Saturday, September 30, 2006 | By: Unknown

Ok..the Pads and the Dodgers are in the playoffs..

For the first time in the Pads 37 year history, they will go to the playoffs in consecutive years. Whether they go as NL West or the wild card, will be determined by tomorrows games. If both the Pads and Dodgers win tomorrow, the Pad's win the NL West by having won the most head to head games this season.

Trevor is now in the hunt for the CY..have read it on more than a few sites, and with the records he holds as of this year..He fucking should be. David Fatass Wells got the win today. Gonzo played his last game as a Dback. I love Gonzo..

Sweet jesus, Wells just gave a hat tip to my town and his..Ocean Beach Cali..on National previous posts I have regaled you with tales of drinking and womanizing by Fatass as witnessed by moi in OB on many occasions..fucker has even bought me a drink or two when he was drunk on his ass..damn, it doesn't get better than this..well it does..but for today, this will do.

Well this certainly sucks.

The hated Dodgers and the Padres are tied for 1st in the NL West. Friggin MLB will not show me todays game since FOX Sports has a right to all games shown prior to 4pm Cali time My Pads-Dbacks game will start in 15 minutes.

FUCKING BULLSHIT! Fox is showing the g.d. Dodger game. At least I won't have to listen to the ball and chain whooping and hollering..he has a birthday party to go to..

Since when do old farts have birthday parties? Answer: When they are all drunks that use any excuse to drink and be merry. Fine with me however..I will sit and "watch" my game on isn't really watching it, so much as a 5 minute delay of stats for what is happening live on the field..oh fucking goodie.

Here is your Sat. Mammal blogging..hope I haven't shown these before..
This isn't my pic..I don't allow my cats to smoke..drink yes, but never smoke.

These are my kids when they were newly hijacked from their feral mom..they were just becoming housecats and skittish as hell. They are now well adjusted house kitties that drive us insane.

I got this off the 'net too..its so damn cute.
Wednesday, September 27, 2006 | By: Unknown

T.O. tries suicide..then says he didn't

Who friggin knows with this whackjob? Sportsline has the lastest..he's catching passes this afternoon and it was all a mistake..

or a bad reaction...

or the supplements he was taking..

or pick a new one..this guy is nucking futs..and the biggest attention ho this side of pluto.

A copy of the unedited police report is here from the smoking gun. The cops are now blacking out most of the info if you request a copy of the report per various sources.
Tuesday, September 26, 2006 | By: Unknown

Oh Sweet Jesus, its almost playoff time in baseball!

In 6 days, 20 hours, 32 minutes and 13 seconds they begin. The Baseball playoffs.

I am so excited. I love this time of year. Even if MY team doesn't make it into the playoffs, I love them. My Padres are in 1st in the NL West by two games as I write this..although they are attempting to give this evenings game to the St. Louis Cards..bastards. The Dodgers, the ball and chains team, are beating the Rockies..and since the Phillies lost today, I guess thats a good thing for the hated Dodgers in the race for the Wild Card spot.

I could give a shit as long as my Padres don't give it up to the Dodgers..only 6 games left in the season. I just don't want to listen to a whole friggin winter of "my team made it, how about yours woman?". That shit tends to piss me off. I don't gloat...well, maybe here on the blog..but not to him. Its not nice to gloat.

The game now is..who will win the MVP, the Cy Young and the ROY (Rookie of the Year)? These awards are voted on by the baseball writers.. an illustrious group of fuckwits if ever I saw one. Half of them are egocentric blowhards, the rest are pretty good and sometimes quite funny. There is a nice breakdown of the players that might possibly win any of these awards over at

I would like to see Pujols win the MVP again..but the kid from Philly is looking like the sure winner. Ryan Howard would be the first Philly since Mike Schmidt to win the MVP. I still like Prince Albert. He is a good person, doesn't have a huge ego and truely cares about kids. His stepdaughter has downs syndrome and I think he has a non-profit organization that helps these wonderful kids. To me, an MVP is more than stats..its about character and Albert Pujols surely has that in massive amounts.EDIT: I have been informed that yes, A.Pujols has a foundation for exceptional kids, the linkage is here.

