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Football news..Billick fired..Parcells cleans house..

Raven's wasted no time in shitcanning Brian Billick. Hopefully the GM won't be far behind..

Who ya kissing now Brian?

The Tuna started work this past week and already dumped the following:

GM Randy Mueller
Assistant director of player personnel Mike Baugh
College scouting coordinator Rick Thompson

Everyone else is expendable too..God help ya Parcells, it can't be an easy job..but knew that right?

Who gets in the HOF and why..a voters perspective

It's according to a Sports Illustrated writer, but it is an interesting overview of his ballot and why he votes as he does. The writeup also tells us who is on the ballot this year. His picks for the HOF:

1. Rich Gossage.

2. Jack Morris

3. Andre Dawson

4. Rice

5. Dave Concepcion

6. Dave Parker

Its a decent list..check out the article to see who is close but no cigar and those who should never get the nod.
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Pats win..bfd.

It was a good game by most standards..Eli listened to his big brother evidently and you know how it turned out.

For a take on the year in King Kaufman's Salon writeup here.

The ball and chain is in the playoff in my own league today. I tried to give him a few tips, but seing as how I finished at the bottom of my own fucking league..he wisely told me to shut the fuck up.

I did however win one's not a total loss.
Saturday, December 29, 2007 | By: Unknown

Leyritz fucks up big time.

Man, haven't you learned anything dude?

Leyritz was charged with DUI manslaughter and DUI property damage, said Detective Kathy Collins, Fort Lauderdale police spokeswoman. He posted the $11,000 bond and was released from Broward County jail.

Police believe alcohol was involved in the crash, though investigators are awaiting results of blood alcohol tests, Collins said.

Jimmy refused to blow for the cops. They still got a blood test. Of course if she wasn't wearing a seatbelt, it would be a tough case to prosecute on manslaughter I think..but maybe not. Photo is his mugshot.
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Prior a Padre? jeez..

At least it was only a one year contract. Lets pray he actually plays this year ummkay? He last pitched for the Chicago Cubs in 2006, when he made nine starts and went 1-6 with a 7.21 ERA.

His last good year? 18-6 with a 2.43 ERA in 2003.

Kevin Towers also signed another surgery guy..Randy Wolf. Why does Towers still have a friggin job with the Padres? Does he have pictures of John Moores fucking the neighbor's dog or something?

In other news, Roger Clemens' attorneys are earning their keep by investigating the allegations against The Rocket..good luck with that..seriously. Most of the information in the Mitchell report was unfounded 'he said' type of bullshit. No smoking guns, although I do have a tendency to believe it..why? Because the guy bulked up and seemed to get better with age..ala Barroid Bonds..but if they can prove otherwise..more power to em, I just don't see how you counter such allegations. It would be nice if someone had proof Roger bought HGH or roids in my book.

In other drug news..MN Vikings player Darrion Scott was popped for pot. Favorite line in the article:

"He asked the officers, 'Don't you know who I am?"' Carpenter said. "They cut him a break by not placing him in handcuffs."

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Clemens talks to 60 Minutes..

According to TVNewser anyway:

Clemens to Talk Steroids on 60 Minutes

The Associated Press reports that Roger Clemens has granted his first television interview after the George Mitchell steroids report announcement with Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes. Clemens is one of the highest profile MLB players implicated in the report, and has denied any steroid use.

Clemens made the video announcement about the 60 Minutes interview on his web site.

"After Christmas, I'm [going to] sit down with Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes and I'll do an interview and he'll ask me a ton of questions on the subject and I'll answer them right there in front of him and we'll do all this again," he said. "I'm angry about it, to be honest with you. It's hurtful to me and my family."

CBS confirmed the interview is scheduled to air on January 6.

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best Synchronized Xmas lights..

And he used the same tune as the Miller Lite commercial..trippy.

This display was the work of Carson Williams, a Mason, Ohio, electrical engineer who spent about three hours sequencing the 88 Light-O-Rama channels that controlled the 16,000 Christmas lights in his annual holiday lighting spectacular (from Christmas 2004). His 2005 display includes over 25,000 lights that he spent nearly two months and $10,000 to hook up. So that the Williams' neighbors aren't disturbed by constant noise, viewers driving by the house are informed by signs to tune in to a signal broadcast over a low-power FM radio station to hear the musical accompaniment.

Well, I pulled one outta my ass..

I was losing both fantasy finals as of last night. I figured I was toast in both leagues since my bench players had more points than my active players..

wrong pigskin breath..

I won in the one league I figured I didn't have a snowballs chance in hell. Funny how that shit turns out.

Have a Happy Holiday and a Merry-fucking-Christmas if your into that sort of thing..
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Oh, yeah..I wanna be that..

King Kaufman is a good read

I always appreciated Rich on SC, as much as Olbermann or Dan..From the pages of King:

Rich Eisen's "Total Access: A Journey to the Center of the NFL Universe," is a breezy, entertaining look at the first few years of the NFL Network, where Eisen hosts the flagship show, "NFL Total Access."

Eisen, 38, takes the reader through an NFL year, which both ends and begins again at the Super Bowl. Along the way he tells stories, none of which reveal any breathtaking secrets, but most of which are good for a laugh. You probably didn't know that NFL all-stars at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii spend a whole week trying to find out each other's room numbers so they can run up charges. Now you do.

The NFL Network may or may not be the center of the NFL universe, but it's certainly the nexus of coverage. Nowhere else can football wonks get live looks at the scouting combine and spring workouts. But what interests Eisen, who grew up on Staten Island with baseball as his favorite sport, is the NFL as a lifestyle.

Check out the rest of Kaufman at the linkage above.
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Our Fuckwit of the week-Papelbon this man retarded?

The World Series ball is gone, and Jonathan Papelbon has an excuse: My dog ate it. The Red Sox closer insists it happened to the souvenir from the final out of Boston's sweep this year.

Really, Papelbon blamed it on his bulldog, Boss.

"He plays with baseballs like they are his toys," Papelbon told the Hattiesburg (Mississippi) American. "He jumped up one day on the counter and snatched it. He likes rawhide. He tore that thing to pieces. Nobody knows that. I'll keep what's left of it."

