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Todays Useless News

My laptop has blown ANOTHER friggin muthaboard..thats two in three months for those keeping track. The idiots that pass as computer geeks at Best Buy can kiss my hairy ass....They can't find theirs with BOTH their hands evidently..I am reduced to using my PC which sucks pond scum and loads webpages at the speed of melting ice on a cold day..but enough on that..

The Padres rookie pitcher Chris Young came within one inning of pitching a NO-NO tonight..poor guy, I wish I could of watched the game but hell..living out of market is a bitch don't ya know. The Padres have NEVER had a No-No in their professional history..jeez.They are also still in friggin last place....I got enough to depress me lately...like..

The trip to Vegas this week is off..my car needed brakes..expensive brakes..are there any other kind I ask rhetorically..but..I WILL be going to San Diego for 4 glorious days starting Thursday :) Thank god for credit cards and family members that allow you to stay for gratis.. heh heh..I will have to catch my blues god, Joe Bonamassa, at his next Vegas gig which I think is in July.

Barbaro is still healing... Hooray! His jockey drove 300 miles to see him for the first time since he broke down at the Preakness. He was understandibly emotional. Animals do that to most people..

Barroid Bonds was on Sportscenter tonight, looking very forlorn and almost..dare I say...emotional. It was a Kodak moment until I thought about him for a minute..then I snapped out of it..and called "shenanigans" on his ass.

This site is a great way to spend some quality internet time. It's the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations website which has fantastic videos and stills of the ocean floor. Included are videos of erupting volcanos, deep sea coral reefs and newly discovered species of fish that are just incredible in their beauty. This is recent footage, captured from April 18-May13th of this year. The trip is 800 nautical miles down from the surface..personally I don't have a friggin clue what the difference is between nautical and surface miles..but I am still impressed at the depth.Obviously much of the footage was captured using robotic vessels,but this doesn't detract from the beauty that lies on the bottom of our oceans. Go check it out..you never know how long it will be around.
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Remembering the Boys

They were boys. They were so young,not even old enough to drink off-base,two of them. They are on this wall, those three boys of my youth. They will be forever young in my mind,unlike ex-husbands or relatives. Michael,Gus and Luke were never able to grow up and see what life held for them,unlike me. So today it is thoughts of them, and how they would be now,staring middle age in the face like I am. Dealing with the problems and enjoying the good things that life has when you get past the age of worrying about the rat race. No war before Vietnam affected me. My father served in Korea but was in the Navy and therefore on a ship. He served for 20 years,he was deployed during the cuban missle crisis. But this war, the Vietnam war, it affected me by taking childhood friends in the beginning of their manhood. Michael jumped in the lake once to save me from drowning. He then proclaimed I was not really drowning, I just wanted his arms around me..he was right of course.These three boys did not go willingly. They were drafted. I remember sitting in the dark,watching the lottery no one wanted to win. I remember the gasps when someone's number came up. I remember the silence when no one knew what to say. I lived in a military town, Lompoc,outside of Vandenberg AFB. But no one really wanted to go,they could see the war each night on the news, the living room war as it was called. But they went. Demand the truth,don't let our government hide behind a wall of secrecy. We owe it to them all. The ones that went inspite of their feelings,or those that went because of them.
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Barroid passes the Babe*

In other news..a blogger bud Beth and her sister went to a family wedding recently. The cake was a tad unusual:


I shat you not..they got a pic up here and the rest of the story..its a hoot boys and girls..if you need a laugh or at the very least a smirk..go read about the "redneck wedding event of the year" complete with tat's, clowns, purple fuzzy outfits and god knows what else. Its a short but delightful read..hey it made me laugh.
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2464 Reasons to Hate this administration.


This Memorial Weekend think about our current war and those thousands that will forever pay the price for it. The maimed, the families of these dead soldiers will never be the same.
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A baseball card blog...

Relive your youth..if you loved collecting those lil suckers and eating that shitty gum here. I was one of those..my brother and I would destroy each others collections when we got pissed at each other..in retrospect that was juvenile :p

Parody Alert!!!!

Actually its much more than a parody of AmericaBlog. It tosses John Aravosis' words right back at him. He is none to pleased either. Apparently he has tossed his ample girth around at blogger and tried to get the site shut down..ah fark him!..here is the link..enjoy and have a good friday..I have to go to PT soon and we all know I can barely move afterwards :(
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Baseball and other items of note...

