Tuesday, August 04, 2009 | By: Unknown

It's Here! NFL season starts this weekend.

The preseason starts this Sunday with the Hall of Fame game. Buffalo vs Tennesee. Anyone remember that highschool play that Tenn pulled to sink Buffalo in the playoffs? The Music City Miracle...

Tt's also T.O's first game on the boob tube.

Jeez, I can't wait to see T.O. act the ass..really, I can't. Will I draft him? Dunno yet, but it's unlikely.

Now that I have forced the Ball n' Chain™ to get DirecTV, I will not miss one friggin game, as I now get the NFL Network. This makes me happy.

Chargers still haven't signed their first round pick..

Ah yes..football..a sport that has the shortest god damn season of any American sport.

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