No one ever said you have to have an ounce of intelligence to be a pitcher..

Bonds attorneys might have conflict of interest

Not that it breaks my lil black heart one damn bit, but there it is:

The judge called the hearing to decide whether the lawyers can still work for Bonds even though they previously represented other athletes who testified in the government's investigation into performance-enhancing drugs.

In court papers made public Thursday, federal prosecutors identified Bonds' new attorney, Cris Arguedas, as having represented disgraced track star Tim Montgomery and football players Chris Cooper, Chris Hetherington and Tyrone Wheatley, all of whom testified before the grand jury.

In addition, lead attorney Allan Ruby represented Bonds' personal surgeon, Dr. Arthur Ting, when he was called before a grand jury.

"Dr. Ting is likely to be a witness for the government at trial," the government's court filing stated.

Poor Barroid..he just can't catch a break can he? tsk..tsk..

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Thursday, December 20, 2007 | By: Unknown

Parcells and the Dolphins?


Parcells and Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga agreed Wednesday on a four-year contract to be Miami's vice president of football operations, according to ESPN, which employs the two-time Super Bowl-winning coach as an analyst.
The Dolphins declined comment, only saying no contract has been signed, and no one at Huizenga's business office was authorized to comment when reached Wednesday evening by the Associated Press

It can't be the money, can it? Is The Tuna that desperate to get back into the game? Sweet Jesus in a thong..

What ever happened to dolphin-free tuna? ;p FoxSports has this to say about Billy:

The latest victim of Parcells' squirrelly-ness is the Falcons, who were a victim once before. Falcons owner Arthur Blank is not happy, and for good reason.
Here is Blank's statement:
"Late last night it was revealed to the media by a source outside the Falcons that we were close to reaching an agreement with Bill Parcells to lead the club's football operations. Prior to the information becoming public, we had reached an agreement in principle with Parcells, and we met with him this morning to complete the contract.
"At that time, we were made aware by Parcells that he was considering a revised offer from the Miami Dolphins. He later informed us that he would not be signing a contract with us."
In other words, Parcells leaked the story about his Falcons deal, forcing the Dolphins to pony up more cash. Then Parcells backed out of the agreement with Atlanta and has reportedly agreed to a four-year deal with Miami.

This is the most believable story in the history of sports.

Fucking IS about the money..The New York Times isn't very nice to Billy either.
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Roger Waters-Van Morrison-Comfortably Numb

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The agony of defeat..

Its that time of year again when fantasy football takes center stage because it's playoff time!

I won two games, lost one. I am happy with those results..considering I started out with 6 teams and really only was active in 5 leagues. The CBS Sportsline draft was horrendous..and frankly I doubt I will play their fantasy football again. Fox Sports has real-time free stats, but shit..the bastards have more issues on their site than Bush has soldiers in Iraq. Yahoo seemed to work the best but sadly those bastids want you to pay for real-time stats. Being a cheap bitch, I steadfastly refuse to pay for that information. I don't mind waiting up until 2am to see how a game turned out...really, I don't..

I think Fox's problems are a direct causal effect of them using MS-fucking-N. I mean think about it? What really works on the Microsoft front? They are constantly updating software that is years old and even their new OS, Vista, sucks pond scum unless you are a certified geek.

The worst part of the fantasy football season was how downright shitty my team was in the league I commish in. It's fucking embarrassing to suck so damn bad in your own league. But I have noticed that people don't talk shit as much as they used to on the league message boards, so I will never know what the other members thought of me since no one had the balls to call me on the craptastic season I had...I finished 9th out of 10 teams.

I however run my piehole every chance I get on league message boards. I act like a fucking fool most times. To me, thats the fun of league play..ripping your friends a new one when they fuck up and lose by 55 pts because they forgot to change out their bye players for ones that are actually playing that week. It's not like someone is going to come to your house and beat the shit out of you because you called them a pussy, or my favorite, calling them girlie men because they just lost to a 15 year old kid in Syracuse who wouldn't know Rex Grossman from Drew Brees if his scrawny life depended on it.

So, I hope that at least one of the remaining teams will shine and once again I will be crowned the winner of fantasy football. Its a small joy in my life and mutha fucka, I need something to toss in the ball and chains face when he pisses me off.

Now, can either of my two readers tell me who the football player is in the pic below?

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Here's a thought..

Clean out the bums in the Hall of Fame. Baseball has some real jerkwads in there according to this Salon OpEd. I agree with many of them, so lets get started shall we?

First out the door is Gary Carter. Mr. Carter was a worthless catcher who's only claim to fame is the amount of hits he got over his entire career. That is hardley a reason to get into the HOF now is it? The man is a punk-assed bitch to put it mildly.

Second, pitchers who obviously cheated. Don Sutton and Gaylord Perry both cheated their pinstriped asses off.

Perry even titled his book about his favorite method of cheating "Me and the Spitter" 
for Christ's sake!

This is all tongue in cheek of course..but the rest of the Salon article is about the same I think..check it out if your needing a smirk on this Monday morning.
Saturday, December 15, 2007 | By: Unknown

Cards deal Jim Ed to Padres for a bag of balls

They also sent a lovely $1 million large along to San Diego as The deal has to be approved by MLB since thats a large number with plenty of zeros. H/T to Bruce a lifelong Cards fans for letting me know about this late Friday evening.

The Cards did get a player..if you can call him that..he's 24, plays third and he's still in A-ball..not a good sign. Of course Jim Ed had the shittiest year of his career last year after two rounds of off season surgery, and he's in the last year of a $19 million dollar payday. He's pushing 40 and there is a LOT of ground to cover in PetFood's center field my dear reader...lots and lots of ground. Edmonds is due $19 Million this season and the cheap-ass Padres..well, they are the cheap-ass Padres..nuff said.

Three OF'ers told the cheap-ass Padres to kiss off this week: Milton Bradley, Mikie Cameron and the Japanese outfielder Kosuke Fukudome, who signed with the Chicago Cubs.

If that doesn't clue you in to how cheap the fucking Padres are..nothing will mutha fucka. Bradley has an IQ of a dandelion and would rather play for the Rangers, Cameron has a 25 game drug suspension hanging over his gourd for the start of next year and Kosuke obviously understands the value of the American dollar is in the shitter, so he took the highest offer from an even crappier team., ya gotta love it.