Randy Johnson, who pitches without any cartilage in one knee..is getting old. It has never been more apparent than this season, and we are barely into the season. He has stunk up the joint on numerous occasions for the Yank$, thanking Allah for his latest win...and his mates. He gave up nine hits with five runs in five lousy innings last night, but was bailed out by the Yank$ bats and got the win over the Bosox...dammit.

The Padres, those dipwads who looked so good two weeks ago, are now tied with the Giants for last place in their division..such a short ride from first to worst ya know?

But..the Padres aren't the worst team this year..thank you Jesus..its those poor sots in KC, the Royals..friggin give me a break..they just lost 12 in a row..and currently hold a record of..gasp..10-35..which means their winning percentage is a dismal .222? yep..thats what it says. The owner of the Royals can't even get a replacement Manager for the one he wants to fire. Everyone has told him thanks but no thanks..including Stevie Phillips the Mets former GM. Guys would rather let their dog chew off one of their arms than work in KC..

So in that respect..my Pad's don't look so bad..ya know?

A new piece of info on Barbaro..if he can't *literally*stand at stud, he can't be bred. Artificial insemination is against the rules in Thorobred racing...so if he can't take the weight on his hind leg to do the "deed"..he won't be making any babies,artificial or otherwise. Maybe its not all about the money? Who knows at this point..but he's hanging in there.

I am still hurting so I will keep this short dear reader..its medication time, I hear that music they play at the nurses station over the PA system now..oh wait..thats One flew over the Cukoos nest..but you get my drift. My doctor, who only comes to town..lol..once a week from LA cancelled my appointment today..but he was more than happy to sign me up for another month of physical therapy..wotta guy..now, I can't see him for two weeks. I am not happy about that..but such is my lot in life lately..
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And from out WTF? Dept comes this...

I just got back from Physical Therapy..I want a drink..which I can't have. I don't want a pain pill which is what I need. So..no post today..just this sick-ass video of a guy "surfing" the men's urinal at a ball game somewhere..jeez..I hope to god someone paid him big bucks to do this..sick sumbitch. I don't care how young he is..I was never this immature..is that bad? I think not :p

Its lifted from John B's blog. My favorite Catholic Packer Fan.

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MIT has hawks..who knew?

This link goes to the Mass. Institute of Techies webcam for their nest of baby hawks. I used to live down the road from them in Cambridge,MA so I heart them anyway. I miss New England..during the spring and fall..rest of the time..nah.

Also..An Inconvienent Truth opens in LA and NYC tomorrow. See it,you can't afford not to my dear reader. It opens June 1st all over the place, so click on the link in the right sidebar to find a theater near you. Take your kids, take your neighbors..take it's message to heart..our lives depend on it.

I have one question..

Who gives a shit where Jimmy Hoffa is buried? Perhaps his immediate family, but other than that..who cares? Why are we spending tax dollars looking for this guys body?

Why aren't we spending those tax dollars looking for Bin Laden? I think he's a tad more of a threat to National Security than Jimmy Hoffa's dead ass.

Ok, I have two questions..

Why is Rush Limbaugh still on the air spewing bullshit and bravado when a wheel-chair bound Richard Paey, a victim of multiple sclerosis,is charged with basically the same thing Rush's fat ass did..doctor shopping for pain medication? Mr. Paey is doing 25 years in the slammer.

Really..seriously why? The irony is Mr. Paey is getting more pain meds in prison through the morphine drip that is attached to him now. He just doesn't get to live his life..Rush Limbaugh does. Rush's only real pain is waiting for the bad press to die down about his "indescretion".Just don't seem right to me.

If you want to read more about the double-standard in enforcing the federal drug laws..check out Bill Fisher's article here. I would if I were you. If you have any chronic pain..or sadly, expect to at some point in your life, you need to read Bill's article about the DEA'S war on doctors.
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That's a lot of hardware in one leg..

The bones seem to be nothing but metal now..replaced with screws and plates. I mean, he broke all three of the bones in his leg. They must really think (the owners) they will make some serious cash off this horse..if he lives through this.

They, the universal they, say he is feeling fine, no pain and he's horny..what else would they say with thousands of people clamoring for information about the horse. The blogosphere is all over this story.

