Monday, September 12, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Power outage hits Hell-A

a day after that jackass american turned al qaida convert runs his yap??? Coincidence??? i think not..nope, you can not convince me at this juncture..watching the LA newscasts they are trying to say an employee fucked up and cut through something..and that would make fifty percent of LA go dark? Horseshit..but its early, unless they parade some guy in front of the newscameras I ain't buying..all I am saying..

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Jerry said...

Hey we didn't get any outages here OC...sounds like only the valley and downtown LA. Yeah I'm a little suspicious myself...we will see how this turns out.

FantasticAlice said...

Shows how much I know... I don't read a blog for one day and LA goes out of power.

Hmmm.. I do believe I concur... very "convient" isn't it.