Monday, October 30, 2006 | By: Unknown

Harold Reynolds to sue ESPN for firing him

According to FoxSports, Harold will be lawyering in the near future. Harold..good luck dude..I did appreciate your work, and I can't stand BBT since you left. Kruk only goes so far and Stevie sucks pond scum.

Thinking about your holloween costume?

Ok..bored out of your skull? I stole this from the Ole Blue Heretic's is what it told moi:

Your Halloween Costume Should Be

A Sexy Bunny
Sunday, October 29, 2006 | By: Unknown

Hey Red, you were one of a kind.

Red Auerbach passed away Saturday..he was 89. If you are a Boston Celtic also were a Red fan. Red and his big-ass cigar that was always hanging out of his piehole. He lead the Celt's to 16, count em, 16 Championships as either their Coach or GM. He signed such talent as Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Bill Russell. His Celts won 8 straight titles at one point.

When I lived in Boston ,I loved going to the Garden. When they tore down the original Boston Garden I shed a tear and raised a glass to the first place I ever attended an NBA game. Red was still employed by the Celtics, as their President, when he died.

I will toast him of the great old men of round ball.

Congrats to the St. Louis Cards and their fans. I was compelled to put that in. LaRussa finally pulled it off.

I have been trying to post on Blogger since Sat. Morning..bitch is sure fickle lately.
Thursday, October 26, 2006 | By: Unknown

It's not looking good for the Tigers..

They commit errors in each game. Their pitching isn't up to snuff. They get a lead and they can't hold it. The odds of them winning the next three games are slim and none.

But I hold out hope none the less.

To make matters much worse..Bruce Bochy has agreed to manage the friggin San Fran Giants. He is abandoning my Padres.

I am off to take a pill for the physical pains of a trashed back. I hope the emotional pains take a hike whilst I sleep. I suppose it could be worse..the Padres could be moving to Las Vegas or my mother could call and announce she is coming here for the winter instead of San Diego...
Monday, October 23, 2006 | By: Unknown

jesus, do the cowboys have issues..

It was friggin sad to watch. They ended the first half and began the second half...with an interception..

By two different QB's..The Tuna looked suicidal from there on out. I thought he was going to cry during the post-game Q&A, which in and of itself is scary. This from a man that will tell a member of the media to fuck off quicker than I can tell my son no when he wants to borrow some money. He apologized for 20 minutes, for the love of god.

As for Kenny doesn't matter. People who have played the game weighed in and basically told ESPN to shut the fuck up about it. As long as it did not change the way the ball behaved, they all do it and no one gives a shit. I don't care if cat shit gave him a better grip on the does not change the ball's spin. Now...if only we wouldn't spend the remaining games getting shots of all the pitchers palms.
Sunday, October 22, 2006 | By: Unknown

World Serious moves to St. Louis Tuesday

The temp at gametime was in the 30's, guys were bundled up like they were in the artic, it was strange to see. Tonights game was grrrrreat. 3-1 was the Final score. Kenny Rogers the 41+ year old pitcher was en fuego. He threw 99 pitches in 8 innings, not giving up a run. He now has 23 consecutive post season innings without a run. Can you say awesome?

I can. The man is freaking instense. 46,000 fans screaming his name. Well, make that 46,001. I was driving the cats mad with my yelling. Todd Jones gave up a run in the 9th inning..fucker. Ol Sparky Anderson was there to root on his Tigers. The St. Lou catcher, Yadier Molina, took a baseball to the nads, poor dude..he was hunched over for a few minutes.

Kenny was told to go wash his hands early in the game by the Ump. No one is saying what, if anything he had on his fingers. The Cards could of got him tossed if they had bitched about it. BBT is saying it was pine tar. Rogers said in the post game interview it was "dirt"...oookay.

He actually pitched better AFTER he washed his hands. So, I don't care at this point.

The series moves to St. Lou for three games starting Tuesday.

On the football front, the Chargers lost to a rotten team today. KC beat em and it's being reported by ESPN, that Shawn Merriman of the Chargers will be cooling his heels for 4 games for steroid use. Damn, they just dont get it. Roids....

