Wednesday, December 22, 2010 | By: Unknown

Nick Adenhart's killer gets 51 years.

I hope this means Andrew Gallo will never walk free again.

Prosecutors said they sought the maximum term for Andrew Gallo, 24, because the pitcher and two other people died in the crash and his blood-alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit.
Gallo was on probation for a previous drunken driving offense at the time.
Buh Bye Andrew. Hope you enjoy the rest of your life behind bars you worthless bag of sheepshit.
Friday, December 17, 2010 | By: Unknown

McNabb benched for Grossman - Huh?

Ok, lemme get this straight - Skins gave Donovan a new contract for 5 years $40 million guaranteed...then they bench his ass for the last two games of this season? WTF?

Ah, but the devil is in the details of that contract:

If McNabb has neither the mind nor the body to perform end-game duties at the age of 33 (he turns 34 on Thursday), do the Redskins expect him to be around in 2016? Not really.

On closer examination, the deal immediately pays McNabb $3.5m. But the team can sever ties at no additional cost after this season. If he returns, overall pay (salary and bonus) for next year would amount to $12.5m, hardly excessive for an NFL quarterback.
Ok, I get it now...since the NFL has a weak-ass players union, this contract really has no meaning. Since McNabb's numbers are at the bottom of the league, my guess is that he won't be a Redskin next year.

Thing is...Rex Grossman ain't no prize either. So all we really know is the 'Skins are still a hot-friggen-mess.
Sunday, December 12, 2010 | By: Unknown

Metrodome looks like a Big bowl of sugar..

That is what the Metrodome's top looks like after it collapsed early this morning. The options now available to the Giants vs Vikings:
This is going to take a while to sort out. When tears were found after a 1982 collapse, four days were needed to repair it. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said Sunday morning that the league will address the issue “ASAP.” Options include moving the game to the New Meadowlands Stadium. For those of you asking, I don’t think baseball’s Target Field could be retrofitted for football. But I guess the University of Minnesota’s TCF Bank Stadium could be an option. Stay tuned.
The Giants were stranded in a midwest airport, so this thing is far from being figured out.

Sunday, December 05, 2010 | By: Unknown

NFL is incredibly profitable for owners, but do they take care of injured players after they retire?

The answer is NO, the NFL does not. Good read up at Emptywheel this morning. With the NFLPA telling the players a lockout is pretty much a lock for next season, its a valid point to bring up about the care of permanently injured players once they retire from the NFL.

Most of the players are relatively young, age-wise, when they leave the game. But the majority of their injuries only take their toll as the former players age. The NFL only pays for medical care, for on-the-field injuries, for five years after a player retires. From Emptywheels writeup:
Before we get down to the weekly game talk, there is a serious side of the business of football, a part that is not a game, that needs to be discussed. The long term health concerns of the players. As seemingly well paid and glamorous a job professional football player seems to be, the fact is when their career is over, these men are still relatively quite young chronologically but much older, physically compromised and beat up physically and, far too often as we now know, mentally too. The video from former NFL player and current NFL Player’s Association staff member Nolan Harrison describes player injuries as they relate to health and safety on the field and once a career is over.

The National Football League is insanely profitable. The average NFL game attendance league wide is 67,519. For every game of a 16 game schedule, and if you were not aware, teams make customers buying season tickets also buy tickets to at least two, sometimes three, preseason games at full regular season face value as part of the season ticket package. That is before you even get to the otherworldly television broadcast packages the NFL has negotiated, which are the most lucrative, by far, of any in the entertainment/sports industry. For the period of 2006 to 2013, the broadcast rights fees generated are: CBS $622.5 million/yr, Fox $712.5 million/yr, NBC $650 million/yr, and ESPN $1.1 billion/yr for a total yearly broadcast revenue of $3.085 billion per year. That is without delving into perhaps the most profitable income streams for NFL owners, the ancillary modalities such as merchandizing, advertising and concessions. There is a lot of money being made here, total revenue for the league was estimated to be over $6 Billion a year five years ago; it is undoubtedly significantly higher now.

With NFL owners threatening a lockout unless players agree to major concessions, the NFL is headed for a labor dispute that would leave stadium seats empty, TV screens blank and the Emptywheel Blog Trashless next fall. The knee jerk reaction may be that it is hard to get too worked up over a battle between billionaire owners and millionaire players, but keep in mind that the average NFL player is not Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, has a average salary of well less than a million dollars a year and the average NFL career is only 3.5 years. That is pretty limited compared to the owners who have a lifetime license to sit back print money.(emphasis mine)
Yes, we all know about the big bucks the big stars get, but as Wheel says, the majority of the players do not get those types of paychecks...not to mention guaranteed contracts are virtually non-existent in the NFL, so if a player has a career-ending injury..he is pretty well fucked, regardless of the size and length of his current contract.

Long term health issues are real for the players in the NFL, be it multiple concussions that can turn their brains to mush as they age (like Muhammad Ali sadly exhibits now in his later years) or knees that are tore-the-fuck-up, making even walking a painful chore,  before they even hit 35-40 years old.

Like the veterans of our wars should be able to rely on our government to take care of war wounds that last a lifetime, the NFL players should be able to rely on the rich owners providing health care for their on-the-field injuries when they leave the game.

Little Leaguer asks permission to plunk a batter.

This is SO rich!

From Deadspin's writeup on this:
Baseball is supposed to teach youngsters the value of teamwork and fair play. But sometimes the game is just so damn frustrating that all you want to do is drill some kid in the back with a fastball. Mercer Island's Brandon Lawler certainly understood that after allowing the tying and go-ahead runs to score in the top of the sixth (and final) inning against Georgia—an inning that included three wild pitches and two passed balls. His coach came out to talk him down, but Lawler was not in the mood.
COACH: "Hey, we're going to come up again."
PITCHER: "Is it okay if I just hit this batter?"
COACH: "What? No. No. Are you kidding me? ... Let's get this guy. Come on. We're still in this game. One-run game. You wanna stay in?"
COACH: "You wanna come out right now?"
PITCHER: "Yes, I do. Can I sit out?"
COACH: "No, you're going to first base."

Well, the kid might be a quitter and a pussy, but you and I both know plenty of adult ball players are jackasses too on the field of dreams.
Saturday, December 04, 2010 | By: Unknown

Nick Adenhart's killer found guilty.

That would be three guilty verdicts in this case. Second degree murder guilty for a bastard named Andrew Gallo, who has never lived outside his parents home, but managed to get enough cash together to get tanked then drunk drive regularly.

Gallo will be sentenced December 10th. That would be an early Merry Christmas for the fuckwad who's blood alcohol level was triple the state limit. For this punk..50 years, the tops he could get, just simply isn't enough. From the link:
Officials charged Gallo with second-degree murder - not the lesser related charge of manslaughter - because he had a previous DUI conviction, had specific knowledge of the dangers of drinking and driving from his own experience and had signed a court form from the earlier case saying he understood he could be charged with murder if he drove drunk again and killed someone.

To win a murder conviction, prosecutors had to show Gallo acted with implied malice: intentionally drove drunk, acted with a conscious disregard for human life and knew from his personal experience that he could kill someone.
Party hearty while you are awaiting sentencing you worthless fuck.