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Friday, December 14, 2007 | By: Unknown

Mo Vaughn used roids??

The only thing small about Mo is probably his testes...
He must of thought he could get high off them..My favorite picture of that fat bag of shit.
Thursday, December 13, 2007 | By: Unknown

Roger Clemens used HGH and steroids per Mitchell report.

(AP-Picture of Roger Clemens and McNamee)
The following is directly out of the Mitchell Report, available on's website:

Toward the end of the road trip which included the Marlins series, or shortly after the Blue Jays returned home to Toronto, Clemens approached McNamee and, for the first time, brought up the subject of using steroids. Clemens said that he was not able to inject himself, and he asked for McNamee’s help.

Later that summer, Clemens asked McNamee to inject him with Winstrol, which Clemens supplied. McNamee knew the substance was Winstrol because the vials Clemens gave him were so labeled. McNamee injected Clemens approximately four times in the buttocks over a several-week period with needles that Clemens provided. Each incident took place in Clemens’s apartment at the SkyDome. McNamee never asked Clemens where he obtained the steroids.

During the 1998 season (around the time of the injections), Clemens showed McNamee a white bottle of Anadrol-50.386 Clemens told McNamee he was not using it but wanted to know more about it. McNamee told Clemens not to use it. McNamee said he took the bottle and gave it to Canseco.387 McNamee does not know where Clemens obtained the

According to McNamee, from the time that McNamee injected Clemens with Winstrol through the end of the 1998 season, Clemens’s performance showed remarkable improvement. During this period of improved performance, Clemens told McNamee that the steroids “had a pretty good effect” on him. McNamee said that Clemens also was training harder and dieting better during this time.

In 1999, Clemens was traded to the New York Yankees. McNamee remained under contract with the Blue Jays for the 1999 season. In 2000, the Yankees hired McNamee as the assistant strength and conditioning coach under Jeff Mangold. According to McNamee, the Yankees hired him because Clemens persuaded them to do so. In this capacity, McNamee worked with all of the Yankees players. McNamee was paid both by the Yankees and by Clemens personally. Clemens hired McNamee to train him during portions of several weeks in the off-season. McNamee also trained Clemens personally for one to two weeks during spring training and a few times during the season. McNamee served as the Yankees’ assistant strength and conditioning coach through the 2001 season.

According to McNamee, during the middle of the 2000 season Clemens made it clear that he was ready to use steroids again. During the latter part of the regular season, McNamee injected Clemens in the buttocks four to six times with testosterone from a bottle labeled either Sustanon 250 or Deca-Durabolin that McNamee had obtained from Radomski. McNamee stated that during this same time period he also injected Clemens four
to six times with human growth hormone he received from Radomski, after explaining toClemens the potential benefits and risks of use. McNamee believed that it was probably his idea that Clemens try human growth hormone. Radomski instructed McNamee how to inject human growth hormone. On each occasion, McNamee administered the injections at Clemens’s apartment in New York City.

McNamee said that he and Clemens did not have any conversations regarding performance enhancing substances from late 2000 until August 2001. McNamee did, however train Clemens and Andy Pettitte during the off-season at their homes in Houston. Clemens often invited other major league players who lived in the Houston area to train with him. McNamee’s training relationship with Clemens and others has been described publicly.

Its pretty pathetic this entire report. I just spent a couple of hours slogging through it. The Clemens material is culled from a section devoted exclusively to him which starts on roughly page 167 of the report.

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Mitchell, steroids and baseball.. has the full report online here in PDF format. Some high/lowlights:

Mitchells recommendations for MLB:

(1) Major League Baseball must significantly increase its ability to investigate allegations of use outside of the testing program and improve its procedures for keeping performance enhancing substances out of the clubhouse;

(2) there must be a more comprehensive and effective program of education for players and
others about the serious health risks incurred by users of performance enhancing substances; and

(3) when the club owners and the Players Association next engage in collective bargaining on the joint drug program, I urge them to incorporate into the program the principles that characterize a state-of-the-art program, as described in this report.

The report is over 400 pages long..its going to take time to digest this sucker. But Mitchell did say that all 30 teams have or had steroid users on their teams.

Eric Gagne and Paul Lo Duca were among other current players named in the report, both linked to Human Growth Hormone. From ESPN's writeup:

Mitchell and his staff interviewed former New York Mets clubhouse attendant Kirk Radomski four times. Radomski identified a number of former and current MLB players he said he sold steroid and Human Growth Hormone to. Checks and money orders, mailing receipts or shipments, statements of other witnesses were used to back up Radomski's allegations. Much of this was found in Radomski's seized telephone records.

They got 'the goods' on many of the players, i.e., checks and money orders, who still refused to speak with Mitchell. Mitchell's investigation found that some players had advanced notice regarding upcoming drug tests, which is total bullshit. Jason Giambi was the only player involved in the BALCO case to speak freely with Mitchell about steroid use. From the report:

"Concerning BALCO and Major League Baseball I requested interviews of all the major league players who had been publicly implicated in the BALCO case: Marvin Benard; Barry Bonds; Bobby Estalella; Jason Giambi; Jeremy Giambi; Armando Rios; Benito Santiago; Gary Sheffield; and Randy Velarde. Jason Giambi agreed to be interviewed, and Randy Velarde provided information through his attorney. All the other players implicated in the BALCO case refused my requests to be interviewed or did not respond to them. Gary Sheffield initially declined my request for an interview. Sheffield later said that he would agree to an interview, subject to the availability of his lawyer who was undergoing medical treatments."

Damn..wotta trip. Check this out from page 290 about one of the American doctors involved:

Dr. Claire Godfrey, an Orlando obstetrician, also pleaded guilty; she said that she was directed by Signature Pharmacy executives to several Florida rejuvenation clinics that faxed prescriptions for her signature knowing that she would never examine the customers.457 Within a six-month time period, she wrote approximately $1.3 million worth of prescriptions and earned $200,000.458

You know that the doctors giving up their 'clients' is the most damning evidence I would think. Clemens is nailed for roid use big time per ESPN, which I am watching now.

