Friday, August 05, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Riding with the King..

BB and the boys were great. A fantastic showman, he kept the audience laughing and participating throughout the show. The warm up act was my boy Joe Bonamassa, who only got half an hour..oh fucking well..BB has an 8 piece band, 4 of which is the horn section. He sat during his entire set but wouldnt you if you were 70friggin9? His voice is still sweet and his guitar playing was good but he did have another guy play most of the leads. BB told stories between each song ,one that impressed me was that U2's song, "when love came to town"(hope thats the title) was written expressly for him. Kenny Wayne Sheppard's set was good and thank god he didnt do the singing, boy sounds like a cow pissin on a flat rock as my dad used to say...Noah was good with the vocals..Kenny is a good ol boy from Texas so he has alot of Stevie Ray Vaughn style in his playing which is fine with me! The show started at 6:30 which was very early by most standards but hey..i got to watch the sunset on San Diego Bay whilst listening to some great music since the venue is literally ON the bay..about 50 yards from the marina to be also ended early..10:30..something bout rules and regulations they said..

a piece of pizza was five bucks and a double stoli and soda was 12...even the Tshirt was a tad overpriced at 30 clams..but i didnt complain..thats what god made credit cards for..

this was the first concert in the BB's tour, his 80th birthday is Sept 16th. When Joe started his set he stated that on this same day when he was 12 years old he went on a stage for the first time...with none other than...BB KING..trippy huh? i got to talk to Joe after his show and he said he was a little disappointed that his set was only a half hour..but he does love the perks..a nice tour bus and roadies to set up and take down his equipment..usually its the band itself that does it...

can't wait to see it all again in as a matter of fact!..this is friday right? yep, i get to see it all again me crazy, but i love the blues..just one of the perks of being a semi-retired ol bitch.. :)

just a lil BB an Eric for ya'all on the video player over there>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Mike said...

i saw muddy waters years ago and he sat during his set too and conveyed far more intensity and passion than young boys flailing about...

Da Goddess said...

Sorry I couldn't join you, hon. I'm just glad you got to see the guys and enjoyed the entire show. I think I'd have been too doped up on percocet to remember much of anything.

As for KWS, there's only one song I like to hear him sing and that's "Spider and the Fly" with James Cotton. You'd like that one, too. Head to BU4B and ask the Bellyhead Jeff to play it for you. He will.

Hmm, this got me thinking, I may raid the Bellyhead's music collection to burn you some CDs.

Did I promise you some Honeyboy? I can't remember.

Oh well.

Love ya, toots!