Friday, December 30, 2005 | By: Unknown

The Year that was..

The year..what a year it has been for me. and for the country as a whole.

I started bloggin in 05..I left the chat rooms and found more intelligent life and "friends" in Blogs like Jenn, Alice , Daisy, John Q. Public, dear sweet Kate and ALL those folks listed over in my sidebar..It became a political outlet as well, waking me up to what I had lost many years ago, my right to dissent against an oppressive government that does not represent ALL its citizens the same. I became politically active again and now have a life outside this box called the Internet. My newfound "politicalness" has given me an outlet that I have craved since moving to this hell-hole known as Bakersfield. I go to city counsel and board of supervisors meetings, standing up and speaking my mind to a bunch of ol codgers with their own agendas. I helped organize a political event that made the evening news, and I saw my mug on three of the four local TV stations plus the local newspaper reading the names of the Californians killed in Iraq. I have made local contacts and acquaintances with others that believe as I do here in this Republican stronghold known as the San Joaquin Valley. I am an active member of and the Democractic party(I am registered Independant)...all because I started blogging. Funny how things work out ain't it? Karen Zipdrive's blog , a funny, intelligent, irreverant Texan was the one that woke me up politically and I love her and read her blog(daily if not hourly sometimes) and forever will be in her debt for putting a foot in my ass and getting me pissed off enough to do something other than bitch about our government.

Enough about on to the shit that changed and/or affected America:

Katrina and its devastation. The governments lack of response to an area that is mostly poor and black. The Tsunami and its massive effects on whole countries, towns and populations.

The war in Iraq. Over 2100 Americans have been killed and tens of thousands of Iraqi's have died as well. There is no light at the end of this tunnel yet..but the left continues to fight against Bush's tyrannical evilness in a war that smells more and more like Vietnam.

Speaking of Bush...his "lil friend" and Cheney's main man Scooter Libby was the first among hopefully many indicted by Fitzpatrick for lying about Plame-gate. Going after a man's wife when he pisses you off is so screwed up. Tom DeLay, Jack Abramoff, Bill Frist,and too many others to mention that are in trouble for lying, cheating and generally screwing with the public trust known as government. Stay tuned folks.. this mess is far from over and should only get better in the coming new year.

FEMA's main main Michael Brown is finally exposed for what he is: a rich kid that cant find his ass with both hands, but he sure wants to look good on TV...and he worries about his dog WAY too much to the detrement of all the dying and suffering people in New Orleans.

Enron, Tyco, Worldcom and countless other executives finally get busted, charged and tried in our courts for syphoning off millions of dollars for their own personal greed.

The world of sports, my favorite world btw... had its share of newsworthy items: steroids, T.O., the NHL took the YEAR off, the Yanks DID NOT win their 27th World Series but the Chicago Whitesox did win their second since 1917,and finally..the worst..MY Padres won their division with a winning record that was one game over .500... they were promptly sent to the showers in 4 straight by Bruces ( whom I love with a passion like no one else in this world cept my son)Cardinals who also didnt win a World Series either.. god knows why the Cards didnt win a ring maybe... but I sure has hell dont.
Wednesday, December 28, 2005 | By: Unknown

Bear with me folks..

I am trying to figure out this new template..Jenn made it for me..i love this woman..jenius is a genius!

What Santa (aka UPS) brought me for Xmas!

I love the Tommy Hilfiger boots..and the Steve Madden sandals although I can do without the crap on the base..the bongo sandals are just knock arounds for this coming summer..and..the bongos only cost me 99 cents!! yes women..i said 99 cents..ebay has sooooo much good stuff and if you play your cards right you get it dirt cheap..and their all from a reputable store..not a private seller..gothamcityonline has an ebay store for their rocks!!! The most I paid for anything was 50 for the Hilfiger boots and thats 10 bucks less than full price.

I was disappointed in the purse..the opening is so friggin small a hamster could barely get in there..
Tuesday, December 27, 2005 | By: Unknown

As a public service announcement..we present

The IVR Cheat Sheet.

