up their sources

They are well aware they could be spending some quality time in the slammer by refusing to tell the Grand Jury who gave them the GJ transcripts. Hang in there guys, fark the GJ, they can't seem to nail anyone for anything in this friggin case, when you consider the drug dealers and manufacturers got less than a year each for the love of god,.I mean really now, they didn't even have to sing for their cushy sentence's. It's total bullshit that the writers who told the world what a lying bag of batshit Barroid Bonds is, could very well do more time than the dealers or manufacturers.

This just in..the Padres still suck. And TO is a punk-ass pussy, get your overpaid, over-hyped ass out on the field TO, Jones only has so much patience I have heard and the Tuna wants you gone since the day you parked your ass in front of your locker.
Sunday, August 13, 2006 | By: Unknown

Football season is here..praise jesus..I think.

I know none of you give a rats ass about the Chargers..too bad..I am writing about them anyway.

During the off-season they dumped Drew Brees. They are now hanging their hopes and dreams on Phillip Rivers..jeebus..a rookie qb..thats always a fun way to start the season.

The GM had the nads to tell CBS Sportsline, and I quote: He would be "devastated" if the Chargers don't get to the playoffs this year...

Ok..if your done is the real punchline, from Rivers his own self: "I don't have to come in and do too much. I don't have to come in and make miraculous things happen. I just have to make big plays when they present themselves and do what they ask of me. But, first and foremost, I have to lead the guys; then everything else will take care of itself."

First off, let me say that the first sentence he utters "he doesn't have to do much"..huh? Your the qb have to get the ball down the field among other the third sentence he states "I just have to make big plays." He is either very laid back..or just thinks its all good.

Let me say, I don't have a whole lotta hope for this season. The guy makes about as much sense when he speaks as George Bush. And we know what a bang up job he's been doing. Perhaps this double-speak bs is part of the plan..who friggin knows..I just won't be betting the Chargers to get into the SB this year when I go to Vegas next.

Weekend Mammal Blogging..

Above is Fuzzy..hey..naming cats when you have as many as I do is a major pain in the ass..
This one is Patty, the biggest freak of them all..she always looks like a deer in headlights..we think she has a hidden stash of crack somewhere in the house..The bottom pic is the oldest and youngest of my rescued ferals..from left to right: Sammy and Scooter..Scooter is a fat white bastard isn't he? Reminds me of most elected officials..sorry, had to get that in..
Friday, August 11, 2006 | By: Unknown

Sinking like a turd in a toilet bowl...

Thats my Padres. The boys of summer are looking pretty bad.To makes matter worse here at the humble abode the Dodgers are in first.

This presents a major obstacle in dealing with the ball and chain. He gloats. And there isn't a damn thing I can come back with..except the usual.

Fuck you fat ass.

If you have something better, please share it with me.

Nimrod of the day.

8/11/2006, 3:45 p.m. CT The Associated Press

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — Sometimes when nature calls, there's no time to delay, but a Kentucky man sure picked the wrong spot for a pit stop.

Michael Ray Hunter, 37, found out Wednesday night that the parking lot of the West Virginia State Police headquarters in South Charleston isn't the right spot.

Trooper J.S. Crane just happened to be walking nearby as Hunter was relieving himself.

As Crane approached, he smelled alcohol. That discovery led Crane to the pickup truck where Hunter's buddy, James Alan Richardson, 40, was checking phone messages.

During a search of the truck, Crane and another trooper found a marijuana pipe and pills for which Richardson had no prescription.

Both men were arrested for public intoxication. Hunter also is charged with indecent exposure and Richardson is charged with possessing controlled substances.

Stolen from fark.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006 | By: Unknown

Maurice Clarett is arrested again.

Is this man just stupid or what? After a highspeed chase police found 4 loaded guns in his vehicle. Dude..

They used mace and a stun gun to subdue his fucktarded ass,which didnt work because He was wearing a bullet-proof vest.This man is awaiting trial on two counts of aggravated robbery, four counts of robbery and one count of carrying a concealed weapon in a separate case.