To me, its sadly a greed thang..the owners want to make upwards of $30 million syndicating him for stud services..which isn't a bad way to spend the rest of your life. Or, they can just keep him and stud him out to the tune of...this is a serious number for sex..$75K per filly..usually 100 fillies a year..do the math kids..the owners are the richest pimps in the universe.

If he lives..
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Your Sports Sunday Sermon from the valley of the shadow of death.

King James is trying to lead the unwashed to the promised land in Detroit. Lebron James, who some baptised as the "baby jesus" when he was blowing them out of the water in high school, is trying to win the 7th game for his team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cav's aren't looking too hot, but Lebron..well, he's King James and he's doing his best. Since basketball is a team sport, it doesn't bode well for the Cav's against the Pistons today.

My Padres were summarily swept by the Seattle Mariners. Its painful to type these words but here they are: The Padres are tanking quicker than a 17-year old drinking his first pint of Wild Turkey. They have gone from first to fourth in the standings in a weeks time. Piazza is warming the pine, as he should,but they might want to consider bringing him back full time since the pitchers just aren't getting it done lately. They need something, perhaps its a catcher that has a ton of seasons under his belt,unlike the two guys now behind the plate(both rookies).

Barbaro is still in surgery. This noble creature has survived his usually life-ending injuries thus far. He has been in surgery for over four hours. This should be taken as a good sign, he would of been euthanized quickly if they found something worse when they opened him up. I thought of that valiant filly Ruffian when he went down. Sportsline has a story up today about her. The match race with Foolish Pleasure at Belmont was where she went down, they euthanized her immediately. I cried like a baby, it broke my heart to watch in horror as she tried to get up. Its rare in Thorobred racing history when a filly like Ruffian comes along, able to best the boys as she did so wonderfully in the 70's. Her heart, her spirit were so much bigger than her body. The chances are still very slim that Barbaro will survive this horrible injury. He has two complete breaks in his hind leg. Consider if you will that a horse's foot is so small that it takes two of them to equal one human foot. Yet, the weight they carry on each foot is over four times the amount a human carries on one of their two feet. There is still a chance Barbaro will not heal or even make it through the night, coming out of the anethesia is the worst part they say, horses thrash and many times injure themselves even worse. All this, so they can make some money off him as a sire? I hope that isn't their only motivation..I would hate to ask God to smite their asses.

I love writing over here on this blog. I get a chance to break away from the horror show that our current administration has become. I get to indulge my love of sports. I get to relish a great catch, a game-winning three pointer or a golf shot that defies explanation. I get to vent about men playing a child's game for lots of money and fame. Its a diversion I love usually. Being the biggest animal lover bar none, today it just isn't a fun day to blog about sports. Noble creatures like Barbaro do what they do because its in their blood, their nature..they know nothing else in life. Men that play childrens games..not so much.
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Barroid ties the Babe*.

We, the universal "we" knew it would happen, took him 13 days to hit it,hes old..he's broken down. Far as I am concerned..its got a * after it..and will forever. Thanks to the Omnipotent One for this pic..it says what I feel and I have been waiting to toss it out there.

Edit: Preakness favorite Barbaro broke down shortly after leaving the gate today. He has broken a hindleg in two places..so far, its not life threatening.This I have feelings about..Barroid..not so much. Horses are noble creatures..Barroid..eh..nevermind.

It's time for that dumbest of marketing ideas, Interleague play in Baseball. The Chicago teams thought they would add a little spice to their game by having a benches clearing brawl,four being tossed in the process.
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Tagged by Newt...

Only cuz I love reading her blog will I do this..so here goes:

I AM hard-headed and will argue with a fencepost.(or so I have been told)
I WANT to see a peaceful world before I die.
I WISH I could rescue every feral cat or abused dog I see.
I MISS falling asleep to the sound of waves crashing against the cliffs in Ocean Beach,CA.
I HEAR music in my head all the time. God help people if I start singing along with it.
I WONDER if we as a world will ever deal with global warming before its too late.
I REGRET not getting a 4 year college degree.
I AM NOT an easy person to live with because I am moody.
I DANCE alone in my bedroom with an audience of cats and dogs.(I did prior to hosing up my back anways)
I AM NOT ALWAYS understanding of those who's POV I don't agree with.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS lots of middle finger gestures at slow drivers in the fast lane.
I WRITE to quiet the voices in my head that tell me how bad things are or are going to be.
I CONFUSE people with my rapid speech, thereby baffling them with my bullshit.
I NEED to capture the feral momma cat in my backyard and get her spayed. I can't adopt anymore of her kittens.
I SHOULD learn patience, I would get more out of life if I did.
I START each day with a bed full of cats and dogs staring at me,awaiting breakfast.
I FINISH each day with my beloved Scooter laying down next to me,purring me to sleep.