I fucking hate those Interactive Voice Response call centers. Thats why so many people are unemployed dammit. I realize of course they are a neccessary evil..but that doesn't mean I have to like em..or deal with them if I am extremely pissed and foaming at the mouth about something. I also wonder about the person or people that sit around figuring this shit out.

I will post this on the sidebar..and you can bet your ass I will use it.

My kind of Dear Santa letter...

Click on the letter to enlarge it...or dont.

It was 1967...

that John Lennon graced the first cover..of the Rolling Stone..a magazine that is still a business operated by one man, the founder Jann Wenner. He owns 60 percent while his ex-wife owns 40 percent. He is also still the head cheese, running the magazine as he has from its inception..His right hand man, Kent Brownridge is retiring at the start of the year, some folks say at the boss's request. Bear in mind that Mr. Brownridge has been running the show at RS for over 20 years and he's no spring chicken to put it bluntly. Neither is Jann Wenner who turns 60 next year..but afterall..he is the boss.

He borrowed the money to start it from his future in-laws, a mere $7500..that in and of itself says alot. The RS was a major player in investigative and political journalism at its inception, mirroring the leftwing views of its founder Wenner. Top notch writers and photographers such as Tom Wolfe(The Right Stuff,Bonfire of the Vanities), Hunter S. Thompson,David Weir, Lester Bangs, Chet Flippo, Joe Klein, Tim Cahill, Tom Hayden, David Harris, Cameron Crowe, Joe Eszterhas, David Felton, Tim Ferris, Ben Fong-Torres, Howard Kohn, Jon Landau, Dave Marsh, Annie Leibovitz, Greil Marcus, Grover Lewis, Abe Peck, John Morthland, Paul Scanlon, Marianne Partridge, John Burks, Timothy White, Sarah Lazin, Charley Perry, Michael Rogers, Roger Black, Ed Ward, Charles Young, Christine Doudna, Harriet Fier ..the list is endless..all wrote for or photographed for RS. Wenner made them all stars and he got rid of them when they grew too big for their britches or clashed with his ideals or his viewpoints. It hasn't been published in San Francisco for years..its out of NYC now.

I remember reading it when it came out in pulp form, like a newspaper. It was cutting edge back then its a shell of its former self. It's not on top of the music biz anymore either, refusing to showcase rap or hiphop artists for the most part. And its glossy and glitzy Jann Wenner himself.

But its still making money and occasionally it breaks new ground although not often enough for me to subscribe or read it anymore. In 2007 it turns 40 years old.

....which makes ME feel very very old.
Sunday, December 25, 2005 | By: Unknown

A Christmas carol of style..

This little gem is courtesy of Scott Miller who writes for I like Scotts sense of humor..some yanks fans might not..but ask me if I care. You can see the rest of his xmas carols here.

This lovely number is sung to the tune of "Winter Wonderland". Only 52 days,3 hours, 21 minutes till Pitchers and Catchers report!!!

Steinbrenner rings, I was listening
Overnight, the Stadium's glistening
A beautiful sight
Leaving Fenway tonight
Walking in a Yankees wonderland
Gone away is the long hair
Here to stay is the short hair
Singing a love song
Me and Jeter go along
Walking in a Yankees wonderland

In outfield we can build a snowman
Then pretend it's Manny Ramirez
He'll say: Am I traded?We'll say: No man
So you can stay and sob In ol' Beantown
Later on, we'll conspire
As we dream of Boston's funeral pyre
The plans that we've made,To face unafraid
Walking in a Yankees wonderland

In the outfield we can build a snowman
Then pretend it is Manny and his frown
We'll have lots of fun with mister snowman
Until Sheffield and the Unit knock him down
Oh the Yanks, ain't it thrilling
Gonna beat big bad Curt Schilling
We'll frolic and play, the Steinbrenner way
Walking in a Yankees wonderland
Walking in a Yankees wonderland
Walking in a Yankees wonderland
Saturday, December 24, 2005 | By: Unknown

A powerful one-man show about a powerful man.

I couldn't sleep Friday night..I had worked over 14 hours and I was wired up bad. It started at 12:30am on Encores' Drama channel. It is entitled: A Huey P. Newton Story. It was directed by Spike Lee.

