Wednesday, May 17, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Oh for the love of God, wtf happened at the Padres/D'backs game?

9 runs in the first inning..I mean, come on...that was one team, the Padres. The final score was a disgusting 14-10. Thats a friggin football score. Whats really sad is ..both these teams are fighting for first in the NL West..and I happen to follow both since I have resided in both areas. My back is killing me, actually its the physical therapist who's killing me. That fucker is going to find a pipebomb in his volvo if he doesn't quit overdoing it on the exercises.

That would drive me to drink but the medication they got me on doesn't allow it..fuckers.
I know..too many little time..carry on.

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S. R. said...

Sometimes I enjoy those monster scoring games just because of the gluttony of it. I laugh.

dusty said...

Yeah but Sonic..if your a hurts..and I am a fan of the Pads and D'backs.

Kurt said...

hmmm. looks like the american league style is invading!
is Chan Ho still with the padres?
have a great weekend, sorry about the back

dusty said...

Chan Ho is doing quite well w/the Pads Kurt..check his stats..