There are also whispers that my man Trevor Hoffman might get the CY..I am not banking on it because Brandon Webb really deserves it. I watched Webb come up through the Dbacks ranks when I lived in AZ.

When its all said and done baseball players are grown men playing a childs game for a whole lotta money.

OK, gotta root the Padres on..and my back is thrashed as it was physical therapy day..have a good Hump Day my dear reader :)
Monday, September 25, 2006 | By: Unknown

Etta Baker, Blues musician passes on.

She was 93, and influenced many a musician like Taj Mahal and Dylan. She started her career late in life according to this fine writeup about her on BET:
"As a professional musician, she was a late bloomer; she didn’t commit to being a blues artist until 1991 at the age of 60, after working 26 years at a textile mill in Morganton, N.C. Born on March 31, 19131 in Caldwell County, N.C., Baker took guitar lessons from her father as a child. Soon she became a superb practitioner of the Piedmont-style blues, which favored rhythmic guitar finger-picking, chattering vocals and opened tuning. In addition to being a well-kept music secret and working at a textile mill, Baker raised nine children."

Hope you can play with some of the greats that went before you Etta, rest in peace.

The Superdome once again hosts a football game.

Almost 70,000 people will celebrate pro football tonight in the Louisianna Superdome. The Saints are also unbeaten at this point in the young NFL season. I will be rooting for the Saints, if only because the residents of the area could use something to cheer about after enduring the last year of horror and broken promises. Plus I think I have a couple of players going tonight in a fantasy league or two..

GO SAINTS! Enjoy yourselves New Orleans :)
Sunday, September 24, 2006 | By: Unknown

Trevor Hoffman, No. 51 : Off speed KILLS..

41,000 strong were at the ballpark today to see Trevor Hoffman record the save that put his name in the record books. He started as a Marlin in '93. He has only been on two teams his whole career, and he did it in 3 less years than Smith did. I watched it live on my laptop. I got misty I tell ya. So, in Trevors honor, we shall listen to Hells Bells, a song I have heard more than any other song in the friggin least 300 ya know? Say what you want about the Pads, but they got him the game enough times over his career to get to 479, and all of two of them with the Padres. At the last game of the last homestand of the year..all fucking right dude :)

Cool Slideshows

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Saturday, September 23, 2006 | By: Unknown

478..its a great number tonight for Padre fans.

Trevor Hoffman tied Lee Smith for saves tonight. The ol man is going to set the new record this year for saves..god love him..I sure do.

Oh yeah..the Dodgers are losing as I type this..

478..I really never thought Hoffman would do it after he blew his arm out a couple of years back..just makes me proud ya know?

We still have never had a no-no..but tonight..who cares?

Touchdown Jeebus pulls one out of his robe.

What a game. 3 TD's in about 5 freaking minutes..ND does have someone watching over them.

Meanwhile..Padres tied w/ Pirates after 6 innings. 1-1 ..but the Dodgers aren't looking too good either.

Some Blues for your listening pleasure...

You win a toaster if you can tell me who this is and the name of the song..

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Sat. Mammal Blogging

In honor of football season we use one that the entire internet has seen.....

Once again its that post some animal pics so I get out of thinking..its a heavy sports day, baseball, beating someone's ass in fantasy enjoy the cats in strange ass places..

Friday, September 22, 2006 | By: Unknown

SF Reporters given 18 months by Federal Judge

Fuck you U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White. He agreed with the prosecutor in the case and handed down an 18 month jail sentence to both Lance Williams and Mark Fainaru-Wada, authors of "Game of Shadows", the book about sports figures who cheat to gain an advantage. They refused to name the individual that provided them with confidential Grand Jury transcripts. The judge is allowing the reporters to stay out of jail pending an appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

But Barroid Bonds continues to play baseball and get paid millions and lie his worthless ass off about what illicit drugs he used when he set the record for most homeruns.

How is this justice? Plainly it isn't. But I salute the two reporters for keeping their yaps shut on their sources. Reporters are the guardians of truth and as such shouldn't be punished for providing it to the citizens when it comes to secret hearings and court proceedings. SI has a writeup here. The Feds fucked this whole BALCO investigation up from the start by allowing the manufacturers and distributors to basically go free, several did a few months.