I had to report on this..its regarding shoes..

And anyone that knows me knows I love shoes..I have roughly a hundred pairs..seriously..I do..I can't wear most of them now with my back all trashed..so I am shopping for new ones with less than 2 inch heels,unlike these beauties to the left which are three and half inchers..but I digress..

Two girls went shoe shopping in San Diego recently. Actually they went shoe stealing. They were heisting $200 pairs of shoes..I do not know what kind..perhaps Manolo's or Ferrigamo's..I can't afford those, and evidently they couldn't either. They led cops on a high speed chase over two different freeways, all the while tossing pairs of shoes out the window. God, think of all those beautiful shoes being run over by cars..makes me want to cry..

Anyway..they were caught..lol..like they were going to get away. You can outrun a police car my dad used to say..but you can't outrun a police radio. Our shoe thiefs plead guilty in court: Jennifer Glausier, 31, pleaded guilty to evading arrest and receiving stolen property and was immediately sentenced to three years and eight months in state prison. Damn..thats some hard time wouldn't you say? The second girl, who was just along for the ride when they reached speeds over 100 miles per hour got a measly three months in the slammer. Linkage to their sad story is here.

The morale of the story..shop ebay girls..you could of gotten those shoes for around $50 bucks if you know how to work the auction system like I do :)
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Catch and Release? Was he sucking up to fishermen or what?

Jon Stewart, god love that man, has the best explanation of wtf and who the hell the Shrub was talking about. I thought my head was going to explode with all the reading I was doing regarding the Shrubs speech on immigration and the people dissecting it for me. The line in his speech that drove me crazy was the "catch and release". I was totally and completely sure the Shrub had lost his place on the teleprompter and perhaps was reading off the cover of an old issue of Field and Stream.

For the sake of our minds, a little humor if you will. Jon Stewarts brief albeit funny take on the Shrubs speech is here.
Wednesday, May 17, 2006 | By: Unknown

Oh for the love of God, wtf happened at the Padres/D'backs game?

9 runs in the first inning..I mean, come on...that was one team, the Padres. The final score was a disgusting 14-10. Thats a friggin football score. Whats really sad is ..both these teams are fighting for first in the NL West..and I happen to follow both since I have resided in both areas. My back is killing me, actually its the physical therapist who's killing me. That fucker is going to find a pipebomb in his volvo if he doesn't quit overdoing it on the exercises.

That score..it would drive me to drink but the medication they got me on doesn't allow it..fuckers.
I know..too many rants..so little time..carry on.

Make sure next time there are No Pets Left Behind

This isn't a joke. Its a bill the Humane Societyof the U.S. has in front of the Senate(S. 2548) and the House (H.R. 3858) regarding pets during evacuations such as what happened with Katrina last year.

The bill is called the PETS Act. The Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act will insure that thousands of animals are not left behind to starve and die a horrible death by allowing them to be evacuated with their owners. PETS requires state and local authorities to consider the needs of individuals with pets and service animals in the event of a major disaster. That means ANY type of disaster that requires evacuations. There are still hundreds and hundreds of dogs and cats that are living in shelters that in many cases, will never be reunited with their owners. Don't allow this to happen again. We know there will be more hurricanes, earthquakes and natural disasters. We need to make sure the littlest victims have a fighting chance to survive. Please click on the picture to go to the Humane Society website and sign the letter that will go to your Congress Rep and Senate Rep. We don't know when the next disaster will occur but we need to get these bills through and protect the ones that give us unconditional love daily.
Tuesday, May 16, 2006 | By: Unknown

Axl took the stage in NYC..hot damn!

