Saturday, July 30, 2005 | By: Unknown

Sex, lies and audiotapes..Our Fucktards of the Week Winner!

This story has all the makings of a sordid B Movie plot..and its all true. Thats the scary part. A reporter secretly tapes a phone call from a politico that seconds later commits suicide in the reporters newspapers lobby..the reporter tells his bosses of the taped convo and later that evening gets the boot.. The newspaper had the nads to publish parts of the illegally taped convo prior to canning the reporter..can anyone tell me who is wrong in this whole mess? Does anyone care? The media gets to police itself which to me is like letting the fox guard the henhouse. The newspaper then says its firing the reporter for doing something illegal (taping the convo without the politicians conscent is illegal in Fla. as well as alot of states) that reflects negatively on the paper as a whole. REFLECTS NEGATIVELY ON THE PAPER? GIVE ME A BREAK YOU FUCKTARDS!

The link to the NY Times article is embedded in the title..if you read it i would LOVE to hear your opinion on this shit..cuz its all shit as far as I am concerned. The reporter is a piece of shit because he said he knew the guy was on the edge of suicide when he pushed the record button.. the paper is a rag because they published parts of a desperate mans last convo, THEN fired the guy who taped it.
Friday, July 29, 2005 | By: Unknown

Leroys strange sleeping spots..

Leroy is the last of the feral kittens to get
friendly with the humans in the house. He
usually sleeps alone and as witnessed by
these pics in some strange places. The other
two can be found on a couch,bed or if their
lucky somewhere on my body. I finally got
Leroy to purr the other night, and he slept
curled up behind my knees all night. But he
does love his privacy and no one is gonna
fight him for the Dr. Pepper box or the
rug alongside the food dish. Scooter actually
came along and ate whilst Leroy was slumbering
with his foot hanging in the bowl..he never

The other residents of the house..

This is an old pic of Scooter. I had to climb
over a friggin six foot fence at 6am to save his
tiny,emaciated,half dead ass from the neighbors pitbull
one morning.Scooter now weighs in at 25 lbs
and growing.

This is Baby. The crackheads that owned her
gave her that name. We found her under our
house around Christmas a few years back.
Obviously the crackheads didnt get her back.
She is the kindest most gentle dog I have ever
known. She has a morbid fear of loud noises
and my use of the word "fuck". Even if I
whisper it under my breath, she bails..she is a
lab/pit mix which makes her look intimidating
but the most she would do is lick someone
to death.

The three stooges, er..kittens.

Sasha was taken from the asshole next door
that beat her daily as a puppie. He said she
wasn't house trained...she never has had an
accident in OUR house.

Originally an only child, Nicky was the b&c's
only companion..till i moved in and started
rescuing every dog and cat that wandered
into the yard.

This is clyde on a hot summer day. Clyde is a
strange siamese cat that does not like that we
have three very active kittens in the house.

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MLB Trade Deadline is fast approaching..who's going where?


currently thats how many days,hours, minutes and seconds we have till the trading deadline for baseball as of this minute anyway sportsfans..its a fun time of the year for some, agonizing for others..depends on if your team is a contender or not which side of this fence you fall team is one of the ..cough cough..contenders..laugh if you must, they are in first in the NL West but ONLY by default..they have lost 10 or 11 hell maybe even 12 out of their last 13 so god dammit! but the teams behind them arent playing .500 ball either as of late..but i digress,forgive me..

the current rumors are: AJ Burnett to the Chi Sox, they need to beef it up a tad, but they DO have the best record in baseball so they are planning for the playoffs i guess..the pads just got Joe Randa for a bag of balls from Cinncy..Sid Fat Ass Ponson might be going to the AssRangers if Baltimore can cough up some of the ungodly 8 mil he is due next season..Eric Byrnes might be relocating to Cardinal land are banged up lately..arent we all...Soriano might be back in NYC but as a MET..thats far fetched but never say never ya know?? Shea Hillenbrand, that well traveled 1st and 3rd basemen might be going to the twins..lots of possibilities..stay tuned..

New music..praise jesus!

actually its not new...its a very OLD video from Joe Bonamassa, one of his first. I will be seeing Joe B along with BB King and Kenny Wayne Sheppard next Wed AND Fri and I can not fucking wait! I love the live version of this song, but its the only version i could find..its called :Miss You Hate You..just rolled back into town, i will post up sumtin lata..
Monday, July 25, 2005 | By: Unknown

Are you ready for some football"? Apparently Ricky Williams is..again..

