Thursday, September 29, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Rob Nen was a gamer.

They played "Smoke on the Water" when Robbie walked out from the bullpen to close out a game. I hate the Giants..always have. But I loved Rob Nen. His unorthodox delivery..that little toe tap thing he did with his foot when he hurled the ball, it threw batters off their timing. He won a World Series ring with the Florida Marlins and was on his way to winnning one with the Giants. But fate and a totally blown out shoulder kept that second ring off his finger. There is a fantastic article on Robbie that tells the story of how he not only played in pain that final season, but KNEW he was probably risking his entire career. The World Series where the Giants looked like winners finally but the Angels came out on top. Robbie blew his career to play in that World Series..he knew it, the team knew it and the front office knew it. He shredded that shoulder, tore it to hell so bad that four surgeries couldnt fix him. After my last post about the nimrods that play and cheat, I wanted something positive and this story about Robbie is the other side of the coin. I dont know if anyone will click the link but here it is. If you enjoy a good story about a real baseball player, a gamer as they are called, read won't be disappointed.

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Liquidplastic said...

You and my friend Maggie up in Georgia are sport nuts. I don't dislike it, just never got of into it. But I love reading your commentarties about it. You would have made a great sportcaster.