Mitchell report will be released within the hour

According to ESPN three names are already dropped:

The Rocket
Andy Pettitte
I will put up anything that sounds interesting since I am watching it on ESPN. Buddy-boy Selig plans his very OWN announcement after Mitchells. So..stay tuned..

From SI we get this:
Former American League MVP Miguel Tejada is mentioned in the Mitchell Report, due to be released by 2 p.m. on Thursday afternoon, has learned.

Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts also is in the report, as are seven-time Cy Young winner Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, Chuck Knoblauch, Mike Stanton and Jason Grimsley.

One or two other Yankees are expected to be named on the list as well.

Tejada spent the past four seasons with the Orioles and was acquired in trade by the Astros this week for five players. first reported Clemens and Pettitte as being in the Mitchell Report.
Wednesday, December 12, 2007 | By: Unknown

Can we do this with Baseball players?

So they don't fear a pitcher?

Obviously in Japan..they have a lot of time on their hands to do this shit..From Reuters:

Dec. 12 - Japanese scientists create a mouse which is never afraid of its mortal enemy, the cat.

The mice have been genetically modified to get rid of certain smell receptors in their brains which react to the odours of cats. Usually mice freeze and play dead when they smell a cat, but these mutant mice just go about life as usual.
Monday, December 10, 2007 | By: Unknown

Vick gets 23 months..

Ol Mikie won't be tossing the pigskin for 23 least. Vick and three buddies still face trial on state dogfighting charges in Virginia. They are accused of torturing and killing dogs and promoting dogfights -- all felonies that carry five-year maximum sentences in VA. From CNN:

Vick was dressed in a black-and-white striped prison suit and apologized to the his family and to the judge.

"You need to apologize to the millions of young people who looked up to you," responded U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson.

Vick also acknowledged he used "poor judgment" and added he was ready to accept responsibility.

Poor judgment? You fucking clown..its apparent you do not value life and all you can say is that you used poor judgment? Wotta tool..bye bye Michael..don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya fool. You have loved the 'sport' of dogfighting since you were a kid. YOu knew it was wrong, it was illegal and it was heinous. My only hope is that someone makes you their girlfriend whilst you cool your heels in a prison.
Saturday, December 08, 2007 | By: Unknown

MLB's Mitchell report due out..

On the heels of Barroids case hitting the court docket, seems the Mitchell Report is due soon:

Baseball is about to get its official boxscore on the Steroids Era.

It's the Mitchell Report, the findings of former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell's 20-month investigation into performance-enhancing drug use that has tarnished some of the game's greatest stars and records.

It's due out next week, possibly Thursday, and while critics are sure to claim it's one-sided and outdated, it has given players and executives cause for pause and led some to fear a modern-day Black Sox scandal.

"Well, it ain't Merry Christmas or Happy New Year for somebody," Cincinnati Reds manager Dusty Baker said.

I don't know about that Mr. its pretty weak..but we will see..

Barroid pleads not guilty..

I am sure no one expected him to come clean..but like Marion he will be brought down as long as the Federal Prosecutor's have done their fucking homework. From Sportsline:

Barry Bonds let one of his six lawyers say the words: "Not guilty." No courtroom drama, no surprises. Flanked by an entourage of lawyers and family members, baseball's home run king smiled, waved and made eye contact with fans Friday as he made his first court appearance since being charged with lying under oath about using steroids. Bonds' new lawyer entered a not guilty plea in U.S. District Court to the four counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice contained in the Nov. 15 indictment. Afterward, defense attorney Allen Ruby didn't waste any time, saying he would soon ask a judge to toss out the case because of "defects" in the indictment. He declined to elaborate. If convicted, legal experts say Bonds could spend up to 2½ years in prison.

Interesting Bonds didn't say the words..his flunkies did.
Wednesday, December 05, 2007 | By: Unknown

Detroit rocks with trade

Frankly, I couldn't believe that any other team didn't try to muscle in on this deal. Miggy and Dontrelle to the Tigers is a win-win for those boyz in D-town. The Marlins got some prospects and an old catcher..of course the owner of the Marlins got even more..his total team payroll will now be roughly 10% of that of the Yank$..god knows that fuckwit only cares about the cash that lands in his pocket. If Jeffrey Loria could be hog-tied and drug behind a truck for 3000 miles..I think you would find some very happy baseball fans in Marlin-ville.

The Padres might be willing to cough up $52 Million to make Jake Peavy happy. I really can't believe that since the owner, John Moores, is a notorious tightass and the fuckwit known as Kevin Towers seems to enjoy picking up worthless players off the waiver wire and telling the fans that he got a fabulous deal for a worthwhile player..
Monday, December 03, 2007 | By: Unknown

MLB's Veterans HOF committee selections..

lol..Marvin got snubbed again ;) Bowie Kuhn got in as did former Dodgers owner Walter O'Malley, managers Dick Williams and Billy Southworth and ex-Pirates owner Barney Dreyfuss.

Manager Whitey Herzog and umpire Doug Harvey each missed induction by a single vote-Dont it suck to be them today..Poor Whitey..

Former MLBPA shuckster..aka lawyer Marvin Miller whined when he heard the news:

"I think it was rigged, but not to keep me out. It was rigged to bring some of these (people) in. It's not a pretty picture," Miller said by telephone after being informed of the results by The Associated Press. "It's demeaning, the whole thing, and I don't mean just to me. It's demeaning to the Hall and demeaning to the people in it."

Fuck you very much Marvin..thats the breaks because it basically IS a popularity contest dude..
Friday, November 30, 2007 | By: Unknown!

Good football game last nite..what's that? You didn't get to watch it?

Blame the NFL and their grand plan to control all things football. Don't blame your cable company who is taking most of the blame for this bullshit.

It was a good game..Brett Favre was knocked out in the first half. His replacement did an admiral job although they still lost by 10 points. From

NFL fans who missed the Cowboys' 37-27 shootout win on Thursday night really missed something. It was a big-play-strewn and wildly entertaining game that had a little bit of everything -- including an injury that knocked the indestructible Brett Favre from the field in the first half.