Little Ricky is back in the fold in Florida..the angels are singing, the fans are cheering again and the pot dealers are down a customer. Ricky gave up his free wheeling lifestyle to return to the rigors of the NFL after taking a year off to explore "other" lifestyles..holistic medicene, yoga, camping in the Outback and god knows what other endeavors that are frowned upon in NFL circles..oh yeah..he smoked alot of pot also..bear in mind that ricky suffers from a personality disorder that requires daily medication and he quit taking it whilst he was on this soul searching expedition for the last year and a half. He is a quiet soul, very soft spoken and this makes him seem very vunerable. I can appreciate his soul searching quest to find the true meaning of life, its just sad that most people will chuck it up to being stoned alot..i am sure it had an impact but it wasn't the whole enchilada.
The link to the story on cbs sportsline is in the title. Its a fairly even handed account I suggest it if your in need of reading material..
Sunday, July 24, 2005 | By: Unknown

Karl Rove..who the hell is he?

As Bruce pointed out in one of the comments on this blog..Krazy Karl is the Prez's chief advisor...and fuckup apparently. He outed a CIA operative simply because he hated her husband..hubby is a democrat apparently and making lots of noise about the Prez's screwups as of late..who isnt?...but the sad thing a CIA operative outing her possibly put her in harm's way..thats a big fucking no no in most people's minds..and the Prez originally said he would punish to the fullest extent of the law the perp that did this evil deed..until that is, he found out it was his number one Bushie is back-pedaling his feeble ass off and wont say what he's gonna do about it..Bushie also named his Supreme Court Nom lightening quick in order to take Karl's happy ass off the front pages of most major newspapers..he loves a good story but not if it involves one of his homies i guess..Rove's actions are tatamount to treason during wartime..and last time i checked we were at war....well maybe we shouldn't kill the bastard but he needs to be hung by his fingernails in a cell w/bubba at the very least..

just wanted to clarify who this dipshit is for those that do not read the papers or watch the evenin news..which evidently is a few of you..thats ok however, i do not judge ye ...i do want you to be well informed :)

Geez..if only MY blog were good enough to make into a movie and/or book.

first...this woman's blog is in the top ONE PERCENT of all blogs read and/or linked to..amazing ain't it?

I havent scoped it out yet, but just reading the NY Times article on it makes her sound rich,and very Carrie know...Sex and the City..that Carrie..anyways...take a peek if your so inclined, millions of others are evidently..noone it seems can get enough angst,betrayal and humiliation when looking for love in all the expensive places..
Friday, July 22, 2005 | By: Unknown

Boy did i screw up...

When I read my work schedule for this week, on sunday night around 11pm, I read it wrong,way wrong..i thought it showed 20 hours this week..i said, COOL a short week! I dont have to do shit till Thursday. This was particularly good because I still have a bunch of injuries from my gymnastic performance this past saturday, you know if you read my blog what i mean by body being old and way torn up could use the additional days to recuperate..


In actuality I have 40 FUCKING hours of work this week. I did not discover this until noon today, THURSDAY! this presents a slight to work 40 hours of work into the remaining days in the week..impossible you say? nah..i can cram em into two and a half days..with a little overtime..the boss lady is not real big on OT...imagine my surpize..

So ...i worked 10 and a half today, and will probably work at least 8 tomorrow..this sucks major moose balls since i am used to working maybe 4 hours a day.Plus you factor the torn upper arm muscle , banged up knees and back into the equation and sportsfans, you have a recipe for MORE PAIN..I took this shitty, mindless, part time job for a reason..IT WAS PART FUCKING TIME! i do not want to work full time, if i did i sure as hell wouldnt be doing this hair ball job...all i wanted was enough money to pay those little credit card bills the ball and chain isnt aware of..and the occasional fantastic pair of shoes..this job offered flexiblity with a capital F sportsfans, only a few hours a week, and they could be worked anytime between the hours of 6am and midnight..I am a nightowl for the most part, staying up till 4 am getting up at 6am then cat napping during the day and early works for me maybe not you..but anyways..i digress forgive me.

I will be driving far and wide tomorrow..and its hot..real fucking hot..try 107 with the humidity in the high 30's..which makes the dewpoint in the high 50's..which means..fuck who cares what it means..its fucking hot..and it has been for over 11 straight friggin days...this makes me cranky..very cranky..old overweight people do NOT enjoy being hot and sticky unless it is rolling around in bed with your lover..and that aint happening anytime soon...anywho..i gotta work all freaking weekend and then leave for vegas on monday morning at the fine hour of 4 or 5 am...the ball and chain likes to get over the great divide prior to the temperature reaching 127 in death valley..or whatever friggin nasty desolate desert area we drive thru on the way to Vegas..and there isn't even a concert for moi this trip..its our annual anniversery trip back to the mecca where we married on July 31st of some recent year, forgive me if i dont recall it at this late,land of elvis and wayne newton..we got married by an elvis impersonator..a little Filipino guy..he did sound alot like elvis however so it made up for the fact that he looked NOTHING like elvis..even in that gnarly white jumpsuit w/all the rhinestones on it..

