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Sports and Politics collide in Los Angeles.

The Idiots McCourt
I must start out by saying I hate the Dodgers, being a Padres fan and all...but that said..the drama currently unfolding in LA brings together two of my favorite topics..sports and politics.

Frank McCourt should of never been allowed to buy the Dodgers in the first place, seven years ago. One of the most storied franchises in all of sports, McCourt has nickle and dimed the team into a hot mess, so hot in fact, that Major League Baseball has taken over running the franchise. McCourt probably won't be smart enough to let them do it as he is screaming "I'm gonna sue" from the top of his lungs. Like the asshole doesn't have enough lawsuits going right now, suing his old lawyers with a new crop of lawyers and still fighting in court with his now ex-wife about giving her half the team, which the courts have deemed she deserves since his ridiculous post-nuptial agreement was tossed in divorce court last year.

Season ticket sales have fallen off by 40%. Attendance also continues to dip each and every year that fucknut has owned them.He has spent less and less on talent each year he has owned them as well. But to listen to Frankie talk, HE is the brand name and the Dodgers are just 'the product'. From the Yahoo link:

Years ago employees were advised by the McCourts to consider the McCourts the brand and the Dodgers the product, and to sell the two as such, and in that order. 
They said it a lot, too. Though, to be fair, they fired so many people there were always new people to educate on the subtleties of McCourt-onomics. 
Selig, by recent weeks, simply had had enough. The team he once delivered to the McCourts was now in ruins. The McCourt empire, such as it is, looked to Selig like it was in the same condition. The two were going down together, up to their necks in debt and divorce and empty promises to clean it all up. And Selig had grown weary of opening letters from distraught and livid Dodgers season-ticket holders, the few that remain. 
So, on Tuesday, he drafted a letter to Frank and had it overnighted. He followed it up with an e-mail.
Your baseball team now belongs to me, was its message. You spend not a dollar before it is cleared by my man on the ground, who will have an office in your stadium. 
Presumably, it will not be Jamie’s old office, though Jamie voiced her support for Selig undoing a mess she’s half-responsible for making.
Before he bought the Dodgers, McCourt tried to buy the Boston Red Sox, his beloved childhood team. His egotistical ass was laughed out of town for even considering that thought.  As someone that lived in Beantown and adores the BoSox to this day, I breathed a sigh of relief when the Yawkeys told him to take a fucking hike and sold the team to three guys that know and loved baseball, John Henry, Tom Werner and Larry Lucchino, who also knew how to run a team and how to make money with one of the oldest and revered franchises in the sport...two things Frankie McCourt doesn't know anything about apparently as the Dodgers qualify on both those counts as well. Again from the Yahoo link on what a boffo owner McCourt has been during his tenure there:

Well. This, you should know, is not only about McCourt’s inability to make payroll last week, for which he secured a $30 million loan from Fox, as the Los Angeles Times reported. Nor is it only about firing the security chief just before he let all the people into his building. Nor is it only about funding his divorce through season-ticket and beer sales. Nor is it only about a team that sometimes looks like it should be in Pittsburgh and not the second-largest market in the country.
This is about all of it, every stinkin’ inch McCourt has taken, when he should have given two. 
This is about a franchise that can’t know how it will live tomorrow, since it never thinks about tomorrow, since it’s already borrowed against all of tomorrow’s money. This is about an owner securing a $30 million loan, using as collateral the settlement he expects to win from suing his own former attorneys at Boston’s Bingham McCutchen, which drafted the faulty marital property agreement. And then about being so desperate to take a below-value television deal in L.A, potentially devaluing other owners’ future contracts in places that aren’t L.A.
Frankie's name is shit right now in Baseball and it rightfully should be. This man is an idiot of the highest order and for him to even consider going up against Major League Baseball when he has most likely pissed away any money he could even hope to recover with a sale of the Dodgers, it just shows how self-centered he is, and that he doesn't have the best interests of his team at heart. Which means only two things to me:

He's lower than pond scum and not a true baseball fan. The second reason alone is enough to run his ass out of town on a rail, or at the very least tar and feather him, using of course pine tar, in my humble yet vocal opinion. Because even if I hate the team,competitively speaking, I love and respect the franchise...and their rich history doesn't need to be screwed up by the likes of Frank McCourt's litigious, financially ignorant dumbass.  The best quote about McCourt can be found in the Yahoo writeup:
“Dig a pothole in the middle of your street, fill it with sewer water, and within hours Frank McCourt would walk along and step in it.”
I rest my case....

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Oso said...

Dusty this is great! Can't really say much else, except you knew the initials on my hat were Louisiana right?

Unknown said...

LOL! But of course Oso. ;)

apple said...

Great post and I like it. You did a great job. Big thanks for sharing.

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Gamer vista said...

What a crazy thing that both sports and politics collide for just a moment of topic. This is an awefull issue.

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Johnny said...

It grieves my soul to ever anybody say they hate the Dodgers. However, their ownership is fucked. Hell, their fans are fucked too! But I still love them.

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