Wednesday, August 31, 2005 | By: Unknown

With gas prices shooting into the stratosphere..

I think this new gas gauge will be in the next years models of all vehicles:

Katrina and the looters..

it breaks my heart to hear and see all the damage and deaths..but then to see the looters makes me crazy. How can a person be that fucked up to loot a store or a home during such a horrible time in everyone's life in that part of the country? How could they be that screwed up? It's beyond me..i can not figure out how they can rationalize this type of action. People have no food, water, housing or electricity and yet there are individuals that are looting.... i am never ever going to be able to grasp the callousness of people.
Thursday, August 25, 2005 | By: Unknown

Jesus Christ on a Ritz..the cows are farting too damn much..

O MY FUCKING GOD...I have now read everything..well, not really but according to National Geographic and the Air Pollution Control District, the reason I can't breathe here in Bakersfrigginfield is the large population of dairy cows fart too much..i kid you not sports fans..their flatulence is the main cause for smog in the San Joaquin Valley..we are the biggest smog area in the United States now, I have known this for some time. We surpass Hell-A with the most smog alert days in the year..and its the fucking cows..who knew?The link to the National Geo. article is here.

Ok..the fucktard spammers have forced my hand..

i now have "word verification" when you post..i hate to do it but I refuse to give spammers access to my blog. I get enough of that shit in my email.

Vince Vaughn is doing a comedy tour..

You know Vince, he's in the Wedding Crashers plus some other funnies such as Old School and Swingers...well, hes doing a tour with a few other gents from the Comedy Store in Hell-A. The link to his website is here. I can always use a good laugh and he's actually coming to Bakersfrigginfield. Plus he's screwing Brad Pitt's ex-wife, so he has to have something going for him..right?

Get out the hankies..another round of base closings..

I am sure that folks will know tomorrow which bases in their areas are affected..if at all..but the BRAC boyz..for Base Relignment and Closure, refused to shut down the two largest bases offered up by the pentagon, Groton CT and Portsmouth in ME stating the government bean counters are full of shit in their savings analysis..jeez THIS is a shock..the bean counters stated if all the bases they want closed were actually closed it would save the government roughly 2.5 Billion a year for the next 20 years..the brac boyz seriously doubt all these savings will ever come to fruition since they are mostly moving people and ops from one base to another....the only real savings will be in property maintenance and upkeep. Fucking Jeb Bush got his way, but really, he had a good idea and sadly it sucked for Virginia Beach who is now losing a big bunch of jets to Jeb..oh fucking well...a base is a base is a base...yes thousands of civilians are employed and in the case of South Dakota, Ellsworth is the second largest employer in the state.

It's a good article in my humble opinion, I think folks should take a gander, its only two pages for gods shows how the commitee reasons out some of the bullshit the Pentagon has been trying to feed them over the last few months..the link is embedded in the title of the post..
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Dwight Gooden fucks up again..

The poster child for drug abuse of all types AND given roughly 15 chances at cleaning up his life and messes, his nephew Gary Sheffield has stated there is nothing left for anyone to do for Doc, hes got to face the music and take his lumps..Doc left the scene of a DUI stop..he flat assed refused to get out of his 2004 BMW, he gave the cops his license and drove off..they did not for whatever reason, chase him. Five bucks says his mouthpiece lawyer comes out in a day or so and says ol Doc has checked himself into rehab again..obviously this man needs more than a trip to rehab..he needs to spend some time in jail w/bubba and the has become nothing more than place to run when he fucks up. The link to the story is embedded in the title of the post..

OK...i know i have spent WAY too much time in blogger land recently but..

I can't help myself..its a disease i think..but anyways..some great posts later i am still blogging about..if i posted a link to every good blog i found i would overload the server when you tried to open this page..its hard to figure out who gets a link and who doesn't..i want to link them all..
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Good BLog to check out...

I love spending my afternoon moving from one link to another amongst our blog community. I should be working but fuck it..anyways..I found Snavy's blog whilst trolling around Bsoholic and Thoms site, fifthcircleof cubic hell. She is funny putting up jokes, she is uplifting when your down by putting up poem's and positive articles, I like her so hence this plug for her blog..go visit her I think most of you will like her.

Playing on the video player..