Also, its the annual Coaches trip to vegas, the college coaches from our local JC. They are the ball and chains drinking buddies,along with the head of the probation dept(that guy is a major lush),an assistant DA and god knows what other mucky mucks...i am the only female allowed to attend..i feel so lucky!!! not really, but the attention is nice..they admire my sportsbrain :)
I would like to beg off this year...the boss lady has informed me that i have lots of work since we went from three field reps to one and a half...the half being the new hire that cant take a full stress load yet..lucky her..

So think of me dear friends, working my injured body to death this whole weekend..walking the miles and miles of grocery aisles..making sure that proctor& gamble, frito-lay, pepsi-co and god knows what other manufacturer's goods are appropriately displayed for your purchasing pleasure. I know most of the managers in these stores and lately they look at me an say.."I thought you only worked part time? Your here more than most of our employees." I also like the ones that laugh and say.."I thought you didnt have to work weekends."

If i had read my schedule right I wouldn't be..dammit..fuck you Pepsi! I hope Coke beats the shit out of you in sales this month...
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This weeks PSA

This weeks PSA is brought to you by the folks at Air America Radio... a fine bunch of folks that have alternative talk radio..they are offering this very nice cotton Tshirt for sale and asking everyone to sign a petition to fire fucktard Karl Rove. You can put your own message in the petition too, which alot of folks that love to write letters to the White House might find fun. The petition website is embedded in the title of course..

Today's Musical Interlude..

Its one of my favorite songs by the Eagles, Dirty Laundry. Its performed however by Elvis's kid Lisa Marie..sorry i couldnt find an eagles version fits with my current rants on the Bush administration's bullshit regarding Karl Rove and the new Supreme Court Nominee..

Now for something a little less political

this is a nice little site that provides answers to some of the mysterys of life..things that can be explained by the geneticists among us..i for one am NOT a geniticist so i found this very interesting and fun in a geek sort of explains lots of mundane things such as: eye color, tongue rolling ability and has a good discussion on Parkinsons Disease using Muhammed Ali as an example. The link is per usual, embedded in the title.

Bush sure can pick em..

May i start out by saying that I firmly believe that Bush rushed to judgement on this nomination ONLY to get his boy Karl Rove off the front pages...i would bet my life on it.

John Roberts has only been a judge for and year and a half...thats it folks!!! Somehow i just dont see this guy as a seasoned jurist with a whopping 18 months on the you?..he was of course appointed by Bushie to the appeals court in 2003...I wouldnt feel too comfortable getting an opinion from a doctor that had only been in practice for 18 months and i feel becoming a supreme court justice requires a certain amount of experience, you dont put rookies in a position of authority right out of the gate..

He is as far right as you can get, he has MORE experience as a lobbyist for the religious right and as a corporate attorney than anything else. He staunchly believes that Roe v. Wade should be overturned and wrote numerous papers on this topic.

He believes the Enviornmental protection act goes to far, and it needs to be curtailed..he believes that public schools should not only allow prayer but enforce its practice, he has lobbyed to destroy the Voting Rights Act, he has attempted to protect strip mining operations and this one is my true favorite...he worked for Ken remember Ken Starr, the man that spent millions of tax dollars digging around for SOMETHING to nail Clinton on regarding the "white water" fiasco...which never panned out but cost the taxpayers a bloody fortune..that witch hunt went on for years and the only result was one individual going to jail for refusing to talk before ol Kenny and his pals, her name was Susan and she finally got out of jail after they told Ken Starr to take a fucking about overzealous right wing nut jobs..Ken Starr's picture should be in the dictionary under that term...

anyways....we are in a heap of trouble sportsfans..Roberts is a true right wing corporate suit who's allegiance is to big money,the religious right and nothing else..
Tuesday, July 19, 2005 | By: Unknown

New Blog for an Old Bitch..

since my back is killing me and i can't sleep..i procreated another blog..this one is not for the faint of heart or thin skinned..its a political blog for the most part. its over on the right entitled "Dusty's Political Rant" it or dont..its up to you as usual..
Monday, July 18, 2005 | By: Unknown

If bad luck comes in threes...i have double my quota this week..and its only MONDAY.

I hope that you will enjoy Eric Claption and BB King doing a great rendition of "Riding with the King" while reading my tale of woe..

It started Saturday. I was attempting to enter my humble abode loaded down with the following: a laptop,purse and large bag of groceries. For whatever reason, the poodle gets in the way and trips me up..i have been known to be a clumsy fuck in the past so this presents an immediate problem for moi..i start to fall out the door..not i attempt to save my aforementioned belongings from hitting the cement steps i quickly calculate that my face will instead hit the cement steps unless i take quick evasive action. I do what i consider the only thing available in the nanosecond it takes to do a face plant, i hang all my body weight on my right arm on the handle to the screen door. This action prevents me from completing the face plant on the cement steps, but it provides the opportunity of smashing my right knee into said cement steps..oh well, a knee is better than a face on the cement steps any day. Unfortunetly its the same knee that has suffered numerous injuries in the past including the 30+ stitches when i opened the sucker up on a curb as a small but dumb child. As i swing precariously around like a fucking ragdoll on the screendoor handle, bouncing my right knee off BOTH steps i silently wonder where in the hell my son and/or husband are AND if the neighbors are enjoying my gymnastic prowess i am currently exhibiting in broad daylight..

