Tuesday, August 23, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Connecticut challenges "No child left behind" law in Federal Court.

Since day one I have been skeptical about this law. It seemed too expensive and told states what they already knew(poor children are not as well taught as rich kids). The monetary part was even more disturbing..it only provides funds for the testing portion of the law, the states are on their own in how to fund programs to bring these children up to par with the rest of the students in the state.

The state is not the first to sue in response to No Child Left Behind. The National Education Association, a national teacher's union, filed a lawsuit last spring on behalf of local districts and 10 state union chapters, including Connecticut.

I would be interested in hearing from any teachers out in BlogLand about this law..if they think its viable or just a load of crap and "window dressing" as some education groups have written and a few of my teacher friends have told me.

The link to the article regarding the lawsuit by Conn. St. is here.

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daisyduke said...

...in a nutsack, I mean nutshell, NCLB is shit written by legislators who have never been educators...making the tests harder does not make kids smarter. and paying us rubles does not make everyone wanna run out and get teaching certificates. Vouchers suck, and so do politicians. It's gonna take a shitpile of money to change the system...when I get my shitpile of money, I'm going to Macchu Picchu and then to the Greek Isles-and when I get back you'll see me cruising 'round town in my shiny new Corvette--

dusty said...

LOL..thanks for the synopsis daisy..i trust your judgement and my gut feelings were correct then in assuming this law is a pile of sheep shit..can i go to the greek isles with you? i have always wanted to go there..Machu Pichu is cool but requires a shitload of stair walking..not my forte'. A 'vet eh? give me a souped up Chevelle from the 70's..

Anonymous said...

Daisy's point about educators who have never been legislators is universally correct.

Accountants, lawyers, and specialists are not on the same page, and need to work together, not have one bunch tell the other bunch what to do.

That's why I'm all for a big communist government which takes forever to make decisions, but they are sound and last long enough to make a difference in the lives of future generations.

What we sacrifice now, they benefit from later, and this spirit is COMPLETELY ignored in America today.

Hasta la victoria SIEMPRE!