Sunday, May 28, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Barroid passes the Babe*

In other news..a blogger bud Beth and her sister went to a family wedding recently. The cake was a tad unusual:


I shat you not..they got a pic up here and the rest of the story..its a hoot boys and girls..if you need a laugh or at the very least a smirk..go read about the "redneck wedding event of the year" complete with tat's, clowns, purple fuzzy outfits and god knows what else. Its a short but delightful read..hey it made me laugh.

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Bruce said...

Fuck Bonds... should thank your lucky stars that Mulder had a complete meltdown today. Fucker...

I thought Dogfood Park was a pitcher's park. :p

Bruce said...

Oh...I saw your boy Joe B. jammin' with Uncle Ted on "Supergroup" tonight on Vh1. Jesus, he still looks 16 years old.

Gary F. said...

I'd hate to be on trial and have you be a member of my jury. What is the evidence (facts) that lead you to post altered photographs like this one? The ONLY fact that isn't hearsay is that Bonds hasn't failed a single test. As a Padre fan, how do you feel about the Padres winning the NL West in '96 and the N.L. Pennant in '98? Let's see, we had Ken Caminiti having career years, and Steve Finley suddenly becoming a power hitter. Are you ready to admit San Diego "stole" those titles due to steroid use? Oh, by the way, I enjoy BOTH of your blogs. You are an entertaining writer! Now, give me your best shot(s).

jagular said...

What a laugh
Thanks, Dusty, I needed that.

dusty said...

B..Padres took two of three from your boyz..big smile!

Jag..I lmao over that story..

I have addressed the fact that Cammi took roids and came clean.I said they should of taken his MVP trophy and wiped his numbers off the books. Kevin Towers, the GM as much as admitted he and everyone else knew about Cammi's roid use and ignored it. I find that unconscionable and think he should of had the NL West Champ yanked from them as well.I loved Cammi, I sat on the third base line every game I went to..and I went to lots. But I do not condone what he did and I feel that was part of the reason he died so young,besides his crack habit of course..

As for Barroid...he is convicted in the court of public opinion..and I believe its the only court he will ever be tried in unfortunently.He quit taking the roids when testing started and his numbers show it..its glaringly obvious that he got off the "juice" when he did.If he had ONE LEG to stand on, he would of sued the writers of "Game of Shadows"..he didn't,at least not the suit one would expect. The suit he did bring was laughed out of court.

Bruce said...

Karma....the guy making the call on KNBR had his mic go out on him while the ball was in flight, lol.

Gary F. said...

I confess, I'm the "lurker" from Fresno.
I haven't yet found my "voice" for my blog. I need to decide what I want to talk about and figure out what my style will be. Actually, I'm having so much fun reading other blogs I wonder if I'll find time for my own comments!
I could use any and all advice you might offer on html. My inability to post photos and links to other sites on my blog has left me discouraged. I seem to be a slow learner regarding technology.
For the record, I am an avid sports fan; root for Bay Area teams; am old enough to remember when the Giants played in Seals Stadium and the 49ers in Kezar; think Barry Bonds is a jerk and wish he were on another team; am a Democratic liberal politically; and oppose the war in Iraq.
Thanks for your reply!

Laura said...

I love the picture, Dusty. One of the best photoshops I've seen lately.

You're right, Bonds will only be tried in the court of public opinion. And I think that might even be a hung jury.

And wasn't the wedding story a freaking hoot?