I finally release the death grip i have on the screendoor handle and fall to both knees on the friggin cement steps...the dog is oblivious to anything wrong at this point and stands there wagging her damn tail and may have been a smirk i dont fucking know..

Suddenly it dawns on me that besides the wonderful scrapes and bruises on both knees my shoulder suddenly burns and hurts like a mutha..i mean it was on the same scale as child birth...on the pain scale childbirth is always the 10 to me..and i was doped up to my eyeballs and would of gladly beat the nurse to death with my fists for another hurt THAT bad..even when i shattered and flew out the CLOSED drivers side window while my car was doing a nice spiral around that tree in '78, that pain was nothing compared to childbirth dear any case, i surmise i just might of dislocated my right wee..this is gonna hurt big fucking time sports fans..and it does..

I try to regain my composure, surveying the 'hood for people watching my acrobatic movements and i see no one..whew..i am biting a hole in my lip to keep from screaming in pain and i drag my ass into the house mumbling to the dog that i will rip her throat out if she doesnt move the hell out of my way this time around..

ok...the b&c is laying around watching god knows what 50 year old cowboy movie in the bed room...i do my best imitation of the hunchback of notre dame as i drag my wounded leg and shoulder back the half a friggin block to the bedroom. by this time tears are streaming down my cheeks and i swear if i live thru this i will put a ramp to the front door, regardless of the cost involved..

i collapse on the floor in a crying heap at the foot of the bed..takes the b&c a minute to wake up and notice the moaning, crying lump that is moi on the floor. my brain goes into action, i start screaming out orders..get me a sheet and roll it up..i need it now jackass not next week move it move it...i find if i hold my arm up with my other hand and brace it against my ribcage the pain somewhat lessens..i order the poor man to remove my shirt gingerly..he puts the arm in the sling and i can finally i am NOT going to the ER people die in that place from god knows what i tell him..if my fingers turn blue then i will go.

in short i hosed up the following body parts.both my knees, my right shoulder and of course my back..the same back that has two very badly herniated discs that can blow and leave me paralyzed from the waist down..this kinda worries me because now i can not move without major pain in my lumbar area..i scream out for vicodin and a glass of wine..fuck it, this needs to stop hurting NOW and those two things together might hurry the process..i tell the b&c that the ER room is NOT an option unless i lose consciousness and to not bring it up again..poor man looked worse than i did at this point...helpless and dumbfounded that i could still scream out orders in my current state.

i stayed doped up all day and night saturday..which wasn't the smartest thing because i had to transmit a report for the days work to HQ in Chicago...i tried to let the b&c help me with this but to no avail..the man can do nothing other than open a browser on a computer..cut and paste is a foreign concept to him..sending reports was way the hell over his head..but i got it done in between the crying and wailing in pain...THEN i collasped..

sunday found me hurting..alot...but my shoulder wasn't dislocated..thank god for small knees looked like i had been drug behind a car for 20 miles but hell..could of been worse...could of needed stitches back was the main pain avenue and i am used to has hurt for 25 years...its my old friend..

monday was a gem..i slept alot..i also tripped over one of the OTHER dogs and smashed the same right knee into the corner of the four hundred pound coffee table..why do they call it a coffee table? i dont fucking know..but i wondered about it as i screamed in agony once again..the dog is of course going into heat and acting crazy as a loon..she is due to be spayed wednesday and the price will double if her ass is in heat..not her ass, but you know what i mean...

the highlight of the day was when my boss calls and says she might have to unload some more stores on me..she just hired a girl but the other field rep is now taking a six month leave of absence due to her mothers declining hours are going to skyrocket like the national debt..oh joy just what i needed..i took the job because it said..PART TIME...they lied evidently..and i got alot of out of town trips scheduled for the next two and a half weeks..nothing like working all day, driving for four hours and then driving back after the concert.. two days in the same week!!!!yeah i can do it...fuck..i think i can, i hope i can..i will dammit..i have no choice..i will NOT give up a $100 and a $50 ticket to see BB King and my beloved Joe Bonamassa in BB's final tour,he's 80 this year and i got tickets to the San Diego and Primm Nevada shows two days apart..yeah its dumb but you dont know my love of music if you question this..not bad knees, blown discs,hosed up shoulder or work schedules will keep me from my sanity might however..the jury is still out on that one..

one final blow to my frayed add insult to injury..the YANK$ ARE NOW IN FIRST FREAKING PLACE IN THE AL EAST..oh what did i do so wrong to deserve all this..i ask you..what could possibly go wrong NOT answer that..