If you didn't get to watch it, you weren't alone. Only a scant 30 million got to watch Tony Romo toss a shit-load of TD's. I had to drive to San Diego to watch the game..funny how that trip worked out timing wise.. but as I said..its not your cable company's fault that the NFL is holding a gun to their head.

Of course I have both QB's in several of my fantasy was a bittersweet night to say the least..
Tuesday, November 27, 2007 | By: Unknown

Sean Taylor passes

It's a sad day when a young man dies and the press goes after his past. Sean Taylor wasn't a faceless, nameless black man. We welcomed him into our homes every Sunday via our TV's. We marveled at his strength and agility. Yes, young black men die in senseless violence every day in our country..but Sean wasn't a stranger..and so we mourn him and think of what might of least some of us do.

Rest in Peace Sean. I hope your child and fiance' are taken care of.
Monday, November 26, 2007 | By: Unknown

The HOF candidates..

This year, Sportsline sees the following players as front runners for the MLB Hall of Fame:

Tim Raines and David Justice head 11 first-time candidates on the baseball writers' 2008 Hall of Fame ballot, joining Mark McGwire, Rich Gossage, Jim Rice and 11 other holdovers.

McGwire, his candidacy hurt by suspicions of steroids use, was selected on just 23.5 percent of ballots when he was eligible for the first time in 2007.

When Cal Ripken Jr. and Tony Gwynn were elected in January, Gossage fell 21 votes shy of the necessary 75 percent and Rice was 63 votes short.
Rice is on the ballot for the 14th time and Gossage for the ninth.

Players can be on the Baseball Writers' Association of America ballot for up to 15 years.

Gossage's percentage increased from 64.6 in 2006 to 71.2 in 2007, while Rice's declined from 64.6 to 63.5.

The highest percentage for a player who wasn't elected in a later year was 63.4 by Gil Hodges in 1983, his final time on the ballot.

Raines was a seven-time All-Star who played 23 seasons and batted .294 with 2,605 hits and 808 steals, fifth on the career list. He was the 1986 NL batting champion.
Justice was the 1990 NL Rookie of the Year and a three-time All-Star. He had a .279 average, 305 homers and 1,017 RBIs in 14 seasons.

Brady Anderson, Rod Beck, Shawon Dunston, Chuck Finley, Travis Fryman, Chuck Knoblauch, Robb Nen, Jose Rijo and Todd Stottlemyre also are first-time candidates. The five-year waiting rule was waived for Beck, who died June 23.
Other holdovers (with their 2007 vote percentages) include Andre Dawson (56.7), Bert Blyleven (47.7), Lee Smith (39.8), Jack Morris 202 (37.1), Tommy John (22.9), Dave Concepcion (13.6), Alan Trammell (13.4), Dave Parker (11.4), Don Mattingly (9.9), Dale Murphy (9.2) and Harold Baines (5.3).

Rijo retired after the 1995 season and appeared on the 2001 Hall ballot, when he received one vote. He then returned to the major leagues and pitched for Cincinnati in 2001 and 2002, making him eligible to go back on the ballot.

Reporters who have been in the BBWAA for 10 or more consecutive years are eligible to vote, and the totals will be announced Jan. 8. Rickey Henderson tops the players who will be eligible for the first time on the 2009 ballot.
Results of balloting for managers, umpires and executives by the newly reconstituted Veterans Committee will be announced Dec. 3 at the winter meetings.

I am fond of da Goose. I heart that man. Henderson was a great lil second tier player. I hope most of these guys get a shot..if not..there is always next year for most of em. As for Big Mac..fark him.
Wednesday, November 21, 2007 | By: Unknown

Those are some pricey pooches eh Vick?

The prosecutor in Vick's federal case is asking the judge to set aside almost a million large to pay for the care and feeding of the 50+ dogs removed from Vick's VA estate. In the request, the prosecutor cites that Vick's earnings potential has taken hit and he has plenty of creditors going after what little he has left. The SI writeup also lists other creditors that want their pound of flesh. Here is Jon Stewarts take on Vick:

The Phillies Jimmy Rollins beat out Matt Holliday for NL MVP Tuesday. I really thought Matty was a sure thing..but that said..there isn't a sure thing in voting or sports is there?

I asked the question Monday; WTF is wrong with Philip Rivers? Guess I ain't the only one asking that question. The SI writeup rips Norvie a new one six ways from Sunday; When the San Diego Chargers hired Norv Turner to be their head coach, they had to know that he lacked charisma, leadership skills, motivational abilities and the winning touch. But they could be sure that he was qualified for the job in at least one respect: He understood how to develop a young quarterback as well as anybody.

As I posted this week on one of my fantasy teams bulletin boards..I do hate Norvie with every fiber of my being. Wonder if I offered Schottenheimer a bj if he would consider coming back to coach the Chargers...probably not.
Monday, November 19, 2007 | By: Unknown

Norv Turner you suck dude..

The only way I can explain the fact that Phillip Rivers looks like shit this year is the change in head coach and plays being run..what else could it be that is turning Rivers into the biggest bust of the season after last years numbers..

Which ever fuckwit picked Norv-the loser-Turner to lead the Chargers...he/she/it should be tied behind a truck and dragged down I-5 all the way to L.fucking A. Then bury his/her/it's ass in the middle of the field at the Coliseum.

Not to .500, the Chargers still lead their division..sick huh?

Finally, an agent gets sacked..and its Boras no less! Kenny Rogers has shown Boras the door and said he wants to stay in Detroit. I root for Detroit baseball..dunno why, but I always do. It would be nice for that team to stay consistent an entire freaking season.

And I always root for Kenny Rogers..ol' fart that he is.

Back to Football..anyone see the bizarro ending of the Browns/Ravens game? craptastic indeed!
Friday, November 16, 2007 | By: Unknown

Michael Vick will be sentenced today.

MSNBC is reporting that Vick will be sentenced this morning in Federal Court on his dog fighting plea.

On the instant replay front..Buddy boy Selig is draggin his feet. The Chief Ops Officer for MLB, "DuPuy said at the time that he doubted whether the plan, which needs the approval of Selig as well as the unions for players and umpires, could be put in place by next season".

