Monday, June 19, 2006 | By: Unknown

A Shameless plug for a damn good local writer.

I know a few..very few sadly,locals read my blog. I know one blogger from Fresno proper does..I see you guys in my stats..don't lie..speaking of lies..

Marcel Nunis an excellent local writer and performer will be doing his one-man play "Lies my father told me" this coming Thursday @ 8pm. The location is a brewery which makes the trip even that MORE eventful..have some good beer whilst watching Marcel and another Fresno talent, Blake Jones perform their shows from the Internationally acclaimed "Rogue Festival". The website with more information can be found here. I am going to try to make it, depending on how I feel (its a two hour drive for moi) so if anyone is going to be there..drop me a comment and we can toast Marcel and Blake!

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lecram sinun said...

Dusty, thanks heaps for the plug! Really hoping ylou can make it! If you do make it... remember, the more you drink... the more brilliant we'll appear on stage!


Bake Town said...

I do! I do! I do!