Sunday, August 21, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

WTF is up w/the spammers?

I just got hit w/like five of em in the last two minutes..they have found a new ad outlet i suppose..this sucks moose balls..I will delete the bastages..i refuse to give them an outlet..They were for the following subjects:

Liver Cancer..theres something to spam about..but i doubt it was actually about liver cancer, i refuse to go look.

Rockport and Steve Madden i love Steve's shoes..but this is Not the way to my heart..spamming my blog w/your bullshit..

Statin drugs..yes, they are a good thing but dont fucking put your bloody link up on my blog you dipshit.

And last but not least...Cialis..yeah, i would love to slip some into's the ball and chains morning dr.pepper..but really now..

They all start out by saying what a "cool" blog you have or how much they love it..LMAO right! and you actually read a post you scum sucking piece of old dog shit? I don't think so..

The other thing busting my chops is the little flag in the right corner of all blogs now..big brotha..jesus christ in a thong I hate censorship..exercise your PERSONAL right to censor by not coming back you fucktard..Blogger is a bitch and a big ugly one at that now that they are playing the censorship game..

5 people gave us their .02 cents:

FantasticAlice said...

So what happens when you have been "flagged"?

dusty said...

The bitches at Blogger will no longer list your will be floating aimlessly in the blogosphere apparently..i dont know but its bullshit..

bsoholic said...

I agree, the spamming is getting out of hand. All of them start out (as you said) with great blog! Keep it up...yada yada. That is so much horse shit! It pisses me off to no end. I'm sure I'll get 'flagged ' with curse words in my title. Some random goody two-shoed blogger will find me through next blog and report the 'offensive' title. Ugh, censorship sucks!

FantasticAlice said...

I do know that if you hit next blog you see some interesting stuff.. but a lot of it are blogs saying buy this, or gamble this, or sell this, or see this product.

I have been flagging the hell out of them.

dusty said...

now now alice...we dont want OUR blog censored so we shouldnt do it to THEM..although the idea of flagging the right wing nut jobs does interest