Monday, November 27, 2006 | By: Unknown

An online game..get Santa Drunk..

For those of you bored out of your skulls at work..go here. Just keep the drunk bastard off the train tracks. He does start staggering after about the fifth glass of champagne so be careful. His belch reminds me of the ball and chain..isn't that so cute? :P

Sunday, November 26, 2006 | By: Unknown

In fantasy football, its dog eat dog

This time of year, as we aim for the playoffs in both fantasy and the real world of the gives one pause.....

To comtemplate what in the blue hell was I thinking when I picked Ben Rothlesberger in four fucking leagues this season as my backup qb. Why did I pick Donovan McNabb when I knew full well that sumbitch hasn't finished 3 straight seasons without getting hurt in some form or fashion.

There are other things I think about as I hang on in several leauges and kick ass in a couple others. Its all in where you draft and what is left in the Free Agent market when your star player goes down for the rest of the season.

I just thank god I am not playing for money. I am not good enough for that. But it doesn't mean I don't fret and get frustrated by how each of those god-forsaken fantasy teams are fairing.

Then there are those most excellent moves where Romo was still available and I picked his ass up in time for a 5 TD Sunday....Pray jeebus, can I get an amen?

I know...its a fantasy. It beats snorthing meth or jogging until the your natural high kicks in and your heart is screaming for a break.

Neither of which I have done btw..just saying. :)
Saturday, November 25, 2006 | By: Unknown

Saturday Mammal Blogging..

Hey if you don't like it, too damn bad. Its the Dusty Pet parade and revue. You want something deep, head over to the political blog my dear reader. If you want something with a little snark or this. A real ironic read if you ask me.

Thursday, November 23, 2006 | By: Unknown

OK..its a Thursday..and we got Football!

Besides that..


The animals and the humans will dine well, I will cook and watch the scores on my fantasy teams. And nap when it suits me.

Enjoy your long weekend, if you have one. If sucks to be you :P

*Image stolen from
Deadspin, a decent sports blog, even if it is owned by a big nasty-assed corporation.
Wednesday, November 22, 2006 | By: Unknown

Well..we are going back to cable. So long NFL Network..

Not before I get to watch the inaugural launching of the NFL Network's 3rd game of the Thanksgiving day extravaganza. I love this channel. I sleep with it freaking on. I want a baseball channel like this. For those of you, which is apparently millions upon millions, that don't get the NFL Network, here is a great writeup about what your missing. I too will miss it after next Tuesday..thats when the damn cable gets reconnected.

I do have to admit, I really don't like the DishNetwork. The remote and subsequent programming of said instrument is NOT user friendly. It should be noted that I am not a retard when it comes to programming things, I have driven far and wide to provide such services for many friends and family members. When I buy things that have technology-driven insides..I can usually fuck with it for a minute or two, without reading the 50 page manual, and set it to however I want it to work, load 40 favorites and schedule all my tivo activity for at least 6 months.

This was not the case with the remote for DishNetwork. If I have to read a fucking book to figure out how to do the most innane things..fuck you charlie, your going back to the company in a box real quick.

But I sure will miss the NFL Network..perhaps I can call my cable company daily in my "screaming mimi" voice and they will get time for NEXT friggin season.

What? the MVP is who?

Since most folks assumed Jeter was going to get the AL MVP..I wasn't paying attention when the winner was announced yesterday.

Jeter didn't get it..Justin Morneau did.

Morneau received 15 first-place votes, eight seconds, three thirds and two fourths for 320 points in voting by a panel of the Baseball Writers' Association of America. Jeter finished with 12 firsts, 14 seconds, one fourth and one sixth for 306 points.

I love diversity..and this award did make me smile. Not because Jeter lost, but because a guy who started the season batting a paltry .236 won it. He finished the season with some great numbers; a batting average of .321, 34 homers and 130 RBI's..

Good for you Justin. Ya did good kid.
Saturday, November 18, 2006 | By: Unknown

Saturday Mammal Blogging..

The first one is Crazy Patty. She loves that bowl. I can't bear to throw it away.

The Second one is Sasha and Bobby when they were both young. Sasha is the dog. She loves those damn cats...they, on the other hand, tolerate her.
Friday, November 17, 2006 | By: Unknown

Sweet Jeebus in a thong...

Ok, I took it upon myself to lower our cable bill. The ball and chain complained recently that our bill was going to hike up to $126.00 a month starting next month.

I said very loudly....WTF?