Roger Guenveur Smith wrote the Obie-winning play about Huey P. Newton, one of America's true and only revolutionaries. He wrote the play in 1996 and made it into a film in 2002.It starred Roger as Huey Newton. Its only 90 minutes long, but it was a fantastic, fast paced 90 minutes. It was produced for television by PBS. It goes thru the life of Huey Newton as told by Huey himself on a stark, dimly lit stage with only a solo spotlight on the character. It starts with Huey's birth in Louisiana and the family's move to California. He talks about his father and the impact he had on Huey's life. There are moments when actual historical footage of Huey and events surrounding his life are shown on a screen behind the character as he speaks. He sits in a chair and tells the story of his life, with insight into many of the events that made him one of the major figures in the rise of black enpowerment that Huey, Bobby Seale, David Hillard, Eldridge Cleaver and several others created inspite of the governments attempt to hold them down and discredit them.

I met Huey once in my life and I will never forget it. I use the term "met" loosely, I was not introduced to him. I was only a background person, I went unnoticed by the mostly black individuals in the room. I was young and impressionable. I was awed by the man. His fast speech, his ability to hold everyones attention by speaking in a low but unwavering voice. Roger captured Huey incredibly well, his speech patterns, his constant body movements. Huey Newton was very intelligent and he refused to be beaten down by the government and the white establishment at a time when America was in turmoil and did not know how to deal with the growing leftwing movement against the war, the creation of the Black Panthers and the awakening of black america who was tired of all the injustice foisted upon them for decades.

This film is a fantastic history lesson for those too young to have experienced that time in America's history. It delves into Huey's mind and what made him tick. The movie went much to quick for me, and I wanted more, I wanted it to go on all night as I sat on my bed and watched it in the darkness, the only light coming from my tv. I learned from the movie that Huey played the piano, classical piano. He was one of 7 children. He went to law school which was his parents wish. He was very shy and couldnt dance, he had no rhythm and this bothered him greatly as a teenager. He could quote T.S Eliot, Shelly and Shakespeare...but he could not dance. He talks about his father and the kind of man he was, working 2 or 3 jobs at a time to support his family.

See this movie if you can. Make yourself find it and spend 90 minutes learning about a man that many feared and few really knew. I know that it will show again Tuesday December 27th on Encore's Drama channel. The human side of a powerful man who's personal demons took him down when J.Edgar Hoover tried and failed.
Friday, December 23, 2005 | By: Unknown

This is JD now..

Photo from Associated Press.

This is Johnny Damon as of yesterday afternoon. Sans beard and most of his locks..the Dirty Jesus look I loved and adored is gone..dammit..Hes got a cute lil wife, her name is Michelle.Judging by their highlights, they both use the same hairdresser.

I must hate you now went over to the enemy. But I do still lust after you a tad..
Thursday, December 22, 2005 | By: Unknown


I am not in a good mood..i just found out the new hire is refusing to work this week..her first week alone I might add..this bitch is on my last nerve already..I gave her one friggin store and she cant do it..meanwhile I will be working fri, sat AND...drum roll please..XMAS fucking day..

oh yeah..and the ball and chain had the nads to ask "how you gonna make xmas dinner honey?"

My response..get a tv dinner and a beer dipshit..when i get home from work on xmas I plan on getting drunk..course i wont but I can still plan it right?

I can see it scrooge mcduck ass walking around supermarkets on xmas day..mumbling incoherently to myself and glaring at anyone that has the balls to say merry christmas to me.

I wish I still owned my glock..i would clean it and practice shooting the eyes out of my george bush picture that I usually throw darts at. Then I can sit outside the new hires house and blind the bitch when she leaves to go to her other job on monday morning...then drive up to San Jose and do the same for my boss. By then there will be a state wide alert for me and I will end up doing time with some mean ass females that dont appreciate my sarcastic side..

maybe getting toasted is a better idea..i can then make life miserable for the ball and chain all evening..wait..i do that already..ok..i could just get drunk and listen to old rock cds real, gnr,aerosmith..make the windows vibrate..

hell i will be so tired I will just go to sleep..who am i kidding..

enjoy your weekend folks..kiss your loved ones and thank god your not moi.
Wednesday, December 21, 2005 | By: Unknown

HNT Pic for the week.