No one has done 18 months who was guilty of anything, and there were plenty of guilty muthafuckers. With regard to the millions of tax dollars spent on the investigation and subsequent hearings and trials, its all bullshit..and a dog and pony show which gave the government the ammo it needed to lean on professional sports about their lack of testing for and punishment given out to players that use performance-enhancing drugs to gain an edge over their competitors.

Fuck you all, you federal bags of batshit..twice even.
Wednesday, September 20, 2006 | By: Unknown

A-rod..its all about A-Rod again?

There is no reason to concentrate on A-Rod, and I am tired of all the fucking print, web, tv and god knows what over media types I have missed that concentrate on A-fucking-Rod. He is but one cog in the wheel known as the Yanks. SI, the NYT, a plethora of media types are focused on one man and his numbers.

Are they jealous of what he makes? Who isn't for christs sake? He makes more than the entire team payroll for the Marlins.

Are they jealous of his talent? God was good to the boy..lets not quibble here.

Everyone is going off about all the A-Rod shit. Fuck him. The team would win with or without him. There is a me in Team but me only takes you so won't keep you warm at night..and pumping up your own ego is highly over-rated.

Lets keep some things in perspective..the Marlins have won a World Series in the recent past....the Yanks have not. Lets keep the focus on the team..not A-fucking-Rod. I hate when the media makes a mountain out of a molehill of bullshit.
Tuesday, September 19, 2006 | By: Unknown

Good article up on Slate about..gasp..the NFL Sunday show

Its written by a guy that used to work as a film cutter at ESPN. He tells us what is wrong with the new Sunday game being on NBC and the group that makes up the "Football Night in America" studio gang. Let me just say this..Costas isn't Boomer, and he isn't kind to the new group giving us the days games and highlights. He does like the new NFL Network, which I don't get here in the friggin San Joaquin valley. The linkage to the article is here.

First penis transplant a sucess but the patient changes his mind.

Gee, its nice to know they are transplanting "johnson's" now, but for some reason the Chinese dude didn't like his and asked for it to be removed..friggin can't make them happy no matter how you try. The article is here.

Now if only they could transplant Brains..we could move Bush to the head of THAT list.
Monday, September 18, 2006 | By: Unknown

Padres vs Dodgers..after two innings..

Its 4-2 Pads..

Both pitchers are pitching like shit. This was touted as ace vs. ace. Penny is sweating like a pig and Peavy is bitching and yelling at Piazza. There have been 10 hits through 2 innings...

Its gonna be a long night.

Rothlesberger and the Steelers aren't looking so hot either..but then neither are the Jax.

Like I said..its going to be a long night. My fantasy era is going upward each time Peavy takes the mound. I cringe at the mere thought of looking at my stats tonight.

On a positive note the new tv season starts. The two tv shows, not counting sporting events, I watch will premiere this week.

This just in..Mike fucking suck. Keep you eye ON the ball and Catch the fucking ball. Its not complicated you fucktard.

Should I continue to watch this trainwreck or watch whatever I was dvr'ing an hour ago?

Oh bfd. They split the series, it's the worst that can happen right? We are back with the Dodgers in front by half a freaking game. Pads still on top in the Wild Card party. Did the Mets clinch?

That bag of batshit in the livingroom has been hooting and hollering for five fucking minutes. God, can I kill him now? It's tied you dipshit, its still early and my pen is better than yours...I think.

This is so unfair on some level..

Its Monday..yuck

My back is killing me, I have to write up something to say in front of people for tomorrow..I would rather just show one of the three documentaries I rented. Our local arm of the World Cant Wait" is having a free showing of the Bush War Crimes Commission film tomorrow at BC..Bakersfield College.. its at 4pm in the Fireside room if any locals read my drivel..

Sports..Padres are back in 1st in the NL West..Praise Jesus, can I get an amen..probably not..this is Dodger country where I live..there is one more game tonite..Peavy vs. Penny..ace vs ace..hope its good..and we still maintain our standing in the division..