Two new blogs to check out if you haven't already..

i think i found them thru Jenn's blog Jenius..thanks girl :) they are both intelligent and funny blogs which is not always easy to find..they are "An80'sNut" and "Vavoom" blogs, the new links are to your right at the bottom of my linkage thingy..go give em a shot folks..everyone wants to know that someone reads the shit they post up..
Sunday, July 17, 2005 | By: Unknown

Introducing...drum roll please..Video of the Day

Lots of people now have video on their blogs..i am joining the i will now put up a video that matches my mood and/or current post..hope you folks like the bluesy ones cuz thats my favorite music..but it wont all be blues..some will be topic specific if i can find Dirty Laundry for the Carl Rove debacle, which i havent ranted on yet because i want to see what the scum sucking whoremongering fucktards at the White House are gonna do about their boy..or a patriotic theme..hence Red,White and Blue by Lynyard Skynard...lots to choose i just spent the last two hours watching GOLF and loading a file full of html for songs that i searched out..jesus...nothing like golf in scotland at 6am..on a Sunday..hey..its sports, so i am there of course..dont laugh..i know you are..

as a footnote..i blew my laptop up..well, not literally but its toast, i think the bitch overheated during the padres/dbacks game last night..goes to the shop later today..thank GOD for Extended Service Contracts..had to fire up the ol desktop..slow-assed bitch that she is..but she has a HUGE flat screen there is an upside i guess..anyway..enjoy todays video..JOE BONAMASSA performing a Warren Haynes number called "If Heartaches were Nickles" :)
Saturday, July 16, 2005 | By: Unknown

Fed's roll over and let the Balco Boyz cop a plea..

I am sure some folks are not into sports..but even on several different levels this story is important..The government spent literally millions of dollars..OUR dollars to bring these guys to trial..they had hundreds of man-hours put into the investigation just to BUILD a case not to mention a sitting grand jury spent alot of fucking time on the case before sending it for prosecution..JUST SO THE FUCKTARDS IN WASHINGTON COULD LET THE BASTARDS COP TO A DEAL..a deal which sees the prime fucktard get a whopping FOUR FUCKING MONTHS IN JAIL..AND..NO FURTHER CO-OPERATION WITH THE GOVERNMENT on any thing related to steroids..

there were 42..yes i said 42 fucking charges against Victor Conte Jr, the head jackass and owner of Balco..he plead guilty to a total of TWO FUCKING COUNT S: distribution of steroids and money laundering.. i do not blame Sticky Vicky for taking the deal, who the hell wouldnt for gods sake?

Besides the millions and millions of TAX dollars spent for apparently nothing, there are many of baseball and other sports superstars that now get to spend the rest of their careers and/or lives with a cloud over their collective heads about whether they took steroids to enhance their game..we will never hear in open court who did or did not take the drugs that were given to them by the half a dozen morons that were nailed in this investigation. This investigation and subsequent court case was a very expensive exercise in futility folks..brought to you by none other than..THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION..thanks boys..we really appreciate it..

the link to this horseshit is embedded in the title..

how does it feel to get beat 17-1 by the SOX TWICE.. ask the Yank$

just thought i would post a link to the NY Times article on Friday's game w/the bosox..

just a friendly reminder in the title that this score occured once already this season between these two stellar teams with Boston on the winning end BOTH times..the first occurance in yankee stadium no less on May 28th..Tonights debacle saw David "fatass" Wells get the win for boston..he has beaten the yanks twice this season..oh yeah..this just in..Wells called the Yanks GM prior to spring training to see if they would be interested in him..the rest as they history..and a big Dating Game Kiss to yank$ GM Brian Cashman.thanks Bri..i am sure you understand how happy the padres are with the recent trade that gave us your "washed up" reliever Paul Quantrill and we gave you none other than Redding and May..two of the bozo's that just "shined" for the yanks tonite..lets there anything else to say about this game? nah..
Friday, July 15, 2005 | By: Unknown


this guy is first and formost a fucking pussy..with a capital P..second...hes a fucking baby..third hes a fucktard just for admitting they hurt him enough to file charges..crybaby sumbitch..

the pic's of the dancers aren't too flattering..damn girls, ya couldnt spruce up a bit?

Strippers Busted In Birthday Bash
Trio arrested for rough whacking, whipping of party boy, 31 ..i love "the smoking gun" all the shit that is fit to print..or giggle about..
Thursday, July 14, 2005 | By: Unknown

A picture is worth a thousand words..or at the very least one: FUCK

jesus christ in a was a lousy start to the second half of the season for the sawx..this is curt schilling..fucktard handed the game to the yank$

How Stella got her groove back..or..Terry McMillan is real pissed off..

Alrighty then...where shall we begin?
The author of the aforementioned book, which turned into a nice little movie with Angela Bassett and Taye Diggs, has filed for divorce from her former muse. Jonathan Plummer who's 23 years her junior says he recently went over to the other side and when he informed his wife of his homosexuality, she went..well to put it mildly..fucking bonkers.