An oldie but a goodie...Queensryche's Another Rainy Night. Enjoy B :)

Slash and Duff sue Axl in federal court

I was reading Zombieslayer's blog in the middle of the night and he has a post up about GnR, since they are one of my favorite bands of the 80's I had to respond. This morning I saw this in my inbox. Seems Axl is screwing the rest of the band out of their rightful royalties..shame on you axl!

Cali Supreme Court Expands Same-sex Parental Rights

The court had a hard time applying some very archaic laws to the three cases, but they made it work..bravo i say! In their ruling the court said and I quote; "We perceive no reason," the Supreme Court ruled, "why both parents of a child cannot be women." Children, in this age of single parent families, need all the love and guidance they can get. The link to the NY Times article is here.

Connecticut challenges "No child left behind" law in Federal Court.

Since day one I have been skeptical about this law. It seemed too expensive and told states what they already knew(poor children are not as well taught as rich kids). The monetary part was even more only provides funds for the testing portion of the law, the states are on their own in how to fund programs to bring these children up to par with the rest of the students in the state.

The state is not the first to sue in response to No Child Left Behind. The National Education Association, a national teacher's union, filed a lawsuit last spring on behalf of local districts and 10 state union chapters, including Connecticut.

I would be interested in hearing from any teachers out in BlogLand about this law..if they think its viable or just a load of crap and "window dressing" as some education groups have written and a few of my teacher friends have told me.

The link to the article regarding the lawsuit by Conn. St. is here.
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Hunter S. Thompson's final party.

The difference between fiction and reality is that fiction has to make sense. - Tom Clancy.

Hunter was a crazy fucker in life..he also made sure he went out with a Big Bang by designing the 32 foot tower that was part of his sendoff which took place this past weekend six months to the day he shot himself..lots of folks attended, George McGovern, Johnny Depp, Jann Wenner(founder of Rolling Stone Magazine),Senator John Kerry, Lyle Lovett, Bill Murray, the musician David Amram, Ed Bradley(60 minutes) and locals like Bob Braudis, the sheriff of Pitkin County, Colo. Hell Johnny Depp PAID for the sendoff which cost an estimated 2 Million..thats Million folks..
His ashes were part of the fireworks shot off during the festivities..apparently Hunter loved fireworks..the link to the NY Times article is here.
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A New Line of Greeting Cards..

This is great, really it is...the woman that invented the line did her homework..lets see how she does financially..Its a line of cards for folks with extra-curricular activities going on in their lives of a sexual nature..or as the title of the article says so presumptiously:"When you care enough to risk everything". Its called the "Secret Lover Collection".

The article presumes alot of adultery..its not my call to label anyone like that specially if I do not know all the circumstances. But if you would like to check out the article the link is here. The link to her website is here.

WTF is up w/the spammers?

I just got hit w/like five of em in the last two minutes..they have found a new ad outlet i suppose..this sucks moose balls..I will delete the bastages..i refuse to give them an outlet..They were for the following subjects:

Liver Cancer..theres something to spam about..but i doubt it was actually about liver cancer, i refuse to go look.

Rockport and Steve Madden i love Steve's shoes..but this is Not the way to my heart..spamming my blog w/your bullshit..

Statin drugs..yes, they are a good thing but dont fucking put your bloody link up on my blog you dipshit.

And last but not least...Cialis..yeah, i would love to slip some into's the ball and chains morning dr.pepper..but really now..

They all start out by saying what a "cool" blog you have or how much they love it..LMAO right! and you actually read a post you scum sucking piece of old dog shit? I don't think so..

The other thing busting my chops is the little flag in the right corner of all blogs now..big brotha..jesus christ in a thong I hate censorship..exercise your PERSONAL right to censor by not coming back you fucktard..Blogger is a bitch and a big ugly one at that now that they are playing the censorship game..

