Sunday, August 21, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

I worship at the shrine of the MLB

its sinful i know...i am going to hell for such heresy..but i dont care..i love it when it comes down to the last part of the season..its crazy, fly by the seat of your pants time..unless your a team from the NL West..jeez its SOOOOOO embarrassing these days to be a fan of that division..they all suck so badly, no one can play .500 ball for gods sake in my division? and KC finally broke their losing streak!! ..but i still love to watch baseball..and with football right around the corner i am in sports heaven..just don't take me now lord, i got way too much sports going on..wait until Feb. please......thats the slow part of the year...nuttin happening..i can go then..we got a deal Lord? She always listens when I pray, except when I ask for a Padres she turns a deaf ear..the wild card race is so tight you can't slide a credit card between the teams fighting for the last spot in the playoffs..below are the key dates to remember sportsfans..I will be unavailable except for emergencies after the playoffs start:

Reg. Season Ends
Div. Series Begins
LCS Begins
World Series Begins

My son's birthday is on Halloween..he was supposed to be born around Christmas but as usual he couldnt wait his I love October for several reasons..its just around the is favorite season of all of them..ok, i gotta feed the thunder herds of animals sitting at my feet begging for breakfast..carry on dear bloggers..have a great sunday :)

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