Saturday, December 04, 2010 | By: Unknown

Nick Adenhart's killer found guilty.

That would be three guilty verdicts in this case. Second degree murder guilty for a bastard named Andrew Gallo, who has never lived outside his parents home, but managed to get enough cash together to get tanked then drunk drive regularly.

Gallo will be sentenced December 10th. That would be an early Merry Christmas for the fuckwad who's blood alcohol level was triple the state limit. For this punk..50 years, the tops he could get, just simply isn't enough. From the link:
Officials charged Gallo with second-degree murder - not the lesser related charge of manslaughter - because he had a previous DUI conviction, had specific knowledge of the dangers of drinking and driving from his own experience and had signed a court form from the earlier case saying he understood he could be charged with murder if he drove drunk again and killed someone.

To win a murder conviction, prosecutors had to show Gallo acted with implied malice: intentionally drove drunk, acted with a conscious disregard for human life and knew from his personal experience that he could kill someone.
Party hearty while you are awaiting sentencing you worthless fuck.

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