This man, a mere 22 years, old is our Fucktard of the Week. He's lucky is isn't winning the damn "Darwin Award'.(you have to die to win that one folks.)

For those of you unfamiliar with Mo..he was a shining star for all of one season at Ohio State. He scored the winning touchdown that locked up the Championship for OSU in 2003. Now he is just a number in the penal system in the State of Ohio. Ah Mo, we barely knew ye dude..
Monday, August 07, 2006 | By: Unknown

Fuckwit child and her parents responsible for deaths of meerkat family.

A 9 year old kid climbed over a barrier,plexi-glass and hung into the caged display area of a MN zoo and was biten by one of the animals. State law requires that wild animals be killed to make sure they do no have rabies when individuals refuse to receive the series of painful shots required to prevent rabies. The entire family of three babies and both parents had to be euthanized..

It should be noted that the animals were given rabies shots regularly and the autopsy showed they did not have rabies.

What else should be noted that this kid's parents were not doing their job when their fuckwit of a child decided to climb over and into a cage of wild animals. I were they doing? watching her? scratching their ass's? picking nits off each other?

If it had been my child, I would of snatched the lil crum-cruncher bald before he got to the top of the enclosure. How do parents let kids do whatever they want, even when it puts the kid in harms way? Making your child behave in a public setting is not child abuse. Letting them do stupid, dangerous things in a public setting is, in my opinion child neglect. And then, to refuse the shots and allow the animals to be killed..its just friggin wrong! I say we smack the living shit out of those parents..hitting the kid of course is illegal, but I would go to jail for smacking the mother and father in a heart beat..the story should you wish to read it is here.

I am cranky and hurting. I saw a lawyer and found out he can not help at this point in the process. I am at my wits end and very tired of being in pain 24/7..its hard to be funny when you hurt. Its harder to not take a gun and go postal at the local workers compensation department. I am not demanding money for my injury. I just want to live I did for the most part before I worked my ass off for this merry band of fucktards.
Sunday, August 06, 2006 | By: Unknown

Blues under the stars

It was a fine evening for music in the moonlight. Blues music to be specific. The second annual B-Town Blues festival was a wonderful event. They had four local bands..whom I missed. Sorry, but I couldn't physically sit for over 6 hours of music. The main event was none other than:


Yes, I know..I am over the top in my love of his music.Sorry, the girl cant help it...he's that good. Charlie Musslewhite was the co-headliner. I heart his music too. He's a grizzley old white guy that sure can play a harmonica. Charlie warmed up the crowd for Joe. Joe hit the stage just as the sunset.

It helped my mind relax and unwind from a month's worth of wasn't hot, which if you know this area..was like a gift from god. I had a table all to myself, and a perfect view of the stage from roughly 50 yards back. And I got to talk to Joe's girlfriend after the concert ended, she is such a sweet lady. A smile that just warms your heart. She always stops to talk and catchup.

I bought the prerequisite of course. I got Joe to sign it. yes, I am such a starfucking groupie.Sue me..

His new album came out..gasp..6/6/6. It rocks and rolls. If he's coming to your town check him out. He plays forever, doesn't charge an arm and a leg for merchandise or tix's..he will sit and talk a spell to anyone, and his makes that guitar cry like a baby...
Saturday, August 05, 2006 | By: Unknown

Saturday Mammal Blogging..

Ok..if you read professional, paid bloggers..they all do some kind of lame-ass animal, plant or god knows what else type of blogging on Fridays.

I am not a follower..nope..ok, maybe I do follow on occasion, but I digress.

I will do Saturday Pet blogging..cuz I have dogs and cats ..everyone gets equal time..I have to be fair, beleive me they know if I am not. I just remembered however, that I lost all my pet pics when the ol Toshiba blew a muthaboard. one reads blogs on Saturday..everyone reads them at work when they play fuck around.

And I can look at a pic of Baby for the first time and not cry..

Yes, I know the Pelican isn't a Pet. But he was gracious and let me take like 20 pics of him..THIS CLOSE!

