Monday, September 26, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Cindy Sheehan arrested..and so it begins..

Being a member of the left wing nut jobs since I was a teenager, I have been waiting for this to begin..I knew it would, I hoped Cindy would be a part of it, and it makes me sad that I can not take part in these demonstrations of free speech..I am too old and too physically screwed(two blown discs in my lower back)to take part in our right to protest this illegal war. The foreign press is covering her arrest more so than the talking heads from America..It was a dumb move on the part of Bushie to arrest her, gave her lots of media exposure..but I don't expect brains and intelligence out of this bunch of nimrods running our country. When I did a google search on the words "cindy sheehan arrested" I got one National write up by ABC news..the rest were foreign writeups..sadly I think this is so fucked up..but what can you expect when Kate Moss's coke habit gets more coverage than Frist's bullshit or Karl Rove's debacle or any of the other half a dozen things the Repub's are being busted for as of late..

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dusty said...

For those of you going..who is Frist?..he is a stellar Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. The man sold off a shit load of stock in his family company prior to the stock taking a major nosedive..and we mean major..

i always aim to keep you all informed and aware :)

Chick said...

I can not watch the network news anymore.

Tonight's headlines...Ashton & Demi get friggin married!

Do I care?

dusty said...

That shit belongs on Entertainment Tonight..its pathetic that I have to hear about it on the National newscast. They take up time on that fluff and nothing about the shit that matters..unless its hurricane.then its the top story..but with the ethics investigations going on against several highplaced Repubs and their buds the lobbyists..we get fluff..

Liquidplastic said...

What can you expect when the Bush core group, the "have and have more" own just about every damn thing. During Katrina I got more news about America then from the America's press. They were put to shame by the overseas Media, that's why they started asking the hard questions.

You keep on reminding us, because before some of us get it Dusty, we have to be told over and over again ... sad but true.

The Zombieslayer said...

You a Leftist? Really? ;)
(I'm kidding).

Funny, I don't like Bush for a bunch of reasons, but mainly they come from the Right. For one, he has a spending problem like you can't believe. For another, he's not really pro-2nd Amendment. For another, he's for amnesty for illegal aliens, which I'm very much against. Nothing against legal aliens. I'm referring to the illegal ones. Huge discrepancy there.

So he has a tax cut while he increases spending. Guess who's going to have to pay for the deficit? That's right. Dusty and the Zombieslayer.

The other thing is, isn't Congress supposed to declare war? I hate the Patriot Act too. The guy has no real understanding of the Constitution. But neither did his father. When are the Republicans going to give me a real conservative? :(

Well, Dusty, at least you and I have sports and the love of animals in common. :)

Jill said...

Want to know what is going on in America. Check the BBC News site. Thats the only way!

An80sNut said...

Actually, Cindy did get a lot of coverage for the arrest on Fox... which is pretty odd. I just wish the local police would have arrested her for something more important than blocking a pedestrian walkway in front of the White House. Getting her for leading an "unlawful" gathering would have made bigger headlines.

John Q. Public esq. said...

Begins, hell sweet-pea it started right after they killed RFK, everyone knows that...

oh well back to my bunker.


Joel said...

I think the media was blown for a loop when their attempt to turn Cindy into a right-roast backfired and made her a national hero. So now they ignore her lest she result in some real change.

Still, the End is Beginning and there ain't going to be a Rapture but, rather, a Capture.

(I copyright that!) :)