Monday, April 12, 2010 | By: Unknown

Adenhart's killer wants change of venue.

The drunk and his attorney think they won't get a fair trial in Orange County.

Bullshit. The DA has him dead to rights...the sumbitch murdered three people that night and the fourth is still in intensive care a year later. His BAC was three times over the legal limit.

His parents say he isn't a monster...that it was an accident.

I call Bullshit on that as well. It wasn't an accident that he ran a light and plowed into Courtney's car. He was so fucking drunk I can not believe he was stupid enough to get behind the wheel of his daddy's minivan.

Oh, and Gallo has never lived on his own..fucker has always lived off of mommy or daddy.

Hopefully, he never will live in the real world again. Regardless of where the trial is held.

He needs to man-up and accept responsibility, for starters. Plead guilty you worthless fuck and spare everyone, including your own family, a trial. You are a two time loser..and the second time three people died. Once again the system failed by letting this fuckwad walk the streets.