Here is this weeks HNT..its not moi but according to the rules it doesnt have to be..but I did take the pic.

I love all the elements within this tattoo. The female with the devils tail does jack my jaw but such women exist. The poker hand with the ace's showing..the martini glass,the dice..and the word below it..

its a detailed piece of work..ya gotta admit. Some tats are too busy for me to admire, they got too much going on..this one I find amazing.

This is Rob our bartender from the Malibu Inn.

A new blog to enjoy..

Its called: Princess Sparkle Pony's Photo Blog. and she does dress up a few photos that are hilarious as hell. But I love the writing too..its timely and sarcastic as kinda person dont ya know..

The link to this fine place to spend some time is here.
Tuesday, December 20, 2005 | By: Unknown

It was a family affair..

Not all were in son was stuck housesitting my zillion pets and my brother and his brood just moved to Colorado...but other than that they were all there..for sometimes minutes only..but I saw them all..

and no one got bitchslapped, shot or wee..

some of us got a tad lit..i must say that at the onset of this piece..and I was among that group of people.

Mommie Dearest was subdued..this is good news btw.

My dad and the ball and chain amuzed each other w/war stories and general bullshit.

Kass, the glorified YSFH(yuppie sista from hell) was a wonderful host and for once didnt ask me to serve, do the dishes or clean up for her. I was shocked. Thankful too. I would of hated to be the one that started some shit with all those "friends" of the family in attendance too.It could of gotten around town or to several places of employement.

My middle sista got a make over and it was great and uplifting for her, which makes me glad. Shes a sweet person that never pays attention to her looks and she is pretty.

My baby sista had her newest beau in tow, whom I think is a great guy and all around sweetheart. SHe has already found something to bitch about regarding him or his personality. she always does dammit...they dont last long with her :( The woman needs to familiarize herself with the art of compromise. Its part of life at every level..this is something it took me a very long time to learn..color me slow.

My niece was home from the army..she just passed basic training. this is the same neice that just got a degree in Criminlogy at Sam Houston State. She wouldnt take her fatigues off..i kid you not..shes so gun ho..its scarey..but if it makes her happy...They will pay for her Masters she says..and she really wants that.

But I did enjoy seeing them all..and some of our common friends too.
Monday, December 19, 2005 | By: Unknown

Indy lost and the SD Chargers did it..

My happy ass lost in all fantasy league sucks when your major players go down to injury..or foot-in-mouth disease like Terrell Owens..

baseball starts in 58 days 29 min and 1 sec..

Nomar is a Dodger..lmao!

will post later on a trip to San Diego was a family affair..
Saturday, December 17, 2005 | By: Unknown

We all want to know our "hidden" talent right?

Your Hidden Talent

Your natural talent is interpersonal relations and dealing with people.

You communicate well and are able to bring disparate groups together.

Your calming presence helps everything go more smoothly.

People crave your praise and complements.

And just how in the blue hell they know this from me chosing a friggin picture is beyond me.

The link to blogthings website is here.
Friday, December 16, 2005 | By: Unknown

The Forbes Fictional 15

This is cute. Its brought to us via that great magazine about all important and rich things, Forbes. All the individuals are fictional of course. The article even has bio's for all of them and a Net Worth. The link to this funny bit of fluff is here.

The List
Santa Claus
Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks
Richie Rich
Lex Luthor
C. Montgomery Burns
Scrooge McDuck
Jed Clampett
Bruce Wayne
Thurston Howell III
Willy Wonka
Arthur Bach
Ebenezer Scrooge
Lara Croft
Cruella De Vil
Lucius Malfoy
Thursday, December 15, 2005 | By: Unknown

ok..a HNT new grille.

This is the bastard that has caused me untold amounts of pain and agony. As Daisy is fond of calling it..a new grille. It looks marvelous..has taken months to complete, I just got the stitches removed recently and it cost a bloody fortune too. But it has done wonders for my self-esteem and seems to be a big hit with members of the opposite sex. The ball and chain likes it as well, plus he isn't PAYING for it, I am.

I am still eating soft food. I want a steak dammit...
Wednesday, December 14, 2005 | By: Unknown

On Indy's perfect season..

