Thursday, August 25, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Get out the hankies..another round of base closings..

I am sure that folks will know tomorrow which bases in their areas are affected..if at all..but the BRAC boyz..for Base Relignment and Closure, refused to shut down the two largest bases offered up by the pentagon, Groton CT and Portsmouth in ME stating the government bean counters are full of shit in their savings analysis..jeez THIS is a shock..the bean counters stated if all the bases they want closed were actually closed it would save the government roughly 2.5 Billion a year for the next 20 years..the brac boyz seriously doubt all these savings will ever come to fruition since they are mostly moving people and ops from one base to another....the only real savings will be in property maintenance and upkeep. Fucking Jeb Bush got his way, but really, he had a good idea and sadly it sucked for Virginia Beach who is now losing a big bunch of jets to Jeb..oh fucking well...a base is a base is a base...yes thousands of civilians are employed and in the case of South Dakota, Ellsworth is the second largest employer in the state.

It's a good article in my humble opinion, I think folks should take a gander, its only two pages for gods shows how the commitee reasons out some of the bullshit the Pentagon has been trying to feed them over the last few months..the link is embedded in the title of the post..

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