Other news..Jake Peavy won the CY for the NL..which of course warms the cockles of my lil black heart. Clevelands Manager Eric Wedge got the nod for AL Manager of the year and Bobby Melvin of the Dbacks got it for the NL.
Thursday, November 15, 2007 | By: Unknown

Barroid finally busted..

Whether it sticks remains to be seen. I hope it does, damn I hope it does. I don't have to give you the particulars..its all over the internets. Three months after becoming the home run king, Barry Bonds is indicted for perjury and obstruction. He is charged with lying when he told a federal grand jury he didn't knowingly use performance-enhancing drugs. Full story

PayRod has reached a deal with the Yankees..did anyone think he was actually going anywhere?
Wednesday, November 14, 2007 | By: Unknown

Ricky Williams..come on down!!!

Yes, the NFL's favorite pot smoker most likely will be welcomed back into the fold by the powers that be in the NFL.

Excuse me whilst I laugh my hairy ass off. The Dolphins management however isn't so sure they want him shit? Unless Ricky plans on playing for his room and board, I don't see too many teams offering him much.

But I could be wrong..its been known to happen my dear reader..I don't think smoking pot was Williams problem..I think dealing with the media and life in general was his major malfunction..

Hang in there Ricky..don't let the bastids get ya down dude.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007 | By: Unknown

MLB names AL and NL ROYs and AL CY

The AL Rookie of the Year is Dustin Pedroia, Boston Red Sawx. The NL ROY winner is Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Morons..I mean Brewers.

Today C.C. Sabathia got the nod as the AL Cy Young winnar..which I think is wrong..but wtf do I know about fantasy teams all sucked hind tit but one..and I had 6 of them. I thought Josh Beckett would win it..silly me. According to Sportsline it was a close vote:

Sabathia went 19-7 with a 3.21 ERA and 209 strikeouts, pitching a major league-high 241 innings. Beckett (20-7) became the only big league pitcher to win 20 games since 2005, compiling a 3.27 ERA in 200 2/3 innings. Lackey led the AL in ERA at 3.01, going 19-9 and tossing 224 innings. Voting took place before the postseason, when Sabathia struggled while Beckett pitched the Red Sox to a World Series championship with a string of dominant outings. Sabathia became the first Indians pitcher to win the award since Hall of Famer Gaylord Perry in 1972.

Gaylord won a CY? I had no idea..

From our WTF dept:Our Darwin award winner of the week..

No, the pic has nothing to do with the article
From Reuters:

One dead, one injured in pet rescue

CANBERRA (Reuters) - One man was killed and another was then seriously injured when they tried to climb a tree at night to recapture a pet cockatoo in Australia. The bird's 72-year-old owner fell as he tried to recover the pet in the country town of Bendigo in southern Victoria state. He was taken to hospital for treatment, police said. The injured man's neighbor, 58, then took over the rescue, but he also fell and died instantly when he hit the ground. "This was just an unfortunate accident," Bendigo Police Sergeant Peter Gilmore told Australian Broadcasting Corp radio.

Sorry, but I just don't get it. Birds did these morons think the bird would do when approached?
Monday, November 12, 2007 | By: Unknown

Mundane Monday...

The Chargers looked like shit last night..but then Indy did too. Peyton Manning probably pissed down both legs after tossing his 6th interception of the night..A New Record for ol Peyton folks! The Chargers should be down right embarrassed to lead their division with a craptastic 5-4 record.

My football fantasy teams did ok..thanks for asking.

This week in baseball, we will find out who wins the NL and AL ROY, The Cy, Manager of the year and league MVP. They will spread this news out over the course of the whole friggin week..bastids.

Oh, and that wanker A-Rod might join Joe Torre in the wearing of Dodger Blue. I know..I laughed about that one as well. He will fit right in with all the other freak shows in L.A won't he? This info is from Torre himself, so only God knows how authentic it is.

That's it for a Mundane Monday..

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007 | By: Unknown

Baseball GM's vote to use instant replay.

Holy shit batman! I never thought I would see the day..well, its here. CBS Sportsline has the story:

General managers recommended for the first time Tuesday that instant replay be used to help umpires make difficult decisions.

The proposal, approved by a 25-5 vote, was limited to boundary calls -- whether potential home runs are fair or foul, whether balls go over fences or hit the tops and bounce back, and whether fans interfere with possible homers.

"We've taken the first step. The question will be now, what do we do?" said Jimmie Lee Solomon, executive vice president for baseball operations in the commissioner's office. "We have glacier-like movement in baseball, so I'm hopeful that we can at least start meaningful discussions about it. I think that this will be something we'll have to go very deliberately on."

Solomon said the next step will be to speak with commissioner Bud Selig, who opposes the use of replays but said last month he was willing to let GMs examine the issue. If Selig gives the go-ahead, Solomon and staff in the commissioner's office would draft a detailed replay proposal that GMs could vote on when they gather next month at the winter meetings in Nashville, Tenn.

"All anybody is interested in is getting it right," Chicago White Sox GM Ken Williams said. "It will be a lot easier and less time to get that right than some of these arguments that ensue when a call is disputed."

Replay eventually would have to be approved by the unions for players and umpires, and possibly in a vote by owners.

"It's very important that we do get Bud's agreement on this," Solomon said. "He seemed to be softer, at least, on the consideration of the subject lately. I would not consider him an advocate of instant replay. He will have to be convinced."

Bob DuPuy, baseball's chief operating officer, said it would be an "aggressive time frame" to have replay in place next year.

"There's a lot that's going to have to be studied with regard to the technology, with regard to when you would use it, with regard to how it could get implemented," he said. "I don't think it's likely, frankly, that all of that could be accomplished over the course of the next several months."

He suggested that it could be tested during spring training or next year's Arizona Fall League. He also didn't see a wider use of replay than what GMs recommended.

"I don't think there is a significant impetus toward destroying what has been 150 years of the human aspects of baseball," he said.

Television replays can be used for many calls in the NFL. In the NBA, they are often used to determine whether players get shots off before time expires. In the NHL, replays are applied to check whether pucks cross goal lines. In grand slam tennis, replays can be used to ascertain whether balls are in or out.