Things aren't looking too good for my 6 fantasy football teams.. but if Pitt's real QB plays tonite, and plays well I can pull a couple of wins out of my it wrong to pray for such things? Probably..

I am in the final round of the Baseball fantasy Championship for a league I was never higher than 4th in all season..I beat the guy/girl that had been in 1st all season last week and it was a SURPRIZE sportsfans..I am proud of that fact even if I lose my ass in this final round..which btw runs the final two weeks of the real baseball will be fun..and I plan on not stressing over it..because it isn't real..its fucking fantasy!

T.O..broke a finger..tsk tsk..couldn't happen to a nicer jackass in my opinion..I feel bad for the Cowboys though..Tampa Bay's D still looked like shit..I am hunting for a new Defense in most of my fantasy leagues..

Edit..this just in..Clarett plead guilty..saving the state some money. He will do a min of 3 and a half years..hope your asshole is clean and in good shape Mo..your gonna have plenty of use for that area of your body in prison.
Friday, September 15, 2006 | By: Unknown

Reggie fucked up dude..

Why is it these guys can't hide the ill-gotten goods they get while playing college ball? I know they aren't going to school to learn anything but running back 101 or whatever the hell position they play..but jesus christ in a thong..its felony dumb when they get busted..not to mention they are making millions by the time they get busted and the only victim ends up being the college. As SI says..USC could have a whole season wiped off the books because of this friggin jackass. Pete Carroll is a tool also..he had to know something was up..Reggie was driving a tricked-out car courtesy of Micheals for starters according to the Yahoo Report..

Reggie might lose his Heisman..bfd..USC might lose alot more. The SF Chron has this masterful quote from Bush:

"It makes you want to go out there right away and tell your side of the story. Show everybody the facts, the truth. But you can't do that. That wouldn't be the right way to do it."

Look you stupid fuck..if you got something to cover your ass and USC's spill it. Anyway the writeup with Reggie's words of wisdom is here if your it details all the crap these nimrods scored from the pissed off agent that didn't get to sign Reggie.

Thursday, September 14, 2006 | By: Unknown

I just have one question....

Who in the blue hell dresses Lou Holtz for the College Football show on ESPN? For the love of God Lou..lose the friggin burnt orange jacket makes your face look orange.

On second thought..maybe the makeup artist was trying to match is face to the damn jacket..I don't know but he looks like an elderly pumpkin.
Wednesday, September 13, 2006 | By: Unknown

From our WTF? dept today..

T.O..refused to comment on something? Is the friggin sky falling? He wouldn't discuss the QB controversy in Dallas..what a shocker..perhaps its because the dipshit hasn't taken too many passes from either of them, or he finally saw Alex and bought a clue..or someone in the front office told him to shut the hell up for a change..

Steve Foley was shot in the back of the leg, twice even..yeah, the cop was skeered according to his side of the story, plus the sumbitch was off-duty,following Foley all the way to his house..fucking bastard..Foley is a big, black man..6'4" 260 a very white, very rich part of San Diego, the island of Coronado. The investigators are recommending he be charged with a misdemeanor DUI, but won't release his b.a.c..

sorry, but I am calling bullshit on the charges against Foley. The DA's office is covering its lily-white ass. This is the second time they have jumped the gun on Foley, last time saying he attacked officers during another "altercation" but the DA didn't press charges due to lack of evidence that time..code for you lying bags of shit in blue uni's.

Foley will miss the entire season..hope the boys in blue are happy, they fucked him out of his livelyhood...racisim still comes in blue uniforms and wears a badge.. even in San Diego.

Blogger is a bitch today..and so am I

After trying numerous times to post today..this will be my last attempt..if blogger eats this..I am done for the day. My back is still killing me after Monday's physical therapy session..that ain't good.

My fantasy football teams did ok..4 wins, 2 losses. Fantasy sports games are nothing more than chance..that is my belief can pick what you think are the best players available and if they don't get hurt or suck ass for some reason the entire season..then consider yourself lucky. Tampa, who had one of the best defenses' last year, sucked badly and I got creamed in both the leagues that I had them in. I will not panic..yet. Jake Delhomme sucked also but I had other players make up the difference..praise jeebus. I am not playing in yahoo's leagues this year, I gave FOX and Sportsline's leagues a try since they have live stat scoring for the whole year, which beats the shit out of Yahoo, who will only give you a taste of the live scoring then yank it away in a week or two like a drug dealer trying to hook you on crack..kiss my hairy ass Yahoo..twice even.