If Dungy benches his starters, will he still go unbeaten? The Dolphins who played less games when they went undefeated, credited their amazing "no name" defense for keeping them unbeaten. I dont think Indy's defense is as good as the Dolphins was.

We all know the best defense in the world was OJ Simpson's. Johnnie Cochran kept his worthless ass out of prison when all signs pointed to his guilt....but other than that, the Dolphins "D" did rock..

Thought for today...

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter

Mark Twain.

-i do mind for some reason..perhaps its the birthday bullshit tomorrow..ah well, fuck it..
Tuesday, December 13, 2005 | By: Unknown

The Death Penalty..wrong or justified?

With the execution of Stanley "Tookie" Williams tonight, I pondered my belief in the Death I still believe it is justified?

Tookie was nominated for 6 Nobel Peace Prizes. Should this spare him from dying for the deaths of 4 people killed in cold blood? He says he was innocent of those murders and would like to prove his innocence. The man has had 25 years to prove his innocence. He was convicted by an all white jury during a time when railroading black men into prison was the norm. Since Tookie was a co-founder of the "Crips" does the possiblity exist that he ordered other people murdered or took part in heinous crimes that he was never charged with? Should he be given life in prison when his victims got nothing more than two shotgun blasts to the back of their bodies?

People that I wanted to see executed never will be: Sirhan for Bobby Kennedys death, the killer of John Lennon, child rapists and murderers for example. I am ambiguous about Tookie. I think perhaps he should of been commuted to life since there was no physical or eyewitness evidence to connect him to these brutal murders. I think that if there is no physical or eyewitness evidence that no one should be put to death. This reasoning has evolved for me over the years since DNA has become prevalent in prooving guilt or innocence. The bibles bs about an eye for an eye doesn't have any bearing on my thought process. I fear that a truely innocent person might be put to death. Is a life in prison better than killing them? Personally I would rather be executed than spend my life in prison. I HATE when an obvious murderer can cop a plea and get out of execution, to me thats wrong in so many ways, those are the assholes that deserve to die..and not by the Politically Correct method of lethal injection, make them suffer as their victims did. Is that barbaric of me?

But Tookie didnt cop a plea, he never admitted guilt to these 4 murders. He changed his life for the good of society by writing many books denouncing gangs and the lifestyle. Some folks think that finding jailhouse "religion" is just a way to attempt to beat the system, that people still need to pay for their crimes. Tookie still hung with the gangbangers in prison, was his change sincere? In the end, does it really matter what he did after he was sent to prison? IF he really didnt kill those four innocent people, did he do other heinous crimes that justifed his death?

I woke up around 12:30, about the time he was drawing his final breath. I looked at the clock and thought of him, getting up to check to see if they had indeed killed this man. They did of course. It wasn't a smooth execution either according to the press that watched it. They couldnt find a vein in his muscle-bound arm. He offered to find it for them.

Is it time to end the death penalty? I dont know...but I will ponder it here in the darkness of my room.
Monday, December 12, 2005 | By: Unknown

A Recap of my weekend..with Pictures!

I spent Sunday hung over..its all this mans fault.

This is Rob our bartender for the evening. My son Brian and I spent Saturday nite at the Malibu Inn. Its a short drive over the mountains to Malibu for us and Joe Bonamassa was playing. The Malibu Inn is a fantastic venue for music, small, intimate and real nice staff..they are friendly and outgoing..which surprized me considering we were in the ritzy, glitzy area of LA that is frequented by movie stars and the like. My son hit on Sean William Scott's girlfriend until he realized who she was sleeping with. Sean is known thru his character Stiffler in American Pie and its sequels. My son had a short convo with Mr. Scott who was very cordial and down to earth...not to mention very hot looking.