I worship at the shrine of the MLB

its sinful i know...i am going to hell for such heresy..but i dont care..i love it when it comes down to the last part of the season..its crazy, fly by the seat of your pants time..unless your a team from the NL West..jeez its SOOOOOO embarrassing these days to be a fan of that division..they all suck so badly, no one can play .500 ball for gods sake in my division? and KC finally broke their losing streak!! ..but i still love to watch baseball..and with football right around the corner i am in sports heaven..just don't take me now lord, i got way too much sports going on..wait until Feb. please......thats the slow part of the year...nuttin happening..i can go then..we got a deal Lord? She always listens when I pray, except when I ask for a Padres she turns a deaf ear..the wild card race is so tight you can't slide a credit card between the teams fighting for the last spot in the playoffs..below are the key dates to remember sportsfans..I will be unavailable except for emergencies after the playoffs start:

Reg. Season Ends
Div. Series Begins
LCS Begins
World Series Begins

My son's birthday is on Halloween..he was supposed to be born around Christmas but as usual he couldnt wait his I love October for several reasons..its just around the is favorite season of all of them..ok, i gotta feed the thunder herds of animals sitting at my feet begging for breakfast..carry on dear bloggers..have a great sunday :)
Saturday, August 20, 2005 | By: Unknown

Full Moon Rising

it was cool tonight, you could actually stand to be outside longer than it takes to go from the building to the car. If you have never seen the Jefferson Memorial on a night with a full moon this is what it looks like..and i am sure it looked alot like this tonight. When I lived outside DC in Northern VA I loved driving by the monuments at night, the lighting is so fantastic. The Washington Monument has a great reflection as well.

Both the former Prez's must be rolling over in their graves in the realization that Bush has really screwed the pooch and every citizen of this land in some form or fashion during his magnificent tenure as our leader..sorry had to throw that in..

Friday, August 19, 2005 | By: Unknown

ok..time for more kitten pics..

I know, its pathetic..but they are my kids..and they are so cute!

Randy Moss and the new NFL debacle..

Now i know Randy isn't the brightest bulb in the box but jesus christ in a thong..what was the fucknut thinking when he ran his yap about smoking pot??

First off, they pay you a helluva lot of money to play 16 games a year..the least you could do is refrain from smoking pot during the season dude..i know i would if i got paid the bucks you did.

Second..why in the blue hell do you need to go public with this shit? its a boring day and you needed a pick-me-up or perhaps your tired of all the T.O. news on sportscenter every night?

Third...smoking pot is a personal choice..and the reasons vary by individual..but going public with YOUR story will make the folks at NORML very happy but it wont do SHIT for your credibility in the NFL, not to mention all those fans that abhor pot smokers..and there's a lot of them out there..millions of em..You want to be a poster child for NORML, great..consider the repercussions that are going to hit you like a ton of bricks..hope you can handle it Randy, cuz you just lit the match for the newest firestorm in the NFL..which as someone was so kind to point out in my comments the other days stands for NOT FOR LONG if you dont play by the rules..

Our beloved Thomcat has a new blogspot..

So i have updated his link over to the right..please go visit him, he's dying to have company..afterall, what else is there to do at work besides blog and chat?? He's funny and cute as a bug.. and jesus i just made him sound like a puppy..

love ya tom :P

The Gaza, palestinians and israel

I have been watching all week the drama in the Gaza makes me cry for people uprooted that have lived there for, in some cases, most of their lives..

I have never approved of the palestinians actions with regards to all the bombings in israel, but i do think they deserve their own homeland..but..should they get it at the expense of the jews that settled there after the war?

I don't know how to feel about this..i do not know which SIDE to be on..i am that lame?

joke of the day..

One morning while making breakfast, a man walked up to his wife, pinched her on the butt and said, "If you firmed up, we could get rid of your control top panty hose."
While this was on the edge of intolerable, she kept silent.
The next morning the man woke his wife with a pinch on each of herbreasts and said, "You know, if you firmed these up, we could get rid of your bra."This was beyond a silent response, so she rolled over and grabbed him by his "wackie."With a death grip in place, she said, "You know, if you firmed this up, we could get rid of the gardener, the postman, the pool man, and your brother.

A post to Mel, a fellow blogger

I went to your blog this morning as I do every morning when I have a few minutes. I was very sad to see that you have only one post up and it doesn't allow comments, so I will comment here.

Dear Mel,

You are a sweet, outstanding person that loves life inspite of the nasty things. You are always funny and speak your mind. I hope that you come back to your blog soon and refuse to let the naysayers ruin it for you and those of us that enjoy your company. Remember that there are always going to be negative comments because some people get a "woodie" over putting down others. Do NOT let then run your life or take away what you enjoy. I hope that you rethink your current position of letting the fucktards win out.