He repeated the price and said we have been paying $106.00 a month because he had whined six months ago about the bill and they graciously (or not) lowered the bill by $20 a month to shut him the hell up. But thats water under the bridge starting next month.

The cable company basically has said..Merry Christmas, choke on this mutha fucka.

This bill also includes our cable internet bill too, but its still a lot of friggin money to lay out each month to watch HBO, SHOWTIME and for me to play fuck-around on the internets. Mind you, I have RoadRunner light..not full speed RR. The fuckers wanted $40 a month for full speed.

The ball and chain is a good man. He doesn't ask much of me..a meal a day prepared for him, feed and care of all the critters and he gets to go out once a week and get shit-faced with his cronies.Sex is optional and at my discretion..I do know how to negotiate sportsfans. I did however, in all honesty, have an ulterior motive for going to a dish system.

I coveted the NFL Network. Our cable company doesn't offer it. I wanted it. Bad.

After 45 minutes of shucking and jiving with Dish Network..I managed to get everything that would make us both happy and the bill was down to $71 a month. This is minus the internet connection. But Dish was happy as a fucking clam to hook me up with SBC/Yahoo DSL for an additional $25 a month.

So, in reality I wasn't going to save us a whole helluva lot. $96 a month vs. $126. But $30 bucks IS $30 bucks, right folks? For a year, that comes out to $360..which is a decent amount. Thats an extra trip to Vegas in my book and the ball and chains too.

So it was hooked up yesterday. The picture is awesome. I can actually read the crawler on the bottom of the TV screen, unlike with cable.

But the ball and chain wouldn't let this go. When he called to cancel the cable last night, THEY offered him a GREAT deal. They said hey dude, come back and we will lower your bill to HALF for a year. The ball and chain..with dollar signs swimming in his little hazel eyeballs, came running back to my part of the house and commenced to argue for going back to cable.

I said..what happens after a year fuckwit o' mine? He said..well, it goes back up to $126 a month. I said..and we will go through this same shit again this time next year, right? No, we stay with Dish..fuck cable and the games they play with our wallet. Fuck em long and hard.

The ball and chain won't let this go. He is now down at the cable company, getting their bottom dollar in writing. I have to hook up my DSL today, which I don't relish one friggin iota, since it probably means re-doing my wireless router too.

This little situation is far from over..I know its not. His arguement now? He gets 5 more HBO and SHOWTIME channels with cable than with DISH..

Who gives a shit? Not me..I got my NFL Network. I am not giving that up for a couple more channels showing the same shit as what's on the other 8 HBO channels. No sir, not moi.

To be continued...

PS...Collage football Coach,Bo Schembechler has just died at 77 years of age..Michigan fans are gonna be sad this week :(
Thursday, November 16, 2006 | By: Unknown

More Airline news..

OK..I sense a trend here on Moments in Time..I am stuck on airline bs..this new one is really a doozey;

A young man was arrested at small airport in Southern California for trying to carry-on a rubber band ball. First security officials suspected it of being a bomb, then they decided that anyone carrying a big rubberband ball must be smuggling drugs and/or on drugs:

Are the security people at airports all fuckwits? A g.d. rubberband ball? Do we perhaps hire the handicapped for these jobs?
Wednesday, November 15, 2006 | By: Unknown

Emmett Smith..HOF running back and...

Championship ballroom dancer?


Personally, I thought Mario did a better job..just saying.

Oh Yes, I watch this crap. Its the ONLY reality show I watch...unless you count Keith Olbermann's show has reality..I count it as news :P

Emmett in green shoes and matching shirt....jeebus, even that idiot Michael Irvin wouldn't dress that friggin pimpy. Leprechaun anyone?

Some folks just don't have a sense of humor..

A couple flying out of LA wanted to join the mile-high club..bad move my beauties..

Some stewardess, who probably hasn't had sex this nasty and told them to stop. They didn't. They were told to stop again..the male told said stfu and leave them alone or there would be serious consequences..

Ok, that was enough. The Stew had them arrested for threatening her when they landed..seriously...under the Patriot Act.

Read all about it just can't enjoy yourself on a flight anymore.

I am sure by now you all have heard about the huge sunami that hit the Japan coast.. Huge only if your hung like a was a whole 16 inches..not feet..inches..
Tuesday, November 14, 2006 | By: Unknown

hello, how the hell are ya?

I have been ignoring this blog for months. I post sports because I don't want to actually think, but figure I needed to put something up for the 50 folks that still stop by every day..god, people..GET A LIFE!!!