Back to Rob. I love this man and would do him on the 50 yard line at half time, not to mention have his children but alas I am too OLD to have his was the BEST bartender in the western hemisphere..oh shit..THE WORLD. He could chat you up on any topic,which to me makes a fantastic bartender. He makes excellent cocktails and is very attentive, meaning you dont have to scream or wave your arms to get another fucking drink. He has some fantastic Tats which he let me get pictures of after I told him I would put him on my blog and make him Famous!!..we all know thats a friggin lie, but being the sweet-natured man he is, he happily obliged me...for the pics, not sex dammit..cant blame a girl for trying right? :)

You might wonder what myself and the kid were doing in Malibu..especially since that is WAY the hell out of our league..we went to see Joe and baby, I will go to the ends of the earth to see Joe Bonamassa. And since it was only two hours away, what the hell..the tickets were cheap, only twenty small ones..and a celebration of my birth was as good excuse as any to feed the ball and chain, don't you know. It was a tad early since my b-day ain't till THIS week..but who cares..we made the trek to Malibu.

Now, when the place starts filling up, they slowly remove all the chairs in the joint. Its Standing Room Only for the concerts. More folks can be crammed in that way. But..and this is a good part..we had the only seats in the place all evening. Brian and I took turns dashing out for a smoke so our chairs were never really vacant...we could see the bandstand from our seats front and center at the bar. Speaking of the bar, its a rustic place with one of the most beautiful wood carved bars I have ever seen in my life. The wall behind the bar where the booze was stocked was also hand-carved and just spectacular. Since we got there three hours before the music (note to self,next time call ahead and find out the concert time)we had our pick of seats and tried valiantly to nurse our drinks so we wouldnt be shit-faced by 10 when Joe B. went on. We succeeded..sort of. We were only half in the bag by 10 pm. Remember, my beloved Rob makes one kickass cocktail..he doesnt skimp on the booze. The kid was drinking some fancy draft beer..heffenwieser or some shit.

Any way..Joe's girlfriend Leah was there and recognized me when Joe was up doing his soundcheck an hour or so before the gig started. She ran up, gave me a big ol hug and we chatted for a bit. I said hi to Dennis the roadie and resident sweetheart and just cruised around smiling at all the much younger males in my midst. Quite a few smiled back and one in particular kept trying to buy me a drink after I told him he smelled good. I figured that when I introduced him to my 26 year old son he would back off but he didnt. Gotta give him an A for effort, good ol Hector was a gem and did wonders for my ego, plus he was a cutie with a nice goatee and dressed quite well.

The show was over round midnight and I piled my son into the dusty-mobile and cruised my ass back to Bake-town. There is this one road which to get out of Malibu is a narow, twisty, one lane on each side number. I feared that road but hell, I did just fine till I got back over the mountains and ran into some nasty ass fog. I mean fog so thick you cant see the hood of YOUR car type of fog. Slowing down to 15 mph to make sure I didnt run off the road was a good idea until the semi came running up on my ass and blasted his airhorn..FUCKER..i was in my lane dammit, and I dont know if he was just getting his jollys or had an issue w/my speed, afterall, you couldnt see shit! After the dipshit passed me, I stayed behind him and he was trucking right along at 55..

Made it home safely and spent all day Sunday bitching about my headache..but it was a nice evening and a great way to spend a Saturday Night..although the credit card bill will possibly give me another headache when it arrives next month.
Sunday, December 11, 2005 | By: Unknown

Richard Pryor is gone from this earth..

But his ground-breaking humor lives on. He died tonight of a heart attack at the age of 65, and i for one will always remember his pioneering spirit. He never apologized for his persona or his comedy. He was fond of bringing up that he was uneducated but yet he was appreciated by people in all walks of life.

Steve Martin said: By expressing his heart, anger and joy, Richard Pryor took comedy to its highest form,"

In the 70's and 80's Pryor one of Hollywood's highest paid stars, and he was one of the first black performers with enough leverage to cut his own deals. In 1983, he signed a $40 million, five-year contract with Columbia Pictures.

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington gave Pryor the first Mark Twain Prize for humor in 1998. He said in a statement that he was proud that, "like Mark Twain, I have been able to use humor to lessen people's hatred." This was one of his most shining moments and one he always cherished.

Like Lenny Bruce, he was a comedian that set the stage for those that followed him. God bless you Richard, may you be at peace now, your demons silenced. Pryor was only 65 when he died Saturday night of what his publicist termed a "heart attack".
Saturday, December 10, 2005 | By: Unknown

I hate December.

