Monday, September 05, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Barroid Bonds is coming back from his vacation.

Barroid aka Barry Bonds has deceided that since the Giants are now in second place in the shitty division known as the National League West, he will now play this year. Gee Barroid, must be nice to take 95% of the season off and have fresh legs when your whole team has been struggling all season to get out of the friggin basement. They did it without Barroid and I wonder how they feel about him suddenly showing up and saying he is ready to play with less than a month left in the regular season. Barroid is a jackass with a big shiny smile now, all ready to talk to the media, whom he shunned for the last six months. I can not tell you how much this man offends me. I wont even try...

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Kurt said...

"shunned for the last six months"?????????
This guy has been a jerk his entire career and only now is starting to realize that the press he has been so rude to are the ones that will be voting on his Hall of Fame membership. It is especially ironic that his turnaround comes on the heels of Rapheal Palmeiero's exposure as a 'roid freak and subsequent move from shoo-in first ballot boy to questionable.
Balco must've come up with something untraceable. Again.