Friday, August 19, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

The Gaza, palestinians and israel

I have been watching all week the drama in the Gaza makes me cry for people uprooted that have lived there for, in some cases, most of their lives..

I have never approved of the palestinians actions with regards to all the bombings in israel, but i do think they deserve their own homeland..but..should they get it at the expense of the jews that settled there after the war?

I don't know how to feel about this..i do not know which SIDE to be on..i am that lame?

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FantasticAlice said...

FINALLY, some else isn't sure. To be honest with you Dusty I have been reading up on this since I first heard what was going on and frankly can not determine which side I am on. Geez, maybe Rat would end up looking into this in his infinite reason and give us a good condensed version of sides (he's good at cutting to the quick).

I can't wait to see what someone else writes.

dusty said...

Rat no longer comes to my blog, i have no idea the big picture of life it doesnt matter but it does hurt.

daisyduke said...

why do we have to choose a side?

this is the epitome of the cliche "two sides to every coin"

does one side have to be right or wrong?

...rodney king had no idea what he started with that whole "why can't we all just get along" thing (did HE actually say that, or was it just from his era?)
it's heart wrenching to see the pain in their faces, and the body language that doesn't even require words to understand.
i have to work a second job to pay my homeowner's this year, but W won't ever make me leave my house (and I didn't even vote for the guy)

dusty said...

yes rodney said it..i saw it live and in living color..i did not mean that i HAD to pick a side but its just hard to figure out who deserves what and why daisy..