Have a good monday y'all.
Saturday, October 21, 2006 | By: Unknown

World Serious, game 1

The first game in Detroit had lots of ambience..intros to the lilting tones of...Ted Nugent. The Star Bangled Banner was scraped for America the Beautiful by Bob Seger. It was a moving and rock-filled beginning...then..

Detroit went down the tubes fairly quickly. The rookie pitcher for St. Lou, Anthony Reyes pitched a gem. Only 4 hits in 8 innings and two lousy batters crossed home plate. The Detroit pitcher was also a rookies and his stats weren't that sterling. Justin Verlander didn't do bad..he just wasnt' as good as Reyes with 5 innings pitched, 6 hits and 6 earned runs. Damn..

Game 2 is tomorrow 5pm Left Coast time..I will assume the position and watch with anticipation. Come on Kenny Rogers..get the Tigers a win can do it.
Wednesday, October 18, 2006 | By: Unknown

Game 7 tomorrow night!

It's always fine with me to have a series go 7 games. Now, I just want a good final game. If the Cards win, good for them..and for B. B is a pessimistic Cards fan. First, he had the audacity to say my Padres would beat him. I went along with it...what the hell.

Then he said the Cards would win 1 game in this final series before the World Series. You know, I think he was probably sandbagging. Damn, I hate sandbaggers. But the Mets did their best pitcher tonight..last years Cy Young winner Chris Carpenter. Sorry for the loss B, but he can't win them all.

I am still rooting for the Tigers in the World, its not a typo..not for a manic like moi.

Then I have Football and roundball is starting up. I will be semi-lost until spring training. But sports are sports..I hooked up my wireless router tonight. I can haul the laptop all over the house now. Good stuff for a computer addict. It also means I can sit in the living room and talk to the ball and chain whilst being online. Nirvana some might call it. I just call it giving him some quality time..LOL..

Cards got 1 to go..

So, the Cards need only 1 win to get into the World Series. The last two games will be played at Shea, but even this seems unlikely to help the Mets at this point. Jeff Weaver, the winner of last nights game, has pulled a Derrick Lowe-type of post-season out of his ass. Lowe had a horrible regular season the year the BoSox won it all, but he was the savior for them in the playoffs..Weaver reminds me of Lowe at this point.

I am rooting for the Tigers I don't care who wins the NLCS. Jim Leyritz, come on down old man..I hope you get the ring. With all that time off between the ALCS and this weekends start of the World Series..I hope your pitchers are well rested.

Steve "Psycho" Lyons won't lose his part-time gig with the Dodgers and Sweet Lou Pinella has stuck up for him both in print and on the air, with regard to the tacky and supposed racist statement/joke he made on national tv during the ALCS.

Speaking of "Sweet" Lou Pinella, he is now the proud manager of those shitty Chicago Cubs. Lou has very little patience and one would think managing the Cubbies will try all the patience he has..Good Luck Lou..your gonna need it, along with some tranquilizers..

Koren Robinson, WR for the Packers and world-reknown drunk has gotta a year off....without pay from the NLF. He plead guilty to charges of drunken driving and fleeing police stemming from a high-speed chase in August. This wasn't Koren's first brush with the law whilst drunk...nor his second. Koren had this to say after the NFL told him to sober up for a year: "I am disappointed".

No shit is Green Bay. You screwed up with Seattle and Minnesota as their star get a third shot and what do you do? You get hammered and played high-speed chase with the cops again..some folks are felony dumb..I am looking at you Koren. Hope you saved some of the major league dough you have made..a year is a long time to go without a paycheck.

Monday, October 16, 2006 | By: Unknown

NLCS tied up..Big Ben wakes the hell up and more..

The Mets evened up the score Sunday night. I have to admit, I was starting to wonder about them. Tomorrow is another game. The Cards are proving to be a formidable foe..dammit.