Solomon likened this to the NHL model. He said the GMs' technology committee felt that the best method would be to have all video fed to a central location to be judged.

"A phone call would go to that person, and that person would have all the available angles that the network feed provided, and then make that call," he said. "We would have limits on it and there would be some type of penalties if a person tried to, if a team tried to go beyond those limits."

Solomon said if replay couldn't be put it place for the start of next season, it was possible it could make its debut in the postseason.

Solomon also said that to speed up games, baseball was considering limiting when a hitter could step out of the batter's box between pitches, restricting the number of times a player could visit the mound, and limiting the number of players allowed to visit the mound.

Monday, November 05, 2007 | By: Unknown

Andy Reid is getting a raw deal..

Come on people, his sons were adults for Christ's sake. If anyone has an adult child..and I know that you can not control anything they do. You also know that if you try to inject your beliefs and reasoning into their lives they tell you to fuck off.

That the NFL would even consider league sanctions for the actions of Reid's adult kids is fucking outrageous. Its fuckwitted in the truest sense of the word.

I am tired of the press inventing issues. I am tired of the bullshit and bravado they spew in order to sell their wares.

Were Reid's kids bastards of the highest order? Oh hell yeah they were. Do they deserve jail time? Probably, its not my call. One of his hellions..Brett I think, pointed a gun at someone. Did that fuckwit know what that means, to point a gun at someone? Probably not.

Surely his kids were spoiled brats..I give them that..but no one made those guys do what they did to get the sentences they got. No one.

So leave Andy alone. He has his own personal demons to deal isn't a sunday walk in the fucking park when your adult "kid" goes off the deep end..and this I know from personal experience. Thing is..I left home at now a days suck off the parental tit as long as they can.

Its all a mess, to be sure..but do not hold Andy responsible for the actions of his kids..they knew exactly wtf they were doing, and I am sure if they had gone to Andy and asked for help he would of moved mountains to get them straightened out.

But they didnt'..and now they pay the price.

Leave Reid the hell alone and find someone else to bash Mr. Judge and evidently jury. Get the fuck off your high and mighty perch and deal with the issues that today's children face..and the parents that love them try their best to deal with.

Thursday, November 01, 2007 | By: Unknown

Barroid Bonds throws a hissy fit.

Keith Olbermann has an interesting piece on his nightly news show this evening. Barroid is highly pissed about his homerun ball being marked with an asterisk.

He has now stated that 'when' he is inducted into the HOF, he will most likely not attend the ceremony if the Hall puts 'that ball' on display.

Oh fuck you and your shrunken testes. From the writeup linked above:

Barry Bonds said in an interview to be aired on Countdown with Keith Olbermann that he will boycott baseball's Hall of Fame if it decides to display his record-breaking home run ball with an asterisk.

The free-agent slugger told Jim Gray: "I don't think you can put an asterisk in the game of baseball and I don't think that the Hall of Fame can accept an asterisk in their Hall of Fame. You can't, you cannot give people the freedom, the right to alter history, you can't do it. There's no such thing as an asterisk in baseball."

Well Barroid, I got one thing to say; HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..fuck you jackass, long and hard and with a double-edged sword. I love the irony here..and there is still the possibility that Barroid won't be inducted into the HOF he just might be jumping the gun here.


Wednesday, October 31, 2007 | By: Unknown

Sex is a sport right? was a rhetorical question. Seems in NY State everyone wants to play... from Fark:

20 Arrested in Westchester Highway Sex Sting

BEDFORD, NY (AP) -- Twenty men have been arrested in a sex sting at a Westchester County highway rest stop, including a Catholic priest, a registered sex offender and a local Rotary Club president.

Gee, no publicly elected officials?? I always find it amazing where men go to find sex..somehow a friggin rest stop just doesn't hit me as 'the' place to get laid..of course after reading the final paragraph, I can probably see why these particular fuckwits were hanging out there:

Most of the men have been charged with either loitering or trespass violations or both. One was charged with forcible touching, a misdemeanor. Four were charged with exposing themselves and two with public lewdness.

The pix is not related to the article..its just a great shot of a freak..the male variety, having sex with a blowup pig.

Happy Halloween my ass..

The only thing this day means is my only child was born two months early on this day. I ended up taking all his little friggin friends treat or treating and then a party at the homestead..At least it made it easy to remember his birthday..I am horrible with dates, anniversary's and that whole shtick. Thank god the lil bugger is old enough that I just give him some money that he will probably spend on pot or beer.
Tuesday, October 30, 2007 | By: Unknown

Joe Torre in Dodger Blue??

ESPN and everyone else on the planet is saying yes to that question..goodness..ain't that a fucking trip?

Grady Little, you weren't that bad but you weren't that good least that is what the Dodger brass is intimating dude..sorry bout your luck.

The ball and chain is ecstatic about this news..personally I could give a rats hairy ass. I am afterall a Padres fan. Wish the Padres had gone after Torre but John Fuckwit Moores is a tight-assed sumbitch and about as intelligent as a box of fucking rocks..fits in with that idiot Spanos if you ask me..

But you didn't ask me did you..

EDIT: FoxSports is saying not so fast Dodgers..Joey can't make up his lil mind that fast. Perhaps Mattingly will take the job?

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Monday, October 29, 2007 | By: Unknown

Joe Girardi is the new Yanks Skipper

From a NYT alert, we find out that yes, Virginia, Joe Girardi has signed up to lead the Yank$ to the promised land. From the New York Times article:

Girardi was selected over Don Mattingly and Tony Peña, who were members of Torre's last coaching staff with the Yankees. "The Yankees have expressed interest in Joe becoming manager," Girardi's agent, Steve Mandel, said in a telephone interview Monday.

"We've decided to have discussions with them and we're moving forward. No timetable has been set, but it's a process we're letting take place."
In selecting Girardi, the Yankees set in motion Mattingly's exit from the team. The former Yankees first baseman announced Monday he would be leaving the team.

Mattingly had been groomed to one day replace Torre as manager. Mattingly said it was his goal to manage whe he agreed — at the request of the principal owner, George Steinbrenner — to become the Yankees' hitting coach in October 2003.

Buh-bye Mattingly..guess the Yank$ just don't see you as managerial material dude..