Terry is an interesting writer, also penning "waiting to exhale"..i love her gives me hope that i too will find some guy 20 years younger than moi and spend the rest of my life blissfully w/him..yeah its farfetched but its MY dream damn it. Anyways..she got a tad pissed and started tossing around the f word..and generally making his life a living hell..they HAVE a prenup however so i do not know why she is so pissed, other than the fact that she got tossed aside for a man..she got 6 and a half years with the dude..and as far as I am concerned..she's damn lucky to have gotten that..23 years is a big friggin spread..its a generation for gods sake. They are making the lawyers very rich men as we type..she's trying to cut him off at the knees and he is trying to break the prenup..The judge said she has to pay him alimony until they go back to court in October to the tune of $2K per month and $25K to his attorney..SEE, the fucking attorney is getting a bigger piece of poor ole Terry than HE is..Terry is old..shes now 52..and her soon to be ex is a mere 30.

Frankly I can not see why the older party gets all butt-hurt when these types of relationships end..can you? I mean..come on...did you think she was gonna play house with daddy forever? The walker would cramp her style gramps..get real..

Or in Terry's case..even if he did announce he was suddenly gay, why would you want to make it all public and shit..she's supposed to be a liberal, forward thinking person, is that a sham? Is she homophobic or just lashing out at him by calling him a fag?

All I can say is this..the bitch shouldnt be suprized one bit..and she should have the class to just wave the prenup and tell him adios with a little grace. Hey, if he was faking it girlfriend..he did it for almost seven years..and he serviced her "account" in the interim.
Wednesday, July 13, 2005 | By: Unknown

African art from the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

This a nice interactive web exhibit, the link is embedded in the title..ENJOY! :)

Flash exhibition from the Indianapolis Museum of Art explores the life and culture of Africa through its art. Graphics, music, text, sounds, and film clips skillfully weave together to create a cyclical experience that highlights the themes of ancestors, youth, leadership, and adulthood. The cultural context of each piece is key, and the site carefully explains the important elements of each. Discover what an Akuaba is and how it is used by the Asante women in Ghana, or learn about the role a babalawo plays in Yuruba tradition. All 19 featured art objects may be examined in detail: Rotate them or zoom in for a closer view.

Two hot topics..Terrorists and the war in Iraq..

Bush lied his ever-lovin ass off to put Saddam out of business..fucktard should be drawn and quartered for it..that might be a tad harsh but this wasn't a little white lie..i only hope that we can eventually get the hell out of there and let them kill each other over their different religious beliefs which has been going on for CENTURYS folks in all parts of the planet earth and the middle east is a real good example of it, the history of the region is rife with holy wars. IF there is one thing that will keep people riled up for all is GOD..the belief in or lack thereof..but with that said..i firmly believe you can not give in to terrorists, you must maintain a steadfast belief in what you are doing or the people you are trying to protect and/or free will lose hope. But we weren't protecting Iraq from a terrorist..we were protecting gold...Is Iraq better off than when saddam was in power? depends on who you ask i think..the mothers of Iraq might say no..the people in iraq who live daily without power or food or clean water will most likely say no..the politicians now in power in iraq will most obviously say yes..its not MY place to say if they are better is my place to shout from the rafters about what i consider to be wrongdoings by the bush administration on behalf of an entire country who had NO voice or vote in what we did..the iraqi people..if Bush took all the billions and billions of our TAX dollars and revenue that he has spent in iraq and put it towards wiping out the pussy assed terriorists of Al-Qaida we might have made some headway by now..i think bush has his priorities screwed up and it pisses me off..what pisses me off more is the terrorists who keep innocent people in fear of walking out their front doors each and every day.a civil war is one thing..a small but spineless band of terrorists is entirely another i want to wipe out the terrorists who hide behind the cloak of religion? HELL i believe it will ever happen..sadly no..iraq will always and i mean always have civil do many other 3rd world countries on the planet..we can not save them from themselves..after what the terrorists did to the United States on 9-11 i think we should hunt them down and kill them like the bullies and spineless fucktards they are..without an ounce of remorse for any of trials, no easy quick death, just an eye for an eye. We didnt need the UN's ok to rampage in iraq, we sure as hell dont need them to ok going after the terrorists..terrorists go after "soft targets" those lousy bastards, public places where people who never did a fucking thing to them congregate..they take the easy way..they don't have the balls to go after the governments or those in power..which is who they rant and rail against..but as long as they can find stupid people who believe that blowing themselves and a bus load of total strangers to hell will make the world a better place AND get their ignorant ass's a place in heaven..nothing will change..its very hard to fight ignorance..and its a very delicate balancing act...and so one has the answers on how to do it.. its been going on for hundreds of years..i see nothing on the horizen that is going to slow it down.

Put your money where your mouth to speak..