Take care Mel and know that I am thinking of you and hope to see your posts again very soon.
Wednesday, August 17, 2005 | By: Unknown

Another Blogger hits the big time..

This guys blog ,the Rude Pundit,is all politics for the most part, but he rails against the establishment in a very "Lenny Bruce" sort of way, which warms the cockels of my heart..for those of you too young to know who the hell Lenny is, he was the father of sarcastic, sartiric,by the seat of your pants,tell em to fuck off USING the f-word comedy.

The NY Times article is a review of his one-man show plus it puts the spotlight on blogs as art, YES i said blogs have become artistic and a great breeding ground for theatrical material and performers. If you are not a regular reader of my babble, I did a post on another blogger that is hitting the big time with a MOVIE and a BOOK deal here.

So..with so many excellent, funny bloggers out there, keep the faith that one day you too will be discovered. Bloggers like everyone that is on my links over to the right has a shot at stardom or the very least 15 minutes of fame. Keep the faith and keep on blogging might make it big and then I can say I remember you when you were just a wee blogger..

Caught Jonny Lang's acoustic set tonight

It was very good, but acoustic doesn't do alot for me, its all about the vocals usually, and this was as well. But, I love Jonny's music so I drove the two hours up to Fresno to see him. I suggest catching him if he's going to be near you, his tour just started. Playing is one of his older video's, only one I could find for the blog..
Tuesday, August 16, 2005 | By: Unknown

Ricky still has it..

In his second game since his over-publicized return to football, Williams showed signs of his old Pro-Bowl self, gaining 39 yards on six carries Saturday night against Jacksonville. Williams' "Sportscenter" moment was an ankle breaking cut that sent the Jaguars defender flying in the wrong direction after a series of awesome moves.

I want Ricky to have a good season..unlike T.O. whom I hope fucks up again and watches football from home this season..two men that play a childs game for LOTS of money..i work my ol ass off 40+ hours a week at a job that was only supposed to be part-fucking-time, whilst these two guys catch and/or run with a friggin football maybe 16 weeks out of the year..
Monday, August 15, 2005 | By: Unknown

John Q.Public's blog...

I think I love this man...his mind for sure..please visit his blog for the rest of this post..its fucking hysterical! Plus, he gives great drink recipes at the end of most posts...what more could a woman want from a man ;) nevermind, but really..check out my bud John Q. Public, hes a gentleman AND a scholar...and a very funny sumbitch.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Tempt neither Fate nor the Gods:
Thought for the Day:In our civilization, and under our republican form of government, intelligence is so highly honored that it is rewarded by exemption from the cares of office.Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary US author & satirist (1842 - 1914)

Plans for the Weekend:I was recently asked to take a group of inter-city Cub Scouts on a camping expedition. Since my leg is fucked up and I am not into sweating my ass off in this heat, or having to shit in a hole I myself had to dig, while on crutches. I decided to give these young scouts a more practical experience.I am taking These them on an inter-city camping trip. Yes, dear reader something they can use, skills that will last a lifetime. I rounded up several instructors from our local homeless shelters to lend their years of experience in urban survival and foraging skills. All I had to do to get them to volunteer was buy them a few bottles of Thunderbird.

These children will learn the arts of pan-handling, dumpster diving, cardboard box shelter building, and of course living under bridges and underpasses. Best, of all, I borrowed an RV, so that I can stay in comfort.

I love the smell of a first rain

When I walked out of work last night at the stroke of 11 pm, the parking lot was empty. There were carts everywhere and the parking lot sweeper was just entering the lot. I stopped half way to my car..I smelled RAIN!!! omg, it flooded my smelled so damn good! It hasn't rained in bakersfrigginfield since winter,it never does this time of year.

I was so tired after a long-assed day, my body was weary and ached, but that smell of rain energized me. I caught a glimpse of lightning off to my right. It was in the mountains that surround us here at the foot of the San Joaquin Valley. I got in my car and started driving east, towards home and a big bed. I hadn't slept but maybe two hours in the last 36, insomnia was rearing its ugly head. Suddenly a huge burst of lightning, with all its fingers snaking towards the ground struck somewhere up in the mountains directly in front of me. I called the ball & chain, he loves a good lightning show,and informed him of the impending events. He was standing outside in the front yard when I arrived 15 minutes later. We watched all around us as strike after strike lit up the night sky. Big huge lightning, with half a dozen branches extending from the main trunk. What seemed like minutes later the thunder, big rolling thunder, washes through the valley and echos off the mountains on the west side. I wasn't tired any more but my fucking feet were killing me so off i went into the house.