Football was good and bad today. Terrell finally found the endzone..3 times to be exact. BFD. The Chargers scored their asses off against a lousy team. BFD. Big Ben Roethlisberger and the Steel curtain beat the bejeezuz out of the Kansas City Chiefs franchise 45-7. Three of their regular starters didn't suit up for the Steelers, which does make the huge blowout even more interesting..are the Steelers finally gelling or are the Chiefs that friggin bad? The Chiefs backup QB has been quite decent lately..but evidently not this weekend.

But I have decided to keep Big Ben on my fantasy rosters for another week, like I have a choice at this point in the season... He is my backup QB, so no fear.When Big Ben was asked what changed this week he said:

"I tried throwing to the guys in the black shirts rather than the guys in the white shirts," -Good answer dude, like your sarcasim.

Have a good Monday you hard working sots.
Saturday, October 14, 2006 | By: Unknown

Steve Psycho Lyons fired from Fox sports

Damn said what? But its all about Political Correctness evidently over at Fox Sports. Unlike the "news" dept..but we won't go there.

I liked Psycho when he co-anchored the original FSN verson of SportsCenter. It wasn't his first offense at being offensive on the air apparently, he has practice.

Oh fucking well. Sorry your leaving dude..take care.

Tigers in the World Serious. Cool. Congrats to Jimmy Leyland and the boyz..
Thursday, October 12, 2006 | By: Unknown

Ok, so the Mets won round 1...

In a 7 game series that isnt''s not.

But I am rooting for the NL leader in wins..why you ask?

Because I can not root for the team that knocked my Pad's out of the playoffs..very simple no?

Tommy Glavine was one of the his prime. The only thing he has going for him now is that he has been in the playoffs a million times..He's been to the big show.

ok..not a million..but close..He is a great pitcher to have on your team when everyone gets the fucking jitters in the playoffs becuase they have never been there.Glavine has been there with the Braves..alot. And he can tell them what its like. His clubhouse presence matters at this point. He doesnt' get the jitters..he loves this time of year. He lives for this time of year. Its what the whole fucking ball of wax is about...the playoffs..

And Tommy only allowed 4 hits..fuck me running..thats low..I would kill for Tommy to have been on the Pads..Hes fucking 40 years old for the love of god..give him his due ok? This is the best of the best...suck it and deal.

Since most of the Mets have been with the friggin Dodgers at some point in the last two years..god knows I love em because they are no longer with the Dodgers..fuck the Dodgers. fuck em hard with a big ol pole. Mota was with the Dodgers last year and they had no faith in him. So Fuck the Dodgers....who is the getting tee times?

And as for Weaver....that fucking space cadet...he only gave up 4 hits too. But the difference was the 2 runs he handed them. Glavine gave up zero runs..This time of year..every run counts.Besides..Weaver is a mench..a fucking mench..he is either good or in between.

But the difference tonight was The Cards don't have a pitching staff...its a fact jack. Their closer..Izzy is out..the rest of the pitchers depend on the offense getting some runs to cover their ass..yeah yeah yeah..Carp is last years Cy winner..bfd..he can't pitch every damn game.

So my money is on the Muts..god bless those former Dodgers,every one.
Wednesday, October 11, 2006 | By: Unknown

Pitcher Cory Lidle in plane that hit building in NYC.

Sad day for Yanks condolences. The game at Shea tonite is cancelled. Lidle started his career as a Met.
Tuesday, October 10, 2006 | By: Unknown

4:20, Baseball and Net Neutrality..not in that order..

I was happy to watch the Tigers beat the A's. One of the sports blogs I comment on told me baseball is gay. Fuck that blowhard bag of batshit...not literally..he gets a shitload of readers, whereas I am lucky to get the occasional bored soul.

It is not gay however.

Lynchburg VA's own Brandon Inge was the player of the game. I didn't get to see Jim Leyland trying to snitch a smoke ..dammit. I get a smile when I see him do that. I know, thats weird..but hey. c'est moi.

