Saturday, September 17, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor


My beloved Dontrelle Willis pitched 8 count em 8 shutout innings today..god that man is awesome..only to watch his team LOSE the game in the 9th...Thanks Marlins inept bullpen and defense, the first 10 batters in the 9th reached base, and Philadelphia scored 10 times to win 10-2 Saturday afternoon. Did you really read that sports fans..first ten freaking batters in the inning reached base..i am dumbfounded..this is ludicrous..Todd Jones blew the save op giving up 4 earned runs and the team as a whole committed four friggin errors which accounted for an additional 4 unearned runs..a team record btw..Todd "the nimrod" Jones got his third blown save and faced five batters and gave up five runs..the 5th run was a gimme on his throwing error..I am speechless..well, no not really cuz I just blogged about it..I am in shock..yes, thats it..shocked and awed..

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Jerry said...

you rock dust...I am so up on coming here...Angels will choke yes? if not already.