The ball and chain went into the bedroom to watch the show from our bed that sits under the window. I laid on the couch in the living room and turned off all the lights and included. I propped up my tired dogs on a couple of pillows and watched the lightning dance off the walls and through the blinds. The thunder got closer to each strike. I couldn't handle the silence of course, so I turned the TV on the weather channel, catching the local update perfectly..jesus christ in a thong, a huge cell of rain was coming over the mountains and straight into Bakersfrigginfield..nice! I turned off the TV for good. After 35 straight days of 100+ temperatures a rain would be nice, even if it did add to the damn humidity. The temperature was dropping fast, I could actually turn off the swamp cooler, which hasnt been off in two months. With the thunder shaking the house, and the lightning illuminating everything I laid down and tried to relax. The show lasted for an hour and a half. The dark room was cool and comfortable, the smell of rain returned. I got up and went to the screen door. Yes, it was raining, just sprinkling but it was rain. It became a gentle rain, the sound of tires hissing as they drove down the wet street calmed my tired mind and relaxed my aching body. I started to drift off to some desperately needed sleep, the last thing I remember thinking was...god i love the smell of rain. It was around 2 am.

My happy ass slept in till 10 am! Praise jesus and pass me a smoke :)

Thursday, August 11, 2005 | By: Unknown

Sports stuff

"We've been clear that the choices are to play under this contract or not. I'm not sure he still believes that, but we've said from Day 1 those were the choices on the table and he had to make a choice between one of the two things.
"That's not going to change."
Thats a quote from the Prez of the Philadelphia Eagles..ya gotta love it..unless your T.O. which as far as I can tell means shut the fuck up and deal..T.O. was on Sportscenter tonight pitching his views on the, ahem.."situation"..the man is delusional..his teamates are tired of his schtick and the fans are getting there..

Raffy Palmiero is ready to come back from his steroid suspension..i got the fucktard on a few fantasy leagues..and unless he is getting back in there, i gotta deceide what to do w/his steroid-filled ass.

Mariano Rivera blew his third save of the season..true he had like 29 or 30 straight..but a bs is a bs..(bs=blown save).Red Sawx are STILL in first and the yanks are struggling for a Wild Card spot..

Todays Music is Doyle Bramhall

Doyle is a pretty good blues artist..and a fellow texan i believe...Stevie Ray Vaughn made this song popular..I cant find any SRV so I put Doyle up..enjoy :)
Wednesday, August 10, 2005 | By: Unknown

All the dirt that's fit to print..on Jimi Hendrix

Those wonderful folks over at the Smoking Gun have dug up Jimi's military history and why his happy ass was drummed out of the 101st Airborne...personally i would rather take a nap than clean the ceiling in the crapper too..or possibly beat off..whatever trips your trigger folks..Hendrix stated the reason he was discharged was he broke his leg in a parachute that was not true..go figure..the link to the sordid details is in the title..
Monday, August 08, 2005 | By: Unknown

Our Musical Interlude for today..

Is brought to us courtesy of John Lee Hooker and Carlos Santana.. :)

Sunday's Sports News and Rant...

ok...all you non-sports type people can let your eyes glaze over now..or change the channel, time for dusterella's sports with a hint of sarcasm.

The NFL Hall o Fame inducted two great qb's this weekend...Dan Marino and Steve Young..i enjoyed both of them and hated both of them depending on who they played that week. They were prolific, record-setting passers and I salute them. They gave me some exciting sundays and I hope they feel fulfilled now..they should.

Most folks are aware..or maybe not, that football has commenced..pre-season anyway..i speak of football in the professional arena..i do not watch alot of college ball, too damn many teams,divisions and conferences for moi..when it gets going and the wheat is separated from the chaff we can discuss college football..until then its the pro's...

