Monday, February 26, 2007 | By: Unknown

Baseball..we have baseball this week.

Barroid Bonds won't be playing in the first spring training game..this is a shocker, I know..

Manny Ramirez arrived three days early, instead of his usual 3 days late to camp..THAT IS A SHOCKER!

And Donald Fehr and his minions will offer advice to players regarding the George Mitchell steroid investigation..but its up to each player whether or not they want to cooperate.

Last week is over..thank you Jesus..the body is trying to get back into action after being used as a pin cushion for my own version of hell via cortisone shots by the 'pain management doctor' doesn't manage shit but he knows how to hurt know what I mean?

Let the baseball games begin..Cause I really need a friggin diversion folks :)
Thursday, February 22, 2007 | By: Unknown

Fenway park and me.

I am in a lot of fucking pain today, its dreary,cold,windy and rainy. I have spent most of my day in and out of bed under the influence of some very powerful pain and muscle relaxer type pills, since I also got 3 epidurals this morning..its been one helluva day...

My knees hurt too. They aren't part of my usual pain ritual. Its my back with its missing discs and my hip...but I digress...

I remembered the last time my knees hurt that bad. It was mid 70's, I lived in Boston, the Fenway area to be exact..its known as The Fen's to the locals as I recall. In the winter I developed a condition in my knees known as Clondromaylasia Pitella. Or some fucking shit..anyway..

In the drark and horrid New England winters you go for weeks without seeing the fucking sun. It sucks moose balls. I couldn't work, I wouldn't walk and going to the shitter presented its own problems. So I sat in the dark usually medicated up to my brown eyes, and I stared at Fenway all its glorious splendor. I was in the highest bldg around, the top floor, corner apt and fucking awesome.

There were no other buildings between me and the BallPark and there I was on the 8th floor. The distance was about a quarter of a mile and it overlooked the actual park ofthe original Fenway Park..its was small,with a french-looking arch, don't get excited. I could hear the crowds and the crack of the bat, I could also see just a wee part of the inside of the ball park as well. I remember staring at the giant Gasoline sign, i forget the brand, I AM medicate remember.. I loved it in the summer, I always got goose bumps when I heard the crack of the bat and waited to see if it was the homeboys or the visitors, you could tell by the fans response of course. But again, I digress..hey its the meds ok?

SO, in the winter, it was dark and bleak, almost like the view was in black and white really. So I would spend sometimes hours looking at The ballpark. I would take pics, I would look thru the binoculars.

So I saw the view there in my minds eye today, and it seemed to take my mind off the pain, for that brief moment anyway. And it felt fucking awesome. The picture was so clear, it freaked me out.

The bathroom had the best view, figures eh? It was handtiled all the friggin way up the walls and including the floor.FUCKER was cold in the winter...radiator heat and all. But when the sound of the ball meeting the bat came through that echoed around that cold little room...fuck I loved that sound. The crowd lifted my soul when it was one of the homeboys that hit it.

And so, I spent the afternoon tripping down memory lane, thanks to modern science and a great mind control thang going on. Because the drugs just take the edge of it. To make it go away, I went somewhere else.

I loved it.
Tuesday, February 13, 2007 | By: Unknown

Michael Holmes..your one lucky dude.

"I was just frustrated that this was the way I was gonna die and that was it," he said.

He didn't see his life flash before his eyes, so evidently it wasn't his time to go. Read the article about the man and his wild ride without a functioning parachute here..then watch the video below. Those Dudes from New Zealand have some nads..he's going to do it again he says.

Sunday, February 11, 2007 | By: Unknown

Anna Nicole pics are invading the internets..

Here we have her morgue pic..and here we have her coffin. If you think this is tacky..your a fucking prude..ok? Anna's life was lived in the spotlight..and her death will be no different Flash pointed out at her blog..can you hear St. Peter now saying"Ok, Anna's here..can we get a 90 year old dick for her to suck on, so she will feel right at home"?

Thanks to Flash's There's your Karma for the link to the graphics above.

TMZ has this link up to a NY Daily News article. It states..god, I love this one..that A.N.Smith had her 90 year-old former husband's sperm frozen and that the old dead guy is the daddy of the little girl..fucking rich ain't it? Well, the kid could end up its rich no matter how you slice or dice this bs.

Nascar's Drive for Diversity program is bullshit.

According to a father who's son was in the program it is..which shouldn't surprise anyone. I mean..come one..redneck racing is and always will be just that..rednecks. Their fan base might expand..and lately, contract..but the drivers, pit crews and assorted wingnuts at Nascar will always be lily fucking white. In the three years the program has been in existance..not one of the "minority" drivers have moved up into either of the three Nascar formats: Truck, Busch or Cup racing..From the NYT article:

"And now the father of an African-American stock-car driver once called a top racing prospect said the highly publicized Nascar-supported program was a failure. Joe Henderson Jr. said his son, Joe III, was under contract to MB2 Motorsports from 2005 to 2006 and was used for publicity but was given poor equipment in 2005 and not even provided a racecar in 2006."

To make it even worse..Nascar doesn't protect these minorities. Once instance, cited in the article, has 100 fans flaming a 16 yr old black driver. What else reeks of donkey piss is that Nascar uses these guys to promote in..Lookee here! See, here's a negro that's racing..ain't we cool, we ain't prejudiced!

I call bullshit on this 4 year old program and the fuckwits running it. I think some rich white guys are pocketing some of the cash and I wouldn't be surprised if more comes out about this as the stockcar year progresses.

As I always say: You can take the redneck out of the hollar, but you can't take the hollar out of the redneck.

For those of you that don't have a clue what a friggin' hollar is..check out Coal Miner's Daughter, ok?
Saturday, February 10, 2007 | By: Unknown

Pitchers start reporting Tuesday..

Its here..sort of. Baseball is getting ready to bloom, hope springs eternal..and Barroid still hasn't signed his contract.

I like that last part. I hope that pompous bag of batshit never signs with a team. Barroid Bonds can kiss my ass..twice even.

The Padres hired a fucking pitching coach as their Manager..oh man..doesn't that just say "WE are Committed to great baseball in San Diego?"

I didn't think so either.

At least there is still time to think things will work out for my Padres..A girl can dream can't she?
Tuesday, February 06, 2007 | By: Unknown

From our WTF? dept today..

Jesus..where do people find this stuff?

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian police are investigating a report that bodies donated to a Sydney university for medical research were sexually abused and that coffins were filled with parts from multiple bodies.

Read the rest here. Those Aussies are some sick fucks..
Monday, February 05, 2007 | By: Unknown
Friday, February 02, 2007 | By: Unknown

From our WTF? dept today..

You have heard of women that hoard cats. Well, this old broad in Switzerland was keeping 11 count em 11 full grown swans in her 270 ft. apartment.

Crazy ol bitch. Must of been a hoot when they took a poop. And it begs the question... did they take turns in the tub?
Thursday, February 01, 2007 | By: Unknown

Something to make you laugh today.

A wonderful journalist has left us. Molly Ivins was funny and yet biting. Since my last post was pretty heavy duty, I wanted to put up something to make people smile at the very least, make them howl with laughter if possible. Here is a YouTube video entitled the "Dildo Diaries"...its Molly explaining the TX. sodomy laws and how they were removed, then put back on the books. Its quite funny, its also adult content.