Wednesday, August 17, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Caught Jonny Lang's acoustic set tonight

It was very good, but acoustic doesn't do alot for me, its all about the vocals usually, and this was as well. But, I love Jonny's music so I drove the two hours up to Fresno to see him. I suggest catching him if he's going to be near you, his tour just started. Playing is one of his older video's, only one I could find for the blog..

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Bruce said...

The singing is, indeed, the thing with JL. The best description I ever heard of him came from a former DJ on the local rock station. He said Lang "has an old soul".

daisyduke said...

He may have an old soul, but I'd be willing to be that he has a young way about him that could really help me heal!

dusty said...

LMAO daisy..yes he is a cutie..and very 25..