Sunday, May 21, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Your Sports Sunday Sermon from the valley of the shadow of death.

King James is trying to lead the unwashed to the promised land in Detroit. Lebron James, who some baptised as the "baby jesus" when he was blowing them out of the water in high school, is trying to win the 7th game for his team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cav's aren't looking too hot, but Lebron..well, he's King James and he's doing his best. Since basketball is a team sport, it doesn't bode well for the Cav's against the Pistons today.

My Padres were summarily swept by the Seattle Mariners. Its painful to type these words but here they are: The Padres are tanking quicker than a 17-year old drinking his first pint of Wild Turkey. They have gone from first to fourth in the standings in a weeks time. Piazza is warming the pine, as he should,but they might want to consider bringing him back full time since the pitchers just aren't getting it done lately. They need something, perhaps its a catcher that has a ton of seasons under his belt,unlike the two guys now behind the plate(both rookies).

Barbaro is still in surgery. This noble creature has survived his usually life-ending injuries thus far. He has been in surgery for over four hours. This should be taken as a good sign, he would of been euthanized quickly if they found something worse when they opened him up. I thought of that valiant filly Ruffian when he went down. Sportsline has a story up today about her. The match race with Foolish Pleasure at Belmont was where she went down, they euthanized her immediately. I cried like a baby, it broke my heart to watch in horror as she tried to get up. Its rare in Thorobred racing history when a filly like Ruffian comes along, able to best the boys as she did so wonderfully in the 70's. Her heart, her spirit were so much bigger than her body. The chances are still very slim that Barbaro will survive this horrible injury. He has two complete breaks in his hind leg. Consider if you will that a horse's foot is so small that it takes two of them to equal one human foot. Yet, the weight they carry on each foot is over four times the amount a human carries on one of their two feet. There is still a chance Barbaro will not heal or even make it through the night, coming out of the anethesia is the worst part they say, horses thrash and many times injure themselves even worse. All this, so they can make some money off him as a sire? I hope that isn't their only motivation..I would hate to ask God to smite their asses.

I love writing over here on this blog. I get a chance to break away from the horror show that our current administration has become. I get to indulge my love of sports. I get to relish a great catch, a game-winning three pointer or a golf shot that defies explanation. I get to vent about men playing a child's game for lots of money and fame. Its a diversion I love usually. Being the biggest animal lover bar none, today it just isn't a fun day to blog about sports. Noble creatures like Barbaro do what they do because its in their blood, their nature..they know nothing else in life. Men that play childrens games..not so much.

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Bruce said...

Ruffian was the first thing that popped into my head yesterday, too. ESPN is reporting that Barbaro was standing after surgery, but there's still a 50-50 chance of survival due to post-op infection. I prefer to think it'll be the good 50%...

BTW... guess who Barroid and the Giants play next? That's right; Superman and the Cardinals. :-)

jagular said...

That's why I can't keep a political blog. Now I really get into keeping up with politics, the supreme court, regional voting trends, and the election of 08 in general, but to blog on it? No, none of that for me. The day is too short. There are kids to play with, dogs to play fetch with, the sun, cool breezes, and my wife.
Who has time to stress over the latest DC political maneuvering and the seven oclock soundbite?

dusty said...

I currently have nothing better to do Jag..I am on disability..but even before that I kept the political blog. I am an activist, I do protest often, so for me, its part of the process..

I understand your POV also however :)

Chick said...

We seem to be on the same page...I have a post about Barbaro for incredible story.

Tonight...ah...tonight...another Redsox/yanks game to savor. Hopefully Schill will wipe the field with Wang & further beat up the hurting yanks. Good luck against Atlanta tonight. I just picked up Khalil Greene as my ss...I still have Barmes...but he's been stucking til very recently.

BTW: I hope the interest in Baby Bonds fades away...the cheater!

Bruce said...

As long as he's playing, and as long as Albert Pujols keeps up his current pace, Bonds will be in the news.

CoffeeBigPlz said...

A party post is up.

I hope the horse makes it.
I hope bariod bonds doesn't, I have more respect for the horse.

GayProf said...

I can’t say that I am on board with the sports thing, but that poor horse sure made me feel bad. They kept showing that footage over and over. Somehow it just seemed disrespectful and gruesome.

S. R. said...

Ha! They do the same thing with human beings. Remember when Moises Alou broke his ankle? Showed him over and over with his question mark of a lower leg. Gruesome.