Thursday, September 29, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

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till the Baseball playoffs sports fans..and all but two divisions have been decided..the AL Central and AL East are still up in the air. The Sawx are really falling apart, and the Yank$ are peaking at exactly the right time..dammit..

The Chicago Whitesox magic number is 2. The Yanks number is 4. In the two Wildcard races the Astros magic number is 2 and the Sawx and the Indians are both tied..both lost their respective games tonite so neither team is playing worth a shit. The third place A's are 6 games out of the AL Wildcard so they are toast for all intents and purposes.

The Yank$ need to win all of their remaining games to win their least thats the way I read it. They got four games remaing..three are with the Sawx..this is going down to the wire unless the boyz from beantown totally tank in the next two games, then the yank$ got it hands down..jesus my brain hurts from all this friggin numbers..

My beloved but totally crappy Padres clinched the NL West tonite..and I got to watch it!!! Made me happy since I am out of market for their games living in Bakersfrigginfield. Barroid Bonds will now hang em up for the season..evidently he figured he was going to be the difference for the Giants..but he wasn't..insert a big old smile here :) was sad watching him limp around the field tonite.. ESPN even made a point to show how bad he was hobbling around between batters and when he was on his way to first base.I have no sympathy for him..did you know that one of the results of steroid use is your knee's breakdown..thats whats been his problem the last couple years..I used to respect him but after the "Balco" debacle and him admitting he took roids but not on 'purpose' I can not stomach him any longer. His record should have an asterisk next to it in the books..sorry its my story and I am sticking to it.. for a good read on Barroid, ESPN's Tim Keown talks up Barroids bullshit press conference last week where he had the nads to bitch about people bringing up steroids whilst hurricane victims were still one has what to do w/the other dude? OH...and remember how Mark McQwire swore he was going to redirect his efforts to keeping kids off steroids? Well, theres a REALLY good article about THAT bullshit on ESPN's website as here.

We will go over who is playing whom in the playoffs next time..stay tuned :)

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Liquidplastic said...

I emailed this to Maggie. She love her Braves. I invited her to your site because you all have so much in common.

Bruce said...

Unless the Astros completely fall apart, it'll be the Pads at the Cards Tuesday and Thursday, then to SD the following Saturday. To say I'm confident would be lying. Carpenter has looked like shit his last 4 starts, and Mulder has been Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde all season, and the offense has all but disappeared(.240 over the last two weeks). Good luck to your boys.

dusty said...

i know that B...thanks for stealing my thunder :P

dusty said...

oh..B...the cards in three..wanna bet sweetie? :)

Bruce said...