Don't get too excited..he was over 75 minutes late hitting the stage...some things never change. He did have one old GnR musician..keyboardist Dizzy Reed with him along with Chris Pittman, ex-Replacements bassist Tommy Stinson, former Primus kitman Brian "Brain" Mantia and three guitarists: erstwhile Nine Inch Nails member Robin Finck, ex-Psychedelic Furs axeman Richard Fortus and Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, a New York musician hired just last week to replace long-departed virtuoso Buckethead.

Axl isn't a "spring" chicken anymore,hes 44. The review I read of the concert here, said that he was sweating his ass off just 2 minutes into the gig. It also noted his "visually noticable added poundage"..lord, he's fat now? Say it ain't so Axl!

He did the old fav's of course along with several of the new cuts that have been leaked by those nasty music pirates :P His voice buckled a few times according to the article.

The average age of the audience was figured (wtf?) at 35 although some "grandparent" types were seen rocking out. He's got a couple more days on the East Coast..I so wish I was there for this, even if it did cost hundreds to see him and $85 bucks for an Axl hockey jersey..damn..maybe I am glad I wasn't there...
Monday, May 15, 2006 | By: Unknown

Al Gore does SNL last Saturday.

It was funny and irreverent. If you missed it, you can watch the whole thing here:


If that doesn't work, go to CrooksAndLiars.com and scroll down to the Sunday posts, the link is embedded in their post.

Its only a couple minutes,so check it out :)
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Mothers day circa 2006

Today I think of mothers that have lost their children in Iraq. Its not a happy thought of course, its sad and depressing. I do not wish to depress you, my dear reader, that isn't my intent. But, the one thing mothers seem to have in massive doses is compassion.

Mommy's are the most compassionate bunch of human's on the planet. Its something they find within themselves when they become mothers if they didn't feel it already. Compassion can feed the spirit, lifting us up when things seem bleak. Its an emotion that is essential to being a decent human being. That said, mothers are usually the most decent human beings on the planet. I like being part of the "Mommy" brigade. I think it made me a better human being. I think it sustained me when I was ready to toss in the towel on life during various points in my long journey through this world.

Mommy's are the glue that holds this world together. Lets rejoice that there are Mommy's! Lets hope that we get to see a Mothers day next year that has no war in it.
Friday, May 12, 2006 | By: Unknown

A Shameless plug for Joe Bonamassa's new Blues CD, out June 6th

Whats a blog for if not the occasional shameless promo..this one is for my favorite blues artist in the world now..Joe Bonamassa. The man tours 300 days a year..so he will appear near you, my dear reader, sometime this year. Go see him, you won't waste your time, I promise you...and he's cheap..unlike those stadium rockers that charge an arm and fucking leg. A nice cozy, intimate lil club usually.

Linkage to a full tune off the new cd entitled :You and Me is here. The song is called "High Water Everywhere"Enjoy :)
Thursday, May 11, 2006 | By: Unknown

Boxing great Floyd Patterson dies.

Floyd was at home in NY when he passed on today. This boxing great was the youngest to ever win the title, beating Archie Moore in 1956 at the age of 21. He was suffering from alzheimers and prostate cancer when he died. Floyd was small as a heavyweight boxer, but made up for that in spirit. Cus D'amato was his trainer. Cus, you may remember, was Mike Tyson's guy during Tyson's best years. Floyd successfully defended his title four times before being beaten. He came back to defend his title twice more I believe. Patterson retired in 1972 at age 37 with a professional record of 55-8-1 and served as New York state athletic commissioner.

Should be an interesting night in heaven tonight....
Wednesday, May 10, 2006 | By: Unknown

Blogging takes a back seat to life..film at 11

I will be unavailable for posting until maybe this weekend..I am organizing a nice little event for MoveOn at our local congress rep's office for tomorrow. Should be interesting..

My back is still trashed..the physical therapy sucks dirty socks and its hitting hot in the temperature department here..from winter straight into summer..praise jesus and turn on the swamp cooler.

Barroid Bonds might pass the Babe by the time I come back to blogging..I personally wish someone from outerspace would kidnap him and drop him off in Siberia..without a map or shoes.

Irony of Ironies..the two reporters that blew the whistle on Barroid could end up doing more prison time than ANY of the asshats that were pushing the steroids and developing them at BALCO. They refuse to name their sources for the Grand Jury transcripts.

Padres are doing ok..won 9 straight games!!! now that I said that..they will tank.

