Monday, August 08, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Sunday's Sports News and Rant...

ok...all you non-sports type people can let your eyes glaze over now..or change the channel, time for dusterella's sports with a hint of sarcasm.

The NFL Hall o Fame inducted two great qb's this weekend...Dan Marino and Steve Young..i enjoyed both of them and hated both of them depending on who they played that week. They were prolific, record-setting passers and I salute them. They gave me some exciting sundays and I hope they feel fulfilled now..they should.

Most folks are aware..or maybe not, that football has commenced..pre-season anyway..i speak of football in the professional arena..i do not watch alot of college ball, too damn many teams,divisions and conferences for moi..when it gets going and the wheat is separated from the chaff we can discuss college football..until then its the pro's...

Now on the subject of Terrell Owens, known to most as T.O.formerly a niner.He threw a gigantic hissy fit and got traded to the team of his choice prior to last season..the philadelphia eagles..I love Donovan Mcnabb(eagle qb), i draft him in all my football fantasy leagues each year, the man can throw and run the shit out of the ball, what a combo in this the age of specialization..anyways, god and all philly fans believed it was indeed the second coming when TO came to town..the combo of Mcnabbs arm and TO's routes spelled victory to most folks, the eagles would finally get that ring...NOT..TO got hurt at the end of the season and we all know what happened..the dynasty known as the New England Patriots won...again..

Now back to TO..fucker signed a NEW contract when he went over to the eagles prior to last season..he is now..cough cough..demanding a new contract of course..a much higher rate of pay..he is sulking, running his yap and generally being a big fucktard...i say to you Terrell...shut the fuck up and play, you are a big boy, no one held a gun to your oversized head to sign that contract a year ago..honor it you got the nads to demand a new contract when your happy ass got hurt at the end of the season, you did NOT play a full season for the eagles..they dont owe you shit other than whats already on a man of your word pigskin fucking should checkout this guys trumpets the greatness that is Terrell...give me a friggin work 18-20 weeks out of the year..get a grip on realityAssclown! are not the center of the universe. neither is Barroid guys believe what the press writes about you..the good stuff only of course...that is so sad..sports writers are notoriously anal and never impartial..most of em anyways..

The eagles told another one of their charges to take a fucking hike when he did the same thing two years ago...Duce Staley..they did not give into him and he was pretty damn good..he isnt even an eagle this year..I just hope they do the same to T fucking O...tell that lame ass mofo to shut up and play or get the hell out of camp..

Dante Culpepper redid his contract to allow the vikings more room under the salary cap..god bless ya dude.i am sure they appreciate it..just not enough to give you a lil sumthing sumthing though huh? oh well..

Tony Stewart finally won at the brickyard in Indianapolis, you go dude! The Rushville Rocket finally got a win at his beloved home track..I hope JQP can appreciate that a native son won this weekend..Stewart is my man in racing..since Earnhardt passed on..I have never seen him smile so much and actually ENJOY talking to the press, they couldnt shut him up. It was a Kodak moment for moi..i bugged out of work for three hours to watch it..which means i worked late into the evening..oh fucking well..the Rushville Rocket least this week. He also took over first in the standings..from Cali native Jimmy Johnson.

In baseball news, the littlest Cardinal, David Eckstein(formerly of the Angels)hit a granny today..the man gets like 4 homers all season and he shot his load today for the win..its not a big deal but i just wanted to give the lil shit his due..

The NL West is still digustingly pathetic..Padres are in first but cant play .500 ball for over a week straight..jesus christ it drives me to can they be so shitty? how can the whole friggin division be so shitty..dont talk to me about parity..pitching is such a premium around the whole league..a quarter of the damn league has been or is on the DL this year..for shit that makes you want to bitch slap em..deep thigh bruise..what in the blue hell is that???walk it off nimrod..suck it up and deal for gods sake..and no one calls a fly ball any more? these jackass's are running into each other like they are fucking blind or have magnets in their as a whole seems to have dimished this year..either that or I am getting an attitude..either is entirely possible.

The Chicago White Sox are still in first, the Washington Gnats are dropping like a rock and Randy Johnsons back is now bothering him and he might miss his next start..this is not a surprize to moi since i watched him for years as a diamondback..he was showing signs of wear two years ago. If he lasts thru the playoffs I will be mildly surprized. the MLB playoffs begin in 57 days..its the beginning of the end for me..or the start of the best part of the season depending on my mood swing or hormone levels..

Boston Redsox are STILL in 3.5 games..the Oaktown A's are tied with the Cali-LA-Anaheim Angels in the AL West..they sucked SOOO bad the first part of the season and have just knocked the living bejesus out of the ball since the All Star break,plus the Angels are sucking moist butthairs lately..Daisy's AssRangers are fading again..damn shame too :( Cards have a comfortable lead over the hapless ASStros and the Braves are back in first by 5.5 games..fuckers..will we ever see a post season with someone other than the Braves from the NL East? the turds fold like a house of cards in the first or if their lucky second round of playoffs each year..get some new blood in that division please for the love of god..

on a non-sports note..Peter Jennings, a canuck but american icon passed on today..lung cancer got him..he smoked for years but stopping didn't make a difference..which gives me pause to resurect my fatalist POV..why quit if its going to kill me anyway? thats a rhetorical question..

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The Zombieslayer said...

All right. I skipped your baseball parts but read your football part intently.

T.O.'s a punk. I could have told you that. As for Marino, he may have had the best arm ever. Young was the best all-around QB ever. The guy could scramble with the best of them, almost as well as Vick, but unlike Vick, Young could throw the ball too. I'm happy for both QB's making it to the Hall of Fame. Oh, and both were waaay better than John Elway, another spoiled punk. Elway was the T.O. of his day. Threatened to play baseball if the Colts didn't trade him. People conveniently forget that.

Of course Favre's my fav, but I'd readily admit Young's a better QB than Favre.

Reverend Dr. Will Trump said...

I grew up dreaming that I was Dan Marino , throwing to the Marks Brothers (Clayton / Duper) ... It was heartbreaking on Dan's last game - 63-0 or something like that against the Jags in the playoffs ... Dan should've gone out better than that ...