Just kidding about getting a life..

The election is over, and I am taking a break from informing the world about all the bullshit put upon us by the current administration. My brain is fried on politics. I got enough shit to deal the 3 discs that are gone in my back, and other assorted things.

My blog bud John aka John Q. Public, has moved from Indiana to Phoenix...god knows why..but it just goes to show I haven't kept up on my non-political blogs in forevah! I want to enjoy some life, read some funny and/or interesting blogs that have nothing to do with politics..I need to get back into the swing of life.

So, consider this a new page, a new day, and perhaps this blog will contain funny stuff again, as well as the strange and friggin weird stuff than I am known and loved least by the freaks of the world..

Until I get going..this is the best you get today. I have to quit reading political shit and start reading funny stuff again..its going to be tough, But..I know I can do is too short and the Dem's better not fuck it up now that they have control of both houses come January!

BBL freaks..have a good day. Afterall, your dumb ass could get hit by a beer truck and make your significant other,or closest relative very rich... tata for now :)
Saturday, November 11, 2006 | By: Unknown

Cowboys cut Coleman..anyone surprized?

This dipshit couldn't find his ass w/both hands..seriously. He already got nailed this year with a four game suspension for violating the leagues drug rules..and then gets a DUI. Can you say


Why do these guys think they are untouchable? Are they really felony dumb? I know playing football isn't akin to rocket science..but for the love of god..get a clue dude.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006 | By: Unknown

Padres hire Bud Black as Manager.

Frankly, I am glad it wasn't Dusty Baker..not only because it would be weird for moi to talk about someone else named Dusty..I just wasn't fond of the man's methods.

I hope Buddy is the key to the next level for my boys in San Diego. But I think they need more than just a decent manager. John Fuckwit Moores needs to open the ole wallet too. Something he hasn't been very good at in a long time.

First off, they sent Josh Barfield to the Indians. I will miss him, he was a good kid, decent player. They got infielder Kevin Kousmanoff and pitcher Andrew Brown. I will have to look these guys up since I don't have a friggin clue who the hell they are. Josh was 3rd in the League with only 9 errors. His BA wasn't too bad for a rookie: 280.

That well-tanned freak, GM Kevin Towers has commenced his wheel and deals starting with Barfield. He is after Gary Sheffield and the second part of the Giles brothers, Marcus..and will only have to give up set-up man Scott Linebrink, who is one of the best in the business imo.

Can't wait to see what happens..the party has just begun.

Oh yeah..the Dem's swept the table on Tuesday night..This might not make all my readers happy but it put a smile on my face.
Tuesday, November 07, 2006 | By: Unknown

Vote, Vote and then Vote again..

Of course if you can't vote at least once ok? Since we use Diebolds, I am not really sure I voted...Now on to the sports..

The Free Agents are thick as thieves already..not a surprise of course..Baseball players file whether they are changing teams or not.

Looks like Dusty Baker will be the Padres Skipper..strange isn't it? Bruce Bochy goes to the Giants( I am still depressed over that) and a former Giant skipper goes to the Padres..

Football and Basketball are not filling my days like baseball did..I am jonesing bad. I fiddle with my fantasy teams, trying to fill the void left by the end of the baseball season..

Meanwhile, if the Repubes maintain control of both houses of Congress I will be nailing that bottle of Skyy vodka I have in the kitchen cupboard.
Saturday, November 04, 2006 | By: Unknown

Gold Glove winners for '06

American League:
P -- Kenny Rogers, Detroit
C -- Ivan Rodriguez, Detroit
1B -- Mark Teixeira, Texas
2B -- Mark Grudzielanek, Kansas City
3B -- Eric Chavez, Oakland
SS -- Derek Jeter, New York
OF -- Ichiro Suzuki, Seattle
OF -- Torii Hunter, Minnesota
OF -- Vernon Wells, Toronto

Glad Kenny Rogers got one..he was something to behold. No Boston GG's however..oh well.

National league:
P -- Greg Maddux, Los Angeles
C -- Brad Ausmus, Houston
1B -- Albert Pujols, St. Louis
2B -- Orlando Hudson, Arizona
3B -- Scott Rolen, St. Louis
SS -- Omar Vizquel, San Francisco
OF -- Carlos Beltran, New York
OF -- Mike Cameron, San Diego
OF -- Andruw Jones, Atlanta

Personally I saw Cameron screw up ALOT of easy catches, so I am some what mystified about his GG..but hell..who am I but just a rabid fan longing for some Baseball.