Tuesday, September 20, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Padres lose..which is an understatement...

The final score was: 20-1...thats not a typo sportsfans..20 to fucking 1.

They were playing in the thin air of Coors Field. even thinner at night actually. It was 8-0 at the end of the first, 10-0 at the end of the second inning. This is so pathetic,it makes me physically ill. The Rockies looked like winners tonight considering their current record of 62-88, their fans must of pissed down both legs over this win. San Diego still leads the Giants by 5 games with a STELLAR 75-75 record.

Every Rockie except for two got a hit or two..or three..the only Rockies that didn't were two pitchers..their total hits for the evening..a ridiculous 23 hits out of 48 at bats..quick math shows this is one hit shy of FIFTY PERCENT of their at bat's were good to go..lol..and they left 19 guys on base..jesus christ in a thong, the score could of been far worse..i shudder at the thought.

The Padres on the other hand..managed six paltry hits and one stinking run. IN COORS FIELD,gods gift to the baseball hitters of the world.. Woody Williams, SD's pitcher of record never made it out of the second inning..his ERA at Coors this year...a lovely 29.10.....the average ERA for a pitcher this year is around 3.50 I think..so dont even try to do THAT math...

They had won three straight close, dramatic games - and four in five nights - and their 8-7 victory over Colorado in the series opener Monday put them over .500 after leading the division at or below the break-even point for more than a week. Realistically they have led the division more times than naught with a losing record since the All Star break.

OK...i had to get this game out of my system..hopefully the freaking Padres have also..

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Chick said...

Sorry about the hideous loss.

The Rockies haven't had the joy of peeing down their own legs (you're cracking me up) since before Barmes broke his friggin clavicle.

Let 'em enjoy what little happiness they'll get thrown at them this year.

Go Padres.