And I am glad I still have this pic of Bobby and my leopard print bra-strap..One can not leave this earth without a semi-naked pic on the internet. Not that I am leaving anytime soon. just saying..
Friday, August 04, 2006 | By: Unknown

Senate passes its version of the PETS act.

As I have blogged about on numerous occasions, the Humane Society had a bill introduced that would protect pets and service animals during an evacuation. ..its version of the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards (PETS) Act. The bill would make it law to evacuate pets and service animals if a disaster took place that required human evacuations.

Both the House and the Senate passed their versions unanimously. The Senate bill has more protections and provisions for animals. The Humane Society is pleased with both versions but of course would like to see the Senate version become law.

If you would like to help the cause or just read more about it, the link to the Humane Society writeup is here.

I just hope we don't have a major hurricane between now and when congress goes back into session in September.
Thursday, August 03, 2006 | By: Unknown

Do we ever get a break from LIFE?

Methinks not. I think there is always something that changes our course of action..something out of the blue that we least expect.

The last of my original feral cats is gone..she left me six newborn kittens. I already HAVE six from her previous litters..and these were less than a week old..most likely only a day or two. The vet said it would be so hard to keep them alive. The feedings every couple of hours..the rubbing and caressing to get them to potty after you feed them..six of them.

The ball and chain took them to the SPCA. After I spent 24 horrific hours trying to keep them alive. I heart him for doing the dirty deed. I would of fallen apart..literally and figuratively. I know in my heart she didn't abandon them..something happened to her. She had been here almost three years..the last of 8 that all showed up within weeks of each other in the backyard. One by one, they all disappeared. They quit living here for whatever reason...most likely a dog or a car or a cat-trap waylaid them..

I still have a couple of abandoned adults to care for in my yard. But I do not love them as I loved the one-eyed Jackie. She came into my backyard as a small, wary, scared kitten. She never had to go without food, she never had to dumpster-dive or catch sparrows for her dinner, I always provided that and water. And a little convo when she wanted to sit..a few feet away, listening and watching me. She was as wild and untrusting as they come. But, she always came when she heard me call her name. No matter where she was in the neighborhood, she would come running. They all did. What feral cat in their right mind wouldn't? I gave them steak and chicken and hamburger when I cleaned out the fridge every week, on top of the dry cat food always available.

And I still have her six kittens that are not feral any longer, they are house cats now. They were taken from her when they were young and sick..or just young. Only the last one looks like exact image of her. When I look at Sammy I think of Jackie now. And I know at least Jackie isn't scared and untrusting now. She can watch the birds all day without fear of dogs or neighbors that try to poison her. She can lay in the sun and relax.

I thank her for her gifts she left me during our relationship,her six kittens now growing up. Her little gifts that give me so much love. Feral cats are so much more loving than domestic cats. I swear this is true.. Its almost like they know I saved them, and they will always love me for it. Even when I cuss them for knocking everything off a shelf, or laying on a counter where they are never allowed to be, I love them and they know it. They hold no grudges and they always want my undivided attention. They trail behind me as I walk through the house, never wanting to be in a room where I am not. They lounge at my feet when I attack my keyboard, grousing for the closest spot. When I go to bed, they all have their places. And all those purrs are deafening in the quiet darkness. A symphony of purrs to lull me to sleep.

Thank you little one-eyed Jackal. You made life so much more interesting just by being here for so short a time. :You will be missed.
Wednesday, August 02, 2006 | By: Unknown

From our WTF? dept...

I can think of many more interesting ways to spend my time than putting Mentos into a 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke. But, evidently thousands, if not millions of yahoo's are doing this lately. There are blogs about There is even some jackass that that has a science site, Steve Spangler, who has devoted hundreds of hours to this phenomena and swears he has done it a thousand times. For the love of god dude..get a girlfriend will ya? NPR(national public radio) has devoted a whole page to it on their website, complete with videos and sound..And the final straw for moi..this dippy trick has it's own friggin website..fuck me,someone is paying for a website for this? ..too many people with too much time on their hands.

And you know, some jackass has tried this in he drinks the soda and eats some mentos..god help can't be pretty, not to mention possibly very painful.