Friday, June 16, 2006 | By: Unknown

For Kurt..

Baseball is the ONLY thing I am conservative about. I think the old way is the only's an institution for gods sake. The whole idea of interleague play disgusts no friggin end.

And one might wonder how a woman that embraces the left side of the dial on everything else in the world could possibly go right on this..

Let me explain it to you have a minute?

Its a grand old sport..that I grew up on..its one of the only things in life that gave me joy as a child. It made me stand above the crowd, I loved the stats, the knowledge being emparted unto moi. I loved being able to recite the current stats of any top player named. I never learned to read a fastball or a curve ball..but I retained the daily stats of players that were at the top of their game that year.I loved watching a great double play...or the soft,,gentle sail over the fence of a ball in the evening atmosphere..its always better at night you know..the homers.

I remember watching a single A team in San Jose, CA..trying to fetch a foul ball in the outfield stands..I remember.
And thats fucking why I hate interleague play..does it make sense..hell no..but it doesn't have's my blog dammit.

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CoffeeBigPlz said...

Some days Dusterella, you are so freaking cute!

Today would be one of them!

Unknown said...

aw Beth..I heart you my Indiana,motorcycle-riding friend :)

Bake Town said...

We need to go to game girl. That'd be fun!!

Kurt said...

ahhh. i appreciate all those things. funny thing? i was a jock that took the spring off in high school to watch the games. there wasn't much better than sitting in the grass with cute girls and warm sun shining on us in May.
Come to think of it, there still isn't. We should all do a game somewhere. It would be fun.