My fantasy baseball teams are in the bottom of 4 out of 5 leagues..jesus why can I NOT pick batters? My pitchers rock but thats only half the stats..I am embarrassed beyond measure at their subpar performance..oh well..have a good hump day sportsfans..see ya when I see ya..
Tuesday, May 09, 2006 | By: Unknown

The Army is recruiting Autistic 18 year olds..are we that desperate?

Apparently we are.I want to thank Steve O. over at Bring it On! for posting this story today.I had to blog about it, if only to get it out of my head. As a parent, it upset me. As a daughter and wife of former Navy men it pissed me off.

Last year, many reports were out there regarding military recruiters abusing the rules to sign up new enlistees. The level of abuse was so bad, the Army halted recruiting for one day last May to re-instruct recruiters on legalities regarding their recruitment policies.

Well, they are at it again.

Army recruiters in Oregon signed up an autistic 18-year old. They signed him up for one of the most dangerous jobs in the Army, a scout. That means if he doesn’t get blown to bits, its ok for the rest of them to go into a situation or area. The child, and yes mentally he is still a child, has been tested by the Army and passed with flying colors…that is, if you think 43 of 99 correct answers is a passing grade. The Army will enlist adults that score as low as 31 correct answers. Is a passing grade of less than 33% acceptable in the real world?


Jared, the autistic 18 year old, told his parents he was going to enlist. They figured no way he would pass a test, not to mention the recruiters would be able to ascertain that Jared had a disability. I mean, the girls in school could figure it out pretty quickly. Jared is a good looking kid and those young chicks are always on the prowl for a “hottie”..that is until he can’t hold a decent conversation…then, they turn and walk away. The recruiters didn’t care. His mother called and asked him what he was doing. Jared told her he was taking a test, and entrance test. His mother asked to speak to the Army recruiter, Cpl. Ronan Ansley. She explained to Ansley that Jared had a disability that would never be outgrown, he was autistic. Ansley said he had one too..he had dyslexia.

Big difference between those wouldn’t you say?

So, after finding out her son had “passed” his entrance exam, Jared’s mother called the recruitment office and asked for Ansley’s superior. She spoke with Sgt. Alejandro Velasco. She again explained Jared’s disability. She advised Velasco to review Jared’s long medical history. Velasco declined stating he didn’t need to, the recruiter would take care of all that. Jared’s mother begged and pleaded with Velasco. His response was this:

"Well, Jared's an 18-year-old man. He doesn't need his mommy to make his decisions for him."

Jared’s parents contacted their local newspaper, the Oregonian. Thankfully they ran with the story. They contacted Velasco who denied knowing anything about Jared’s autism. Sgt. Velasco threw Cpl. Ansley under the bus, stating he had no knowledge of Jared’s condition and that Cpl Ansley was the man to talk to. The Oregonian also faxed Jared's medical records to the U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion commander Lt. Col. David Carlton in Portland, who on Wednesday ordered an investigation. Jared’s parents are still waiting to hear if he will be released from his commitment to join the Army.

If you think this kind of behavior by our military recruiters is unusual, its not.

There are plenty of articles online about the Army’s enlistment tactics. Check out this one here. It’s the story of an honor student who told an Army recruiter that he flunked out of high school and had a marijuana habit he couldn’t kick. The recruiter told him how to get a fake diploma and took him to a store and picked out a masking agent for his urine test. Read the Ohio story of recruiters enlisting a 21 year old bi-polar man that had recently been released from a psych ward. I love the Houston story about a recruiter telling someone that a warrant would be issued for his arrest if he didn’t attend a meeting. The male wasn’t signed up, he was merely THINKING about it. There are many more..I am just too sick to my stomach to link them all at this point. The best part is yet to come however on the Houston story.

The Houston recruiter who threatened the interested male with an arrest warrant has been..drumroll please..promoted. The Army just loves those gun-ho types.

Don’t you?

Monday, May 08, 2006 | By: Unknown

EV's can get a speeding ticket..who knew?

Electric Vehicles designed for racing ran against vehicles built by Porshe, Buggatti and Ferrari. An unknown start-up company beat the big boys named above. I like driving fast, I like when the little guy wins and I like it even more when they don't contribute to global warming.

