Friday, September 09, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

a blog tears at your heartstrings..

my girl daisy has a blog..i say my girl..but she is a blogger bud..i love her to death and thats another story..but her post today was so full of emotion, it ripped me apart and made me cry..I wish I could put my emotions and feelings on paper(or computer) like she did today..if you read through her archives she has been through a ton of shit in the last few months..and i mean tons..and she is a sweet soul that actually goes into the depths of hell to help the oppressed, she went to south america on her summer vacation to work with the poor FOR A MONTH!! who among us can say we have done or would do that?? Not me, I talk a good game, but you wont see me living without electricity for a month, or running water..hell my idea of camping is a fully stocked Winnebagowith a Dish or cable..

but go give my girl daisy some love..tell her that you too would cry like she did..tell her how good she is at putting her feelings down in words...just go...if your a hardass you wont go look..if you are self centered you will say she's a softie..but if you love honesty and people that think of others before will like daisy..or maybe love her as i do..we don't have enough daisy's in the world..and thats sad..damn fucking sad..but at least I can say i know someone like her..someone that is always looking for the positive angle..the good in all of us..

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Jerry said...

What only 2 hours away!!!
Gee, I wouldn't even HAVE to take a vacation:::smile:::
I went to DaisyDukes...a very caring soul...glad you mentioned her in your blog.

Jerry said...

November 29...and you?

LBseahag said...

wonderful blog both you and daisy...

now get out of fresno asap.

Jerry said...

OK got it Dusty...dec...I won't forget and you'll be getting brithday wishes from me!

never did find a

daisyduke said...

OMG Dusty...that is so sweet. Thank you.
When are you coming to Texas, anyway?