Long-ass day. Not as bad as black dogs but a long hard day none the less..4:20 couldn't come fast enough. The Net Neutrality thang was excellent. I taped the audio portion of it and will play it back in the next couple of days and blog the good, important stuff. My two dear readers need to at least blog about it..the whole Net Neutrality thang affects us all, regardless of personal beliefs or politics. I will be checking blogs and you guys know who you will break my heart if you don't post about it...enough of that shit for tonite.

I gotta get comfy. Have a good Hump day ya'll..I have been sitting in this chair much too friggin long today.
Monday, October 09, 2006 | By: Unknown

Net Neutrality-Bill Moyers on America, PBS Wed. night.

If your reading this blog, net neutrality is important to you. If you use Google, or read news reports online or do neutrality is important to you. If you want to do anything on the internet, net neutrality is important to you. Thats why you need to watch Bill Moyers show Wednesday at 9m on PBS. You can catch a short clip of the show here.

Its about freedom, net neutrality. Freedom of speech, freedom that we have enjoyed, up until the cable providers got involved in trying to take it all away.

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ATTENTION KMART SHOPPERS: The PBS Moyers show on Net Neutrality is NEXT WED. the me more time to do an excellent writeup..
Saturday, October 07, 2006 | By: Unknown

Breaking News: Torre out per NY Daily News

I do NOT live in NYC, so I have no idea of the validity of this article, but here it is. ESPN is also reporting Sweet Lou Pinella will replace him..

Damn..thats harsh. A winning season and the playoffs every year and your ass is still gone..ain't that some shit...

Dodgers OUT...Pads still hanging on by a thread.

The fact stated above makes me happy. Very happy, because even if the Pads get tossed tomorrow, the Dodgers went out before us..

Hey, I need something to hang onto.

With the pitchers going tomorrow..I can only hope and pray. Woodie is an old man...Carpenter is last years Cy Young winner..doesn't bode well for my Pads..but you know what?

I still love the game. And I still love my Pads.specially since they lasted longer than the Dodgers :)

I love that Detroit is in the next round. God love em and Jim Leyland, I know I do. The A's and the Tigers..wotta matchup! Come on kids..rejoice muthafuckas!

Kenny Rogers is da man. Seriously, I have had his measly ass in all my fantasy leagues for the past two years. He is almost as old as Roger the Rocket Clemens(41 as opposed to 42)..but unlike Roger, he is still playing and not getting a Tee time for his golf game. Kenny has spunk as witnessed by his assault of a photog last season. Not that I condone such behavior..just saying..

God damn, I love this game! and screw you that don't. Well, not really, but you know what I am saying I hope. Life is more than paying the mortgage and credit card bills..its about the wide world of sports too..

among other things..
Friday, October 06, 2006 | By: Unknown

Pics from peaceful protests around the nation and some sports..

I know most of you readers hate when I go political on you..but today, its pictures from some of the 235 protests carried out around the US yesterday. I want to thank and our faithful members for posting their pics on the site..I have a few of them below, click on the pic to go to the next one.

Cool Slideshows

As for Baseball..looks like the Dodgers and Padres are going down..and congrats to the A's fans that swept the poor Twinkies today. I am looking forward to the Yanks/Detroit game on next. Peace to all..and good sports as season starts up this week..and football is going strong..later my dear reader.
Monday, October 02, 2006 | By: Unknown

A Lasorda post season extravaganza..

Well, its just a commerical for ESPN's post season games..but its better than last years commercials. Hey, its only 30 seconds..chill.

How to fake your way through the Baseball playoffs

Perhaps some of you don't know shit about baseball. You read this blog because your bored out of your mind and find it better than cartoons, or actually working during the day..I dunno.

So, we here at Moments in Time, have found the perfect primer for those of you that can't find your ass with both hands with regard to the baseball playoffs :) Its from my daily political spot, Here are a few do's and dont's:

American League Division Series: Oakland A's vs. Minnesota Twins
Historical context: Oakland won the World Series in 1989, thanks to the syringe-powered exploits of "Bash Brothers" Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire. Suggest to your viewing partners that light-hitting A's outfielders Jay Payton and Mark Kotsay should henceforth be known as the "Sucky Siblings."