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Boston sweeps the Rockettes for WS win

Good game, I had hopes that the Rockettes would come back and win so the series would go to 7 games..but sadly it was not to be. In a bit of irony, the NYT calls the BoSox the "premiere team of the millenium".

Boston Redsox win their second World Serious in less than 5 years. Of course thousands of fans hit the streets and lots of them were arrested..Meanwhile the Yank$ haven't won squat in that same amount of time. But the Yank$ did bid adieu to Joe Torre with a terrible offer they knew he wouldn't accept and..

ARod is now a free agent! Who is going to enter the ARod sweepstakes?

Now, its time to concentrate on my craptastic Fantasy Football teams..oh happy, NOT! It's going to be a long-assed winter :(

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Friday, October 26, 2007 | By: Unknown

Its Boston over the Rockies by 2 games.

I lived in the Fenway also known as the "Fens" in the middle 70's. I have loved baseball since I was old enough to listen to games on the radio with my father. I could see the back side of the stadium and hear the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd.

It was awesome. The games I could attend were some of the best I have ever seen. I throughly enjoyed my time in Boston and Cambridge. I still can see Carlton Fisk in my minds eye, his body english trying to guide the ball over the fence in the wee hours of the night. So it is with great pleasure I watch this years World Serious (not a typo). My sister marvels at the fact that I know all the players, even my husband looks at me with awe and complains that the Beantown players don't have their names on the backs of their jerseys.

I tell him thats the way baseball was in the old saved money to be able to rotate those numbers and jersey to another player without buying new ones or changing the lettering.

I remember laying on the couch watching a game, and simultaneously listening to the crowd in the ball park. The glow of the Citgo sign lighting up the night.

I want the series to go 7 games. Because when it's is baseball. That makes me mighty sad my dear reader.

Baseball is a wonderful diversion for me. It takes my mind away from the travesties that happen in our lives. It's makes me smile even after I have seen death and destruction as a daily occurance on the evening news.

So, I will amuse myself with Football until the end of January and then..sigh..Hockey in a half-assed sort of way.

Nothing is a good as baseball when it comes to a great diversion, its on everyday!. It's better for me than a couple of glasses of wine too, or so they tell me.
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Michael Vick should get this sentence..


Tossing dog off balcony gets man 3 years in jail
S.C. man apologizes for injuring puppy during fight with girlfriend

CHARLESTON, S.C. - An incredulous judge sentenced a man to three years in prison for tossing a 10-week-old puppy off an apartment balcony during an argument with his girlfriend.

The Yorkiepoo, a cross between a Yorkshire terrier and a poodle, was in a soft-sided container but suffered head injuries and had to be put to death.

Javon Patrick Morris, 22, apologized for throwing the puppy off the third-floor balcony last March and pleaded guilty to animal cruelty.

"You mean he threw a helpless animal off three floors because he was mad at someone?" Circuit Judge Edward Cottingham asked a prosecutor before issuing the sentence Thursday.

The judge, who has owned nine dogs, said he was obligated to issue a tough sentence.

"There is nobody in this world that can understand that," Cottingham said.

He sentenced Morris to five years, suspended to three years in prison and two years of probation. Morris, who will be eligible for parole in 20 months, also was ordered to get anger management counseling.

"I've got to send a message to all dog lovers that we are going to protect that interest in our courtrooms," Cottingham said.

Vick will most likely get year at the most for his involvement in killing, training and fighting dogs..he will however face a state trial as there is hope he will lanquish in jail a bit longer..
Thursday, October 25, 2007 | By: Unknown

Ok..the BoSox kicked their collective ass last night..

Damn, I hate to say the game actually got boring. I started listening to music, guzzling wine and a host of other things.

No, I really didn't guzzle wine, but I was friggin bored.

Tonight is game two..can Boston kick their Colorado asses again? We shall see, Francis should of been the best they had and he looked horrible..

Wednesday, October 24, 2007 | By: Unknown

Tonight..the World Serious people!

I love this game. Its pathetic, I know..but I do. With the BoSox in it, I hope to see them pull off another memorable series.

Fark the Rockies..they just don't matter..I am happy for them they got this far, but those bible-thumping mofo's can kiss my ass.

The game starts in about half a hour. Fox does the World Series pretty well.

David Ortiz, Manny, all the boys in Beantown start it up tonight. Lets rock and roll gents.
Monday, October 22, 2007 | By: Unknown

SoCal is burning...

I am a native San Diegan, although I don't live there now..I live north of LA. But most of my family lives in San Diego and Escondido. My sister whom I was just down visiting with last week is now evacuating her home in Scripps Ranch. Scripps wasn't anywhere near the fire area at 8am this morning.

There are over 8 major fires burning just in San Diego county alone. I can watch the carnage live and in burning color on the internets..but it doesn't make me feel any better knowing my sister and her family are having to leave their house.

She was hysterical when I talked to her a few minutes ago. It broke my heart. I don't know what to do at this point but stare blankly at the laptop and watch my favorite place in the world go up in flames.

They are burning to the ocean. The beach cities of Del Mar and Solana beach of being evacutated now too.

Four years ago this week was the last huge fire in San Diego..the Cedar fire. That one came close to my sister..but they didn't have to evacuate. In fact, they housed friends and their pets for weeks that lost their homes.

My sister is frantic, she just called and she can't even get out of her own neighborhood..its a clusterfuck. Everyone waited too long..

I am so sad..I am scared..I am tired of watching orange flames lick up and down the canyons.
I gotta go, my sister is on the phone again. My Dad might be getting the evacuation call now.

Christ it is so fucked up down there.
Sunday, October 21, 2007 | By: Unknown

It all comes down to tonight for the Fenway faithful..

They have managed to come back from the abyss, those Boston Redsox boyz. I was skeptical that they would..but they haven't let me down..yet.

The 7th game is just getting underway..and I will watch with anticipation and some nail-biting I am sure.

Christ, I love this time of year..for either the Indians or the BoSox, it will be the end of the season.

I am off to watch and possibly weep..adieu.

EDIT: There is no sorrow in BOSOXVILLE tonight..the boyz from Beantown won..and won big..bring on the Rockies!