Sunday, September 11, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Pigskin Post

I love football for many reasons..its a fall sport..fall is my favorite season of all..not too cold, not hot the days get shorter-I am a night person...but i digress..

There have been a minimal amount of movement by free agents this off season..the biggest being Randy Moss. Randy is a man with incredible talent..and a big fucking mouth. Its hard to love a player that exhibits such stupidity off the field.

Now, that being said..i have become by nature of my residence...a fan of the, this coming from a born and bred Charger fan is pure blasphemy. Here in central Cali, you either get the Niners or the Raiders..if there was an Hell-A team they would get it hands down..but there isn't..which is total bullshit btw..

so..i took the Raiders..they are AFC and afterall is said and done, I AM an AFC type of woman. I have loved the AFC since its enception..but again..i get offtrack..I haven't informed my friends in the San Diego area..until now that is..I managed to tell someone that told someone..and now my secret is out..I have become a Raider took three years of diligent resistance mind you, to become a Raider fan..I tried to keep this horrid event from transpiring..but to no avail.

So with regards to Randy Moss..I hate his fucktarded ass and yet..I pray to all that is holy that he lifts those sorry ass bunch of Al Davis employees to heights above and beyond the rest of the league. It would make it alot easier for moi since now I am the village idiot in the eyes of my compadres in the San Diego area..but I wouldn't get pissed if the Chargers made it to the playoffs by any stretch of the imagination. I follow many teams since I have lived on the east and left coasts and a few points in-between. Some folks can't understand this logic of mine but there it is anyway..a fan of many teams and lover of none...well, i do love the chargers but they usually drive me insane at some point in every season.

Here is hoping that the Raiders, Chargers, Falcons and the Redskins have good seasons and that I figure out a way to have sundays off for at least the next 16 weeks..its a bitch working on such a hallowed sports day..seems like heresy to me, the sports nut,having to work on this day....wait..i think i feel a screwed up back coming on..yes, yes it is...omg there it is..the infamous "I can't work today, my two blown discs are acting up again"... are you ready for some football? I know I am :)

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daisyduke said...

I've been in Dallas 13 years...ain't never gonna make a cowgirl fan outta how!

An80sNut said...

Welcome to the dark side. B) Actually, I entirely know what you mean though. I have many friends that all like teams that hate silver and black (Steelers, Chargers, Broncos, Chiefs and many more.) I love football before the team. Here's to hoping for few injuries, a winning record and Randy Moss losing his voice most of the season!

Jill said...

I'm a Cowboy fan....sorry we beat your Woot! Love those 'Boys!!

Bill said...

It's still baseball season. Sorry.

Jerry said...

Dusty...I don't follow football...but I am interested in following you following seem to know quite a bit about it.

The Zombieslayer said...

I just hope the Packers don't finish with a losing record this year. After seeing Sunday's showing, it's going to be a long year for us Packer fans. :(

MJ said...

See now - I'm an NFC fan and after having spent 14 years in SF, the Niners, bless 'em, have my heart. I've gone up and down, from Joe Montana/Steve Young and the golden 80's- 90's to what's his name, no not Jeff, seriously, what IS his name? Oh yeah, Rattay... anyway.

So if you would like to pursue any wagers this season, far be it from me to dissuade you from such foolishness. (Although, if you call me out on the AFC, I gotta go with the Jets, er, or the Lions - I know, I'm a masochist. Some people LIKE pain.)