I did prevail in the Baseball playoffs but now I play the 1st place guy.I will be exiting the playoffs after this week..its a given at this point. I never beat the prick during the regular season, I don't see Buddha covering my ass during the playoffs against this guy.

The Padres still hold a tenuous lead in the Wild Card..only a game and a half..they lost last night in 11 innings, but so did the Dodgers..which gave me some comfort. The Pad's are playing 3 with the Reds so we will either increase our lead in the WC or drop like the proverbial turd in the toilet bowl of sports..

The Charges beat the Raiders, but thats not saying much. Poor Art Shell..why did that dumb ass come back to coaching and the Raiders no less..but we did beat them in their house..take that you freaks.

Its only 20 days 5 hours 19 min and 28 seconds till the playoffs commence in Baseball...

This is my favorite line from Fark this morning: ""The Government is staffed with mostly well-intentioned but incompetent people."--reminds me of my last job in San Diego..

Monday, September 11, 2006 | By: Unknown

The Hero's of 9/11 need our help.

(The picture is Ground Zero as it looks today)

The hero's I speak of today, are the firemen, policemen and volunteers that rushed to the twin towers after they collasped. They continue to suffer not just emotionally, but physically. The toxic materials that were pulverized by the destruction of the buildings entered their lungs as they dug through the debris looking for signs of life at first, then just looking for bodies to recover, and finally the construction workers that cleared the site. As the NYT article calls them, they are the Veterans of 9/11.

Roughly 40,000 individuals worked at the site of the twin towers, some for months and months on end. As Mount Sinai Medical Center reported last Tuesday, as many as seven in 10 of those who worked at ground zero and Fresh Kills on Staten Island have felt their lungs deteriorate because of their heroism. Yet many of these heros do not have health insurance five years after the fall of the towers. And the governments, both state and local, are not rushing to help them. People came as far away as Alaska to help in the recovery efforts at the site. Some of them worked with flimsy face masks, some with no protection at all. As one of the authors of the Mt. Sinai Report says: “There should no longer be any doubt about the health effects of the World Trade Center disaster,” said Dr. Robin Herbert, co-director of Mount Sinai’s World Trade Center Worker and Volunteer Medical Screening Program. “Our patients are sick, and they will need ongoing care for the rest of their lives.”

New York's Mayor Bloomberg isn't convinced of the on-going health issues of those that worked at the site. He is quoted as saying: “I don’t believe that you can say specifically a particular problem came from this particular event,”-I think The Mayor is a jackass for even thinking this, where is his compassion, how much digging did he do at ground zero?

As this article on Mt. Sinai's report states: “This was extremely toxic dust,” Dr. Landrigan said, noting that some samples showed the dust to be as caustic as drain cleaner. The dust also contained innumerable tiny shards of glass, which could get lodged in the lungs, and a stew of toxic and carcinogenic substances, like asbestos and dioxin, that could potentially lead to cancer decades from now.

There are studies that suggest over 40% of the workers do not have health insurance, yet they all suffer from some type of physical illness derived from their work at ground zero. The hero's that are suffering the worst were those that responded immediately after the towers collasped and spent days and weeks there digging among the ruins for victims. The most common problems are upper and lower respiratory problems. There are numbers of firemen and policemen that have died since the fall of the towers, from respiratory illness that their families are convinced happened because of their work at ground zero. Many workers are now too sick to work at their regular jobs and as such, have no health insurance as noted above. These individuals were there when it counted. We need to stand up for them now. We can not turn our backs on them. The federal government authorized 52 Million for healthcare of the individuals showing symptons of medical problems from their work at ground zero. Dr. John Howard, who was named the federal 9/11 health coordinator in February, has already said that the $52 million the federal government has appropriated for treatment late last year is inadequate. There is an ongoing study of the workers at ground zero called the World Trade Center Medical Monitoring Program. If you know someone that worked at ground zero, they need to access this program, the link is here.

