Friday, August 19, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Randy Moss and the new NFL debacle..

Now i know Randy isn't the brightest bulb in the box but jesus christ in a thong..what was the fucknut thinking when he ran his yap about smoking pot??

First off, they pay you a helluva lot of money to play 16 games a year..the least you could do is refrain from smoking pot during the season dude..i know i would if i got paid the bucks you did.

Second..why in the blue hell do you need to go public with this shit? its a boring day and you needed a pick-me-up or perhaps your tired of all the T.O. news on sportscenter every night?

Third...smoking pot is a personal choice..and the reasons vary by individual..but going public with YOUR story will make the folks at NORML very happy but it wont do SHIT for your credibility in the NFL, not to mention all those fans that abhor pot smokers..and there's a lot of them out there..millions of em..You want to be a poster child for NORML, great..consider the repercussions that are going to hit you like a ton of bricks..hope you can handle it Randy, cuz you just lit the match for the newest firestorm in the NFL..which as someone was so kind to point out in my comments the other days stands for NOT FOR LONG if you dont play by the rules..

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The Zombieslayer said...

As a Packers fan, I never did like Moss. I've always seen him as tactless. I remember the tactless things he'd done, from the "mooning" incident to leaving the field early. What's up with that?

As much as I thought the mooning incident was tactless, the leaving the field early was even more because the average Joe Sixpack who watches these games knows he'd probably be fired for just walking off a job that's not going well. Plus, he gets paid like 50 times more than the average Joe Sixpack, so you could expect him to wait until the end.

The whole pot thing I could care less about as long as he's not doing it during the season. If he's doing it during the season, they should ban him for a year from the NFL.

Bruce said...

So Moss may or may not still be smoking dope. BFD. Who cares? If what he sais in the interview gets him in trouble with the NFL, well, that's his problem.