Linkage to the article is here.
Saturday, May 06, 2006 | By: Unknown

10th anniversary of medicinal marijuana bill's passage marked in Bakersfield

Today, somehow, I missed this anniversary. Of course I am laid up with a trashed back from a work injury so I am not on top of things,being medicated up to my eyeballs with muscle relaxers,N-Saids and pain pills. All these drugs have marked side effects on my body, some of them worse than what they are designed to alleviate. For me sometimes, the cure is worse than the disease.

Which brings me to the reason for this post. Last month was the national celebration of 4/20. I didn't really post on that day but read some good posts and bad posts on the subject. One bad post quoted the "press" release that day from those wonderful folks over at the FDA. It reinterated the basic "political" premise that marijuana has no medical use, its a nasty drug and yada yada yada..I would like to bring up something those asshats over at the FDA seemed to have forgotten...

Back in 1999, the Institute of Medicine,the medical part of the National Academy of Sciences released a report on medicinal marijuana and other related topics. The NAS is an organization chartered by Congress to provide independent, nonpartisan scientific and technological advice. They released a 288 page report(which you can read in its entirety here) which stated various points regarding marijuana as a gateway drug(low probability), potential for addiction(also low probability), the effect of smoking marijuana on the lungs(no obvious long-term problems) and the usefulness of marijuana in treating such debilitating diseases,conditions or illnesses associated with cancer chemotherapy, appetite stimulation for cancer and HIV patients, and treatment of muscle spasticity for patients with multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injury. Time and time again throughout the report, the 11 well respected scientists urged more testing and research into the usefulness of medicinal marijuana.

Since that report was released, our government as blocked virtually ALL efforts to conduct research on this plant that grows wild as a weed in various parts of the world, including the United States. What this means is the politically motivated press release last month is nothing more than bat guano since NOTHING has been proven, due to the governments efforts to stonewall any and all research.

So, once again our government has given us nothing more than lies,half-truths and basic bullshit masquerading at truth in the name of medical science. Don't you just love how those asshats can say all this crap with a straight face and a steady voice knowing its the biggest crock of hog poop since Scooter Libby said he was too busy to remember who he talked to about Valerie Plames status over at the CIA?

I know I do..

Anyways..in this red county of Kern, filled chock full of republicans that simply hate that medicinal marijuana is legal in this state, marchers walked proudly, were pushed in wheel chairs, and hobbled in support of our right to use a drug that many researchers OUTSIDE the U.S have shown is a viable alternative to prescription medication that not only costs a bloody fortune but has side effects that hamper its use by many sick individuals.

Thanks to them that marched today. I am just sorry I wasn't able to join you. I salute you all.

Game of Shadow's authors to appear before the Grand Jury

It seems that a first amendment showdown will occur soon regarding who leaked Grand Jury transcripts to the authors of the Barroid Bonds steroid-stunner "Game of Shadows". The Grand Jury wants the authors to reveal their sources regarding the Grand Jury transcripts they used in their book. Its not against the law to have the info..but it is against the law to leak it..Go figure...

Sports Illustrated has a write up here regarding this newest twist in the Barroid drug scandal. Meanwhile Barroid went o-fer tonight against Philly. He is two homers behind Babe Ruth in his hopefully futile attempt to get the homerun record.
Friday, May 05, 2006 | By: Unknown

Damn, I guess Aunt Gladys is gonna have to order from the internet now.

The great state of South Carolina is considering a bill, brought forth by a Repube I might add, that will outlaw the sale of sex toys..

Now, I love this article because the sex shop worker they quote has worked at the same sex shop for..20 YEARS!!! Must have some damn good employee benefits don't ya think?

The punishment for selling a sex toy will be 5 years and $10 grand in fines..Jesus christ in a thong..thats a tad harsh for selling ..um..a toy ..isn't it?

The linkage to the article is here..this just ruins my Friday..another state going anti-sex toy..such a buzzkill.
Thursday, May 04, 2006 | By: Unknown

Your Computer..yes yours..can help solve the mysteries of disease.

I recently discovered Bob's blog..its over on the side bar with a long-assed name of "Bobs News,Weather, Mozart,Sports,Restaurant Guide & Perverted Videogames from Vleeptron"..sweet jesus Bob..brevity isn't your strong suit eh dear? But I digress..