Now on the subject of Terrell Owens, known to most as T.O.formerly a niner.He threw a gigantic hissy fit and got traded to the team of his choice prior to last season..the philadelphia eagles..I love Donovan Mcnabb(eagle qb), i draft him in all my football fantasy leagues each year, the man can throw and run the shit out of the ball, what a combo in this the age of specialization..anyways, god and all philly fans believed it was indeed the second coming when TO came to town..the combo of Mcnabbs arm and TO's routes spelled victory to most folks, the eagles would finally get that ring...NOT..TO got hurt at the end of the season and we all know what happened..the dynasty known as the New England Patriots won...again..

Now back to TO..fucker signed a NEW contract when he went over to the eagles prior to last season..he is now..cough cough..demanding a new contract of course..a much higher rate of pay..he is sulking, running his yap and generally being a big fucktard...i say to you Terrell...shut the fuck up and play, you are a big boy, no one held a gun to your oversized head to sign that contract a year ago..honor it you got the nads to demand a new contract when your happy ass got hurt at the end of the season, you did NOT play a full season for the eagles..they dont owe you shit other than whats already on a man of your word pigskin fucking should checkout this guys trumpets the greatness that is Terrell...give me a friggin work 18-20 weeks out of the year..get a grip on realityAssclown! are not the center of the universe. neither is Barroid guys believe what the press writes about you..the good stuff only of course...that is so sad..sports writers are notoriously anal and never impartial..most of em anyways..

The eagles told another one of their charges to take a fucking hike when he did the same thing two years ago...Duce Staley..they did not give into him and he was pretty damn good..he isnt even an eagle this year..I just hope they do the same to T fucking O...tell that lame ass mofo to shut up and play or get the hell out of camp..

Dante Culpepper redid his contract to allow the vikings more room under the salary cap..god bless ya dude.i am sure they appreciate it..just not enough to give you a lil sumthing sumthing though huh? oh well..

Tony Stewart finally won at the brickyard in Indianapolis, you go dude! The Rushville Rocket finally got a win at his beloved home track..I hope JQP can appreciate that a native son won this weekend..Stewart is my man in racing..since Earnhardt passed on..I have never seen him smile so much and actually ENJOY talking to the press, they couldnt shut him up. It was a Kodak moment for moi..i bugged out of work for three hours to watch it..which means i worked late into the evening..oh fucking well..the Rushville Rocket least this week. He also took over first in the standings..from Cali native Jimmy Johnson.

In baseball news, the littlest Cardinal, David Eckstein(formerly of the Angels)hit a granny today..the man gets like 4 homers all season and he shot his load today for the win..its not a big deal but i just wanted to give the lil shit his due..

The NL West is still digustingly pathetic..Padres are in first but cant play .500 ball for over a week straight..jesus christ it drives me to can they be so shitty? how can the whole friggin division be so shitty..dont talk to me about parity..pitching is such a premium around the whole league..a quarter of the damn league has been or is on the DL this year..for shit that makes you want to bitch slap em..deep thigh bruise..what in the blue hell is that???walk it off nimrod..suck it up and deal for gods sake..and no one calls a fly ball any more? these jackass's are running into each other like they are fucking blind or have magnets in their as a whole seems to have dimished this year..either that or I am getting an attitude..either is entirely possible.

The Chicago White Sox are still in first, the Washington Gnats are dropping like a rock and Randy Johnsons back is now bothering him and he might miss his next start..this is not a surprize to moi since i watched him for years as a diamondback..he was showing signs of wear two years ago. If he lasts thru the playoffs I will be mildly surprized. the MLB playoffs begin in 57 days..its the beginning of the end for me..or the start of the best part of the season depending on my mood swing or hormone levels..

Boston Redsox are STILL in 3.5 games..the Oaktown A's are tied with the Cali-LA-Anaheim Angels in the AL West..they sucked SOOO bad the first part of the season and have just knocked the living bejesus out of the ball since the All Star break,plus the Angels are sucking moist butthairs lately..Daisy's AssRangers are fading again..damn shame too :( Cards have a comfortable lead over the hapless ASStros and the Braves are back in first by 5.5 games..fuckers..will we ever see a post season with someone other than the Braves from the NL East? the turds fold like a house of cards in the first or if their lucky second round of playoffs each year..get some new blood in that division please for the love of god..