Write to your elected representatives. Tell them that we will never forget the ones that served on that day and the months following when our nation was in shock and mourning the losses of thousands of individuals killed in the fall of the towers. Tell them that we need to take care of them as we have taken care of the families of those killed in the towers. Its the least we can do for those that served without a thought for their own safety and who now suffer for their heroism. Someone needs to speak for them. Most of them can barely speak for themselves because of their health problems. Don't let them be forgotten.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006 | By: Unknown

Saturday Mammal Blogging..

The top one is interesting...I wouldn't want to be that cat...
The baby in the that fucking cute or what?

Friday, September 08, 2006 | By: Unknown

Its friday and its football season too..

Last night..a game. Can I get an amen? hey..check out this ad..the chick can crack walnuts some kinda bad eh?

Baseball however is still hot in this household.. only 24 days 21 hours 55min and 58 sec until the playoffs..The Padres still have a chance..

I am really craving a fine glass of wine. But all the meds dictate no..this so fucking sucks.

I need a release of some sort..I will get back to you on what I figure out. Meanwhile I gotta check my 8,567 fantasy teams..thats a friggin job unto itself.

Have a good, cool more heatwave and I go postal.
Wednesday, September 06, 2006 | By: Unknown

Marlin's Sanchez tosses a No-No..

I am not so jaded with baseball that I don't get a smile on my face when a team gets a No-No. I say team because it is probably more of a team effort than a normal win. As the Rookie Manager, former Yank, Joe Girardi said.."when I was playing, I was scared I would be the one to screw it up."

Thats why the whole team gets a No-No. The Marlins have had 4 so far in their young history.

My Padres have never even had friggin 1.

Anibal Sanchez the rookie pitcher playing for the rookie manager got it done. Hope he basks in the glory of it tonight...cuz next year, every team will know what you got and when you toss it dude..

Marlins might still make the playoffs yet..and to think they have the lowest payroll in the bigs..$14,998,500, while A-fucking-Rod gets $25,680,727 all by his own self...ain't that some shit.

Edit: The Padre's won in the bottom of the 11th. A scoreless extravaganza up to that point. God I love this game. The winning homer was hit by a guy they just drug up from triple-A..I don't have a clue who the hell he is..but I heart the dude.
Tuesday, September 05, 2006 | By: Unknown

Padres closing in on first .....wonders will never cease!

The Dodgers lost..again, to the Milwaukee..puts us only 1 game back now..and a 2 game lead in the NL WC..jeebus christ I love this game...

Plus the new MLB package I ordered for the final month has some great program called Mosaic where you can watch 6 games at a time..I know...overkill..but I am loving it :)

My back is still screaming at me, the PT hasn't done much yet, but you have to realize I did nothing with it for 2 months whilst fighting the bastards at the insurance company..

My fantasy draft was fucked up tonight..Fox Sports can kiss my friggin ass..I did not want my first 6 pics to be 3WR's and 3RB's ya fucktards..not enough servers boys? That's ok..I have 4 other teams to fret over..this one wont' bother me if it goes south.

Its fucking hot and humid and that makes me a cranky bitch..
Monday, September 04, 2006 | By: Unknown

Pad's come from behind on Mikie's birthday..

And you know I am not a Piazza fan..right? But he drew a walk on his 38th birthday and Josh Barfield hit one was sweet.

Especially since I signed up for the last month of the MLB package on my laptop. Wells didn't look too bad in his debut the other night.

Only 2 out of first in the NL West, leading the WildCard. Lots of baseball left to play..

Happy labor day..for what its worth in todays market :)
Saturday, September 02, 2006 | By: Unknown

10,000 Reasons Civilization is Doomed

10,000 Reasons Civilization is Doomed

Cut-day in the NFL& weekend Mammal Blogging

Charles Rogers finally got cut, three years after being the 2nd pick in the draft. Rogers never lived up to his potential, much less play all season. Detroit must be happy to be free of him. Moe Williams got a pink slip as did Ron Dayne. The "Great" Dayne never did shit either..

Here is a Sat. Mammal blogging pic..