Friday, September 02, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Baseball extravaganza!

"According to the Elias Sports Bureau, this is the first time in 10 years that an entire division has entered the last full month of the season so close to the playoffs. Five teams, separated by about 1,350 miles along the Eastern seaboard, are straining through the final days of summer to reach the first act of fall."<---this quote is from the article in the NY Times about the NL Wildcard race..a race so tight that only 3 count em 3 games separate the top five teams vying for the final spot in the playoffs..which by the way begin in 32 days 7 hours and 11 minutes from now..The teams are Philly, Houston, Marlins, Mets and Washinton DC's boyz the Gnats..All those teams with the exception of Houston are in the NL East division.. Its a good read if your a baseball nut like I am..the link to the article is here.

In other baseball news..Pitcher Sidney Ponson got his walking papers today from the Baltimore O's...seems they were none too happy with his second bust for Drunk Driving in 9 months..dude is 28, too bad he has the maturity level of a frat boy during homecoming..OH..he also clocked a judge in his home country of Aruba in the off season during a Christmas Day fight at a beach,for which he did 11 days in the slammer. The O's are trying to prove grounds for termination under the infamous morals clause, paragraph 3(a), that reads: "The Player agrees to perform his services hereunder diligently and faithfully, to keep himself in first-class physical condition and to obey the Club's training rules, and pledges himself to the American public and to the Club to conform to high standards of personal conduct, fair play and good sportsmanship." Thats a fucking vague ass clause if I ever saw one..but its standard in all O's contracts..all 40 guys have it. Sid is gonna fight it and i DONT blame him..but the man IS FELONY DUMB and a good candidate for FOTW..(fucktard of the week)

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Chick said...

I love your baseball obsession...I really do...but never & I do mean me anything close to a yank fan again...k?

I didn't mean to sound like a bitch just now...I apologize if that's how I came off.

I had Ponson on my fantasy team...I dropped him midseason...& I should have dropped his saturated ass sooner.

Thanks for the great article.

Thomcat said...

Ponson should've just taken some steriods, tested, and get suspended for 10 days, instead of being fired ...

dusty said...

lol freak :P

chicklet..i was NOT calling YOU a yank$ fan dear girl..nevah evah..i just said..if you figured the yanks woould be in the WORLD SERIOUS YOUR CRAZY..IT WAS THE UNIVERSAL YOU..sorry..