on a non-sports note..Peter Jennings, a canuck but american icon passed on today..lung cancer got him..he smoked for years but stopping didn't make a difference..which gives me pause to resurect my fatalist POV..why quit if its going to kill me anyway? thats a rhetorical question..
Saturday, August 06, 2005 | By: Unknown

Like the mailman..neither rain,sleet,snow or dead of nite would keep me from my appointed rounds..

holy was nasty..the weather betwix and between bakersfrigginfield and stateline nevada was miserable..we went thru three,count em three big ol thunderstorm cells..truckers didnt even dare drive thru em..they were pulled over by the was dark and forboding for three hours of the three and a half hour drive..the storms were all around us..wind, lightning, hail, rain so hard you couldn't see the road. We would leave one cell only to enter another one..we considered our options..keep on going or turn around and go home..we were SO not turning around and going home even though the ball and chain begged me to consider it. he was driving poor man..

we arrived at our destination intact and about 45 minutes before the 8pm start for the concert. Check-in was quick and we dumped our stuff in the room and caught our breath...jesus that was some wicked weather. My ticket was at Will Call...little did i know my journey wasn't even done..

Evidently...they sell 99% of their tickets over the phone. The venue holds roughly 6200 people..6000 of them were standing in the Will Call line when i arrived to get my ticket..i shit you not sports fans, the line was snaked around the entire fucking casino. The b&c says "see ya, have fun" and bailed..fuckstick that he is...we all bitched and complained in unison..i would occasionally make a scouting trip to the head of the line to gauge our progress. Got to know the life stories of about 6 people in front and behind of me in the line..I kept bugging the woman behind me for time updates since i knew Joe B would start first and only play for a half hour..i got in there to my seat just in time to see..HIS LAST FUCKING SONG...note to self..NEVER EVER do Will Call at the fucking Star of the Desert arena again..

It was a better concert in some respects than the first one was LOUDER :) the place was so cold you could hang fucking meat in there..and i was wearing shorts and a tank top...almost froze my tata's off..I had a good seat in the back of the first section on the floor. The bar was close by..but to my chagrin the only vodka being served up was Smirnoff...that shit gives me a headache, so between bands i would race out to the casino bar and order a Skyy and Soda double and head back in..some chick in front of me evidently had NEVER been to a rock concert before because she kept bitching about how loud the music was and why the hell does that bitch behind(me ) keep screaming and hollering..I told her to loosen up a tad when she turned around and glared at me for like the 80th time..the woman next to me asked what her problem was and i said i dont know but she needs to go home and knit something or watch reruns of "the waltons" and quit giving me the evil eye...

It was great, it was glorious and it was live music! Two weeks from now Bo Diddely comes to town..and then its time to see Jonny Lang in Fresno two weeks after that..good concert season, best in years for moi..Well i gotta go to work..yeah sucks moose balls, but thats the price you pay for running around the western states hearing some great blues artists..

the pics are from the ball and chains cell phone camera..i had never used it before so they kinda suck..but its a memento of our trip thru hell to the promised land of BB King, Kenny Wayne and Joe Bonamassa..ya gotta love live music..i sure fucking do :)
Friday, August 05, 2005 | By: Unknown

Raffy Palmiero gets the Letterman Top 10 treatment

Top Ten Rafael Palmeiro Excuses
10. "Pete Rose bet me I wouldn't do it"
9. There wasn't a Starbucks around and I needed a quick pick-me up"
8. "I enjoy the fresh minty flavor"
7. "Uhh, I lost it in the sun?"
6. "Somebody must've slipped something into my Viagra"
5. "Steroids illegal?! Since when?"
4. "Heard steroids give your mustache a glossy coat"
3. "Memory loss from steroid use made me forget I was on steroids"
2. " 'Roids rule, dude!"

and the best one of all.....
1. "How am I supposed to keep track of every single thing I stick up my ass?"

Riding with the King..

