Tuesday, July 05, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Yanks and Red Sox..lets compare shall we?

lets start out by comparing placement within the division..Yank$ in 3rd, Beantown in 1st. Home records: Yank$ 25-18, Bosox 24-14. Road Records: Yank$ 17-21, Bosox 22-21. Within their own division(AL EAST): Yank$ 13-20, Bosox 16-18. Against the AL Central: Yank$ 6-6, Bosox 7-3. AL West Record: Yank$ 12-6 Bosox 11-8.

The last ten games they are identical with a record of 5-5.

Day Games: Yank$14-13, Boston 7-9. Night games: Yank$ 28-26, Boston 29-26. Games on Grass(i assume they mean played on grass, not the players being stoned)Yank$ 38-34, Boston 44-28. One Run Games: Yank$ 8-6, Boston 11-8.

There isn't alot of difference between the two teams but Boston does hold a slim margin in the majority of the stats..Its a marathon ..not a sprint..

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Chick said...

There's still a loooong way to go.

If we learned anything from the glorious year that was last year...

...it's that ANYTHING can happen.

Rat In A Cage said...

Don't forget the 26 World Series wins to .. what .. how many? Your wrap up neglected that ???

Crap, I could win 24 games in Fenway with a bunch of kids & that ridiculous wall.

dusty said...

fuck your 26 rings dude..what have they done lately? nothing..not a damn thing..last what..three or four years? its a mute point john..we cant live in the past, and the present is fraught with obstacles..if you gotta whine about the "wall" then your obviously stretching..

Kurt said...

yep, can't get Chamblis or Reggie or Tommy John or Ron Guidry to suit up anymore...although the current crop of players looks about that old.
But I'll bet they are still in the midst of it come Sept.
The Rangers will be a fading memory by then, replaced on page one of the sports page by Cowboys news. sigh.

Sara said...

i will root for anyone that beats the crap out of the yankees!