It signals the end of the year, its fucking cold and the sun disappears for days at a time,its also the silly season with plenty of crowds at all my favorite shopping haunts. I hate Christmas Carols.except for the one by Bruce Springsteen.

oh yeah..its also the month my drivers license says I should celebrate getting another year older.

Screw that shit..I spit on age and what it means.

December means I will drive myself crazier than usual over not being able to locate something that I use daily or why various parts of my body quit working correctly or without pain. It means a cold front or rain will make me hurt somewhere.

It means whatever I dont like about my body or mind I blame on getting another year older.

December means seeing Mommy Dearest in San Diego. She makes her yearly trip from Missouri for three friggin months to make all our lives a living hell..but I only have to experience her for a weekend or two..thank god.

December means baseballs spring training is only 67 days 9 hours 19 mins and 27 seconds away. Thats a long fucking time dont ya know..
Friday, December 09, 2005 | By: Unknown

A Baseball post..sort of.

Carlos Delgado is now a Met. This in and of itself is not a bad thing. What does suck moist butthairs however is what the Mets ownership is pulling on Carlos. Carlos is from a small island which is part of Puerto Rico. This island, Vieques, has been used as a bombing practice site by the US for decades. People live on this island sportsfans. Yet, the US government continues to pummel it with various munitions to the detriment of its inhabitants and the environment. Carlos has spoken out about this and various other things he finds just plain wrong, including the war in Iraq. Carlos has chosen to not stand up during the playing of "God Bless America" during the 7th innning stretch. He has endured the cat calls and harrassement this personal expression has handed him. His former team, the Marlins did not attempt to silence Carlos, they allowed him to express his beliefs and utilize his right to dissent.

The Mets however will not allow Carlos this right. The ownership has made it very clear to Delgado that they will not tolerate any form of dissention and expect him to comply and stand during the playing of the song.Fred and Jeff Wilpon, the owner and CEO of the Mets said, "He's going to have his own personal views, which he's going to keep to himself." Jeffy also said "Fred has asked and I've asked him to respect what the country wants to do." THE COUNTRY IS TIRED OF THIS FUCKING WAR AND THE POLLS SHOW IT. So I have no idea which country Jeffy Wilpon is referring to.

During his press conference to announce his signing Carlos Delgado said "The Mets have a policy that everybody should stand for 'God Bless America' and I will be there. I will not cause any distractions to the ballclub.... Just call me Employee Number 21." Willie Randolph, the first Afro-American baseball manager told a reporter; "I'd rather have a man who's going to stand up and say what he believes. We have a right as Americans to voice that opinion." Omar Minaya, the first Latino GM merely towed the company line by saying "This is from ownership."

Fuck the Wilpons and their pandering to George Bush. I am sad that a voice has been silenced for no other reason than some narrow-minded owner doesn't want any controversy. If Carlos Delgado is willing to take the heat for his stand, they should support his right to say it. I support everyone's right to say what they believe, even if I think they are dead wrong. I might be a leftwing nut job but our democracy allows me to be one without fear of retribution from our government.

The only thing that Carlos can smile about is that he will now be able to wear the number "21" in honor of his hero Roberto Clemente. Its a helluva price to pay though..working for the Wilpons.
Wednesday, December 07, 2005 | By: Unknown

I refuse to title this post..

I am in a sour mood..too bad for you...or not..

I am sitting here with a cream soda and gin in front of me..I shit you not..I like raspberry cream soda and gin..color me strange..I also love Mango Gatorade..

I think its hard to post when your mind is tracking all the stupid shit you still have to finish before the evening belongs to moi...evidently I am throwing caution to the wind and blowing off the remaining "work" shit...fuck em if they cant take a joke, ya know?

Saddam is being a real prick and you can bet your ass I think they should hog-tie him to his chair like they did to various Black Panthers(Bobby Seale for one) when they went on trial in the 70's for trumped up bullshit. The BP's dared to speak up and defy the Judges and they bound and gagged them. I think thats good enough for Saddam too. I might be a bleeding heart liberal but that sumbitch needs to be the very least hogtied.