BB and the boys were great. A fantastic showman, he kept the audience laughing and participating throughout the show. The warm up act was my boy Joe Bonamassa, who only got half an hour..oh fucking well..BB has an 8 piece band, 4 of which is the horn section. He sat during his entire set but wouldnt you if you were 70friggin9? His voice is still sweet and his guitar playing was good but he did have another guy play most of the leads. BB told stories between each song ,one that impressed me was that U2's song, "when love came to town"(hope thats the title) was written expressly for him. Kenny Wayne Sheppard's set was good and thank god he didnt do the singing, boy sounds like a cow pissin on a flat rock as my dad used to say...Noah was good with the vocals..Kenny is a good ol boy from Texas so he has alot of Stevie Ray Vaughn style in his playing which is fine with me! The show started at 6:30 which was very early by most standards but hey..i got to watch the sunset on San Diego Bay whilst listening to some great music since the venue is literally ON the bay..about 50 yards from the marina to be also ended early..10:30..something bout rules and regulations they said..

a piece of pizza was five bucks and a double stoli and soda was 12...even the Tshirt was a tad overpriced at 30 clams..but i didnt complain..thats what god made credit cards for..

this was the first concert in the BB's tour, his 80th birthday is Sept 16th. When Joe started his set he stated that on this same day when he was 12 years old he went on a stage for the first time...with none other than...BB KING..trippy huh? i got to talk to Joe after his show and he said he was a little disappointed that his set was only a half hour..but he does love the perks..a nice tour bus and roadies to set up and take down his equipment..usually its the band itself that does it...

can't wait to see it all again in as a matter of fact!..this is friday right? yep, i get to see it all again me crazy, but i love the blues..just one of the perks of being a semi-retired ol bitch.. :)

just a lil BB an Eric for ya'all on the video player over there>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Wednesday, August 03, 2005 | By: Unknown I made it to san diego for the BB KING concert

it was touch and go..this day has been the day from hell..its like the gods were against me from the start..the day started at 5am with maybe 3 hours of sleep...I am staying at my little sister's house, we havent spent time together in months since the YSFH(yuppie sista from hell) monopolizes all my time when i come down here..traffic coming down was miserable, i forgot stuff, i couldnt play my Ipod since the cassette thingy I just bought is malfunctioning..i hate radio,too many commercials...on the bright side...THE WEATHER IS FREAKING FANTASTIC!!! my lil sis is less than a mile from the ocean which I can see from her kitchen and living room since she lives on this ungodly steep hill..but i do feel better already...gotta go sportsfans..have a good evening although i doubt it will be as good as mine..unless you happen to be attending a great concert with bb king, kenny wayne sheppard and of course my beloved Joe Bonamassa :)
Tuesday, August 02, 2005 | By: Unknown

Two new blogs to rave about..well they arent new exactly but they are to moi

The newest blogs on my links list are always at the bottom. I am a lazy ass and refuse to put them in any order...fuck dat shit, life is too short to be THAT organized..

Thom and Bsoholic have a fine,funny blog called "5th circle of cubical hell".. i love it and it makes me laugh every time i go there..hopefully it will hit you the same as well..

Thom has a personal blog "Serene Soul Asylum" that is fucking fantastic in a sweet, intuitive, selfless way..either that or Thom just knows how to work a chick up and he's damn good at it..but it doesnt matter which reason, cuz i fucking love it to death!!! I would DO Thom on the fifty yard line at halftime..i swear i would..and thats a big compliment coming from moi, cuz i believe sex is between two consenting adults and its not something to be watched by others..yeah yeah..i am not into porn..sorry..being a voyeur is not one of my things..watching sex between two people makes me uncomfortable...blame my folks..

anyways..go check out their blogs if you havent already..please give them a shout out from they will know who the hell i am right?
Monday, August 01, 2005 | By: Unknown

For the love of god or perhaps baseball..Another candidate for FOTW

This one deserves one of my favorite sayings: Jesus Christ in a Thong what was he thinking?

He ranted and railed against 'Roids in front of a congressional committee and national TV. He threaten Jose Canseco for writing about him in his "tell all" book. Rafael aka Raffy Palmiero is cooling his heels for a 10 game suspension for guessed it folks..Steroids, the fucktard got caught violating MLB's drug remember the one, it gives them four strikes before they actually get any penalty's for using performance enhancing drugs. Just a mere four fucking months ago he said this live and in living color about using steroids. Raffy of course issued a statement regarding this suspension you can read it here. Let me say this.. after all the rhetoric your a liar and a cheater.....either that or your one stupid sumbitch.

For those of us that appreciate tat's but are too pussy to get one..

God, i love these shirts! They are however a TAD pricey, starting out at like 80 bucks..Its a body shirt and they have some cool ass designs. The link to the website is in the title.