Not that this will DO anything but here is my PSA(public service announcement) for the millennium..ok..for the week ..maybe..anyways, its from Sentor Leahy:

Earlier today, I met with the President, along with Senator Specter, Senator Reid, and Senator Frist, to discuss the vacancy at the Supreme Court. I delivered the simple message that Americans want cooperation, not confrontation -- and that we should work together to preserve the Supreme Court's vital role as a court for all Americans.
Join me in making clear that Americans want more than a rubber-stamp nomination. Sign the petition:
I agreed wholeheartedly with Senator John Warner, Republican of Virginia, when he said: "[T]his nomination of the first Supreme Court justice by [President Bush] gives him an opportunity to be a uniter, not a divider, to bring forth someone that can proceed, much like the past 50 years, and to gain a large bipartisan vote, which will send a message to the American public that in these troubled times, we seek to bring together our citizens and not remain divided."
That process, however, must start with the President, and this decision is too important to all Americans for it to be treated as a divisive political campaign. The Supreme Court belongs to all Americans, not just one party or faction.
There are potential candidates who would unite Americans, and those who would divide us. Meaningful consultation is more than a rubber stamp. It means a real dialogue that can help the President find a good nominee who could have overwhelming bipartisan support. The President told us today that he's open to such a dialogue, and our meeting this morning was a beginning step.
Supreme Court justices, once confirmed, hold their jobs for life. Every new justice shapes the Court for years; their decisions affect the lives of all Americans for decades to come. Those facts make a Supreme Court nomination so important that I see it as a public duty to have a thorough, thoughtful process -- just as the nation had during the ten Supreme Court nomination hearings I've taken part in.
Help me send the message loud and clear -- we need a Supreme Court that respects the values of all Americans. We need a justice for all. Sign the petition today:
Thank you.
Patrick Leahy
Ranking Democratic Member, Senate Judiciary Committee
Tuesday, July 12, 2005 | By: Unknown

The freaking American League wins again..

bastards have won like 7 years in a row..i am sure a certain blogger..(john) will rub it in..

i have been playing in San Diego since friday..hence no blog entries..i had a marvelous time, and the weather was great..heard some good music and spent time with a few great friends..its always nice to see people you care about and i do not get to do it often special friend was working in town and it made my three day weekend even better than i thought i got to introduce him to my other friends who really enjoyed his company as well. Some people just light up a room,making people laugh and smile.. and he is one of those.My YSFH(yuppie sista from hell) did NOT enjoy my company and I incurred her wrath, but i do not give a was a weekend for moi and i made the most of it..lots of laughing and drinking and story telling..hope it holds me over till the next time i go down san diego way...
Sunday, July 10, 2005 | By: Unknown

Keep taking that lil blue pill and you WILL go blind

seems that there are two ways to go blind now..the one your mom told you about (haha) and now the makers of viagra and the rest of the ED drugs are admitting if you take their stuff long will go blind as well..nice huh? some guys just cant catch a break..
Thursday, July 07, 2005 | By: Unknown

The hapless "Anti-All Star' Team

look..even if you DON'T like baseball this article is any standards. It gives us a look into the idiots that make a helluva lot of money playing a "game" ,boys and girls..with all the nasty things happening in the world a good laugh is important..some of these guys are downright pathetic..but if we can laugh, we are all right..unless your laughing that "rainman" laugh..then your in trouble..

the link to the story is embedded in the title..the pic is of CRYBABY Brett Boone who just got cut loose from the Mariners..but the fucktard still gets paid his millions and can now play golf for the rest of the season..on the M's!
Tuesday, July 05, 2005 | By: Unknown

Yanks and Red Sox..lets compare shall we?

lets start out by comparing placement within the division..Yank$ in 3rd, Beantown in 1st. Home records: Yank$ 25-18, Bosox 24-14. Road Records: Yank$ 17-21, Bosox 22-21. Within their own division(AL EAST): Yank$ 13-20, Bosox 16-18. Against the AL Central: Yank$ 6-6, Bosox 7-3. AL West Record: Yank$ 12-6 Bosox 11-8.

The last ten games they are identical with a record of 5-5.

Day Games: Yank$14-13, Boston 7-9. Night games: Yank$ 28-26, Boston 29-26. Games on Grass(i assume they mean played on grass, not the players being stoned)Yank$ 38-34, Boston 44-28. One Run Games: Yank$ 8-6, Boston 11-8.

There isn't alot of difference between the two teams but Boston does hold a slim margin in the majority of the stats..Its a marathon ..not a sprint..