My fantasy football teams are taking major hits with Ray Lewis, Brian Westbrook T.O., and McNabb out for da year..god it makes me wanna cry...but I won't.

Trevor is staying w/the Padres, but my beloved Mark Loretta is now a Red Sox. That means his leaving is not all bad..

ND is going to a bowl game..Touchdown Jesus is smiling dont ya know..

And its still fucking cold in Bakersfrigginfield.
Tuesday, December 06, 2005 | By: Unknown

Come on, take the damn test..

I got this from listening to Sky Captains internet radio show. The link to the test is here.

Playful, kind, and well-loved, you are The Peach. For such a warm-hearted, generous person, you're surprisingly experienced in both love and sex. We credit your spontaneous side; you tend to live in the moment, and you don't get bogged down by inhibitions like most women your age. If you see something wonderful, you confidently embrace it.

Your exact opposite:The NymphDeliberate Brutal Sex Dreamer

You are a fun flirt and an instant sweetheart, but our guess is you're becoming more selective about long-term love. It's getting tougher for you to become permanently attached; and a guy who's in a different place emotionally might misunderstand your early enthusiasm. You can wreck someone simply by enjoying him. Your ideal mate is adventurous and giving, like you. But not overly intense. DREAD: The False Messiah CONSIDER: The Loverboy, The Playboy, or The Boy Next Door

Ok, whats this shit about woman MY age..thats bullshit..age is a number..not a frame of mind you assholes...

take the test, and provide us all with a good laugh and post your results.

Friday, December 02, 2005 | By: Unknown

Indy still unbeaten..the pricks. Big Joe Thornton changes teams and hits the ground running.

Will those guys ever lose this year? Its those assinine commercials that Peyton is doing..I swear to god it is..I look forward to them in a sick sort of way. I still hold a grudge for Irsay..the owner that spirited them out of Baltimore in the middle of the night. I was living in Maryland at the was a travesty I tell ya..The Bengals are still in first and have a better record that the Patriots..who would of thunk it? Not moi..

One of the most promising hockey playas out there is now a San Jose Shark. I dont really know how that happened but good for them..we got one of the best on the left coast now..heh heh..I love Barry Melrose and he can lay in bed and talk hockey to me any day.

The playoffs will begin shortly in Fantasy Football. I will participate but with McNabb out..I am toast..oh.. and T.O. fucked me and didnt kiss me first either. I have a love/hate thang w/Owens. I know what a felony dumb sumbitch he is..but the man is one of the best at his positions..hopefully his dumb ass learned something from this mess of his creation this season. I love a team that tells a primmadonna to fuck off and go home, more of them should do it.Same with our elected officials..they need to purchase instead of renting those balls they flash occasionally. Stand up and be counted gents. Dont just follow the leader all the damn time.

The Padres did something right in the off-season by resigning Brian Giles..Trevor might leave but I have already accepted that fact. Spring Training starts in...oh hell, its too far out there to even think about it. Yankee$ raised prices on their choice seats..someone has to pay for all that high-priced talent that couldnt get it together this year. I was glad the ChiSox won the World, thats not a typo..its damn serious to baseball fans such as I.

Tony Stewart, a hoosier native won the Brickyard AND the Nascar Championship. I adore that man and yes I love stockcar racing. If you have ever driven a car faster than 150 MPH you understand why it takes your breath away. I pick that number because I have and it gives me a rush I cant explain.

And finally..those fucktards in Congress are waisting our tax money and their time by investigating The BCS, College Footballs Championship Series..jesus christ in a thong, do something important you assholes and get our troops out of Iraq.

Thats all I got, time for my meds..Have a good weekend ya'all..
Thursday, December 01, 2005 | By: Unknown

It was 50 years ago today..

Rosa Parks stood up for what she believed. She changed the course of history,beginning the end of segregation. Thank you Mrs. Parks. Jackie Robinson had already started his journey as the first black baseball player, but he had the support of the baseball teams management. Mrs. Parks had no one's backing but the NAACP and that was after the fact.

This small women changed our country in one brief shining moment by making her stand against tyranny and bigotry.We all need to remember her today, If only for a brief moment. We need to remember that all it takes is one person standing up for what they believe and things can begin to change for the better. She showed us that.