Saturday, May 06, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

10th anniversary of medicinal marijuana bill's passage marked in Bakersfield

Today, somehow, I missed this anniversary. Of course I am laid up with a trashed back from a work injury so I am not on top of things,being medicated up to my eyeballs with muscle relaxers,N-Saids and pain pills. All these drugs have marked side effects on my body, some of them worse than what they are designed to alleviate. For me sometimes, the cure is worse than the disease.

Which brings me to the reason for this post. Last month was the national celebration of 4/20. I didn't really post on that day but read some good posts and bad posts on the subject. One bad post quoted the "press" release that day from those wonderful folks over at the FDA. It reinterated the basic "political" premise that marijuana has no medical use, its a nasty drug and yada yada yada..I would like to bring up something those asshats over at the FDA seemed to have forgotten...

Back in 1999, the Institute of Medicine,the medical part of the National Academy of Sciences released a report on medicinal marijuana and other related topics. The NAS is an organization chartered by Congress to provide independent, nonpartisan scientific and technological advice. They released a 288 page report(which you can read in its entirety here) which stated various points regarding marijuana as a gateway drug(low probability), potential for addiction(also low probability), the effect of smoking marijuana on the lungs(no obvious long-term problems) and the usefulness of marijuana in treating such debilitating diseases,conditions or illnesses associated with cancer chemotherapy, appetite stimulation for cancer and HIV patients, and treatment of muscle spasticity for patients with multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injury. Time and time again throughout the report, the 11 well respected scientists urged more testing and research into the usefulness of medicinal marijuana.

Since that report was released, our government as blocked virtually ALL efforts to conduct research on this plant that grows wild as a weed in various parts of the world, including the United States. What this means is the politically motivated press release last month is nothing more than bat guano since NOTHING has been proven, due to the governments efforts to stonewall any and all research.

So, once again our government has given us nothing more than lies,half-truths and basic bullshit masquerading at truth in the name of medical science. Don't you just love how those asshats can say all this crap with a straight face and a steady voice knowing its the biggest crock of hog poop since Scooter Libby said he was too busy to remember who he talked to about Valerie Plames status over at the CIA?

I know I do.. this red county of Kern, filled chock full of republicans that simply hate that medicinal marijuana is legal in this state, marchers walked proudly, were pushed in wheel chairs, and hobbled in support of our right to use a drug that many researchers OUTSIDE the U.S have shown is a viable alternative to prescription medication that not only costs a bloody fortune but has side effects that hamper its use by many sick individuals.

Thanks to them that marched today. I am just sorry I wasn't able to join you. I salute you all.

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jagular said...

Nice post.
Couple of questions though.
How does the state enforce a law that allows something that is illegal on a federal level?
And if they cannot, why pass the law?
That's what I never understood.

Hope your back get to feeling better.

The Misanthrope said...

There are also racist reasons that pot has such strict penalties. The U.S. used it to keep Mexicans who left their country during the revolution as an excuse to lock them up. Also, let's not forget black jazz and blues musicians. Most importantly, the reason it's not legal is there are no major drug companies behind the legalization.

dusty said...

Jag, the state of Cali didn't pass a law, the citizens of Cali voted on a proposition during a special election. The federal government has been testing out various criminal cases in the system to see which one sticks, and so far its the "interstate transportation" of medicinal marijuana that the judges are buying into. Over 10 states have legalized the use of medicinal marijuana so Cali isn't the only one to have this dilemma.Cali states very clearly on their ID cards and/or enrollment forms that the use of medicinal marijuana is still a federal offense. These laws were all voted on by the people of each respective states, not their legislatures.Thats quite a few folks that believe the medical research showing the medicinal marijuana is effective in treating many debilitating conditions.

dusty said...

Its part of our State constitution I beleive since is was voted by the people, not the legislature.

S. R. said...

I think the feds think a domino theory will occur if pot is truly legalized. Next will be crack, cocaine, heroin, LSD...people will spend all day getting fucked up and raping/pillaging during narcotic stupors.

dusty said...

I think the feds are ok with Oxycontin addicts but not medicinal pot smokers..which btw..the probablity of dying by overdose for addicts is very high w/ for medicinal pot users.

Tommy Gunn said...

Hope your feeling better love. As a federal employee, I find it best not to have (or at least publish) my feelings on the subject but I do have some. Have a great week and thanks for stopping by Thursday.

S. R. said...

That's what the Anonymous tag is more Tommy.