NYC Kid killed for an IPOD

this article is a real buzzkill but it bothered the hell out of me..IPODS run from $99-$400, and it doesnt say which one the poor kid was wearing when the little thugs came after them. Reminds me of when my son was young and begged me NOT to buy him expensive sneekers saying kids were being beaten up for their friggin shoes..My only hope is that this kid gets what he deserves and doesnt get off like the little fat prick in Florida that killed his cousin..everyone felt so sorry for the lil bastard..he got off and is now in jail for something else again..robbery i think..keep them in jail for all eternity please..they will be career criminals if they can kill someone for a fucking MP3 player at the ripe old age of 16. The link to the NY Times article is in the title.
Monday, July 04, 2005 | By: Unknown

See? The world does revolve around baseball

The baseball universe..its a cool picture dont cha think? I would like to find a way to make this my background on my blog..anyone got any ideas to help a sista out?
Sunday, July 03, 2005 | By: Unknown

I broke down and purchased MLB TV..for my computer..

so i will be nonexistant blogwise till tuesday at the earliest...this rocks..i get to see boston today then my beloved pads and later the dbacks/dodgers extravaganza..if i see the yank$ are getting an assbeating i can tune in now john..hahaha....sorry couldnt resist dude..also B and alice.....i can watch edmonds get a k every three at bats.. :)

15 small ones a month aint shit ya know? not for happiness..
Saturday, July 02, 2005 | By: Unknown

A precious quote from the blog of John Q. Public

You DO NOT have to be a male to participate:
The difference between "guts" and "balls"... Guts - is arriving home late after a night out with the guys, being assaulted by your wife with a broom, and having the guts to ask: "Are you still cleaning, or are you flying somewhere?" Balls - is coming home late after a night out with the guys, smelling of perfume and beer, lipstick on your collar, slapping your wife on the ass and having the balls to say, "You're next. "

I don't know..I just like it..
Friday, July 01, 2005 | By: Unknown

Sandra Day O'Connor hangs up her robe...for the last time.

When they placed her in that robe, i was worried..i thought..a woman that is conservative, she will wreak more havoc than the males..but she surprized me alot more than i gave her credit for..she was the voice of reason at times..always the swing vote and you were never really sure which way she would go on some cases..but hey..shes getting out while she can still walk and talk which is more than you can say for most of the males that are on the supreme court, most of em have to be escorted out, they refuse to give up the power..i just do not relish who Bush will put in office..the sumbitch probably came all over himself when he heard the news..i assume of course that he is a premature ejaculator..wouldnt you? I mean he really looks like one..those beady little eyes..the way he speaks...god what are we in for now??? Roe v. Wade is in dire's the bible bangers biggest cause this side of Terry Schiavo...the number one priority of the far right is overturning the women's right to very afraid...

A link to the NY Times article about her tenure is embedded in the title. It is a very nice synopsis of her career as the FWOTSC(first woman of the supreme court) as she called herself.

A Conversation about Personal Care Products with the b&c.. starts out like this..
b&c: Why do you have so much shit on the shower ledge? Brian and I use two things each, you got like 20 up dont use them all move em out or I toss them..

moi: touch them and you die a slow painful death nimrod..i paid alot of money for that stuff.

b&c: I dont care what you paid for the stuff, its hogging all the shelf space and we cant get to our stuff. I get tired of knocking your shit off when i go to reach for my shampoo. Show me what you use...
(we walk into the bathroom and open the shower)
moi: OK...this shampoo is for those days when my hair is dry and crackely..this one is for when my hair is oily, this one is for extra moisture, this one is for...
b&c: wait..your hair must not get oily often, the bottle has dust on it..
moi: well, it doesnt get oily that often cuz my hair tends to be dry and frizzy thanks to that shitty perm i got. Ok, we can put that one in the cabinet..
b&c: Now why the hell do you have so many conditioners?
moi: Sometimes I need intensive conditioning, other times I need regular conditioning and sometimes I need to stand there for a fucking half hour and condition the shit out of it..we arent relocating ANY of the conditioners pal..get used to it..
b&c: call me pal again and I am gonna knock your ass into next week..I am just trying to clean out some of this shit I KNOW you dont use dammit..
moi:your fat ass couldnt knock me into tomorrow get winded wiping your ass..i use all these products at some point in the month..
b&c: anyone ever tell you your a mean ass ol woman?
moi: besides you? no...
b&c..i know you do not need three different body washes..
moi: yes i do..they are all for different things..this one is an exfoliant, this one is lavendar for when you stress me out, this one is a moisturizer for when i look like ...
b&c: cant you keep them in the cabinet and pull them out when you need them?
moi: no..i am not always sure what i need, and i dont want to be hopping in and out of the shower jackass..then you bitch that the floor is wet.
b&c: all we got rid of is one..we need to put more of them in the cabinet...
moi: aint gonna happen with it..
b&c: god your a mean ass..can you say anything nice?
moi: your attacking my personal care products..i need those things..i am old and falling apart..please dont mess w/them..ok?
b&c: since you asked nicely..they can stay..
moi: thanks fucktard, i gotta get moving, get out so i can take a shower..
b&c: which ones are you gonna use this morning?
moi:I dont know should i keep a log for gods sake?
b&c(grumbling as he exits the bathroom):you dont use half that shit and i know it..

why dont men understand?