American League Division Series: Detroit Tigers vs. New York Yankees
Historical context: The 26-time champs haven't won it all since 2000, falling to the Diamondbacks and the Marlins in their last two World Series appearances. With no traditional Yankees rivals in the AL field, debate whether losing to the Twins, Tigers, or A's would cause Billy Crystal the most embarrassment.

I am skipping the Dodgers/Mets series since I am praying to GOD that the Dodgers onto the National League Division Series: St. Louis Cardinals vs. San Diego Padres

Conversation starter: "I guess La Russa can't be blamed for the Cards' 4.54 team ERA." Conversation stopper: "But he deserves all the blame for that greasy mullet."

Conversation starter: "Cla Meredith was the best relief pitcher in the majors this year." Conversation stopper: "The only stat I care about is the Cuteness Factor."

-personally, I would smack the shit out of you if you use the Convo stopper we share in the section above :)

Enjoy the games!

Baseball..god I love this sport.

We are now less than 24 hours from the start of the playoffs. Praise Jesus! ESPN has a nice list of 100 things they love about this years playoffs, thanks Bruce for the link :)..some of the funny and not so funny ones:

61. Coming to the conclusion that if Nick Swisher were an adult film star his stage name would be … Nick Swisher.
47. Chris Carpenter's attempt to prove a one-man starting rotation is good enough to lead a team to a World Series title.
42. More camera shots of Joe Mauer's girlfriend.(They have a pic of her up..she is a looker)
32. Watching Padres catcher Mike Piazza throw two-hoppers to second base.
23. Potential camera shots of Tigers manager Jim Leyland stealing a smoke.
13. The possibility of St. Louis slugger Albert Pujols facing Hoffman in the bottom of the ninth with the game on the line.
Sunday, October 01, 2006 | By: Unknown

Padres win the west, Titan stomps on a players head that was minus a helmet.

The fuckwits from St.Louis will have to come to San Diego after losing their final game of the season to...

The Brewers..The Cards have lost 7 of their last 10 games while the Padres have won 8 of their last 10. I will not wish the Cards luck, fuck em..its every fan for their team at this juncture. Luis "Gonzo" Gonzalez was a good player that won the 7th game of the World Series for the Dbacks against the Yanks so many moons ago. I was living in AZ for that series..and I can still see Luis smiling through his tears on the field after the game was over. They will miss him in AZ, the fans that is..the owners..not so much..they told him months ago he wouldn't be back as a Dback..Luis isn't ready to hang up his I hope he finds a team that will appreciate him as a person and a player. BTW..the Padres win was pretty ugly ended on a call that didn't look right to me or the announcers I was listening to. Hope the Dodgers get their asses handed to them when they visit the Mets in:

1 day 22 hrs 23 mins 1 sec
I do love the Tommy Lasorda commericals for the Playoffs..The man is a fan and I do heart his spirit :) Thats the only time you will hear me say anything good about a former or current Dodger...If I can find any of his new commericals on YouTube, I will post them.

Now, the Titan with the over-abundant supply of testosterone was Albert Haynesworth. Fat Albert has been in trouble before, but this one takes the cake..he stomped on the head and face of a player that had just gotten a TD for Dallas. His helmet had come off..and there was Albert..standing above the fallen player..

Andre Gurode said he did not have any words with Albert prior to the face stomping. He had to get stitches in his forehead and below his eye. Fucking Fat Albert is lucky he didnt' take the guys eye out. Then the sumbitch had the nads to protest the call of unsportsmanlike conduct and toss HIS helmet, which thankfully got his ass tossed out of the game. I heard that this isn't Alberts first brush with unsportsman-like conduct. I hope they toss his ass for the rest of the season. Sure, there is emotional highs and lows on a football field, but to kick/stomp the face of a man laying at your feet is pure and simple evil..the man has problems and they need to be addressed before he is allowed on the field of play. This is a game..its a fucking game played for lots and lots of money and glory. But that shouldn't provide a backdrop for intentionally going after a player who has said or done nothing to piss you off, other than scoring on your worthless ass. Be a man, suck it up and deal Albert you douchebag.