I was reading his latest post yesterday and I was amazed to find another scientific endeavor that utilizes home computers ala SETI@home from those fine folks at Stanford University. The way it works is this:

You download a "workload" for your computer to process when its not doing anything..which, if you think about it..is most of the time. It takes a nano second to process your request to find a web page or open a link, or look for porn..computers are amazingly quick and usually just idle,waiting for your next command. Its called FOLDING@home. I have been using my un-used CPU for years looking for little green men in outerspace for SETI@home. I want to be the one to find the intelligent life..its always been a hope that I would see my name in lights: DUSTY FINDS INTELLIGENT LIFE IN OUTERSPACE,FILM AT 11.

Anyways..Bob can explain it far better than I can..the link to his post is here. But if you want to help scientists find cures or better understand the following diseases:

Alzheimer's Disease
Huntington's Disease
Osteogenesis Imperfecta
Parkinson's Disease
Ribosome & antibiotics
Then go read Bob's post and download Folding@home. The linkage to Folding@home is here. If you are planning to participate, let me know..we can do it as a group! My handle in this project is "dusty1215". You can join me or do it solo and anonymously if you wish...just do it. I can attest to the fact that SETI@home doesn't slow down my computer one iota. And so far, doing BOTH of them has no impact on my CPU usage either.

Kirby Pucketts "girl friend" fights with his kids..for his ashes

This is so sick on many levels. Jodi Olsen..who CLAIMS her and Kirby were to be married this summer has hired a lawyer in AZ to fight Kirbys kids over his ashes. I am speechless. Evidently SI.com isn't..the link to the disgusting story is here. I hope she frys to a crisp in the AZ sun.
Tuesday, May 02, 2006 | By: Unknown

Links ...its what makes the blog world go around.

NY Magazine has an interesting article that I filched from somewhere.It shows the top 50 blogs in terms of linkage..that all important part of building readership. Interesting part is, not all the blogs are in English. Many are in Japanese or Chinese..or just European blogs. It seems that many of the American Blogs are political in content.. DailyKos, The Huffington Post and Insta Pundit for examples..How many political blogs do you, my dear reader peruse? The ever-popular Post Secret is way up there. I have never been to that site but I do frequent most of the political ones.

The linkage..lol..to the mag's article is here. Wonder if they are counting the links to their article :)

Dirty Jesus returns to the Fens

The "Passion" pic is snitched from Boston Dirt Dogs..love them guys..

I will not attempt a story..Dave has a great story up about the night Johnny Damon returned to Fenway Park. It wasn'tjust Damon..Doug Mirabelli did as well..did you BoSox fans send John Moore's a thank you card? Such a gift he gave you..Doug AND Mark Loretta..but I digress..

The old adage you can't go home again seems to have applied to Damon in a Yank$ uni but not Mirabelli as the Sawx beat those fucknuts from the Bronx. Damon was a gent, he tipped his hat the the few fans that weren't hostile.

The hapless Padres beat the Giants..thats two wins in a row..be still my heart.. :P
Monday, May 01, 2006 | By: Unknown

Anna Nicole gets the Supremes to see her side of the story.

Not that I give a rat's ass about this broad but I did smirk when I saw this headline: High Court Victory for Anna Nicole. She didn't get the cash..she got another chance to grab it in another lawsuit against her dead husbands son according to the unanimous verdict by the Supreme Court today. Methinks the family will spend every last stinking dime on lawyers before they give her a buck of it..anyone agree?

Those bastards are at it again..Stop them Now!

Those lovely corporate types are pushing to limit the internet content YOU and I will be able to access. This is pure and total horse pucky sportsfans..Tell your congress freaks how you feel about it..join the fight against stripping our first amendment rights. An easy to use form is here to let your specific congress rep's how you feel about this. This link here will give you tools to use in order to get the word out about this heinous bill that will restrict our freedoms once again in the name of CORPORATE GREED. You can put buttons on your blog/website that will link directly to SaveTheInternet.com so that other bloggers can get w/the program to stop these bastards. Join the fight or shut the hell up..its as simple as that.

Webcams of interest...

This is spring..time for birds to hatch..so I am sharing a favorite webcam site. Its for bald eagles, perregine falcons and some owls I think, they are all "raptors". The site itself is really neat if your into these types of things..its a research project. The various webcams of the wee ones in the nest is here. The main page for the research project on raptors is here at raptorresearch.org.